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Take, the self-discipline system of this genius creation, completely broke with the normal regulations of traditional sorcery system, and the Mu floats this abnormal condition to can promote to the Shu an even Brand all can not Qi and of height after, this integral whole's fastenning is got perfect annotation and witness.
Any sorcery technical ability floats to the Mu to speak now, is just only simple chemical element guide method, this has already no longer satisfied with Mu to float to beg to the thirst of stronger pure chemical element strength and arrive him current of the state, he needs to is an integration and integrate all chemical elements output for the super great power of integral whole, this is also that he wants to control darkly reason place of fastenning the sorcery strength.
At have no rule under use any strength exportation for fastenning, float these three month-old hard-working fulfillment and research in the Mu in, and the have been guarding in the palace of old sorcery teacher virtuous space Er in the gram of some point out bottom, the Mu floated finally and successfully.
He can is almost the strength that have no to deferredly release to darkly fasten under the sistuation that have no dark chemical element currently, and this kind of strength after the exportation of indiscrimination, stronger, have no bright fasten of strength can the anti- resist this kind of indiscrimination offensive strength.
When the Mu floats under the environment that drive under the bright irradiation, dark strength has no the form escaped, dark chemical element is sparse to lack, come out one in the hand regiment You You black Yan of time, this kind of from he of have no rule evolution conversion formation of the hellish fire is absolutely any evil-foreboding dream that is bright to fasten strength.
Last time at set out of in the sorcery maze, Mu's floating be carrying on some kind of recollections to the some offensive sorceries of dark sorcery teacher use that were a gram of Lai Suo, although the hellish fire that controled eight ranks, Mu's floating has already satisfied very much, his current state, for the control of dark sorcery, in fact and early have been able to get into a dark saint rank evil state for leading, nothing but controled the amount of sorcery technical ability just.
Float in the Mu have fun to begin medium of the black and hellish flame of time, at this time train the front door of building slowly be opened, sees virtuous space Er in the gram slowly walk to come over.
For the arrival of virtuous space Er in the gram, Mu the floating don't say with smile for idea doing not also turn round, just:"Gram inside you, we second Si household, once was subjected to your gram the favor of the inside household, please allow me so ground form of address!"
"Have you already known?"Virtuous space Er in the gram asks very mildly.Seeming to be already to be missing in the tone is former of that kind of is icy cold and cold.
The Mu floats that regiment blackly hellish flame with after putting out, once turn round.Looking at that be covered with by the dark shadow of body, way:"Yes, I have already known it's the whole and include you why this hundreds of years hasn't been once leaving this palace of reason!"
The body of virtuous space Er in the gram tiny tiny one Zhan, he raises head.Seem at use black tunic underneath ground that looking at Mu to float to the Mou son:"That do you know what I want?"
This words' pouring is to float the Mu to stymie in questions, the Mu floats not to know should how answer.
At this time, virtuous space Er in the gram suddenly once the hand flick, that front door that train building was closed.The whole training building is immediately placed in one ash dark in.Float shocked vision in the Mu under, sees virtuous space Er in the gram slowly stretch out that terrible hand, slowly draw down cover with at his body up livelong hundreds of years ground black method tunic.Immediately peep out one matchless and ferocious terriblely face, and one makes people feel trembling body.
That face there is also that body, if let timid person see, absolute will be frightenned half dead, however float a ground of vision in the Mu at this time in, also take frightened for several cents, he heart of fear virtuous space Er in the gram to take off that mysterious robe after.As if the tidewater is general.Madly flow out toward his at heart.
If is pure of say a gram inside the virtuous space Er is a dry skeleton Wu to work properly, or say is the words of personal appearance.The Mu floats to combine to feel to have what rare of, he once imagined as well, certainly can't even feel fear.
