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The source Rui is a head, everyone is a conflicting views.Connect to condemn a theory.
Facing a Fen ground Kang house is also the big food company of greatly clear north, the Kang house stirs up trouble in other places, however in five Zhai fortresses, drive the dike house press dead dead of, the eye sees these two years, the influence of dike house.As blowing breath ball inflate.Unclear privately owned and Kang house act as rivals of power, be because in those early years and yellow to the blessing cooperated of result.Making them jealous of isn't personal.
These two years, the Kang house also establishes a food rice branch in five Zhai fortresses, is stayed in in person by three son Kang friend fishings of Kang house, at this time, that Kang friend that is fat the fishing connect a track more:"Yellow adult but have an order, my etc. goes through fire and waters, regardless the sacrifice."
It is yellow to nod to the blessing smile.However also someone's heart keeps in mind worry in uncertainty, that shopkeeper way in the Hou house that lies to rest:"Beyond the frontier management, though the land is many, however is all Mongolian geography there, such as after we get into management, those mongols harassment, with the war capability of old camp fortress officers and men, the of course not fears to, just greatly clearly the troops enter into beyond the frontier, will can't have dynasty middleman impeach the adult take a side side?"
Is yellow to say with smile to the blessing:"If there is Mongolian harassment, the son Langs of my under charge, affirmation is to rescue ground, as for rescue by that time, affirmation can't be dressed in I dress AN of the greatly clear officers and men, can escort a brigade by farm, company brigade escort brigade etc. name, is a crest by that time Ma Ze's name, also not is can not, can living the person also let urine to suppress dead?"
Many company the Guses all smiled and all said that the adult talks very interesting and yellow to the blessing way:"In fine, starve timidity of, support to die daring, want to become rich, at 1:00 nearly all don't emit is impossible.**
Is public to all say with smile:"The adult says of."
These company the Gus and Huangs to the blessing make contact with long, all understood yellow to the personality of blessing, in fine, yellow to the blessing is this person, with another vulgar soldier the man is different, although the officer more does more big, behaviour and manner in dealing with others, say he is smart of businessman not for lead.
"Like, we discuss this farm management outside now."
Is yellow to correspond a positive to the blessing, his life two domestics take to a thick Lou again huge map and hang in the hall exact center, that is much future generations E Er Si City quasi- space Er the map of the ensign, also has already shouted with Hao especially the map of the city clear water river county.That is the satellite map painting that depends on the future generations two sides in his computer of and plus to consult a greatly clear border district have ever been to this some people, take into correction.****The map is thick some, however also Be getting more enough meet expenses.
The clear water river is right ahead in the old camp fortress, depend on yellow to the blessing future generations computer data, the clear water river county total area is 2859 square kilometers, the farmland area contains 630,000 acres.The dint half that is inshore to have clear water river, Hun river and thou several rivers to compare with the earth river, several etc.s.Because of geography reason, all gullies almost the ditch ditch contain water.
In addition the clear water river is numerously inshore to still have a mineral of resources, especially coal, and iron mine...etc., especially and coaly keep the quantity as 1,800,000,000 tons.In addition there is also a great deal of limestone, the amount of Zhe reaches to 2 many 100000000 tons, is feater than to mine in the open, completely have the condition of constucting the large cement works.Still is fire-proof to glue soil to keep quantity to reach to 600,000,000 tons, the quality is good.Certainly, these mineral, currently to yellow to blessing to say temporarily and use not up, useful of, Be just those farmlands.
Because the clear water river is Mongolia located in plateau and loess plateau to hand over to connect district, the loess overalies thicker, again winter long the summer is short, cold dry, so here, hereafter will with plant resistant to cold bear dry Mao of wheat is lord.In addition still have the natural grass field 1,280,000 acres here, can greatly make a livestock farming farm.
As for quasi- space Er ensign, the future generations whole ensignses totally have the land area 7539 square kilometers.The farmland area is 1,780,000 acres, proper Lin Yi Cao's area is 8,000,000 acres.Its inshore headwaters is abundant, the yellow river year leads water to measure 24,800,000,000 sign square the rice is five Zhai fortresses of how much doubly.****Is special one what to say BE, its inshore mineral resources very of abundant, there is coal keeping to measure 54,400,000,000 tons, the limestone keeps to measure 5,000,000,000 tons, the bauxite always keeps to measure 100,000,000 tons.
These land to yellow say to the blessing, all very precious, if let he to conduct.Only this two sides completely can feed numerous populations, but at this time, at a little bit inshore Mongolia tribe, own so many good farm lands, but even keep only several myriad people not to live, also want usually and go into greatly clearly inshore rob, more rob Huang the blessing head came up and finally robbed not to become anti- be chopped down, want and then let yellow to blessing have no language.
He coughed 1.Point at a two sides ground map way:"Is each, here is a clear water river, again is the rabbit hair Chuan river before going toward.Is former to have greatly clear Lu Wei in the town here, jade Lin Wei etc., however become after turning a year, here is a Lu thief according to.At present once the rabbit hair Chuan river take, is a Lu Wang San Niang son bottom Qiu head bad speech just, the Qi celebrates just and accepts son set in the valley to actually wait each herding of halting.The rabbit hair Chuan river leaves old camp fortress slightly far, temporarily ignore.But once the clear water river take, now have no tribe Mongolia, leave old camp fortress again only have 100 inside of far,cnn.Completely can with the farm of Tun Ken."
"As I check, clear water river square circle, have can the ground of Geng reach to 60 remaining is 10000 acres, also having the best grass field 100 remaining is numerously 10000 acres, can rear to keep things like cow sheep,etc."
Each company the Guses all listen to concentrate on, yellow to blessing loudly continuous way:"At be partial to the west of pass top, is Huang Pu Chuan's river a take.(quasi- space Er ensign clear of be called)Here and more having can the ground of Geng reach to 170 remaining is 10000 acres.The best grass is millions fields.Originally Lu person soil Mei the department halt the ground of herding, however through last year that is post-war.Think that necessarily they don't dare to come to person that ask for our five Zhai fortresseses' go to again."
Many company the Guses all listen to very happy, hand over a head to connect an ear mutually, so many lands, if develop, that they delivered, as for is much more local for the wasteland, these years again very thirsty little rain, however this didn't relate to, as long as learning five the Zhais is each farm of fortress, the ground in the river bank large-scale interest fixs water conservancy and builds a dam to open a dike, completely can solve.Formely they most worry of is safe problem, is yellow now to the blessing at, this problem was also nonexistent.
The dike source Rui responds to first and wish a property silver several 100002, enlist hand, go to two grounds of Tun Kens, immediately after is a Kang friend the fishing wait a person should with, then is many company Gus to respond to in succession,Facebook, the one inside the hall seethes.
Is yellow to also promise them to the blessing, can bear arms Tun D for them, in addition to bow and arrow, fire Chong's waiting large weapon is a little bit difficult to do an outside, elephant some knife gun etc. thing, completely can provide for them, the proper price sells to them.And they if fix fortress Tun in the region Ken after, if meet what Sao sorrow, he the officers and men of old camp fortress, affirmative is available on hand.
As for the hand problem of kind ground, yellow to the blessing completely will match with them to publicizee, will greatly flow the people to recruit to go to Mogolian region a kind of ground clearly, the following life time ground walks west is similar, form an unrest, anyway now greatly clearly flow people much get BE, according to Huang to blessing estimate, arrive ten thousand through the years, whole greatly flow a people clearly, calculate the last south north, is near must of many, make 2,000,000 arrive beyond the frontier, then and enough use.
For the sake of in the future betterly draw on greatly clear common people and walk beyond the frontier, betterly the ground of development river set, yellow to the blessing calculate in the future in the river set a take and make one 《house ground method 》 of the greatly clear version, as long as being to greatly become adult a man clearly, the year is full 20 years old, can receive 200 acres of lands, the woman receives 100 acres of lands, expenses needs and each ly pays one money silver,google, can the whole life own, and canned also be free of tax three years ago.Is deeply rooted to the desire of land, at present again have no ground littlely of China common people come to say, this measure, affirm is draw on a person very much.
This negotiates a general assembly very successfully, meeting after, yellow to the blessing and company the Gus send a person's horse to go to these 2 grounds to detect together to make sure some places that the suitable Tun Kens fix fortress and open up after the spring for 2 grounds, and the big stems of next year make preparation.
On March 31, 1592, greatly clear lunar calendar February 18, yellow to the blessing return to five Zhai fortresses, is yellow this day the birthday is to the blessing ground and arrived this day, Huang to blessing the year is full 20 years old.Although it is said his son F through quite a few month big, however depend on clear of gift system, the man is full 20, the woman is full 16 square is an adulthood.So this was yellow to hold to the blessing*person hat gift, he also took a form word for himself:Loyalty is clear.
On this day, at farawaily Ningxia town, occupy heavy important position in the greatly clear history Related articles:

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Come."Arethusa a listen to call a way:"You say that the person of good elder brother heel northwest wolf beats, where, I see!"Say and then go toward to outside run.
The green lentil eye shouts a way:"Wench, you come back for me!"But the arethusa have already done not copy.The green lentil eye sighs a tone way:"I this miss, be like a good elder brother, that small rascal has what productive!"
I order to say:", That I went up first!"Finish saying I go upstairs.The green lentil eye is shouting:"Agreeable son!Call several personal with see, don't let the arethusa suffer a los!"
Return to room, I close a door lock to like.The light didn't also open, walk to see to the ghost street of building underneath before the window.The agreeable son that sees pull in times before me coming back, receive 56 eat by the side of the street muttony string of of cloth dress boy, run the direction coming back to run toward me to, the persons of street all halt enough to looking at.They turned into that, I saw be missing.
Return to my a head of of bed lie on the pillow, in the mind some Pengs Peng jump indiscriminately.I say to I:"Mama of, is not a fight for small rascal, oneself is to loudly be to be of eldest brother, afraid of!"But I still feel this ghost place too***insecurity, deal with one night first, have to leave here tomorrow.
Once wanted first floor in times before the common people live of intend a sweep but the light is as just about as Lin Hai of the early years here, rascal street Dou, rob site, ha ha, oneself has already not too adapted to that kind of original of bloody status.
Lay little short while, hear nether street noisy to quarrel loudly Rang.I climb and walk to the window to go to next see, impending, see the agreeable son embrace all over is a blood of arethusa to return to run, behind follow several boys that carry club.
The green lentil eye shouts loudly in front of the door:"BE who harmed my house's arethusa!"The agreeable son says:"Be free, the head broke point skin and made old Liu of clinic come over a bag!"The green lentil eye says to a few boys of behind:"Is quick to seek old Liu for me!Arethusa, this is the Zha says of!Lift to come in quickly!"
I smile and return to a bed up, see, just many at 8:00, also not to take a shower of time.Want all of this rise because of me, but my having no a matter person is in a short while similar, once pull a quilt to feel sleepy.
"Mao Mao!"Someone hits my door, outside someone in the door shouts:"Li Wei comes out!"I get up to draw back door and follow some blood stains of son bodies and stand before my door.I say:"Occupy?"The agreeable son pulls me to say:"The owner calls you, you come down!"The door of flank room opens,Facebook, two man with trivial images are lookinging at us, the light in the hallway is dusk, I follow agreeable stairs in the sub- aisle and see the distressed woman who runs into in the toilet come up, she ambiguously hurtles me to smile to say:"Big brothers came back?"
The agreeable son says:"You roll a part!Sao goods!"We run to come downstairs to, behind of that woman"Pei"1.I arrive at down stairs, is drawn in a guest room by the agreeable son, see the arethusa lie on the bed, an old man that is dressed in white big Gua is tying up head for her, the blood on the face has already wiped clean, green lentil eye also in one side.
The green lentil sees to see me to come in to say with agreeable son:"Li Wei's brothers, the arethusa says you heel good son together come, does the Zha return to matter?"The arethusa cries to say:"The good elder brother calls people to chop down, the arm thighs all got to chop down, he says because a tenant of I, he a say outlooking I know to is you, does the Zha returns to matter?"
Several individuals all stare at me, I have a meal to meet good elder brother and later matter 15110 such as actually said, I said:"They beat, I frightenned to run back and had already come back not to tell you to fight?"
The green lentil eye stares me to say:"You are carefree to have no a matter to ask for them, harmed my miss, you said that the Zha does!"I the confused way of one face:"This matter not depends on me ah, I am pulled by the good elder brother go to his shampoo a store, I also not dare not to follow him, who know and come up severals, beat."
The agreeable son pushed me in the behind a say:"Anyway relate to you, you point money,google, don't go out to chop down you for someone, the good elder brother said, don't allow to pass you!"
I set up for very frightened that the appearance says:"I just came, didn't understand anything and begged you to say well with good elder brother, I go to his shampooed a store still don't is all right?"
The green lentil eye says:"Boy, the darling takes out to 1,000 dollars, otherwise this matter didn't finish!"**, Blackmail my top in the head, didn't well look whole me must kill a , this ghost street!Just at this time, outside a boy runs to come in to say:"The good elder brother came!"
The green lentil eye hurriedly faces to go out, hear someone calling a way:"Does that boy shout?"The green lentil eye says:"Good elder brother, he at he at!"The door opens place, see the leather jacket come in, on the head, all tie up gauze on the left arm, also leak out blood, the his right hand carries a chop down knife, walk some be lame, I chop down knife to break on pants of his leg, in peep out to blood-red color gauze.
Good elder brother at the sight of me, the chopping down of right hand knife direction I say:"You, compensate medical expenses!I all harmed with arethusas, you took out money of the body all!"The doorway still stands a few evil spirits are very bad the man of sort.
Once my eyes stare and scold a way:"Go to your mama of and chop down dead what a suck!E my money, my a poor student, there is no money!"The good elder brother is stunned speechless he looking at my faces of moment fully inclined to violence, hand inside of chopped down knife to incredibly let go of, he ordered to say:"Go!You have a kind!"
The door outside presses in to one baldheaded of the guy say to me:"You seek dead is be not?"Say to charge forward a boxing to beat!I am one Shan body, start to fly one feet, this guy Wu wore belly to crouch down!I clap to say:" These two times does the son still want to beat me?"
The present person gets a shock, they who also surprisingly, I the appearance of a text weak scholar incredibly one faced to face personally and then put bald son to pour, and he Yi Yi ah ah unexpectedly can not get up from lying position on the ground!The good elder brother just wanted to talk, outside a boy shouted a way:"Good elder brother!Man the elder brother take a person dynasty this place!"

The 11th world of mortals extremely sings chapter 24 to spread a dozen of champions
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Chapter 24 spreads a dozen of champions(add more) (Everyone in person kiss consumedly, please throw your monthly ticket to my new book 《is black to help 》 , as long as the monthly ticket of《is black to help 》 rose, this place add more!Thank!!!The recommendation chain that has 《is black to help 》 under 《black gun 》 book page answers.Your monthly ticket is the power that we renew!Snow wolf thanks politely!!!)
The good elder brother lifts to chop down knife to point me to say:"Wait descend tidy up you again!We walk!"The bald son of ground finally climbs and saw my an eye also follow to run to go out.The arethusa shouts in the behind:"Good elder brother there are words liking saying with man elder brother!"Say to struggle to also climb into an outside to walk.
The green lentil eye stares me to say:"Li Wei, you got into a big disaster!"Everyone went out, I also heel go out.Sees ghost street on the strangers all the Shan walked to a flock of man that shaves a plank inch head in the both sides, from the another part of street noodles and carried to chop down knife in each hand.For a Bang of the head big waist circle, wear an outer garment that is hidden blue, start to walk road to come full of vigor.
The good elder brother and green lentil eye pluses several agreeable sons to seem to be person's list power thin, the arethusa head ties up bandage to run up to left for and burst be the street knelt down, she to the is a head of say:"Man elder brother, your adult is a great deal of, pass good son!"
Originally that guy is a northwest wolf man elder brother, the man elder brother stopped and raised finger arethusa the after death good elder brother say:"Good elder brother, you mixed to want top in that the woman asks for a favor for you, return however come to give my under charge compensate gift apology!"
The man elder brother's body side Shan comes out before fight in the lane son of three guys, there is the bandage to also tie up to ooze blood on two bodies.Hold to chop down a good elder brother of knife to have some dither, the green lentil eye hurriedly walks to come forward to say:"Man elder brother man elder brother, there are words saying so much, there are words saying so much!Tonight fight is a misunderstanding, is all disaster that one of my tenant asks for, Li Wei, return however come to beg a man elder brother!"
Connect a hair beard on seeing me, call a way:"Is this boy, harm we fight with good elder brother, boy, you follow us,cnn, we pass a good elder brother!"
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Too be an easy job to ,but the girls still adhere to their own hands ,Ge front almost all time devoted to basketball and schoolwork ,so the four girls will take turns in charge of home kitchen ,cleaning ,and garden flower management .
relationresultJust half a yearsince, a few clever girl has built a hall, a kitchen ,both inside and outside of a good woman,cnn, but which can still be equal ,if single on cooking ,was off if the cicadas in the first row, her sword hands fry dishes ,google,was actually the same none such under heaven .
relationresultOuyangQianying cold dishes to do the best, and the car well tides of Korean food and soup of patients do not have a mixed style ,Xue Fu Lun hamburger and pizza do it with a European flavor .
relationresultEvery day theychange to ge Feng to prepare breakfast and dinner ,Chinese food is of course in the school to eat ,so Ringo front the breakfast and the supper quality throughout the North Carolina basketball athlete unmatched .
relationresultA goodcook cooks ,also can not compare with love cooking food .relationresultNot only that,the girls also make every attempt to search for food ,as long as it is beneficial to the body diet menu ,they seem to have hit the jackpot ,therefore daily prepared diet ,are beneficial to the body of the dishes ,Ge Feng in the field of physical strength abundant ,carry the world before one ,Facebook,can not be said ,his girlfriend, they play an important role in it .
relationresultGeFeng feel luck is good too ,often says that life is knocked to wear a lot of Muyu ,did a few baskets to be good ,so good woman falling in love, and they together, not only enjoy the affair ,but also enjoy delicious food .
relationresultThree girlsdivision, off if the cicadas cooking, Ouyang Qianying side ,Cha Eun Western stew, Ge on front side grinning, help ,help the recursive spoon ,helped the prepared seasoning ,take time off in their face on a pro record ,prompting them to light ,thin anger ,Fenquan light wave ,is really enjoyable .
relationresultNot long after,a table of delicious dinner will be placed in the table .relationresultAt this moment,two men came in ,one is Xue Fu Lun Na ,her house keys ,nature can march into ,another Ge Feng ,but his future brother-in-law ,David Grant baron .
relationresult,I Xue Fu Lun brother ,David Grant ,nice to meet you ... ... David Baron Grant after the door will look cheerful ,friendly and Ge Feng shake hands ,then lift car en at hand ,just like in the above kiss ,Ge Feng a resist his chin ,the subtle way: is not .
, relationresultDavid Grantembarrassed laughs: this is our lady of the English gentleman on etiquette . , relationresultGe Feng said: unfortunately ,we are not English ,do you come here ,with the Chinese etiquette .
, relationresultDavid Grantdid not care about ,one by one, and Ouyang Qianying and shook Guan Ruochan .relationresultOffif the cicadas and hold his hand ,a little effort ,subtle and said: hands that used to make swords ,is weak ,both make music .
, relationresultWhoknow that David Grant although the hand is pinched aching ,eyes straight into Guan Ruochan ,for a long time not willing to turn ,the mouth open can be plug of a duck .
relationresultIf thecicadas in closed her preference of goose yellow tights summer ,beautiful eyes don have a charming romantic ,steeped in kendo years let her have a most girls are not bright and brave ,and used the so-called society affectation Lady who is this big Baron special charm attract ,driven to distraction .
relationresultIf thecicadas hate him off with the noble sense of superiority to the invasion front brother ,let him uncomfortable ,so to give him a little better ,which know this man to hold his hand and don let go ,a terrified the anthomaniac appearance ,not by simmer with laughter , coughing laugh out loud .
relationresultThe smileis like a spring began ,blooming Begonia ,its charm charm, hard to describe difficult to draw ,more let David Baron soul to destroy ,God as the spoils ,some people say :love a person ,only takes a second ,but to forget a person ,but takes a lifetime .
David Baron took only a second ,fell in love with closed if the cicadas ,but it is bound to be an impossible unrequited love, like a lot of love .If the boys, to a life of pain .relationresultThisinadvertently revenge ,for David Baron ,is miserable .
relationresultWhenhe knew it ,off if the cicadas hand does not know when it has already pumped out ,never to see his one eye ,apparently on his unpleasant ,who let him offended emperor in this family .
relationresultThis is Ouyang Qianying ,it is critical if the cicadas ,this is the car well tides ,they are all my good sister ,is Ge front ... ... Good friends , Xue Fu Lun Na did not tell David Baron and three of the women are Ge front woman ,she was afraid of scaring his brother ,if the family knew that she was the daughter of the Duke and several other woman to share a love of man ,that is not a big thing? , relationresultSheis no more than a beginning that clear ,at least her brother will not suffer for Dan Xiangsi ,but she did not own the eye above the top of the elder brother so hell-bent to fall in love with a Chinese girl .
relationresultThe worldis such a bad romance .relationresultThe beauty ofeach have their own unique aesthetic, so burned out dishes are so beautiful ,let a person at first glance thought is a work of art ,do not want to eat ,David Baron first saw so took the beautiful oriental woman ,and could not name ,the beautiful east side dishes ,not by to China has a yearning heart ,just forget he is here to please the Ge Feng ,consult him swordsmanship .
relationresultThe 628th chapterrelationresultAlthoughGrant and dinner eat out too, but to see such beautiful Oriental cuisine ,still could not sit down ,everyone together and dining .relationresultIf thefood cooking in the United States, China believes the world second ,absolutely no country dares to recognize first ,and these dishes and three smart girls her work, David Baron eat eat like wolves and tigers ,not in the western restaurant elegant quiet state .
relationresultReportedly,Westerners in the dining is elegant ,it is because their food taste flatly, and most Chinese meals eat like wolves and tigers ,the wind puffs the clouds away. ,is because the food is delicious ,did not pay attention to what gentle image of the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities .
relationresultSee DavidBaron eat ,feel that a fart bomb .relationresultTablefour girls kept giving Ge front clip dish ,David Baron suddenly have a brain wave ,also want to give Guan Ruochan the dish when ,just his chopsticks for the first time ,also make a not very good into your mouth ,pinch it ,others to bowl as long-distance transportation ,can be a bit reluctantly to the difficult .
relationresultHenipped some jellyfish silk ,just holding it down ,then clip lose ,make the dish soup dish with around ,to exquisite dishes ,give him too horrible to look at ,the worst is that no one knows how he wants to give Guan Ruochan that his own greedy ,Guan Ruochan outspoken, not to his face, scolded: shadow shadow mix so cook ,but are you ruined ,so greedy ?Is this the nobles in table manners ? She also did not forget to ge front air outlet .
relationresultDavidBaron be thrown into a panic ,not dare explain ,had scratched my head ,dare not utter a sound .relationresultXue FuLun ,also do not think disobedient ,look at your brother make a fool ,she knew Guan Ruochan ,become inured to the unusual ,nor anything uncomfortable .
relationresultWho lether brother offended Ge Feng ,in this home ,who can be against ,but Ge master is not offended ,he himself is no ,don care ,but some girls may difficult .relationresultXue FuLun ,sharp-eyed ,noticed that the car well at the left hand ring finger on a form elegant exquisite diamond ring ,immediately smell in the air is not the same taste . Related articles:

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The situation is very satisfactory ,this time we need a stable situation . , relationresultListen to Chen Ningon this ,not by a shock ,looked at Chen Ning are very complex .Now ,Akiyama situation can be said very complicated Akiyama * * after the case, Akiyama local forces divided several school ,at the same time as himself and Chen Ning from outside into the Akiyama forces also not be a monolithic whole ,because from the provinces of the various departments, public attitudes are not .
But as Chen Ning and Zhu Guorong struggle ,all the forces began their line up ,Facebook,also formed the Ming government two leaders led the two major forces .Mo Jianlin is actually very simple ,just to help with Chen Ning and Zhu Guorong fight to consolidate his position .
However ,Chen Ning now is to in the economic development and political stability ,chose to compromise Zhu Guorong made Mo Jianlin not only regret, but also feel admiration .relationresultChen Chang ,I know .
