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Order a point, that is the representative of is to rain, a Shu has two small forks to halt not, that is the tree, hasing manies that is the meaning of the forest ……"
"Master, I thought what I understood!"The Mu floats to thought of that here finally shout 1.
The Ao shell of flank's spacing out teacher in fact has been observing Mu to float, he sees at this time the Mu float a look in the eyes more and more bright, his understanding this kid has already understood some truths, on the face take smiling face delightedly:"Your realization ability really makes people shocked, I at the beginning comprehend these things but cost quite a few for year of time, have never thought you so quickly and then can comprehend a monster person literalness profound mystery!"
In fact Ao shell's spacing out teacher don't tell Mu to float, this is in fact also monster person's simple culture to enlighten, as long as comprehended this some truths come to study the monster person's writing so again among them, became very simple to easily understand, the mankind's intelligence Gao Chu the other race in the mainland is a lot of, so study these simple monster humanities turns, that is directly a small vegetables is 1 disc.
The Mu floats and uses very long period of time, these contents tidy up a time of toward after Ao shell pull to explain, the Ao shell spaces out teacher this just stretch hand a to flick, the together thin and blue ray of light fell in that water act and immediately appeared many monster persons writing on the screen, the Ao shell pulls to let the Mu float to recognize one by one.
However Mu after being floated to recognize these literalness time,is to spend many time and waiting he to come out all writing sortings, Ao shell spaces out teacher to tell him, lead for ten days.
Obviously the Sa Luo's college has already schooled begins this time, but the Mu floats to sink to immerse at also take care of to these literalness enthusiasm what his opening don't school begins, even if go to college, in addition to self-discipline, not just similar have no the matter can do and float to the Mu to say, every he feels an important matter, will of one heart and mind complete, as far as other of no account of, go***egg ……
In fact the Ao shell pulls to let that monster humanities word that the Mu floats to recognize, is exactly previous that monster person the writing of the history jot down, these several days, the Ao shell pulls to see Mu to float whole body heart devotion, don't also bother, the moxa rice also took to guard back, however still keep waiting for Mu to float in the cave up to now, conveniently help an Ao shell to pull the flower and grass in sorting.
Let the Mu float first eat some rich after containing nutrient fruits, the Ao shell pulls and floats for Mu to explain in detail some mus to float the problem met while recognizing those writings, although the Mu floats to say completely controled, as long as canning successfully recognize the writings of spooler, the Mu floats to feel to have already been getting more contented, he just there is no that effort understanding the monster person's culture and history.

The text chapter 69 happiness combines depressed
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The Mu floats to depend on to space out teacher there in the Ao shell, totally foolish 15, until all solve at monster humanities all of the question on the words after, this just a little bit didn't give up a ground of that miraculous water act world.
The mood of moxa rice is finally bright many, she after taking guarding of water absolute being to return to, finally hasty the ground saved to cure on the brink of death sea Na wood, although as for accomplishment that still need very long period of time, already lifeless dangerous.
The Mu floated Ao shell after spacing out water act world of teacher, the whole mind and body is relaxed, the mood is to very dulcify, Shu ability of the problem finally find out understand definitely of way, he is very happy.
Is this time to try to do, too of great value, not only knew the Ao shell of real strenght detachment to space out teacher, learned a lot of things, but also also got the heart of moxa rice.
As for money, Hey Hey, make all the way of those were evil crystal to be good enough to let Mu to once float a happy day.
And the Ao shell space out teacher benignity farewell after, slice Er Lei ten don't divide not and greatly and carry Mu to float with the mountain in moxa rice, the Mu floated to also lead an embark the dry habit of flying the lion hover the sky, is generous and matchless naturally.
Although just floated Mu and moxa rice to take the foot of a hill of black card hillside wing under, Mu's floating has already satisfied very much, if let him and the moxa rice climb mountainous country words, be still very the wave take a lot of time with energy of.
After etc. slices Er Lei to fly to walk, the Mu floats an embrace a moxa rice at bosom, a fierce close in the Qiao face that takes scar formation:"My dear moxa rice,Beats By Dre Electroplating, I am too happy, and you?"
