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The source Rui is a head, everyone is a conflicting views.Connect to condemn a theory.
Facing a Fen ground Kang house is also the big food company of greatly clear north, the Kang house stirs up trouble in other places, however in five Zhai fortresses, drive the dike house press dead dead of, the eye sees these two years, the influence of dike house.As blowing breath ball inflate.Unclear privately owned and Kang house act as rivals of power, be because in those early years and yellow to the blessing cooperated of result.Making them jealous of isn't personal.
These two years, the Kang house also establishes a food rice branch in five Zhai fortresses, is stayed in in person by three son Kang friend fishings of Kang house, at this time, that Kang friend that is fat the fishing connect a track more:"Yellow adult but have an order, my etc. goes through fire and waters, regardless the sacrifice."
It is yellow to nod to the blessing smile.However also someone's heart keeps in mind worry in uncertainty, that shopkeeper way in the Hou house that lies to rest:"Beyond the frontier management, though the land is many, however is all Mongolian geography there, such as after we get into management, those mongols harassment, with the war capability of old camp fortress officers and men, the of course not fears to, just greatly clearly the troops enter into beyond the frontier, will can't have dynasty middleman impeach the adult take a side side?"
Is yellow to say with smile to the blessing:"If there is Mongolian harassment, the son Langs of my under charge, affirmation is to rescue ground, as for rescue by that time, affirmation can't be dressed in I dress AN of the greatly clear officers and men, can escort a brigade by farm, company brigade escort brigade etc. name, is a crest by that time Ma Ze's name, also not is can not, can living the person also let urine to suppress dead?"
Many company the Guses all smiled and all said that the adult talks very interesting and yellow to the blessing way:"In fine, starve timidity of, support to die daring, want to become rich, at 1:00 nearly all don't emit is impossible.**
Is public to all say with smile:"The adult says of."
These company the Gus and Huangs to the blessing make contact with long, all understood yellow to the personality of blessing, in fine, yellow to the blessing is this person, with another vulgar soldier the man is different, although the officer more does more big, behaviour and manner in dealing with others, say he is smart of businessman not for lead.
"Like, we discuss this farm management outside now."
Is yellow to correspond a positive to the blessing, his life two domestics take to a thick Lou again huge map and hang in the hall exact center, that is much future generations E Er Si City quasi- space Er the map of the ensign, also has already shouted with Hao especially the map of the city clear water river county.That is the satellite map painting that depends on the future generations two sides in his computer of and plus to consult a greatly clear border district have ever been to this some people, take into correction.****The map is thick some, however also Be getting more enough meet expenses.
The clear water river is right ahead in the old camp fortress, depend on yellow to the blessing future generations computer data, the clear water river county total area is 2859 square kilometers, the farmland area contains 630,000 acres.The dint half that is inshore to have clear water river, Hun river and thou several rivers to compare with the earth river, several etc.s.Because of geography reason, all gullies almost the ditch ditch contain water.
In addition the clear water river is numerously inshore to still have a mineral of resources, especially coal, and iron mine...etc., especially and coaly keep the quantity as 1,800,000,000 tons.In addition there is also a great deal of limestone, the amount of Zhe reaches to 2 many 100000000 tons, is feater than to mine in the open, completely have the condition of constucting the large cement works.Still is fire-proof to glue soil to keep quantity to reach to 600,000,000 tons, the quality is good.Certainly, these mineral, currently to yellow to blessing to say temporarily and use not up, useful of, Be just those farmlands.
Because the clear water river is Mongolia located in plateau and loess plateau to hand over to connect district, the loess overalies thicker, again winter long the summer is short, cold dry, so here, hereafter will with plant resistant to cold bear dry Mao of wheat is lord.In addition still have the natural grass field 1,280,000 acres here, can greatly make a livestock farming farm.
As for quasi- space Er ensign, the future generations whole ensignses totally have the land area 7539 square kilometers.The farmland area is 1,780,000 acres, proper Lin Yi Cao's area is 8,000,000 acres.Its inshore headwaters is abundant, the yellow river year leads water to measure 24,800,000,000 sign square the rice is five Zhai fortresses of how much doubly.****Is special one what to say BE, its inshore mineral resources very of abundant, there is coal keeping to measure 54,400,000,000 tons, the limestone keeps to measure 5,000,000,000 tons, the bauxite always keeps to measure 100,000,000 tons.
