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Top of the color of excitement Be overflowed to talk form,cheap benefit makeup.
Uncle especially heel the kid in that brigade excitement behind, arrived at gymnasium in the school.
The front door of gymnasium just an opened and originally arranged still calculate tidy of the troops spread out all of a sudden.The children scream and by leap and bound hurtle into a gymnasium.
Balance beam, vault, ping-pong table, trip and fall down mat ……
All these things are been familiar by them to see have never seen ground to neglect.They smile to make and rush toward one corner in the gymnasium.Over there, there are several set televisions, and wave especially already really acquaint with of dancing Tan!
The president seeks to come to athletics teacher, he smiles to tell the wave is especially:"I must tell you, Is to teach a lot of year of athletics lesson.Can have never seen them so actively lead.Be make them play basketball, they also have no so an excitement to lead."
A very fat kid danced, full head big sweat ground from danced a Tan top and bottom, behind of the kid robbed and then stooded up,benefit Cosmetics.
The teacher of the athletics calls that kid to the wave the in front is used the towel wipes for him especially sweat, say especially to the wave:"This kid never liked exercising but ever since that time fancied to dance a game before.For jumping perfectly choreographic.Insist toughenning every day.Lin Ke tells this Sir, how many did you totally reduce for a month?"
"More than ten pound!"Lin Ke is proud she says, " this can too magic!I always have never thought, dancing the machine can also reduce weight!"
All adults roar with laughter.The uncle stirs his way especially:"Hi Lin Ke, are you this figure, how can fancy to dance machine ground?
Lin Ke Di's personality very good, didn't get angry at 1:00.The Nao wears head and ashamedly say:
"It is my mother.She tells me, if when I play otherly a game, will limit.But dance machine, she says that I would like to have fun how long didn't relate to.And the study compare with, I still would like to dance, although this is very tired ……"
Inside in the gymnasium.Break out an adults again ground laughter.
The president says with a smile:"We once carried on physical examination to the children.Discover they if periodically have fun to dance Tan, the blood pressure, artery loses oxygen ability, and the healthy index sign of whole body, all have an obvious improvement.Hence, since this month, we have already drawn up an athletics teacher, periodical dance for children arranging one section lesson, letting they canning heartily."
The athletics teacher also interrupts a way:", Let before they are on the athletics lesson.They always lazy ocean ocean of.Especially those girl, always round together chat.But you see now, also have who stay in one side?Kid allly, all the no time for waiting wants one to dance game lesson."
Uncle especially the interest full of lifely cover those kids who wait for, their parlances.It is again different from the kid in shopping center.
"I need not jump very goodly, as long as I liked and then wented by myself, there is no pressure."Like this does a female kid say.
Another female kid also says:"I don't want those male children it's similar, be full of to invade sex.I don't want to take part in to exercise a brigade or another of what, but I like to dance machine, I feel, this is people invent of hold a ground of thing most !"
Weariness from overwork a day of wave return to a home especially and washed a Zao.Got rid of some fatigue.The data that immediately begins a sorting to collect today.
The data is very abundant.Have photograph and have already recorded sound three record of visitings, also have himself working a record down ground now speech phrase.But.More is sorting, wave especially but is more blurred.
No matter which aspect it is see, these data, all explained that dancing machine is very really popular in the United States.But here among them, he doesn't discover whole world company and has the evidence that a silk counter-attacks movie alliance in Hollywood.
Is my judgment mistake?
Is a whole world company, discover to do game machine to make money more, so changed idea, abandonned CD driver route?
Wave especially of one in the brain disorder, he opens a computer and gets to the Internet to check to seek data.In the extensive network data, every the data of the certain context having whole world company be all searched, he a per ground looking at.
Make reference to this network to search, wave especially although don't wish very much.But also only admit, this company thoughts of everything all other people front.
The keyword searches, the classification searches, when people get to the Internet, ask for help of kind whole world company this style of inside Qian at get to the Internet software in of search platform procedure and can arbitrarily search the netizens to want to check to seek data.
And, the classification item that checks to seek is so well-found, with as for.Discovered this function in other software companies, also released a network to differently search software one after another.Even a companies' still starting a by the name of Yahoo ground after searching website still can not move the absolute advantage position of whole world company.
The netizens make use of whole world ground to search function, can search a news, picture, music and video frequency, each one searches an item underneath, can also continue to subdivide.These search item, can be edited by himself[herself] by the customer and have already formed a customer to ownly search a style and arrive a devoting major efforts of net friend more to support.Search software afterwards, all follow close behind a whole world ground style, rather pay a patent use fee.Also want to design similar to the whole world of search mode.
This searches platform and also have a very practically function.They especially the idea set a network 100 column eyes, net friend ground problem, hand over by net friend to answer.At the same time, the net friends can also edit 100 section knowledge item, from the net friends, built up an integrity on the network of 100 section knowledge platform.Along with must the net friend full of beansly join this row or column, the six greatest networks serve a ground of global net association that company constitutes and have already recently declared.Net in the world is 100 section knowledge bases, have already exceeded the scale of big English encyclopedia.Combine still is flying to soon increase article.
But.The network searches though the platform has thousand sort advantages.Like bright underground side, by all means have darkly similar, the wave also has annoyance especially.His kid also learned on the computer to ask for help now and put the homework to the net up, hang to appreciate to make the net friend is for him.
Hear those university students.The phenomenon that passes a network copy thesis is also more and more universal.
Now the tutor of those universities, receive a thesis each time.All want in the net search for a while to judge if this thesis plagiarizes.
Wave especially checks to seek for a long time, from some news judgment.Whole world company just at and American cable TV contact, seem to intend to sponsor they hold a large amusement program.
He looking at this a few news and thought for a long time.
Have a cable TV ground the employee among them.The detail revealed aroused wave especially of attention.
That employee said that the whole world company is about whole property a sponsor this program.Or say is purchased this program.They television net, mainly is help whole world company the program do well, and pass a cable TV, let whole beautifully the audiences all watch to this program.
All electricity views of the program the advertisement time was all purchased by the whole world company, is accepted by an advertising agency.
Wave especially the not that understand whole world company exactly want to do what.
They are to want to pass television amusement.Promote their ground CD driver?Whether that this price was too high.Otherwise.Is that he has much of confidence to this program, so purchase a television advertisement time.Want to greatly earn 1?
Wave especially takes question endlessly, got into dreamland,benefit makeup.But this answer, on the second day, Be in whole American audience in fronts revealed.
"The dance moves the United States!"
"Select the fairest game in baby-history with the civilian's hand!"
"Do not judge regiment.Each person judges regiment!"
"Use our ballots.The baby supporting our liking!"
"It isn't afraid black box of to operate.Hug Xiang ground to support, let you become famous for a night!"
Television, network and poster, a night of, whole the United States all knew "American baby true person amusement show".
There is no professional review committee.Each one can register to the oneself confident personses and display own song larynx and dance Zi and talent and skill.Is any a Related articles:

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