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Mosslem people's form beat 1 to roll, plum mountain six saint Cus cannot compared with to defend a quilt nine insects to break several depths besieged.However nine lucks of insects are also really not good, although he breaks out of encirclement,right against the face runs into Yang Jian.Nine insects think if isn't Yang Jian and his that thin dog, he is also impossibly thus distress, hence again become nine snakes, nine skulls toghter open big mouth, bite to Yang Jian's head.
Yang Jian is just preparing to picked up three points two blade knives to hold up nine insects, however the Xiao dog in the sky unwilling to remain out of the limelight of foot, cold don't keep a ground of Cuan Teng from going up, Wang Di's one mouthful, bite at nine Bo necks of insect one among the skulls up.Although nine insects become after nine snakes skin the hard meat is also thick,can not hold up Xiao dog for sky of feel anger on biting, immediately and bloodily the skull then echoes downfall, while the Xiao dog in the sky be also been difficult nine insects enduring by the ache is jilted to beat far away with the tail.
Yang Jian Mu Zi to the utmost splits, since the Xiao dog in the sky followed behind him, always utterly loyal, regardless split mountain to save a mother is still a load of mountain to make track for a day, always all don't leave not to leave.In Yang Jian Yan, the position of the Xiao dog in the sky still at plum mountain six saints on, see Xiao a dog for sky after jilting fly sad to shout a , then Teng cloud goes toward Xiao the direction that the dog flies to make track for for sky.Leave plum mountain six saints in every aspect and mutually Qu, walk also not BE,Beats By Dre Lady gaga, stay also not BE.
Be bitten off nine insects of a skull by the Xiao dog in the sky, feel anger jilt the Xiao dog in the sky is more painful after opening must almost want to faint Que past.However he also knows that now is the only opportunity that he escapes, immediately change into person's form, take plum mountain six saints are still stagnant over there, strong endure to drill the ache of heart to turn but face west but escape.He remembers that mother once said, the way of the Buddha fought now vigorous day by day, if in the way the door is foolish not under go, only Buddhist paradise's working properly then mountain can provide to bless.
The yellow lion escapes in nine insects of also responded to come over for an instant, although oneself has already harmed in the body, nine wound with current insect afraid is not at oneself under, had after the confidence to necessarily win Huang Shi to immediately also become together red light makes track for to nine insects.Can only cherish although nine insects be bitten away a skull, for protecting a life, the airspeed the slightest didn't weaken, so although Huang Shi all the way and urgently rushes through, also always and nine insects kept a distance.
The flight direction that looking at nine insects, Huang Shi soon also understood nine viewpoints of insects, the in the mind added a ground of get excited more.Nine insects are to mutually turn the body of a life time, if entered to work properly mountain, hereafter want to want again to seal he print, perhaps difficult up add difficult.(The not yet finished treats continuously and knows that how funeral affairs is such as the desire, please land www.**.Com, the chapter is just more, support author, support

The text chapter 286 is difficult to kill
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"Long Wang Ye!That devil seems be come for the enemy's nine insects, he how running arriving west sea with our East China Sea?"The turtle prime minister that is going toward back to rush through sees nine insects right against the face, not from Leng way.
Ao A's once being led by nine insect captives, being in every possible way tormented by it , after again seeing nine insects, wased immediately frightenned to leave Huang longed Zhen person and turtle prime minister and was defeated and fled.
"Nine insects?"Huang Long Zhen's person's eyes inside naked one Shan, soon after send out several jade pure fairy thunder, go toward nine bodies of insects up hit.
The attention of nine insects has been putting in after death and tightly making track for Huang Shi Shen that doesn't give up, which can the road has already been widely moved by the Ao before thoughting of of reinforcements Huang Long Zhen person to block up.The Cu cannot compared with to defend those jade pure fairy thunders all hit at nine bodies of insects up, even if nine insect skin the hard meat is thick to also really can not stand, a head of plants into west the sea.
"Huang Long Zhen person, you how here?"Nine insects of Huang Shi Jian suddenly drop to in the western sea and immediately turn Mosslem people's form, but saw the Huang Long Zhen person's figure.Looking like each dragon king all nearby will follow behind a turtle prime minister, and looks also great body homology, so Huang Shi didn't discover Huang Long's turtle prime minister in fact is the courier of East China Sea.
Don't treat a Huang Long Zhen person to answer, the turtle prime minister sees the yellow lion compete first asking a way since the east made track for:"The king of the lion, the small absolute being is the turtle prime minister of East China Sea, don't know my house's lord Mr. now how?"
