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At her look in the eyes with action, Chen Han sees a kind of upset, lose, pain and sufferings of air, the whole individual like that mansion that suddenly tumble down, again had no the shining glory in the past days, again have no that support in confidence and conviction in his body.
Chen Han knows.Six confidence went.The conviction collapses.The person is also getting more vacant.Ability such dispassion.Just a stage earth's surface is now.She is suppressing she.In fact and like this and rather break out.Because like this suppress ground result only have 2 kind.A kind of is the perseverance is super and violent.The ability suppresses at this kind of, pressure under.Suppress this amount of land productivity to change into power.Moreover 1 kind then thoroughly collapses.
Chen Han is still not clear.Exactly took place on six pings what,Facebook.Let she is here shortly time inside had so the earth variety.Is that world affair?However oneself should can't see wrong.That day he should nothing important affair ground.
Six pings didn't realize.Unconsciously.Chen Han has already observed many affairs.
Led good short while.Six pings suddenly way:"I was rushed through that supercar by you last time.Haven't sat enough.Can you go for a ride by your car?"
Chen Han answered six pings with the activity.Start to directly walk to outside in the bar.Six pings also keep up with.The step is some to lightly float.However obviously haven't inebriated.
Although the Bo sail of Wang Hao Gen square always all at chatting don't ground.However also ever and anon see a this place toward Chen Han.See Chen Han Gen's six pings leaving at this time.Wang Hao Dao:"Chen Han also too not enough meaning.Even hello didn't beat and then walk as well.See come is that he should seek a wife at once just right."
"Ha ha ……" square the Bo sail happily say with smile:"Your boy envied, you saw there also have a few beauties sit over there and summoned up courage, up."
The farmland Shu aroma at the right moment sends to thing to come over and hears the words of square Bo sail at this time and by hand pointed out for a while a square the loins of the Bo sail:"Much big age, don't teach the kinglet how to order as well to talk well also have no is going, taste this new vegetables."
Six the pings are a bar, drive once the breeze blow, immediately feel wine the strength Be a burst of to up flow out, she is suppressing own wine strength, at this time but feel seem wine just at from the blood in together toward the head come together generally.
"Is carefully some ……" Chen Han stretches hand the Chan hand six pings, Chen Han's hand just ran into the arm of six pings, six Ping moments as getting an electric shock, the body was fiercely one side body to the flank, the arm shrunk back, look in the eyes vigilance, took the breathing of the exasperation of a silk to see toward Chen Han.
"Ha ha ……" sees her reaction, Chen Han smiles to shake, the stand hand again smiled to smile and turned round what don't also say to take a car.
Saw Chen Han take a car in the past, six pings this just responded to come over and knew that oneself has some reaction allergy, a bit ashamed, and then don't know should how say with Chen Han.
Don't know the wrong station over there, the look in the eyes was a bit blurred, full of in the facial expression a kind of gloomy.
From the ancient times have already spread a words, the person lives an one breath, this isn't angry in speaking, wrath, and mean the person's vitality absolute being, with lend this, person continuously of overcome everything hard, this tone is a courage, is a courage and is an ambition, these one breaths that the actively upward spirit blends to arrive to prop up a person to live to descend together and just, once this tone have no, person even if is on the hoof, will be also like walking corpse.
Chen Han has already driven car to come over at this time and see six pings lose a gloomy station over there, Chen Han pushes away the car door in of copilot:"Get on the car."
Get on the car, six pings still just for just of the affair worry and wanted to think a way:"Chen Han …… I am just ……"
"Listen to, slow for a while, see blue sky ……" Chen Han says, the speed is quick, have already opened music, puts it downs at the same time the chair of six pings, open skylight, the car drives on the road in 60-70 speed.
At this time night sky lucidity, the moon stars hangs high up the sky.Six pings looking at through the skylight, faraway stars, let the at present night sky seem to be matchless and deep, faraway and vast more.
