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The cooperation is my honor.Only now a few items, the my firm still has enough real strenght to carry on operation, hence is nonexistent to look for the necessity of cooperating the colleague."The words say cordial but independent, the momentary of childe Chen doesn't know how to reply.The huge strength east sees a form and gave him a step:"Hope to have this opportunity from now on!"
Is some kind of to cross swords down, although childe Chen can not say to fall to hurt, is also be placed in a leeway.Feel satisfied Chen Jia Yao to huge strength performance of the east, decide that seeing is good and then accepts and tells childe Chen:"Forgive me to take leave for a while.There there are a few elders, I should pass by a dozen of hello."
Childe Chen keeps poise, tiny nod:"See you later."
Chen Jia Yao's intimacy sticks the body of the east at the huge strength beside and represses not to live a happy facial expression, the very low voice says:" You just expressed of really great!"
"The thanks cries up."
"The waiting me introduces several individuals for you, all very influential, will have a very great help to your business!"
Huge strength east light of should 1:"!"
Chen Jia Yao feels strange to huge strength performance of the east and asks:"Do you have no interest?"
"Talk to not and up have or have no interest.Can associate with them, come to certainly have benefit to me.But if there are no these people in my life, is also a doesn't matter."
"Is happy ……" Chen Jia Yao about to speak what, be interrupted by the huge strength east:"Happy is I the name in childhood, I even like that the other people call my hero Rui now."
This sentence makes Chen Jia Yao feeling very surprised, she surprise of looking at a huge strength east, the tight Wan wears a huge strength east the hand of the arm, some flabby.But this is just the affair of of a short moment, Chen Jia Yao realizes right away, oneself has to accept huge strength eastern change in today, because oneself has already changed a lot as well, though she doesn't know if this kind of change is what she enjoys see.
In split second,beats by dre solo, Chen Jia Yao suddenly hopes, today's hero Jui-ho was happy, still kept being a person in those early years.
Chen Jia Yao asks:"Why to say like this?"
"Because they and I are basically two persons of worlds!"
"Is two respectively how of world?"
The "they are more lucky than me, I have to pass my own effort to win everything, but they or is containing gold key birth ……" huge strength east says and pointed to point several two a life time Zus that is obviously the sons of Wan Mao."Or make use of the unfair competition that the Qian rule carries on to win wealth ……."Is huge strength the east make reference to here and pointed to point a few whole bodies river lake spirit of guy."Or make use of the power and influence in oneself, or friends and relatives hand, seek a benefits for himself ……" makes reference to here, the huge strength east pointed to point a few potbellied persons again.End, huge strength east the summary say:"Consequently at to some extent that, I despise them very much."
Chen Jia Yao smiled to smile and said:"I didn't thought of, you unexpectedly to today of the society have so many of complaint."
"I have enough reason complaint, because we live in an unfair society.If you think that I am wrong, so tells me, includes at our this society how much person, is complete with lend own effort to achieve success.Certainly, your father is probably an exception, but in addition?Does billionaire's ranking come forward another nine people of tens?"
For the thus obvious fact, Chen Jia Yao has no will to give a denial.Just she treats the angle of these affairs, with huge strength the east isn't same.She says:"I think a successful man, should know to study and adapt to environment, not try to change environment."
"On a certain meaning, you say very rightly.", The huge strength east asks:"Know Luo Si firewood Er virtuous household?"
Chen Jia Yao shakes:"Do not know."
"In brief say, that is a very huge household, they at past two centuries, the backlog has huge sum of wealth.One of their successful secrets, be have high orientation ability to the environment."
"Thanking you can corroborate my standpoint."
Huge strength east Song shrug shoulders Bang, say:"Please wait I to finish saying words and announce an evaluation again."
"Good!"Chen Jia Yao ordered to nod, the smile looking at a huge strength east.Don't know why, she is interested in huge strength the topic of the east.
The huge strength east says:"Luo Si firewood Er virtuous household can say on the economy to is successful, but even if they have no the future after doing the unprecedented, , how again?"
"I think here in the world, they own of the influence had by wealth, can make them attain any affair that want to do."
"They are Jews."The huge strength east sighed an one breath and explained enough many problems with this simple answer.For giving elucidation further, the huge strength east adds a way:"And they destiny likeness of, there are also the Chinese people to control economic life vein in Southeast Asia."
Chen Jia Yao laid up smiling face,beats by dre pro, as if deep in thought of ask:"Do you want to prove what?"
"Luo Si firewood Er the virtuous household is the puppet of destiny, but isn't the host of destiny.Therefore I think, the life contains two kinds of state, 1 kind is to adapt to environment, acquire the success of general meaning;It is another to then change environment, acquire greater success."
"What you said contains certain truth."
The huge strength east is from a tray of bellboy in picked up two glass cocktails, a cup hands over to Chen Jia Yao, oneself started to carry another cup to drink an one mouthful, then said:"Take a look the persons that concern a history, all founded to belong to for own ages.No matter this ages to the majority is well or bad, but they than coetaneous others more emollient quantity, also more ability drive people long-last of remember."
"Wish you succeed!"Chen Jia Yao smiled to smile and stretched own hand east toward the huge strength.
"Execuse me, this topic seems to be a little bit to pull far."Huge strength the east and Chen Jia Yao held handshake, again Song shrug shoulders Bang, explanation way:"In fact I have no greed, I am young but once experienced too many affairs, so the my hope can have no spending of wave whole life by calm."
"Open ……hero Rui, you the decade abroad, exactly did what?
The huge strength east didn't answer Chen Jia Yao's question, but transfered a topic:"Do not you want to introduce several individuals for me, am I still waiting!"
Chen Jia Yao's point nods:"Good!"
Chen Jia Yao just such as oneself talk similar, introduction to huge strength east of is all person who has much of social status.BE as vulgar and snobbish as these people's social parties, with full intention reluctant huge strength east, have to secretly pray,beats by dre uk, this blamed party ends quickly.
Though make contact with these people to give a lot of care to think rather, but have never influenced a huge strength east to surroundings environment of keep in mind.The huge strength east can definitely feel, there is the vision of a hatred poison, usually once swept on own body.
The host of this vision are childe Chens, he originally prepared a grand and romantic rites, under my all witnesses of guestses, proposed to Chen Jia Yao.But because he has never gone crazy be the noodles of somebody else's boyfriend does these of situation, so huge strength emergence of the east makes the all these all steep soup, it makes him encounter to the Ji Yu that patrimony produces to failure.
The huge strength east knows that oneself thoroughly gave offense to childe Chen, and felt bored to this kind of vision, just while considering how to teach him, an old man slowly paces to come over and says:"Unexpectedly can see you here!"
"Mr. Qin Lao, how are you!"To Qin Xiao Tian's emergence, the huge strength east feels very surprised.
If take no account of to there cultured qualities, Qin Xiao Tian and any common retirement old man in the street compare, basic don't distinguish.But and the environment here compared with others, he the dress of that body homeliness seem to be very not to moderate.
Chen Jia Yao walked to come over and asked a huge strength east:"Do you know Mr. Qin Lao?"Is close behind, she is to the salute way of Qin Xiao Tian:"Uncle Qin good!"
Qin Xiao Tian smiled to smile and said to Chen Jia Yao:"Is lovely, disappear for several days, the precious jade precious jade is again getting more beautiful."
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