These land to yellow say to the blessing, all very precious, if let he to conduct.Only this two sides completely can feed numerous populations, but at this time, at a little bit inshore Mongolia tribe, own so many good farm lands, but even keep only several myriad people not to live, also want usually and go into greatly clearly inshore rob, more rob Huang the blessing head came up and finally robbed not to become anti- be chopped down, want and then let yellow to blessing have no language.
He coughed 1.Point at a two sides ground map way:"Is each, here is a clear water river, again is the rabbit hair Chuan river before going toward.Is former to have greatly clear Lu Wei in the town here, jade Lin Wei etc., however become after turning a year, here is a Lu thief according to.At present once the rabbit hair Chuan river take, is a Lu Wang San Niang son bottom Qiu head bad speech just, the Qi celebrates just and accepts son set in the valley to actually wait each herding of halting.The rabbit hair Chuan river leaves old camp fortress slightly far, temporarily ignore.But once the clear water river take, now have no tribe Mongolia, leave old camp fortress again only have 100 inside of far,cnn.Completely can with the farm of Tun Ken."
"As I check, clear water river square circle, have can the ground of Geng reach to 60 remaining is 10000 acres, also having the best grass field 100 remaining is numerously 10000 acres, can rear to keep things like cow sheep,etc."
Each company the Guses all listen to concentrate on, yellow to blessing loudly continuous way:"At be partial to the west of pass top, is Huang Pu Chuan's river a take.(quasi- space Er ensign clear of be called)Here and more having can the ground of Geng reach to 170 remaining is 10000 acres.The best grass is millions fields.Originally Lu person soil Mei the department halt the ground of herding, however through last year that is post-war.Think that necessarily they don't dare to come to person that ask for our five Zhai fortresseses' go to again."
Many company the Guses all listen to very happy, hand over a head to connect an ear mutually, so many lands, if develop, that they delivered, as for is much more local for the wasteland, these years again very thirsty little rain, however this didn't relate to, as long as learning five the Zhais is each farm of fortress, the ground in the river bank large-scale interest fixs water conservancy and builds a dam to open a dike, completely can solve.Formely they most worry of is safe problem, is yellow now to the blessing at, this problem was also nonexistent.
The dike source Rui responds to first and wish a property silver several 100002, enlist hand, go to two grounds of Tun Kens, immediately after is a Kang friend the fishing wait a person should with, then is many company Gus to respond to in succession,Facebook, the one inside the hall seethes.
Is yellow to also promise them to the blessing, can bear arms Tun D for them, in addition to bow and arrow, fire Chong's waiting large weapon is a little bit difficult to do an outside, elephant some knife gun etc. thing, completely can provide for them, the proper price sells to them.And they if fix fortress Tun in the region Ken after, if meet what Sao sorrow, he the officers and men of old camp fortress, affirmative is available on hand.
As for the hand problem of kind ground, yellow to the blessing completely will match with them to publicizee, will greatly flow the people to recruit to go to Mogolian region a kind of ground clearly, the following life time ground walks west is similar, form an unrest, anyway now greatly clearly flow people much get BE, according to Huang to blessing estimate, arrive ten thousand through the years, whole greatly flow a people clearly, calculate the last south north, is near must of many, make 2,000,000 arrive beyond the frontier, then and enough use.
For the sake of in the future betterly draw on greatly clear common people and walk beyond the frontier, betterly the ground of development river set, yellow to the blessing calculate in the future in the river set a take and make one 《house ground method 》 of the greatly clear version, as long as being to greatly become adult a man clearly, the year is full 20 years old, can receive 200 acres of lands, the woman receives 100 acres of lands, expenses needs and each ly pays one money silver,google, can the whole life own, and canned also be free of tax three years ago.Is deeply rooted to the desire of land, at present again have no ground littlely of China common people come to say, this measure, affirm is draw on a person very much.
This negotiates a general assembly very successfully, meeting after, yellow to the blessing and company the Gus send a person's horse to go to these 2 grounds to detect together to make sure some places that the suitable Tun Kens fix fortress and open up after the spring for 2 grounds, and the big stems of next year make preparation.
On March 31, 1592, greatly clear lunar calendar February 18, yellow to the blessing return to five Zhai fortresses, is yellow this day the birthday is to the blessing ground and arrived this day, Huang to blessing the year is full 20 years old.Although it is said his son F through quite a few month big, however depend on clear of gift system, the man is full 20, the woman is full 16 square is an adulthood.So this was yellow to hold to the blessing*person hat gift, he also took a form word for himself:Loyalty is clear.
On this day, at farawaily Ningxia town, occupy heavy important position in the greatly clear history Related articles: