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Too be an easy job to ,but the girls still adhere to their own hands ,Ge front almost all time devoted to basketball and schoolwork ,so the four girls will take turns in charge of home kitchen ,cleaning ,and garden flower management .
relationresultJust half a yearsince, a few clever girl has built a hall, a kitchen ,both inside and outside of a good woman,cnn, but which can still be equal ,if single on cooking ,was off if the cicadas in the first row, her sword hands fry dishes ,google,was actually the same none such under heaven .
relationresultOuyangQianying cold dishes to do the best, and the car well tides of Korean food and soup of patients do not have a mixed style ,Xue Fu Lun hamburger and pizza do it with a European flavor .
relationresultEvery day theychange to ge Feng to prepare breakfast and dinner ,Chinese food is of course in the school to eat ,so Ringo front the breakfast and the supper quality throughout the North Carolina basketball athlete unmatched .
relationresultA goodcook cooks ,also can not compare with love cooking food .relationresultNot only that,the girls also make every attempt to search for food ,as long as it is beneficial to the body diet menu ,they seem to have hit the jackpot ,therefore daily prepared diet ,are beneficial to the body of the dishes ,Ge Feng in the field of physical strength abundant ,carry the world before one ,Facebook,can not be said ,his girlfriend, they play an important role in it .
relationresultGeFeng feel luck is good too ,often says that life is knocked to wear a lot of Muyu ,did a few baskets to be good ,so good woman falling in love, and they together, not only enjoy the affair ,but also enjoy delicious food .
relationresultThree girlsdivision, off if the cicadas cooking, Ouyang Qianying side ,Cha Eun Western stew, Ge on front side grinning, help ,help the recursive spoon ,helped the prepared seasoning ,take time off in their face on a pro record ,prompting them to light ,thin anger ,Fenquan light wave ,is really enjoyable .
relationresultNot long after,a table of delicious dinner will be placed in the table .relationresultAt this moment,two men came in ,one is Xue Fu Lun Na ,her house keys ,nature can march into ,another Ge Feng ,but his future brother-in-law ,David Grant baron .
relationresult,I Xue Fu Lun brother ,David Grant ,nice to meet you ... ... David Baron Grant after the door will look cheerful ,friendly and Ge Feng shake hands ,then lift car en at hand ,just like in the above kiss ,Ge Feng a resist his chin ,the subtle way: is not .
, relationresultDavid Grantembarrassed laughs: this is our lady of the English gentleman on etiquette . , relationresultGe Feng said: unfortunately ,we are not English ,do you come here ,with the Chinese etiquette .
, relationresultDavid Grantdid not care about ,one by one, and Ouyang Qianying and shook Guan Ruochan .relationresultOffif the cicadas and hold his hand ,a little effort ,subtle and said: hands that used to make swords ,is weak ,both make music .
, relationresultWhoknow that David Grant although the hand is pinched aching ,eyes straight into Guan Ruochan ,for a long time not willing to turn ,the mouth open can be plug of a duck .
relationresultIf thecicadas in closed her preference of goose yellow tights summer ,beautiful eyes don have a charming romantic ,steeped in kendo years let her have a most girls are not bright and brave ,and used the so-called society affectation Lady who is this big Baron special charm attract ,driven to distraction .
relationresultIf thecicadas hate him off with the noble sense of superiority to the invasion front brother ,let him uncomfortable ,so to give him a little better ,which know this man to hold his hand and don let go ,a terrified the anthomaniac appearance ,not by simmer with laughter , coughing laugh out loud .
relationresultThe smileis like a spring began ,blooming Begonia ,its charm charm, hard to describe difficult to draw ,more let David Baron soul to destroy ,God as the spoils ,some people say :love a person ,only takes a second ,but to forget a person ,but takes a lifetime .
David Baron took only a second ,fell in love with closed if the cicadas ,but it is bound to be an impossible unrequited love, like a lot of love .If the boys, to a life of pain .relationresultThisinadvertently revenge ,for David Baron ,is miserable .
relationresultWhenhe knew it ,off if the cicadas hand does not know when it has already pumped out ,never to see his one eye ,apparently on his unpleasant ,who let him offended emperor in this family .
relationresultThis is Ouyang Qianying ,it is critical if the cicadas ,this is the car well tides ,they are all my good sister ,is Ge front ... ... Good friends , Xue Fu Lun Na did not tell David Baron and three of the women are Ge front woman ,she was afraid of scaring his brother ,if the family knew that she was the daughter of the Duke and several other woman to share a love of man ,that is not a big thing? , relationresultSheis no more than a beginning that clear ,at least her brother will not suffer for Dan Xiangsi ,but she did not own the eye above the top of the elder brother so hell-bent to fall in love with a Chinese girl .
relationresultThe worldis such a bad romance .relationresultThe beauty ofeach have their own unique aesthetic, so burned out dishes are so beautiful ,let a person at first glance thought is a work of art ,do not want to eat ,David Baron first saw so took the beautiful oriental woman ,and could not name ,the beautiful east side dishes ,not by to China has a yearning heart ,just forget he is here to please the Ge Feng ,consult him swordsmanship .
relationresultThe 628th chapterrelationresultAlthoughGrant and dinner eat out too, but to see such beautiful Oriental cuisine ,still could not sit down ,everyone together and dining .relationresultIf thefood cooking in the United States, China believes the world second ,absolutely no country dares to recognize first ,and these dishes and three smart girls her work, David Baron eat eat like wolves and tigers ,not in the western restaurant elegant quiet state .
relationresultReportedly,Westerners in the dining is elegant ,it is because their food taste flatly, and most Chinese meals eat like wolves and tigers ,the wind puffs the clouds away. ,is because the food is delicious ,did not pay attention to what gentle image of the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities .
relationresultSee DavidBaron eat ,feel that a fart bomb .relationresultTablefour girls kept giving Ge front clip dish ,David Baron suddenly have a brain wave ,also want to give Guan Ruochan the dish when ,just his chopsticks for the first time ,also make a not very good into your mouth ,pinch it ,others to bowl as long-distance transportation ,can be a bit reluctantly to the difficult .
relationresultHenipped some jellyfish silk ,just holding it down ,then clip lose ,make the dish soup dish with around ,to exquisite dishes ,give him too horrible to look at ,the worst is that no one knows how he wants to give Guan Ruochan that his own greedy ,Guan Ruochan outspoken, not to his face, scolded: shadow shadow mix so cook ,but are you ruined ,so greedy ?Is this the nobles in table manners ? She also did not forget to ge front air outlet .
relationresultDavidBaron be thrown into a panic ,not dare explain ,had scratched my head ,dare not utter a sound .relationresultXue FuLun ,also do not think disobedient ,look at your brother make a fool ,she knew Guan Ruochan ,become inured to the unusual ,nor anything uncomfortable .
relationresultWho lether brother offended Ge Feng ,in this home ,who can be against ,but Ge master is not offended ,he himself is no ,don care ,but some girls may difficult .relationresultXue FuLun ,sharp-eyed ,noticed that the car well at the left hand ring finger on a form elegant exquisite diamond ring ,immediately smell in the air is not the same taste . Related articles: