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Of those fear to enjoy a department and see come to this kind of to fear to enjoy an everyone Sheng system just, but the Sung son text makes it a little bit excessively, and walks of the road remnants is a heresy.
If take this kind of place Zuo as to gather Lun popularity and together fasten the place that the person communicates is had better however.
The righteousness Yan that hears a week catches ambition to far fear to a happy department Yu of time, Chen Han the first thought of of is great life ambition idea, however really just arrive this fears to the time of enjoying the department and see the door tell that have no just sign signature of two huge ambition far two Yus of time .
Chen Han but stopped a step.
See foot just half minute after, Chen Han light tone way:"Lead simple life with the clear ambition, lasting by leading a quiet life, good intentions territory.
Perhaps even if come in and go out the person who fears to enjoy a department over a long period of time, also have no severals truely understand this to fear to enjoy a section to tell far two Yuses of ambitions of truely match righteousness, the week righteousness Yan sees Chen Han the first eye stopping a step and talking quietly a , these two words later on.
Also the Liao is an accident.
Admire a way later on:"Only from these persons who feel this meaning in two Yus, the brother-in-law is one person.
These two Yus that the grandpa writes didn't just sign signature.
And the grandpa's superior calligraphy very few the person know.
The list Zhan sees the Yu can make deeply this artistic conception of, at present the next generation in each heavy household in the capital city heel the third generation in didn't°yet just one person,beats by dre, probably just just the older generation acquaint with with grandpa of the person arrive at this to fear to enjoy a department to see then this Yu can understand"indeed as expected not the Kui is rain to spread the person whom the younger sister picks out.
It is severe.
At this time, from the inside one beauty walk come out, the whole body is Chinese to pack powder to to the utmost show everyone the female's manner, have no just generally in the Du will experience and training that kind of woman of slippery do Zuo, this is exactly the week the wife of the righteousness Yan wood home, the year leads 30 to look but heel 341 sorts.
Say this words Si the path walked out to directly walk to side in the body of the rain Han in week:"Your elder brother knows favour work Zuo all day long, the elder brother's wife early makes you take Chen Han over me this to play, you this bond maid is to don't do elder brother's wife the honor, whether dislike an elder brother's wife place too small afraid the Dai is strange your fiance!""Which just!"Week the rain Han is said by the wood home of the Liao is hard-pressed, although know that elder brother's wife's being playing trick,remains just some Liaos is uneasiness.
Temporarily don't know how to answer.
Just in lifting up head to looking at ambition to far fear to enjoy a Chen Han's vision of card Jiang and also falling the body of wood homing at this timing, nod a dozen of Guas to shout:"Elder brother's wives all said so, the environment here was again so good, I came to capital city not to live other places that next time.
Directly come here, don't know a sister-in-law the joys don't welcome.
Although haven't got into inside, however can see out don't have mental strategy from the design of outside.
Like the name that fears to enjoy a department.
Since just life ambition great meaning, also just thin clap, quite idea, the environment is very quite good.
Covering area is huge.
Gather accommodation, swimming, the golf, workout equal integral whole, is top-class to fear to enjoy one of the departments inside the capital city.
The wood home is how smart.
Her ability of the Gang net person's vein is all famous, can say in the capital city the righteousness Yan of week ability just today just 1/3 is home background, also just 1/3 is his oneself real strenght.Under the Cha of 1/3 then the achievement of wood home.
The wood home Liao invites Chu Chen Han's weight.
Although she is also regarded as No.1 person in the capital city.
But compare and then differ too far with Chen Han Yi.
First not say he back just two greatest household the dint supports, the path of only the matter Shis of his do - it - yourselfs Si is very astonishing.
Chen Han can participate in now of party even wood home they all have no a goods space, like Yan in the house in last time is general.
Reach agreement verbally.
The wood home is directly taken out two diamond cards to fill the hand of the rain Han in week:"These two diamond cards you take, any time's coming to elder brother's wife the all just best service is here."