Mo Jianlin rose to be poker-faced ,Chen Ning said ,but also showed their respect for Chen Ning .And then leave .relationresultHu Guangwas recovered quickly ,as Hu Qiuyue had, thirty years of heart open ,let Hu Guangyuan feel especially good ,the hospital did not live a few days to be discharged from the noisy noisy .
After the doctor examined Hu Guangyuan does nothing ,Hu Qiuyue agreed to Hu Guangyuan hospital .relationresultSeparated by three fiveyears daughter found ,but more of a lively and lovely grandchildren ( as Hu Xiaoning followed Hu Qiuyue family name Hu ,this makes Hu Guangyuan feel very excited ,insisted on her little grandson as his grandson ) .
Hu Guangyuan has been trying to get Hu Qiuyue to his mother ,and life together .For this,google, Hu Guangyuan was discharged from the hospital after ,moved to the new city own a mountain villa .
Usually if one time the home of Zhang Jie and Hu Xiaoning to Hu Guangyuan ,when sitting in a rocking chair ,watching her grandson in the spacious villa living room in Walker inside chirp chirp run to and fro Hu Guangyuan very comfortable ,and even had the idea of good retired at home ,with grandson .
relationresultButHu Guangyuan felt doubt is their daughter since the divorce .Never married the grandson was apparently daughter to flesh and blood .Several times Hu Guangyuan words to the mouth is still not to reveal his daughter .
relationresultIn fact.Hu Qiuyue had a far from Hu that do not know how to tell his father tell the truth .After all, he had found his birth father .This problem is also solved sooner or later ,cnn.
Final. She decided to ask for a Chen Ning opinion .relationresultChen Ningjust off Jianlin received the phone call hu .This time Chen Ning had not seen the mother Hu Qiuyue .One is often because Hu Guangyuan Hu Xiaoning to his villa .
Home nobody .Another is his brother-in-law was hospitalised after .Because Chen Jing is also busy company .Chen mother also takes care of his son-in-law .Chen Ning will try to find the time with pregnant wife .
relationresultAfter listening to Hu Qiuyueon the phone to take things to finish after .Chen Ning smiled and said : I think we should do to tell the truth to your father . , relationresultBut I also worry about .
If my father was not happy .Will not affect you ? Hu Qiuyue worried, said .relationresultThat This kind of thing is hiding from the past .Besides .It is also I am sorry to you mother .
Is he on my dissatisfaction is expected to . Chen Ning said some guilt .relationresultThis afternoon I to talk to him again ,this also can not blame you ,anyway, this is all I volunteered ,I would tell him clearly .
Hu Qiuyue tone firm said .relationresult,today after work, I go to your place ,your dad is also called ,anyway ,he father ,since we say open ,reasonable in the circumstances I should visit him .
, relationresultWell, well .You can rest assured ,I will talk to him clearly . , relationresultAfter hanging up the telephone,Chen Ning with a wry smile ,did not expect a Wangjiang group was also his father-in-law ,for himself and Hu Guangyuan meet this evening ,Chen Ning does not end, also did not know that Hu Guangyuan could not accept their .
relationresultAfternoon,after the telephone receives a daughter ,Hu Guangyuan also thought that my daughter promised a few days ago it himself ,let the mother Hu Qiuyue and nanny Zhang sister moved to Ming and his life together and then excitedly came to Hu Qiuyue .
Hu Qiuyue went home to prepare for afternoon with Hu Guangyuan about Chen Ning ,also sent Sister Zhang took Hu Xiaoning down play .relationresultDad ,you always want to know who is the father of little better ?Today I find you are talking about this matter .
Hu Qiuyue Hu Guangyuan made a cup of tea ,the door to see the mountain is said to Hu Guangyuan .relationresultHu Guangyuan listens,my heart suddenly thumped, think of your daughter would take the initiative to their own dedicated to this thing is unable to speak .
relationresultDad ,since we father and daughter were finally reunited ,I also do not want to have anything , relationresultTellingyou ,Xiao Ning is my son ,my heart with one of my most .In fact ,you know ,he is Chen Ning .
Hu Qiuyue courage ,came out with the truth .relationresultNing was the father of Chen Ning ,is our Ming Chen Chang ? Hu Guangyuan was very shocked .It was also not guessed ,Ning who ,ever also thought that Chen Ning is it right? .
However ,Hu Guangyuan quickly denied ,Chen Ning as a government official, but is south military region deputy commander Zhang Youhua ,and her daughter and several years than Chen Ning good ,Hu Guangyuan think Chen Ning will not and their daughter will have nothing to do .
relationresultActually, I talked to Chen Ning early in the meeting four years ago when we work in the same office ,dormitory on the same floor .At that time, he was really concerned about me, love me, so we can together .
But ,I know ,I am seven years older than he ,but is divorced ,and he was a promising time ,I made up my mind then he behind the woman .Although ,he has repeatedly asked me. I refused ,but not for his delayed his career .
Last year that he also married, I stole was pregnant with his child .Thought I was an orphan ,lonely and helpless in a person is going to have a baby, I want to have their loved ones are my hiding the truth from him, while in the United States when students study .
Now that we finally reunited again ,I think I should have told you .However ,I want to say is, this thing whatever you want ,it is all voluntary, if it weren I think I do not know can not quite up to now ,our father and daughter do not know will not be reunited .
In Hu Guangyuan shock ,Hu Qiuyue himself and Chen Ning to Hu Guangyuan said again ,at the same time ,also Hu Guangyuan to show their attitude .relationresultSlowlyHu Guangyuan from the shocked into guilt ,in the view of Hu Guangyuan ,his daughter and Chen Ning this section of sentiment ,completely is the daughter of inferiority caused by .
If you can quickly find the daughter ,may not can appear such circumstance, daughter might be accepted Chen Ning .After all, although no Zhang so high, but their wealth can also help Chen Ning in his farther, or as Chen Ning this talent if its politics from business ,believe that their own Wangjiang group will further expand in the hands of Chen Ning .
relationresultHowever,Hu Guangyuan is reluctant to give up their daughter become someone mistress ,saw her face determined expression, Hu Guangyuan is a throbbing pain .relationresultGirl, this is your life event, you are young ,you were you just go ? Hu Guangyuan was trembling lips to Hu Qiuyue . Related articles:


Facebook eech phrase Se

Doing not believe you can ask two uncles, there is also easy aunt An, if their someone agrees with you to do so and state that Tu Xi Kan kowtows for you to compensate offense right away!(The not yet finished treats continuously and knows that how funeral affairs is such as the desire, please land www., The chapter is more, support author, support original reading!)