Chen Han light way:"We usually at nearby occurrence suddenly mishap of time, see this as a sky
The feeling falls down like the sky, some people even will thoroughly collapse, a lot of all consequently and since then, in fact usually affair later on, people again turn head and see, thought before 1-day-old affair, in fact also only so-so.Extensive star sky, only an Earth had several thousand years of mankind to all take place how much affair, we aren't most miserably forever of, if you feel that the affair has been very bad, the felling life makes us disappoint and feels that the life cheats us, that why don't want, we can talk these affairs here, go to regrets go to sad, is already how lucky of affair.Is happy, isn't that you owned how much, is see whether you because you own of but satisfy, the world has no perfect affair forever, life disaffection 100, often keep in mind 1000-year-old sorrow, think longevity like the person of rich and honored, not is have a words say, body already the rich and honored think longevity, do emperor to want to ascend fairy.
"Ask oneself, painful, really and so painful?Nearby what is is truely worth and value, person concern you, person take good care of you, they be Be worth your giving a lot of care of, have already made you sad and made you disappoint, which afraid is life, you let this bastard live roll a part."
Music that Chen Han puts but slow, but is a mountain spring again flowing water, but Chen Han's words be imperceptibly unexpectedly as complement each other as these music, let six pings imperceptibly, whole individual imitate a Buddha to integrate into music, integrate into that extensive star sky.
Six Ping oneself is actually and actually strict to block up of the heart , imperceptibly in Chen Han's words, be continuously looked down by the ant like the dike dam and gradually and finally start oozing water and at last and suddenly collapse.
"Blare ……" six pings suddenly put a voice to cry out.
See six pings cry:, Chen Han stopped a car to lean on one side, they had already arrived at this time to go toward in the sea precipice, here occupy vantage point, can see some the most flourishing buildings of the east of Chang seas, am also the high speed that the Chang sea leads to a capital city from here, the situation on road is very good, just Chen Han have been driving in this last side and stop a car to depend down beside at the highway at this time.
Once the car stop, six Ping bodies fiercely to Chen Han, put a crying out of voice.
Chen Han's hand slowly and lightly fondles the empress in six pings to carry on the back, the helix in hand vigorously and slowly plays and imperceptibly permeates in the acupuncture points that carries on the back to the back of her and lets the quick temper that her internal organs puts off annoy an evacuation with Yu and annoys a big wound body, this words are very reasonable, be like six pings this kind of likes to put the affair in mind, a person whom person props up to bear, more such.
Six pings cried for a long time, probably is cry tired, in Chen Han's shoulder, body's eyes shut up, is like asleep general, Chen Han Yi on every occasion allows her to depend over there.
Probably half hour, depend in six pings of Chen Han shoulder to suddenly open mouth:"I has been believing firmly everything that I is, is this and proud, also is this diligent, try very hard to.Because I believe that this world still keeps wanting to be managed by legal system,google, the legal system is a people's end choice, I think I in aid of those minority communities, let them get a help, these several years I have been being doing so as well."
"But arrive today I just know that I am getting wronger, shot the affair in day last time, I know is that you helped me, that Lee Kai unexpectedly ask our owner and has a meal with me in person, and apologizes to me in person, and promises from now on absolutely can't deal with me, I am responsible for at the same time of those moved and moved doors to all get indemnification, they for this more take out approach 20,000,000 many, I hate bitterly this Lee Kai, he is that kind of surface light fresh, back the male steal female the guy of the bawdry, but the affair can get solution under your help and let those people get indemnification, is on the whole also a good matter."
"Can I just know today, at in a couple of days in, I am responsible for those customers who get indemnification,cnn, home all someone have an accident, small is the flower pots that are fallen off by the upstairs to hit a hospital, severity of be hit by the car, also have of beat at other people Dou in be stabbed and wounded, now still just salvage, I know this affair it's very suspicious, also want to prepare a survey, but my owners make me stop a Related articles:

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