The moxa rice disgraces red small face, lower the head, suddenly the air is some abnormality, way:"H'm, only float an elder brother can happy good!"
"That good!"The Mu floats to looking at a moxa rice:"Moxa rice, you really don't know sea Na master Lin drive who contuse?"
Moxa rice didn't answer, but silent a short moment ……
The Mu floats a felling a bit weird, lower the head to looking at suddenly don't talk of moxa rice:"Moxa rice, how?"
Suddenly"float an elder brother ……" moxa rice canthus Qin fixs attention on tears and stares at Mu to float:"After I return to asked a teacher again, he says ……"
The Mu floats at heart a tight, realizing may have what matter occurrence, the soft voice asks:"Moxa rice, what did he say?"
"Float an elder brother, the teacher makes me go to a southern mainland and blares ……" says, the moxa rice floats in the Mu of the bosom cried:"I don't want to walk, I think and float an elder brother together!"
The Mu floats stunned speechless, led good short while, the Mu floated a bit missing ground of ask:"Why?"The Mu floats to hate very much, why oneself run into a girl who likes by himself/herself each time and all lead thus of painful, the small dew Ya lets his at heart always have a piece of heart knot is entwining, at present little moxa rice unexpectedly also ……
The canthus that the Mu floats is a bit moist, the exasperation in the heart and mightiness of unwilling, let him determine that conviction more:"I want real strenght, I have to be strong ……"
However the Mu floats again not understand:"Moxa rice, why does he want to make you go to a southern mainland?"
"Teacher this time gets hurt in fact ……" moxa rice hopes Mu to float and still keeps having never hesitated ground to say:"In fact for the sake of me!"
"For the sake of you?"The Mu floats to feel that the affair seems to be already to more and more be fond of fog layer after layer:"Do you know reason?"
The moxa rice cries a way:"I don't know that the teacher says to allow me to go to southern mainland Luo Si especially the empire seek his tutor Weis all moxa Er, from now on will from Weis all the moxa Er teach me, and protect me, I want to ask reason, the teacher just says I the current circumstances is very dangerous, didn't tell this for the sake of what, the teacher is entreating let me go to of ……"
Mu's floating hasn't been opening mouth, at silent listen to, the moxa rice is one princess Guo, this matter should can't involve political this aspect, will that is the reason why?
"Float an elder brother ……" moxa rice sees the Mu float air gloomy, don't speak up, is more painful in the heart:"I have already shoulded answer a teacher,dr dre cheap, so ……"
"Moxa rice, you went without saying!"The Mu floated to absorb tone and made oneself fall calm:"I respect your choice, you go to, one day there will, I visit relatives from seek yours!"
"Float an elder brother, I will wait you!"The moxa rice tightly embraces Mu to float:"I will wait you to come to seek me forever ……"
The Mu floats to just embrace a moxa rice, he didn't ask a moxa rice will when walk, probably this moxa rice comes back, be for seeing the last side with oneself, probably tomorrow, the moxa rice will leave him but go to.
And the moxa rice tightly hug to each other together, 2 people didn't talk and just enjoyed in retrospect 2 people quietly from acquaint with, get some unforgettable stories that here meet on the way again, there is also happy part ……
A rightness of moist lipses kissed to come up when floating in the Mu suddenly is become speechless and was that so very hot, being short of breath of moxa rice, tightly embrace the Mu floats of neck, ruthlessly kiss his lips, but the but again is that so crude.
The Mu floats not to know moxa rice is how, but he can feel a moxa rice the very hot and deep feeling for spreading is in the body and strongly kiss and be infected him, he also starts responding to that and warmly kisses, the of their tongue and tongue is entwining, and the mind is colliding.
The body temperature of moxa rice is continuously rising, the breath is also urgent, her eyes in, have already taken the spring feeling for sprouting, the moxa rice very shallow moan is from the nostril in exhale, constantly seduce the Mu floats of nerve,Beats By Dre Lebron James, he is been passionate by that Related articles: