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How to do Yao matter?"See little prince piece resolutely turn round but walk, Huang Shi hurriedly calls he.
Little prince piece's head also not the time ground say:"The eldest brother doesn't want to worry, there is the spirit of your inborn A wood at, the wound of younger brother was no hindrance.Say again, younger brother although only the gold fairy Be highest to often melt for a sky, state, however can result in threat to the younger brother in the boundary of and not much see.And not I treat, the younger brother returns to to let the teacher join a door and restarts."
After become curved, little prince piece's figure had already disappeared in public eyes, the bore declared a strange way:"Younger brother Shi, how did the small piece get hurt again?"
Huang Shi in a brief way:"Help victim of an injustice Bai, hear a sky, the set mountain has the demon the king to do evil, one person's one gun hurtled to god set mountain, luckily I passes by for a sky, set mountain, otherwise the affair was so terrible we dared not thought about it."
Bore declares to order a head, the circumstance of big saint teacher king of country made his mood some to fall low, also have no break the fascination of earthenware cooking pot,beats by dre.
The bore Yu then jumps Huang Shi nearby sweet girlish voice way:"Do the little uncle Shi, Yu son and elder brother discover a good thing in this hole today, does little uncle Shi want and see?"
"What good thing?"If the ice Ning contact to arrive just gold A muscle man says, some curiously ask a way.
Once the bore Yu Xi Xi smile, "little aunt, you saw and then knewed and returned is really lifelike, however were it not for father, can we not also discover!"
"Bore eldest brother what things makes the Yu son so happy?"See the bore Yu leap to jump a ground of appearance, everyone's mood immediately like many.
"E, our side walks side to say!"The bore ushers in Huang Shi's husband and wife inside the hole, then says:"This cave is you that very naughty disciple the red child delivered two days ago
However the Yong way postpones Mian turns and twists, red child and He son have never gone in as well.Yu Er heard this airtight hole, then and He son together along the Yong way keeps on fishing for all the way and got to cave most in carry of time but before seeing road drive cloth 1 F closely of charged barbed wire net, however through charged barbed wire net can see an inside colorful decoration, source of vitality full of life."
"How may?In those early years I for growing some flower flower and grasses grass in the pipa hole, but use four luminous beads just unwillingly set up a flower station.To make the whole cave source of vitality full of life this would not° until how much luminous bead!"Ice Ning greatly for marvel.
The bore declares to mysteriously say:"Luminous bead's pouring is needless, you saw and then know, concretely is what is the row didn't also make now for the elder brother understand, so just always at in research."
Fly all the way, the ice Ning is some to impatiently say:"Bore eldest brother hasn't arrived?Compare with with here, ground flow out a younger sister of sink an empty mountain bottomless pit can candidly admit defeat as well."
The bore declares to say with smile:"Sister-in-law, Mo Ji, , should Be getting ater present."
Huang Shi Deng person felt right after words sound fell the ray of light irradiation of a burst of sting eye comes over and indeed as expected declared such as the bore talk, front road drive the 1 F frightenned the person's charged barbed wire net to block up.
Huang Shi walks up charged barbed wire net to feel some kind of, connect to back a few wry smile ways:"Bore eldest brother, with the power of this charged barbed wire net, even if I have the inborn Xu the soil and the inborn A wood protect a body, if once wore this charged barbed wire net, end perhaps be change into ash ash."
The bore Yu favour way:"Is not little uncle Shi afraid, there is father, the Yu son all just passed in and out several times."
Huang Shi Chao's bore declares to see go, not the letter ground says:"Impossibly, bore eldest brother although the way that has already too had B gold fairy peak line, oneself passes this charged barbed wire nets all in danger, still less help Yu of son you pass."
The bore declares to say with smile:"Younger brother Shi doesn't want to worry, with certainly is to can not pass for a person of elder brother, but younger brother Shi forget, the attribute of thunder and lightning?"
"The thunder and lightning belongs to a wood, this ordinary mortals all know, A wood absolute being thunder and B wood absolute being thunder are a few more the most familiar small one of the magic tricks."Huang Shi freely says.
"This be, although this charged barbed wire net is severe,he is after all five lines of to belong to a wood,cheap beats by dre."