Can the Mu float see of but isn't this appearance, this is truely a the appearance is as the devil ground, a rightness of Mou sons, one gleams blood-red ray of light of You You, and another ray of light that gleam ash grass, a face, the half is the appearance of dry skeleton, half is a kind of ash blue skin, look very strong and tough, be like rock similarly devil face, his body also together is such.
Only different BE, in his back, is originally a pair of forms together sickle devil the wing but leave a half side, another dry skeleton half side doesn't have the veins of bone wing, this devil is different from devil, the Wu works properly to be different from Wu to work properly, but have several cents, the monster of the person's appearance, no matter who see, will deliver to feel to fear from the heart.
"How can is so?"The Mu floats in the shudder, the but again is unbearable curious.
The voice of virtuous space Er in the gram starts to take a Cang at this time cool and sorrow:"This is cursed by the devil, be again worked properly rule by the Wu to refuse it in in addition to door, any rules all allow of no of result, you should know now, what do I want?"
The Mu floats to make oneself recover down hard, after adapting to the body of virtuous space Er in the gram, contemplated bottom, way:"What you needed is to redeem!"
Figured out oneself heart in think, virtuous space Er in the space to the comprehension that the Mu floats, a bit delighted, way:"Yes, I need redeem, originally I didn't think the this nightmare general fact display is in anyone's in front, but at see you while doing some affairs of birdbrains,cheap beats, I had to make you know with the fact, result exactly have much serious!"
The Mu floats shocked:"Is this exactly what is the row?"
Gram inside virtuous space Er way:"In fact you be regarded as lucky of, we household in the gram, have been guarding Brand leaves of concerning the secret that expects a Lu gram, in fact in the in those days, Shu before canning still be not perfect, at that time those Shu that were destroyed completely ability self-discipline, there is no real death, they one little part offered the soul to Azrael and became Wu to work properly and mostly then betrayed to evil absolute being, became strong devil, they are after becoming the devil expected a Lu gram to accept for the servant, this is the source of Ba Lu Ke's back that mysterious influence, expect Luo afterwards calamity especially, although tie that strong devil servants that exterminated Ba Lu Ke,still have a part existence come down."
The Mu floats to feel the clues more and more knew, didn't interrupt and continued silent hard listen.
Way in the gram space Er way:"Expect afterwards although the Lu gram is exterminated,people how can know again, Ba Lu Ke is a very strong big devil, he has absolute being general real strenght, always conceal get up, until the soundly asleep that ties that to use permanence afterwards is price, just successfully prints Ba Lu Ke's, expect a sealing of Lu gram to print afterwards the gradual beginning includes loose move an evidence, he original of the servants, also came into play, persecute the ancient old household to have the threat to them everywhere, this is the evil sanctuary influence at present why so rampant reason!"
Get here, originally clearer deliberation, but suddenly became to confuse, the Mu floated a way:"Do you say the affair that I do and exactly mean what?"
Virtuous space Er in the gram condemns a way:"In the palace that day,beats by dre, be you comprehend Shu ability of end state, after stepping to have no regular front door, if this you press the circulation bottom of rule to obey rules and regulations, your state promotes what a long distance, but you are seen by you in that a moment of the dreamland disturbed and unexpectedly did to want to disobey rule and wanted to resist the stupid matter of rule, you should know now, you are like those early years very much of I, you understand?"
After being condemned by one of virtuous space Er in the gram, the Mu floats heart first one to arouse to work properly, as if be been enlightened generally, immediately salute a way to the other party:"The strength being originally darkly medium is you, is that you saved me!"
"Kid, I don't think you repeated I once walked of pathetic road, was you after being challenging rule failure, go to Gao Shen's rule would beat you into the bottomless abyss, is chewed by that abyss devils in it to bite,Beats By Dre Lamborghini, was worked properly by the yonder improbity Wu decay, I at the beginning be because can not get away from personally the household close relatives seen are massacred of scene, but cause impulse under do to resist the stupid matter of rule, like in that time my soul of the strength isn't strong, beaten in my soul Related articles:

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