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Come."Arethusa a listen to call a way:"You say that the person of good elder brother heel northwest wolf beats, where, I see!"Say and then go toward to outside run.
The green lentil eye shouts a way:"Wench, you come back for me!"But the arethusa have already done not copy.The green lentil eye sighs a tone way:"I this miss, be like a good elder brother, that small rascal has what productive!"
I order to say:", That I went up first!"Finish saying I go upstairs.The green lentil eye is shouting:"Agreeable son!Call several personal with see, don't let the arethusa suffer a los!"
Return to room, I close a door lock to like.The light didn't also open, walk to see to the ghost street of building underneath before the window.The agreeable son that sees pull in times before me coming back, receive 56 eat by the side of the street muttony string of of cloth dress boy, run the direction coming back to run toward me to, the persons of street all halt enough to looking at.They turned into that, I saw be missing.
Return to my a head of of bed lie on the pillow, in the mind some Pengs Peng jump indiscriminately.I say to I:"Mama of, is not a fight for small rascal, oneself is to loudly be to be of eldest brother, afraid of!"But I still feel this ghost place too***insecurity, deal with one night first, have to leave here tomorrow.
Once wanted first floor in times before the common people live of intend a sweep but the light is as just about as Lin Hai of the early years here, rascal street Dou, rob site, ha ha, oneself has already not too adapted to that kind of original of bloody status.
Lay little short while, hear nether street noisy to quarrel loudly Rang.I climb and walk to the window to go to next see, impending, see the agreeable son embrace all over is a blood of arethusa to return to run, behind follow several boys that carry club.
The green lentil eye shouts loudly in front of the door:"BE who harmed my house's arethusa!"The agreeable son says:"Be free, the head broke point skin and made old Liu of clinic come over a bag!"The green lentil eye says to a few boys of behind:"Is quick to seek old Liu for me!Arethusa, this is the Zha says of!Lift to come in quickly!"
I smile and return to a bed up, see, just many at 8:00, also not to take a shower of time.Want all of this rise because of me, but my having no a matter person is in a short while similar, once pull a quilt to feel sleepy.
"Mao Mao!"Someone hits my door, outside someone in the door shouts:"Li Wei comes out!"I get up to draw back door and follow some blood stains of son bodies and stand before my door.I say:"Occupy?"The agreeable son pulls me to say:"The owner calls you, you come down!"The door of flank room opens,Facebook, two man with trivial images are lookinging at us, the light in the hallway is dusk, I follow agreeable stairs in the sub- aisle and see the distressed woman who runs into in the toilet come up, she ambiguously hurtles me to smile to say:"Big brothers came back?"
The agreeable son says:"You roll a part!Sao goods!"We run to come downstairs to, behind of that woman"Pei"1.I arrive at down stairs, is drawn in a guest room by the agreeable son, see the arethusa lie on the bed, an old man that is dressed in white big Gua is tying up head for her, the blood on the face has already wiped clean, green lentil eye also in one side.
The green lentil sees to see me to come in to say with agreeable son:"Li Wei's brothers, the arethusa says you heel good son together come, does the Zha return to matter?"The arethusa cries to say:"The good elder brother calls people to chop down, the arm thighs all got to chop down, he says because a tenant of I, he a say outlooking I know to is you, does the Zha returns to matter?"
Several individuals all stare at me, I have a meal to meet good elder brother and later matter 15110 such as actually said, I said:"They beat, I frightenned to run back and had already come back not to tell you to fight?"
The green lentil eye stares me to say:"You are carefree to have no a matter to ask for them, harmed my miss, you said that the Zha does!"I the confused way of one face:"This matter not depends on me ah, I am pulled by the good elder brother go to his shampoo a store, I also not dare not to follow him, who know and come up severals, beat."
The agreeable son pushed me in the behind a say:"Anyway relate to you, you point money,google, don't go out to chop down you for someone, the good elder brother said, don't allow to pass you!"
I set up for very frightened that the appearance says:"I just came, didn't understand anything and begged you to say well with good elder brother, I go to his shampooed a store still don't is all right?"