"Bore eldest brother, although it is said many colors absolute being the light have no don't brush, but also includes person and magic weapon, even can the charged barbed wire net that obviously is a kind of strategies to send out also brush,beats by dre australia?"Huang Shi's eyes stare be like copper bell general, keep the ground of Leng Leng to looking at bore.
"Ha ha!This of course not goes, however younger brother Shi forget is an elder brother in the Buddhism also foolish 1,700.The electricity belongs to a wood, gold gram wood, speak of a gold to fasten magic trick, in addition to ancient western breeze department, even if is a western Buddhism."Bore declares to clap to clap hands, the gold A muscle man that sees just take Huang Shi coming over walked to the front of the charged barbed wire net, the hands become a fingerprint and send out a white only submerges this charged barbed wire net and leads no longer than time in quarter, charged barbed wire net from in the center started appearing one empty, gradually spread to open, until disappear.
The charged barbed wire net after disappearing Huang Shi just sees in the another part of charged barbed wire net also have the quite a few ten gold A muscle man is doing same action, no wonder that how all disappear bore under Xuan Zuo the gold A muscle man, originally and all hide here.
The bore declares an explanation way:"This calls heavy snow mountain gold just Fu evil, constitute to°from 99811 gold A muscle man, is I the research came out in 1,700 in the Buddhism of a gold fastens a big, at the right moment could overcome this charged barbed wire net."
Huang Shi Zan's way:"Bore eldest brother indeed as expected get, you those line tallestly also however Xuan fairy primer, have never thought the set put together unexpectedly and thus and badly, perhaps even if is a Buddhism of 18 Luo man is also not necessarily so strong over this!"
The bore declares to say with smile:"Younger brother Shi over praise, if didn't see wrong for elder brother, sending out the strategies of this charged barbed wire net should become angry in water have been already set out to, after so many operations of in the last yearses, still keep having such power before the war, I that gold just Fu evil which can compare with it.We still quickly go in, although say a gold gram wood, and after the operation of aeon, this has already lost original power, however gold the Fu evil just could not also prop up how long of."
Was public to hurriedly jump to go in, including the only station's gold A muscle man in the outside, later on these 81 gold A muscle mans all the facial expression be palely lain ground up, connect to sit of energy all have no.Does Huang Shi still hope them to send their they to go out and hurriedly gave these gold A muscle mans each to lose the spirit of an inborn A wood.
And just that is different, after leading that charged barbed wire net, everyone had a kind of felling for becoming clear suddenly, this deep hole solemnly became a little world, although the irradiation with no sunlight, however because of the reason of the charged barbed wire net is all bright open on all sides, various strange flower is different the grass spread all over the whole cave, the only missing was little the figure of animal.
The favour lives yellow lion after finishing some take off dint, inborn A wood on the body also remain only a few, looking at have already resumed normal charged barbed wire net, marvel a way:"If before really being set out to water to become angry a war, this strategies' that decoration strategies of the person shoulded have much fix for!"
The bore declares to turn head a wry smile way:"Is pure tiny sky of jade state now for elder brother, even if is declare that the sage is as follows one person's Gautama is as usual eaten into belly by me to go, the end is the mother who is quasi- to lift a Buddha and lights lamp to ask for a favor, I just lets out it.
However want to want to deploy this kind of strategies for the elder brother to are also impossible, if anticipate not bad, canning deploy the person of this strategies should have to mix big Luo of a dollar fixing of gold fairy for."(The not yet finished treats continuously and knows that how funeral affairs is such as the desire, please land www**com, the chapter is more, support author, support original reading!

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The sage deploys of strategies?"Huang Shi marvels a way.
The bore declares to very heavily order a head and said:"Are elder brothers to the strategies are also some researches of, however want to want to deploy this kind of aeon the strategies of Shuai definitely account impossibly not.I think six to press, Xuan night they should also can't."
The ice Ning puzzles a way:"Bore eldest brother, 400 year agos I with elder brother Shi for the first time till the time of the poison enemy's mountain, discover poison enemy mountain with he surroundings of other hilltops compare to have one the characteristics for showing Zhao, that is to basically have no animal existence, at present Related articles:

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