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Arrive a bedside, the small face son rises is red, the air Niu Ni ground grasps an implantation list, a words all frequently Zhang Kou all say not come.
Remember just Lin Xin Yu before the chest of two regiment soft pressure, Li Wei still whispered a , this bond maid film shape is still quite good.
See Lin Xin Yu obviously pare thin many body forms and face, Li Wei also moves ground to feel pity on, don't aware of self of stretch hand to lightly fondle to ascend her cheeks, way:"Lin Xin Yu comrade, you lost."
The temperature that feels Li Wei Shou, Lin Xin Yu's abashed idea is more prosperous, lower the head more to allow Li Wei frivolous must touch own face, stuffy the along while just come out 1:"It doesn't matter, as long as eat for the sake of the Li Wei comrade what bitterness I would like to."
"It has been several days since I slepted!"Li Wei urgently wears to want that when knowing is collapsed and fainted don't on waking up,google, the whole world is already people to turn over a body great liberation.
"Just half month!"Lin Xin Yu stares blankly ground to looking at Li Wei.
"O.K., O.K.!"Li Wei breath a sigh of relief and O.K. has no bitterness bitterness to fight the invading army quite a few for year, after awaking from sleep liberation, the god treats him on the whole not thin, don't make him fighting the invading army the age from to be unemployeed.
"H'm, cough!~"The doorway spreads several voices to lightly cough.
Be caught adulterers in act in the bed, the Li Wei lightning flashes sort took back to a little bit be like to flirt hand, the vision throws to the doorway.
State language Fan is picking the side of door to go toward to stretch forward to explore a brain inside the house outside the door.
Lin Xin Yu sees have others to see her and Li Wei's too warm and affectionate action, facial expression heavy embarrassed, the look in the eyes moves to don't dare to see toward the doorway and Li Wei another place.
"See a hair, want to see and then come in to see enough!"Li Wei hopes once state language Fan stare and win to annoy to hundred percently drink a way.
"Hey, Hey, eldest brother good, younger brother I was really too happy."State language Fan sees Li Wei be like usually similar roar him, immediately and happily hurtled to come in.
Follow state language Fan to come in at the same time of there are also 23 people, Li Wei all recognizes, is a penny area inside is count not much a few martial superior Lins, want to come from F also be regarded as professional Wu Zhe a member in the circlet son.
Is a burst of to talk about the weather later on, Li Wei tooks a look a public way:"Thanks, several days of each comrade of concern and care."
"Where where!We do a martial person to look after each other!Li Wei's comrade's body feels how."A arch of black short robust comrade's habitual arch hand.
"Is very good, seem nothing important big Ai!"Li Wei feels that his/her own spirit and bodies all replied vitality.
State language Fan at bedside eye full of tears tunnel:"Elder brother Wei, you are to be frightened to death we, the doctors could not check a cause of disease, but those force the superiors Lin say that you may be a heart again it's unsteady, go off accidentally go into evil, I really must am frightened pole, in case of the eldest brother hanged and covered me for the nobody, this lets how I keeps on mixing."
"?Attach, eldest brother, you shine on, you see whether go off accidentally to go into evil!"State language Fan is from the room in sought to a mirror.
"Shine on what mirror, the state language is free of, I am very good, how may go off accidentally to go into evil, etc., mirror inside of is who?"Li Wei says to say, vision a throw state language Fan to bring over here of in the mirror, the facial expression solidified a while.
"!~~This, is this what is the row?!"Li Wei Guai calls, can not believe ground to hope a mirror inside that is almost radiant and lustrous, take several divide a delicate face, could it be that still take oneself's several centses acquaint with of qualities, perhaps he still really thinks that what to shine on is other people in mirror.
The favour Lu rises sleeves and touches into clothes, the hand is thin slippery, smooth have no Ba, long was all canned not find by the wound Bas of battlefield before, again raised to gathered together in the moment, white delicate must be good the female kid's hand, before imitated a Buddha on very thick old cocoon of palm don't all never have already appeared similar, rosy skin, seemed infant's sort smooth white, skin unfamiliarly as if oneself turn to living to another person's body.
