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Saying of face consternation.
Ling Fei very tiny one Leng, become overdo, saw his one eye, way:"Might it not be is he very well-known?"
Qiu Bing Hui slowly of explanation way:"The west household in the door can say in China to is a He He well-known household,beats by dre uk, each person in their household is an intelligence cleverness, and the fighting strength is the strongest, although can not the one who be regarded as real remarkable talent, but they with lend rare absolute being achievement 《Zhang in Kowloon 》 stand erect not to pour, the nation has several times also invite them household of the member take part in some governmental affairses, unfortunately the persons of their household all with have no interest to take part in political etc. for the reason evasive answers pass by, but of one heart and mind go into business, became He He well-known billionaire's household, didn't thought of that this western cloud dragon in the door will take part in this game, this is to make me have some surprised places."
Ling Fei ordered to nod:"So that's why, can't that this western Long Hui from cloud in door be false?"
"Is false?This is impossible, our nation for taking precautions against some big households, so still have some basic datas to the their household member of, so the photograph of this western cloud dragon in the door I once saw once, is true."The Qiu Bing Hui depressed an orotund explanation way.
Ling Fei no longer says what, but the Rao has interest of looking at this western cloud dragon in the door.
The west cloud dragon in the door and Lu western two people a little bit exchanged greeting for a while and then started truely contesting.
Lu the west is indeed as expected a monster person, he attack abnormality of fierce, and accurate, square the Buddha a head of become mad of the wild beast is general, every take the offensive all try hard for to must smash the other party shot, so in less than two minutes, he has already offended more than ten heavy boxings, the whole satge is been a hideous mess by what he hit, almost becomes a dumping grounds, thanksing to the whole big satge has already been cautiously set out for a while by the person of dark parliament and all change three Chinese foot many Gao of cement ground, strong and tough and matchless, but still keep being teed off one and other big pit by him, on the whole satge splash to have repeatedly of dust.
But what person is the west cloud dragon in the door ?The Chinese ancient old household inherits a person and carries the ancient martial arts in China, action Jiao Jie as if the ape is general, double claw take the offensive of square Buddha eagle the claw is generally sharp, let the other party the shot don't win himself/herself each time, while his take the offensive that but is relentless fierce, as if the great calamity is general, impossible to effectively guard against, made the Lu western to eat to the utmost suffering, is a spirit each time of shout loudly.
Under the set of many people looking at this condition, was all tiny to tinily shake to shake head, so of fight a condition to look really is to have no what mean, obviously western door cloud dragon be at play with this Lu west, if he wants to win the other party, afraid of Lu the west have already poured at ground up, where have time to let the other party develop all strength?
"Bastard, I want to kill you."
The west of the Lu is finally great anger, he gave a long whistle a , the body is abrupt however of inflated a lot, square Buddha a giant is general, brandish two huge fists mercilessly failed toward the noodles door of west cloud dragon in the door pass by.
West corner of mouth dragon from cloud in door once puts on the smiling face of one silk despise, his hands were one Yang, sees his body become a red red of, square the Buddha combustion get up generally, in the owner consternation not already of time, his Si calls a ,beats by dre studio, the voice that hears send out "bomb Long Long ……" in his body, together hurtle the fire dragon in sky spreads to go out from his body, toward right against the face hurtling to come over of Lu west failed past.
Bomb Long Long ……
The west of the Lu that tall and big in stature Jian large body square Buddha a big meat ball is general, drive deep-fried of directly rolled to pour satge underneath, also almost knock down is sitting upright the second Heng over there, let he a saint only arouse to project to go, just held up the offensive of the west of Lu.
Luckily whole big theater already drive dark parliament of how many superiors use to knot boundary to control, otherwise and only with lend the whole such a building in big theater, if bear live thus for the sake of strong explosion?
Whole field although the many people all saw the west cloud dragon in the door to have much of skill,saw him to invoke fire dragon, in all public all is fiercely a surprised, all see devil generally look at him.