This diamond card ambition's far fearing to enjoy a department totally could not send out to ten, this is the real diamond card, the last side iridium Qian writes to be worth of several 100,000 diamonds.
The card then uses what jade make into.
Only the value of this card Si path exceeded 1,000,000.
1 kind that is also identity and position in the capital city belongs to advertise for, only just just I absolutely can not buy.
It is said that just the merchant prince even wastes a person to want to spend hundred million goods to make to purchase one diamond card like this, but is to can not get, because the ambition far fears to enjoy a department the not over is for earning what I exist.
See rain that the wood home fill till week other people's 100000000 dollars in the Han hand also difficult beg of diamond card, Chen Han light way:"Nature, however twos are a little bit little.

The VIP chapter catalogue chapter 467 pastoral plays a golf
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Chapter 467 pastoral plays a golf
Voice 467 chapter pastorals play a golf twos are a little bit little, if this words letting the others hear will definitely grasp wildly, ambition far club once the time that sends out two diamond cards also never, is even if the person whom the inside of circle gets diamond card generally also all will is some money, several little 1,000,000, much even be up to ten million, was identity to attain certain degree first, then just can get this card.
The wood home is also one Leng, week righteousness Yan then the felling is also some not to, but the momentary didn't think understand.Just and clearly say thoroughly.For an instant, bottom's wood home already very intelligent disclosure problem is where, because week rain Han have fun to begin two last diamond cards, took a look wood home and took a look pastoral.
The wood home signs Xuan to smile to see arrive at park body byway in the park:"You 2 are a diamond card, the park park was certainly more highly respectable colourful to drill card, is this colourful to drill far club of card ambition to never once issue to the other people.So need to be special to make to order, the waiting making to order liking elder brother's wife sends over there for you in person, park park, Xing Zi the childhood name in childhood also called park park, have already known you, gets to the Internet to release on market now of all of cellular phone and other a few things is you make out of, they all say that you are a most badly black guest, elder brother's wife this ambition the far club also has a network always goes wrong,beats by dre solo, that helps how the idiot don't make as well of, sometimes you help the prostitute the son and see and also teach those idiots."
In fact the ambition far club basically has no colourful drill a member, this parlance, however this also just a words of the wood home, creation come out behind have, the most severe of be still the reaction of wood home.She is very clear, arrived Chen Han, this situation's person, strength it is said that may compare little Lin Sheng Seng heel rather the existence of that old ancestor in house, other some actions also all shocked world.If if join the government very probably and then will be pretty ascended the person of by several big household dint, his person affirmation like this can't the angry heel care on this kind of small matter.But he has been taking a park park of affair wood the home also know, so is directly such a say.
Original and medium just had a pastoral that is taken no cognizance.Listen to wood home so a say eyes a bright, particularly the words of wood home back, make her repeatedly nod:"This is simple, I can give you the modification now, the truth says your network loopholes are a lot of, just come of time I have already arrived your backstage to stroll 1 turn
After body resumes, particularly was the black guest's king to join martial building in the cow house, the technique of pastoral ascended again a few layers,cheap beats by dre, at present is the black guest's king don't dare to say as well to win pastoral.The wood home also just listens to some newses in the rumours say the pastoral is fierce, but morely thinks before is she back of the black guest's king of Chen Han's control of severe, at present listen to her so a say wood home also some cold sweats.
There is this topic, 2 people signed Hai to happily chat, all these Chen Han all saw in the eye.
But station the week by the side of Chen Han Shen righteousness Yan but is inwardly long one breath, like at the wife respond enough and quickly.Otherwise even if not what affair, but the relation of original intimacy had a misunderstanding also always not okay.
For all know at the persons of officialdom, to the person of certain extent, you to they how again the effect is also limited, sometime to they nearby of the person rise so much of the effect is on the contrary a little bit larger.
Wood home, week rain Han and pastoral 3 people together chatted, week rain Han of Related articles:

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