Huang Shi Shi however, is what Ao widely sends person pleases Huang Long Zhen person to come over, regrettable Ao widely still too hasty some, if wait until a Huang Long Zhen person to arrive to East China Sea, he also not.Hence nod a way:"Stop worrying, there is this king at, the Ao widely wants to die dead also not!"Soon after swoop but bottom, grasp to nine insects.
The Huang Long Zhen person also immediately makes the thunder department that he takes to come over for sky soldier sky will drive jade the pure fairy thunder bomb to harm of nine insects Be round and round to surround.Canning certainly stand away had better not close to, after all with the real strenght of nine insects, also not is these days of soldiers the sky will be able to humiliate ground.
Nine insects after dropping into west the sea re- change to return to original body again nine snakes, certainly accurate must say, he was already eight snakes now.After being harmed by the Huang Long Zhen person's jade pure fairy thunder, he wants to want again to escape Buddhist paradise to work properly mountain to have already become to entertain wild hope, can carry on an approaching death flounder.Certainly his in the mind still had to so order to expect, was already the boundary of west sea here.But west sea Long Wang Ao Run have already gone and lived with Buddhism, and have conflict with Huang Shi Su, as long as the persistence don't necessarily don't save till the last of possibility.
Eight big mouths that nine insects leave are really some terrible, even if is the yellow lion with too B gold fairy way line to also cannot help but a bit greatly terrified.Livinged ground to stop down at the place being ten Zhangs apart from nine insects.Absorbed to be accumulating the precept of thunder mountain last time, Huang Shi faced nine insects to don't dare to attackstone with as one pleases iron the pole soldier's long range any further and worked properly to know be blured out a ground of taste really not pleasurable.Hence learn the move of the Xiao dog in the sky, continuous Ning the Xuan ice ax in the sky goes toward eight Bo necks that nine insects leave up fly,Beats By Dre Ferrari.However don't know because the tooth of power not equal to Xiao dog in the sky of the Xuan ice ax in the sky, still because of nine insects and he ground the previous incarnation merges into an integral whole behind get mutually tradition.No longer ice ax water like this in sky fastens magic trick, the yellow lion is after flinging out several ten Xuan ice axes in the sky.Eight Bo necks of nine insects remained milli- hair don't harm, eight skulls still kept making threatening gestures in Huang Shi's in front.
"Lion adult king, those nine insects should die?"The Huang Long Zhen person has to arrive thunder absolute being after checking in in response to the dollar mansion from last time to nine days the Pu turn for a sky, smells the ear of Zhong lifting a noodles life and knowing that he wants to think to stop feet, isn't overturned by the Ao Run at the west sea.Have to get Huang Shi Di's support.So the Huang Long Zhen person is more and more polite to Huang Shi, no longer is come to that he is also some use ground in Huang Shi's in front.Immediately say:"The lion king trusts.Nine insects not afraid lion Wang Di Shui offends.But to small absolute being ground jade pure fairy thunder helpless."Gesticulating will send out jade pure fairy thunder again.However drive Huang Shi to obstructed down.
The Huang Long Zhen person feels keenly to don't understand to Huang Shi Di's action.One face captivation the ground looking at him.
Huang Shi wry smile way:"Huang Long.You are also doing an useless achievement.As long as can tie up nine insects good.This king just also says.Nine insects are Phoenix descendants.Your ability even if kill he.He finally still Nie rebirth.And the condition of the injury after rebirth to the utmost replies.Way line more the ability is aggressive.Lose more than gain.Unless.Unless your ability will it the form absolute being put out all!"
The Huang Long Zhen person immediately chokes.The form absolute being puts out all.He didn't°yet this skill.But Huang Shi.He just also heard.The wounds can not harm nine insects.The still less form absolute being puts out all.See to want to deal with these nine insects and really want a fee up some kind of brainses.
Nine insects after hearing Huang Shi and Huang Long Zhen person's dialogue immediately overbearing get up, loudly shout a way:"Huang Shi, hurries to give° Lao Tze form absolute being to put out all, Lao Tzes all can't waited for!Do you still intend to round Lao Tze so during a lifetime,Beats By Dre Diamond?Want to be not and then directly bomb Lao Tze to kill with the jade's pure fairy thunder good, seeing Lao Tze can also bathe fire rebirth!"
Huang Long Zhen's person's fury fills Ying, however hears that this abnormal condition is clay-cold meeting the condition of the injury to the utmost reply, way the line has to after promoting strong endure homicidal impulse.But Huang Shi basically didn't realize nine hoots of insects, from the language way:"Want to put out his form absolute being to be all, this king still can accomplish of, the birds absolute being of his mother nine Fengs are put out all for form absolute being by this king.Is difficult at not the ability give°ed his power to seal to print, this king also displays not to open hand and foot."
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