Li Wei Lian's facial expression seem a just was guided crafty young girl similar, the hand touched into again under the quilt of pants inside, long long of breath a sigh of relief, own O.K. of capital still just, otherwise still really think oneself is changed into inside a female kid's body, and still**type of.
Li Wei's nervous facial expression makes the others in the house want to smile and don't dare to smile of hard suppress full face the bulge is red.
"This, is this exactly what is the row?"Li Wei interrogative that the vision throws toward Lin Xin Yu.
Lin Xin Yu hurriedly takes to have a little stammer tunnel:"Wei son, you in the collapsed and fainted period, the high fever doesn't back, don't know how of the whole body be like to shed skin similar and dry and cracked, take off to drop down a piece of piece of dead skin, the scar formations on the body was all missing before, the skin after sheding skin is like now so thin white lubrication, return, also is really quite good."The tone even still takes several cents envy of meaning, yes, the skin like this seems to be very on a girl's son body suitable, but change into a boy son body top obviously some indescribable
"Mygod!"Li Wei clapped to clap his/her own head, this going off accidentally of dog day went into evil, the whole body scars representing warrior all disappeared, how make oneself change whole body so sissy outward appearance, absolutely is a god is teasing himself/herself.

Section 236
"How?How?Is the Wei son awake?!"The action that hears Li Wei inside in the sickroom, the Dr. Chen the breeze breeze fire fire of sanitation squad hurtles into a house and at the right moment sees Li Wei to sit on the bed and the others talk, two words don't say to rush toward a bedside to directly start to pull the tool measures blood pressure for Li Wei and measures a heart palpitates.
"Dr. Chen, hard you!Need not check, I am very good now, after a while I return to camp."Li Wei looking at a doctor favour of favour next must give him the check.
Dr. Chen double eye a stare:"Say what beard words, observe again for two days, in case of have again and again Zha to do, lo lo you now this pair character, was like to just once bear again, all have with the young master of capitalist a ratio."
"……" Li Wei thoroughly has no language.
Give Li Wei this special sick personnel and finish doing some kind of checks, doctor and then change direction the others to the pike head:"See what the son see and walk to walk, all walk person, don't bother patient's rest."
Is the site of sanitation squad here, the doctor's words compare to is a sky, , two however the last key link is online and allows your much officers to all get honesty to obey.
The others in the house at doctor relentless the look in the eyes sweep later on, immediately make a bird monster to spread, doctor in the sanitation squad is the god that controls to living to kill big power.
"Still have Lin Xin Yu the comrade,Facebook, the small plum is safe and sound, this raining you always should trust, like take a rest quickly, don't Wei son just get sick good, you fell sick again bottom."Dr. Chen looking at these several days have been worrying about small plum of Lin Xin Yu pare thin side to permit and say with the tone of concern, this wench is for doing not sleep to feel so much for small plum several days and several nights, usually on the time in nobody secretly drop tears.
"BE!Dr. Chen!"Lin Xin Yu's mouth inside although the look in the eyes that should wear,still use to take to concern about often steals to take aim toward Li Wei.
See the facial expression that Lin Xin Yu still don't give up, Dr. Chen lightly coughed two, to Li Wei Dao:"Wei son, you go along with Lin Xin Yu to return to building, prohibit to flurry in movement of, otherwise, hum!"This bond maid thinks must what idea, is he still not understand?!
"Good!"Li Wei turns over the bed in body.Lay half time last month, don't know to experience what of variety, his body function almost was placed in top status.
Lin Xin Yu one face the happy form tightly embraced Li Wei's arm sickroom to he or she ground the dormitory walk to, see the misses in the sanitation squad admire of vision not live of the hurl come over,cnn, Li Wei's reputation is in the sanitation squad also not small, the everyone envies of combat hero, and so handsome outward appearance, don't know a fan to die how much onset of puberty of young girl.
"This bond maid!"Li Wei conjectures to nearby take to continue to long for facial expression.Is tiny to shut eyes along with oneself's step but Lin Xin Yu from ground in line, treat to walk to the front of Lin Xin Yu's dormitory door, but he discovers the body weight that this bond maid depends on coming over more and more weighed and imitated Buddha whole body the center of gravities all depend on on him generally.
Listen to her light and soft breath, Li Wei smiled, this young girl incredibly depended on his arm asleep, see come Related articles:

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