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Took out an one mouthful cool spirit, way:"Back in one arrows, poisonous on the arrows, infected part and then Be soaked by water, usually gold's creating a medicine has already had no effect and invite doctor quickly."
The Gu Ren Lu long eyebrows is one Xuan, call to Zhao Er, order way:"Seek several people, will this person send back a mansion.Have to be quick!Can not hold up!The calling in again the Chang-an best doctor makes a diagnosis and gives treatment for him."Zhao Er promises, receives four strong men and held Cao to keep on taking.
The Gu Ren Lu arrives at to wish to melt a body side and stretches hand to pull out a handle to fly knife and at random plays with, the opposition says at the close soldier on the side:"Today this matter ……"
The close soldier on the side is bad with long, naturally understand officialdom have much dark, favour way:"Just what don't also take place, small of what don't also see."
Gu Ren the Lu is tiny tiny on smiling, way:"The Cao madam carries so much of why will be dizzy to arrive, if someone asks ……"
A close soldier your book courage way:"Just the general shot to kill a hare, blood four splash, the madam fears to see blood most , so faint."
Gu Ren Lu facial expression not Yu, way:"Kill a rabbit, how can blood four splash?Do you like this say that the peep show was to make people reveal right away?"
That:"This ……"
Another close soldier observes circumstances quickly, way:"Being not a hare is old ……tiger, the general bare hands space dies fierce tiger a , the condition is struck with fright or horror, the blood flower splashes, the madam frightens not small to faint."
Gu Ren Lu ha ha on smiling, way:"Say like this that pouring is still reasonable, is your boy pretty clever, calls what name?"
That close soldier is overwhelmed by special favor, way BE:"Is small to get Xing Chen Xing seven."
The Gu Ren Lu way:"The tomorrow gets to soldier in come to report, Lao Tze gives you minor official to do.If this matter leaks out the least bit information today, you still have a present owner not to stay and entirely chopped down, as for the King of Hell wants to seal you what officer, I don't know."
Many close soldiers frighten beat to shudder with cold, way:"Do not dare, smallly from be to keep mouth tightly shut, in no case dare to reveal a half sentence."
The Gu Ren Lu says with smile:"It is very good, hunt to is here today.The Lao Tze bare hands space dies the south mountain fierce tiger 1 and has finally come to completion ……"make reference to here then think in wishing the face melting and coming up for a while, see her metal gray face, pour don't dare to wanton as well, again way:"Return to mansion to put Yan to celebrate an achievement!", Again way:"The Cao calms down this small girl a see the blood Be getting more dizzy, really his mama of useless!"Say to fly a body a top horse, beat a horse to far go.Many close soldiers where dare to smile indiscriminately, in succession last horse, follow close behind afterward.
Just on entering a mansion, the Gu Ren Lu then visits Cao to hold, sees his two eyes close tightly and annoy if visit silk, harm very heavily.Not much Chang-an the famous doctor breeze breeze fire fire rush through and stretch hand a to take Cao to hold wrist vein and shook to shake head, way:"Is this person outside be subjected to poisonous arrow, inside the feeling cold, add of advanced in age, poison go into internal organs, even if Shi Jiu is also to linger on, the Tu increases a patient pain and sufferings, the general still breakfast prepares funeral affairs for it."
Gu Ren Lu feels that doctor says rather reasonablely, the heart saves to think in case of it, way:"Did really some way also have no?"
That:"Forgive at under uncouth, can not come back from the brink of death."
The Cao is quiet the ground is a , the Fu is in the bedside and took out to choke ground to cry.
The Gu Ren Lu sighed tone and put to put a hand way:"Send to doctor to go out."
Zhao Er stretches hand a Su guest, that doctor held lo toward the Cao one eye, sighed tone, have already turned round to go to.
The Gu Ren Lu walks to the bedside and pulls a quiet ground of hand of Cao, soft track:"Do not worry, father-in-law's adult is god protects good men, definitely get up."
The Cao is quiet to rush toward into his bosom, the hands round his waist and sob a way:"Do you say that the daddy can be also good."The tears is billowing and next.
In the Gu Ren Lu eyes the bead tears Ying Kuang, way:"Will definitely of."
The right hand that the sudden Cao holds is tiny to move for a while, in the Gu Ren Lu heart a pleased, way:"Have a door!Is quick to call back that doctor, kill Ma Dang to live horse doctor, somehow try ascend a try!"
The Cao calms down to return to Mou lo to go, sees the Cao hold better arm to slowly and up lift and point at Cao quiet, way:"Is quiet ……quiet ……quiet son, is you?"