The finger tip that states a Tu has already touched cotton Lian, words say very determinedly, but he still turns body once and sits to the opposite of the Yue earthquake.
Looking at he draws tight of corner of mouth, the Yue shook to rise a silk to crave for in the heart.The stating Tu is a person who very weighs feelings, if can have an ample reason, can definitely persuade him to support himself/herself.
The Yue earthquake cannots help but nervous, quickly search in brain.Should say what?The current circumstances states that the place being clear, spending money butchering is a lot of, the money income didn't think continuously.But this isn't all reason that can be able to stand on one's feet, he is 32 and then can refute one injured all over the body, would not° until from the another direction look for to break go.
Face the truth of intimate friend's at heart, the Yue shakes as if fore go medium situation huge rock, or so go back and forth, deliberate before or after, once in a very long while can not tell speech phrase.
See in remaining light the Yue earthquake tighten forehead and state that Tu Dun feels pretty much cant not bear to, the tone mollifies a lot naturally."How, the worsted in argument phrase is getting poorer?The means that the proper way makes money 10,0<0,000, shake little and why the need for Ting but walk insurance?I from has no objection to with a time nation of the person do business, but the premise has to be polite, Li tax should give to a nation, a text also not ability little.You I am understand, but after the Li tax, the goods of a time nation is still worth striving for, why the need for Mei wear conscience Sun Mr. fatty private?"
The words that state a Tu, give Yue earthquake just some little inspiration, he immediately once connected a words head to ask a way:"Rare Kan you come to teach me, what male, again is private?"
The thus immature problem immediately recruits to the cold stare of stating the Tu, he uses nasal cavity cold hum a , don't lead a face to go, put a pay'lazy regain to answer you'of appearance.
"The younger brother thinks that the male private boundary can not generalize my action, I just money that the private way up earns again return in Mr., with state diagram you however is a different roads lead to the same goal, only is 1 kind to helplessly improvise.The Xiang sun is post-war, the condition of soldier in the Yue house puts over there, you let my penny one going to of Li is slowly?You I can etc., martyr family members, who die for country, can also etc., is the helmet damaged but want to prepare the big ensign camp officers and men that meets the enemy at any time to wait?Become angry from embarrassment and take back Xiang, all the gold person of two states would like to etc.?"
"Argue irrationally!"The words that state a Tu are still very tough, but he is full of to struggle with the look in the eyes of conflict, still kept reflecting the gravamen of his heart deep place to calm down.
"That doesn't go to shout as well."Shen Tu Xi Kan's tone inside deeply infatuates Mang, probably is he also not understand to is to mean to say a Yue earthquake, still needs to persuade oneself?"The person who waits money to help isn't only you are a , if the everyones all want that shaking is little so, see national laws such as have no thing, isn't that the world is greatly disorderly?The Yue is handsome and the officers and mens at put together dead to defend national common people be not bullied, if our these businessmen, without restraint trample nation of dignity, and then how can be strong to must rise those loyalties for dying for the country?!"
The Yue shakes one Zhan in heart, can not deny the words sentence sentence of stating the Tu is managing.But is 1,100 in the last yearses, feeling and method's which and lightly and which weighing to have several people an ability amount of Dian clear?.
The Yue earthquake has no language, because he clear, the weighing scales in the oneself heart has been already tilted to one sided.He think, whenever oneselfs earn one more money, soldier officers and men in the Yue house then can eat like 1:00, wear a little bit thickly, can add and place some materials, Xiang sun city then many 1s promise, father, elder brother and their soldier, then little be subjected to injury.
Shen Tu is also silent, he doesn't believe that the Yue earthquake doesn't understand these truths.But he is more understand,cnn, the natural affection in front in blood circulates, the binding force of the key link convention method small wretchedness.Have how much have no one to turn to of man, for feeding an old and the young homicide more goods, and then have how much artificial can make the family living of like 1:00, throw national laws after brain.
If oneself and shake little is the bath of blood battlefield of full brother, father and elder brother, oneself returns an ability so righteousness just strict phrase?Return ability so the right and wrong is clear, is the brains clear?.
Examine one's conscience in, state Tu Xi Kan's fan Mang.The part is the method of country, another part is a blood relationship connect with each other, now in addition last brothers friendship, the market drifts along so many in the last yearses, Shen Tu has never felt thus difficult.
Is two person's imitating Buddhas all has already lost to talk**, the room inside one dead Ji.
Coming in to call the Lu uncle whom they have a meal is got a fright first, then is one belly of suspicious.Is two this is how?Facial expression 1 compares a **sink.Wait until everyone to gather by the side of the table, the Yue shakes soul departed from its abode strong make joys Yan,Facebook, state that Tu Xi Kan's absence of mind answers not ask, can three old man's houses also can not see clearly?.
Needed Yue to shake to confusedly pick after a few rice leave, a few old men then blocked to borrow past want to walk of Shen Tu.
Is helpless under, state to butcher 15110 of gave an account 2 people's antinomy, he also wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to listen to, old man how do the houses treat this affair.Who know his elongation neck, don't also wait until three old men evaluation, old man the houses seem the company once measured similar, all is as if deep in thought wear,google, leave one after another.
Is dignified of suppress to cover with in the whole courtyard, a the candle light of the room inside drills a window and shine upon small hospital very bright, but overwhelming victory empress of pleased celebrate have been all gone.
The tonight is a night that has no sleep.Zhe in Fujian province resides people of back yard in the thoughts and feelings 100001000 medium, don't discover hazy moonlight have already gradually drawn off, gray and eastern bright the first put on a first sun rays in the morning.
The Yue that lies on* with dress shakes in the evil-foreboding dream to wake up with a start and wipes the cold sweat of forehead and remember to make him terrible thousand times of dream world.In a dream, milli- impromptu of Xiang sun the city be drowned at dimensionless ride a soldier of war in, as if nasty sea roaring waves inside of one leaf Gu boat, momentarily, fragmented and disorganized trend blindly.