The green lentil eye says:"Boy, the darling takes out to 1,000 dollars, otherwise this matter didn't finish!"**, Blackmail my top in the head, didn't well look whole me must kill a , this ghost street!Just at this time, outside a boy runs to come in to say:"The good elder brother came!"
The green lentil eye hurriedly faces to go out, hear someone calling a way:"Does that boy shout?"The green lentil eye says:"Good elder brother, he at he at!"The door opens place, see the leather jacket come in, on the head, all tie up gauze on the left arm, also leak out blood, the his right hand carries a chop down knife, walk some be lame, I chop down knife to break on pants of his leg, in peep out to blood-red color gauze.
Good elder brother at the sight of me, the chopping down of right hand knife direction I say:"You, compensate medical expenses!I all harmed with arethusas, you took out money of the body all!"The doorway still stands a few evil spirits are very bad the man of sort.
Once my eyes stare and scold a way:"Go to your mama of and chop down dead what a suck!E my money, my a poor student, there is no money!"The good elder brother is stunned speechless he looking at my faces of moment fully inclined to violence, hand inside of chopped down knife to incredibly let go of, he ordered to say:"Go!You have a kind!"
The door outside presses in to one baldheaded of the guy say to me:"You seek dead is be not?"Say to charge forward a boxing to beat!I am one Shan body, start to fly one feet, this guy Wu wore belly to crouch down!I clap to say:" These two times does the son still want to beat me?"
The present person gets a shock, they who also surprisingly, I the appearance of a text weak scholar incredibly one faced to face personally and then put bald son to pour, and he Yi Yi ah ah unexpectedly can not get up from lying position on the ground!The good elder brother just wanted to talk, outside a boy shouted a way:"Good elder brother!Man the elder brother take a person dynasty this place!"

The 11th world of mortals extremely sings chapter 24 to spread a dozen of champions
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Chapter 24 spreads a dozen of champions(add more) (Everyone in person kiss consumedly, please throw your monthly ticket to my new book 《is black to help 》 , as long as the monthly ticket of《is black to help 》 rose, this place add more!Thank!!!The recommendation chain that has 《is black to help 》 under 《black gun 》 book page answers.Your monthly ticket is the power that we renew!Snow wolf thanks politely!!!)
The good elder brother lifts to chop down knife to point me to say:"Wait descend tidy up you again!We walk!"The bald son of ground finally climbs and saw my an eye also follow to run to go out.The arethusa shouts in the behind:"Good elder brother there are words liking saying with man elder brother!"Say to struggle to also climb into an outside to walk.
The green lentil eye stares me to say:"Li Wei, you got into a big disaster!"Everyone went out, I also heel go out.Sees ghost street on the strangers all the Shan walked to a flock of man that shaves a plank inch head in the both sides, from the another part of street noodles and carried to chop down knife in each hand.For a Bang of the head big waist circle, wear an outer garment that is hidden blue, start to walk road to come full of vigor.
The good elder brother and green lentil eye pluses several agreeable sons to seem to be person's list power thin, the arethusa head ties up bandage to run up to left for and burst be the street knelt down, she to the is a head of say:"Man elder brother, your adult is a great deal of, pass good son!"
Originally that guy is a northwest wolf man elder brother, the man elder brother stopped and raised finger arethusa the after death good elder brother say:"Good elder brother, you mixed to want top in that the woman asks for a favor for you, return however come to give my under charge compensate gift apology!"
The man elder brother's body side Shan comes out before fight in the lane son of three guys, there is the bandage to also tie up to ooze blood on two bodies.Hold to chop down a good elder brother of knife to have some dither, the green lentil eye hurriedly walks to come forward to say:"Man elder brother man elder brother, there are words saying so much, there are words saying so much!Tonight fight is a misunderstanding, is all disaster that one of my tenant asks for, Li Wei, return however come to beg a man elder brother!"
Connect a hair beard on seeing me, call a way:"Is this boy, harm we fight with good elder brother, boy, you follow us,cnn, we pass a good elder brother!"
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