The Cao is quiet to hold his hand, the tears flows bottom, an every drop beats on the his hand and sobs a way:"It is me."
The Cao holds to say with smile:"Silly kid ……do not cry, I this ……this not is come.Don't know how ground I ……I am to want to see you one side, so come right away."
Then at this time, Zhao Er gets that greatly this book redistribution literature net www.16 K,Beats By Dre green Monday.CN man walked to come in, the Gu Ren Lu waves hand life 2 people back under, follow coming out of the Nie hand Nie feet, silently take a door up,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online.
Listens to Cao quiet to say:"Daddy do you how can harm so heavily?Must be the good matter of that boy stem of Sun Quan!Hum, this mansion inside then lives the east of a river come of thief old woman Niang, I killed her first, then killed Sun Quan, revenged for you."The Huo ground station rises and outwardly and then walks.
The Cao holds to fiercely start to sit and holds tight her hand and affects wound and arouses a burst of cough, way:"Be not ……be not ……Sun Quan."
The Cao is quiet the favour hand him to lie well, ask a way:"Who is that ?"
The Cao holds the muscle of face twist, facial expression pole is pain and sufferings, way:"It is alas, don't say let it be."
The Cao calms down way:"Daddy why not says that being quicker speaks, the daughter revenges for you so much."
The Cao held to shake to shake head, way:"This enemy you can not report."
The Cao calms down way:"Since then the daughter can not report, the immensely resourceful of Ren Lu, can certainly revenge for daddy."
The Cao holds to shake head a way:"This enemy he can not report."
The Cao calms down Qi way:"Why."
The Cao holds a way:"Why cough not ……cough, in a word you forgot to revenge of matter, cough ……see to the Ren Lu treat you quite good, so I trusted."
The Cao is quiet where can thought of a keys in it, stubborn of ask a way:"Why can not revenge, is the personal enemy fierce?"
The Cao holds to stretch hand to press down a mouth and coughed a burst of, bend over to look below, full is a blood in the hand, Nu way:"You have to want to make me live more a short while, don't again matter of proposing the enemy!"
The Cao is quiet get a shock, way:"Like, good, I don't lift.Daddy you lie a short while first, I this invites doctor."
The Cao held toward her lo one eye and fondled her show hair, way:"The daddy didn't go quickly, facing canned also see your one more side, is already that the pleased hope an outside."
Multitude of feelings surges up in the Cao quiet mind, feels innumerable words to say, don't know how ground but an also say not to export, the eyes don't turn to looking at him in a sudden and silently have no speech, imperceptibly is already that the Qi is next thousand.
The Gu Ren Lu walks around outside the door the complexion Huang is very long and very long hasty, led, suddenly listenned to Cao quiet loudly call way:"Daddy!"
For a while, the Gu Ren Lu in the mind Luo Mao's way:"How?"
The Cao is quiet don't answer, just shout loudly:"Daddy!"The Gu Ren Lu wishes Cao to hold to be fraught with grim possibilities, favour and doctor rob to come in to go, sees the Cao hold even lie on the Ta, two eyes close tightly and wear a smile, a move also motionless, don't know to is dead to live.
The common saying says well:"The in this world doesn't have no air goes through wall."The Gu Ren Lu hunts to meet Cao to hold one matter, Gu mansion close soldier for protecting person's head of his/her own item, the nature keeps mouth tightly shuts.Even if someone starts to ask Cao quiet why fainting, they also just will that kiss the soldier's leasing add oil to add vinegar of replying and saying 1 time, say Gu Ren the Lu is hunting, the suddenly a burst of strange breeze once pares off, the wood flees one mourn Jing white sum big insect.Just as is public to frighten be scared out of wits, flee indiscriminately everywhere, Gu Ren Lu but in no hurry, face to come forward to go, double once the Zhang push and use his establish a reputation incomparable skill"decline an insect 18 Zhangs" one Zhang then split that big insect ground turn over 23 hollow somersaults,Beats By Dre Free shipping day, fall back Zhang remaining, this just stand firm.Follow Gu Ren the Lu crumple a body but up, three boxings are two feet, then kill that big insect.The that big insect in the article of death front vomits a blood and frighten Cao madam surprised voice scream, now dizzy Jue.Is public although know Gu Ren the never pleased Lun gun of Lu makes stick, have never seen as well he once display boxing feet, to what"decline an insect 18 Zhangs""three boxings two feet kill a big insect" and so forth don't believe naturally, one phrase of many many close soldiers, public also have to would rather believe it to be true, can not believe it and have no.
Although it is said such, the Gu Ren Lu the news that hunt to meet mysterious person Related articles:

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