The west cloud dragon in the door but is lightly say:"This opponent is too weak, basically don't match me to begin."He finishes saying this sentence, see also have no grandstand under of Lu west, the diameter walked to pass by toward own seat.
Lu west one face of metal gray, for the indignity of the other party, in his heart is cut up rough and disaffection, but he also knows, oneself really isn't his opponent, just luckily was the other party to show leniency, otherwise oneself really didn't even know dead what is the row.
Wave ear plug and Lu virtuous west two people although knowing Lu west affirmation will lose, but this also lost too miserably?Connect the other party ten recruit don't answer and then be beaten down, this isn't the face that gives them dark parliament up discredit?They an is all metal gray a face, very anxious to make this Lu kicking a big theater west a, here losting face of the province.
The wave ear plug still keeps returning to spirit in time and hurriedly appears on stage to say with a smile:"This western cloud the effort of Mr. Long in door indeed as expected get, let us truely grasp an eastern remarkable talent of severe, we acquire the first game to him but applause here."He said this sentence and unexpectedly took the lead to face west cloud dragon in the door to applause.
Others also the 窸 rustle 窣 sent out to applause of voice, however don't is what warmly.
The wave is embarrassed ear plug on smiling, this just speaks slowly a way:"We invite the second to constitute a member to come up to have a competition now, don't know everybody remarkable talent superior inside, who would like to a try?"
Under the set of the owners all start small voice's discussing, remarkable talent level the low person is afraid that he or she goes up to run into a superior, being like Lu the west is similar, directly be beaten satge underneath, but remarkable talent level Gao of person then despise carry on front the remarkable talent of these pediatric sorts compete and on the contrary made a son cold down.
The vision that the Ling flies but is have been falling at the body of that western cloud dragon in the door up, he saw meaning from the body of the other party of lonesome and standing alone, his a person sits over there, there is side and the slightest no companion, really don't know the member of this western household in the door why meeting is one personal alone and helpless emergence in my noodles?
"The elder brother of the eldest brother, do I go up to play two times a line not to go?"This time, the leaf ice Ning smiles happily of ask a way.
This time of Ling Fei just thinking wear west the affair of cloud dragon in the door, so freely say:"Good, E, what do you say?"
Who know a leaf the ice Ning has already connected to leap to take to jump of toward the satge run in the past, the slightest didn't hear the last Ling Fei words.
Saying of leaf Lu precious jade misgiving:"Husband, how do you promise her up?Here noodles but have a lot of remarkable talents superior,beats by dre pro."
Other several females is also all to nervously looking at to run a very far leaf of ice Ning, want hearts all have already mentioned a throat eye.
"?What did I say?This, Yun Xin, you grasp this bond maid for me back, his Dao what disorderly?" Ling Fei immediately annoys of directly leaped, very anxious to grasp this leaf ice Ning to come over, toward she that bottom up mercilessly clapped two times.
However this seems to have a little**?
Ling Fei also cans not considers of at this time so many, hurriedly hurtled toward the leaf ice Ning in the past, who know this bond maid has already done top in the satge and hurtle owner very tiny on bowing, smile happily of say:"I call leaf ice Ning, the second bureau is come by me, who dare to challenge me?"She returns a face to satisfiedly wield a small fist.
Ling Fei turned over to turn over cold stare and hurtled to underneath in the satge, call a way:"You come down for me."
Leaf ice Ning the Jue wear a small mouth and twist small pretty waist, hide at wave ear plug of after death, small voice of call a way:"The elder brother of the eldest brother is what you allow I come up, why renege again now?Not is there are a words saying well?He-man gentleman, one speech since, Si Ma Nan makes track for, but why you a talk since, did you make track for to come over by yourself?"
Crazy sweat~!
Ling Fei's foreheadses all continuously came out cold sweat, how does this sentence sound so pout?The square Buddha isn't that the he-man gentleman is general by himself/herself, oneself hardly realizing this how many days of evenings all a now man's true colors?Quack.He hurriedly accepted own mind back, isn't to think this time at this time, he hurriedly says:"You know what?This is the game, not a child to play house again, the careful other people also chase you from the top Related articles:

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