The gold soldier in the dream, unexpectedly imitate Middle Ages the east advertises for of crusaders.Knight and war horse the all concealed body is in the armor of utter darkness and gleam to bite the double of blood Tong on the shape ferocious noodles A.
The Yue shakes a jilting of malicious strength the head jump down*, the oppression in the adverse circumstances arose his will to fight, let he blood inside gifted obstinate burn.
It is quite good, state that the Tu is a best friend for oneself and colleague.But is even if close if father and son, brothers or husband and wife, who also there is no reason forcing other people and force a somebody else to give up the ideal in the heart and force a somebody else to throw the Zhen guard of principle.Have found these, the Yue earthquake feels to become clear suddenly, the difficulties of the in front is all difficult to cross already shortage for fear to.
I am a wealth by myself, I have leading military knowledge of this age 800 years.Greatly not leave a company from the Rong, and old daddy's eldest brother toghter fights shoulder to shoulder!.
In mind encourage own Yue earthquake, walk into take meal of dining room, but can not help stunned speechless.
Zhang Fei Qing, Li Qing shines on, Lu uncle, have already very neatly sat over there, three pairs of eyes that see come over in, climb full red silk.The Yue earthquake livings mournful and sorry and ashamedly so much and difficultly extrudes one smiling face of paying.
", The aunt and the uncleses rise really early.Whether also hear that someone is West Lake making what'wish Jie poem meeting', how many is going to gather together?"The Yue earthquake has no the words seek laughing merrily of words.Three old man's houses but nobody take a chamber and just quietly looking at him, female poet, Li Qing, shines on of the look in the eyes is the most complicated.
Trick nothing important effect of consistently using, the Yue earthquake has to the Nao wear skin of head, Tian write the face Be silly smile to say:"Hey Hey ···everyone know.Didn't relate to of, this is no wonder that Shen Tu ···"
"We severals didn't blame and scold Shen Tu shopkeeper meaning."Li Qing shines on to make his a person sing only Cape drama, once connected a positive color way of words Chi:"Person each the unwillingness with ambition not get, I wait although is old, is not careless either.So, we three old guys also want to chase own life ambition, and shake an elder brother, you say."
The Yue shakes guess, in a mess, three old men affirm and want to he or she's one lesson.See come because smuggle this mind, oneself really wants opposed by the masses and deserted by fo.
"BE is BE, you three old Ji Fu Li ambition save Gao Yuan, who say that a quasi- young person has his/her own dream?Hey Hey Hey ···but, I have some a very important matter, not the boy changes Related articles:

Facebook cle Said cat

Lingshan Dubbo see that guy .Let him put you . , relationresultListen toold referred to Dubbo road .Niu Ben Shu smiled grimly : cattle brother .I just came to a previous Dubbo road .
This Buddha buddha .This time I want to him one more time ! , relationresultHearof bull run Shu this resolute and decisive .Cow paused .This opening advised: .I advise you to always is the idea .
The Dubbo ability in the two generation disciple of Taoism before is the first ;if not only learned too ancestor to need of law .Was too ancestor arrangement .West Valley of letter Hu as the buddha .
The West now teach to buddha .Had three long home he .Can three among the saints recognized by the first person !You now although achieved quasi st. .But to defeat the Dubbo road .
Still a long road ! , relationresultListen toconcerns about the reason of water buffaloes .Niu Ben Shu one laughs: cattle brother .Never heard the three do not see when sit up and take notice ?The younger brother of the hundred years .
It has trained several means of thought and Buddha to war .Not defeated .You may rest assured that ! , relationresultSeeNiu Ben Shu Zhi in the firm manner .How to open to .The Dubbo road .
Ox is no stranger .The Dubbo road in the rate of intrauterine .How few and he dealt with .Know this is a great perseverance wise guy .But the practice is not to know how many yuan will !Once the Niu Ben Shu and his duel .
Want to win .Is frail .relationresultLook athow a worried look .Bull run suddenly took a glance at the old wrist white circles ,google.An idea suddenly run out .Listen to him a cow that root and diamond ring style not much difference between the circle .
Said : cattle brother .You this circle is too ancestor of Hu when diamond cut ?Hear of the merit and without charge .Free fall .Knowing is not ? , relationresultListen to thebull run Shu referred to himself in diamond cut .
Cow with a smile: pretty good still .This talisman is diamond .Although and give you a gold ring surface does not have what difference .But it is good to treasure .Binakin , relationresultDo not knowmuch better times ! , relationresultWhen it comes tothe beauty of diamond cut .
One more Italian said: the Buddhism in daxing .Too ancestor to shun heaven changes .The life I once again as a demon .A test of the West .Because of my old cattle deep too ancestor .
So will the king to grant me use !Unlike gold silver horn brothers .Although many took the baby .But .And the King Kong Zhuo compared .It is a world of difference . , relationresultCattle brother do not rest assured that my skills you .
The younger brother is to borrow an ox brother to the diamond cut .Show my mana ? , relationresultListen to theNiu Ben Shu so that .Ox heart clear .It seems .His brother these years the true practice some skills .
But he also knew that King Kong Zhuo seriously .On the quasi st. .In the diamond cut .Only the gray defeated .But also .Diamond cut against him or he uppity li .To see a level and buddha .
relationresultThink of here.How I laughed : brother .If you could be my hands the King Kong - defeated .I will go with you and Buddha to battle on a field !If you lose .Listen to my brother my advice .
Just back to practice .Save m matter .I think of other ways you see what? , relationresultListen to thecow so that .Bull run comfortable soon smiled: so please cattle brother to teach a is .
, relationresultGoldpocket hole .Niu Ben Shu and cow respectively in two peaks .Mountain breeze blowing .More two extraordinary momentum .The old although still did not break the quasi st.
,Facebook.But he sin Hyun quality .Plus too ancestor years of education .It is not more than ordinary differential quasi st. .relationresultIn themountain side .Numerous demon soldiers Lich will stand in the rocks above .
One Staring at the two hills .For them this hole master they only know the boundless supernatural power .But to say exactly how much cow .They have never seen his hand .Because the old ox this guy since since the lower bound .
In addition to eating .Is asleep .Don cast mana .Even out of the hole is rarely .Today the hole master wants and an unknown source or origin who have .It makes people wondering .Look at .
relationresultCowstanding in the mountains .A start and didn play his diamond cut .But want to contrast the Niu Ben Shu these years of practicing what skill ,cnn.He found his hands one one handle two feet long gun appeared in the old hands .
Dancing with cow .On Ben Shu said: brother .Today and have a look .How brothers ! , relationresultSee theman took out a pike .Niu Benshu laughing too .The left hand to void a stretch .
Flashing of the violet flame inflammation sword appeared in the hands of Niu Ben shu .With the emergence of Yan purple sword .Void temperature rise suddenly a lot .Aggressive murderous not urgent .
Will the sky floating clouds one one fault .relationresultSeeNiu Ben Shu hand sword .Cow not secretly complain of suffering .Though he did not know of this sword is what God weapons but from this sword that came with pressure .
Let his mind raised a tremor .The slightest tremor comes from the depths of his soul .Niu Ben Shu in the hands of Yan purple sword although just a demon king sword .The sword of evil spirit race born ox has a sufficient deterrent force !relationresultHowever.
Cow is in Saint door heard for many years .Clear body operation .Will that a shiver down .A shake hands with : cowboy .It seems that these years you progress was really not small .
So you just not polite .See gun ! Old hand with a shake .The whole people like lightning straight to the Niu Ben Shu stab .relationresultIn the face ofcow as thunder run a gun .
Niu Ben Shu indifferent smile .Yan purple sword shaking hands .A split with a purple day .In the sky becomes a purple dragon .Make threatening gestures straight to the cow strong detonation !relationresultAsone of the great demon race past .
Cow fighting experience is rich .Looking at the break in in full fury purple dragon .Old hands with jitter .Two feet long gun .Instant long to Baizhang radius .Blue gun tip .It is volume layer tearing wind .
The gun tip radius of three feet of space was broken into pieces of powder , relationresultLike a lightning boltgun is like an arrow .Instantaneous penetrating make threatening gestures purple dragon .
With a roar like .Large dragon was shaken into little spark .Slowly disappear in the world .relationresultThepurple dragon dissipation .Niu Benshu is not a little surprised .See his body volley fly up .
Yan purple sword fast shaking hands .A purple Jianwang like a dangerous situation in general .Toward the fast flying cow detonation .Has just broken the old ox bull run Shu purple dragon .
In the face of a purple jianying .No no surprise to see him shaking hands with .Blue gun shadow like a Changhong .Straight to the purple Jianying pierce to !relationresultSeventh department of the West Road eighth chapter Saint chaos blood bag , relationresultLike Changhong moment through endless Jianying ,straight to the bull run Shu Jianying was broken ,but the implicit endless intended to kill ,but scattered everywhere in between heaven and earth ,the mountains ,I do not know how many rocks are the pieces of a broken Jianying detonation !relationresultNiu BenShu still unhurried ,slow shake hands Yan purple sword ,facing the fast thunder lightning spear hit if off !And how to attack with the sword seems to be compared ,bull run Shu slowly ,trying to block the old pike seemingly impossible ,but that is like Jing Hong like pike eventually or on the blade !relationresultAsa thunk ,Yan purple sword and spear first met in the air ,but this met so brief . Related articles:


cnn Twisted tales of the _498

, instant curing .relationresultNext.A melt is solidified ,the ground came from more and more expensive, and the ground has also changed ,Yang Zheng can see the vibrations of the cracks in the macroscopic velocity during solidification ,the ground melts in extinguishing .
relationresultItsolidification of molten faster, Yang knew that it must be the only three foot in the absorption of energy by the fire ,it begins at the periphery walk ,gradually engulfed the slightly bland fire, energy accumulation ,and then continue to push the painting ,as a smaller circle ,three gold black to stable speed to the fire center near .
relationresultLavaerupting violently repressed ,a lava stone appeared out of nowhere, Yang Zheng can feel the fire power has been reduced .relationresultFinally close tothe most ferocious fire center ,where the cracks had formed a hundreds of meters in diameter in the melt hole ,hot melt in the melt hole fluctuations diedang ,as in a large pot of boiling oil ,and occasionally a violent explosion, the melt is cast to the high sky .
relationresultYang Zhenglooked strained surface condensation closer to the mouth cauldron ,although can not see the figure three foot ,Facebook,but just look at the condensation of the trajectory can know the position of the three foot ,it finally close to the fire center ,in the cauldron rotating around a circle ,and then .
.. ... , relationresultThud,almost shocking Yang a reel .relationresultThe wholecauldron exploded ,100 meters high lava cupola and case, Yang Anjiao a hell, rapidly enhance the magma body, despite the burning death he ,burn is agreeable .
relationresultTheexplosion was only for a short breath, as if the last struggle to open fire ,spraying molten on both sides to go ,to fill the ground those cracks ,however , relationresultSolidifiedlava ,then the central ,a bright light appeared to limit ,long a shock through the sky .
relationresultDesert in thewooden clansmen are that sound dumbfounded ,only to feel that the sun is one of the darker ,like all light is a presence of absorption .relationresultThen wesee over the oasis in the smoke ,a bright light red clouds and .
relationresultDays ,vulcan ! Muturu was the first one to shout .relationresultAllwooden clansmen were stunned, looking at a burning flame bird soaring on the straight ,the giant light wing open world ,tail dragging a long flame ,because birds fly very fast ,the flame out, almost will be divided in two ,it is to fly to the sun .
relationresultThisdazzling sight on wooden clansman and the legend of coincidence, as legend ,Vulcan is the form of the bird .relationresultHoweverthis was before they finish a bit ,and two light to the sky ,as the Firebird ,their speed was a little slower than the firebird .
relationresultYang Zheng growled,a huge tornado into the ground, countless clouds from around the polymerization ,the sun covered the desert night ,as if come ahead of schedule, wood people fortunate enough to see the absolute beyond the limits of human strong war ,although they never have the happy feeling .
relationresultWithout the sun,Firebird speed immediately slow one, another shadow rushed on ,the purple heart ,her hands in a node ,Li Chi .relationresultTheclouds have gathered steam ,a bolt of lightning strike ,the blink of an eye ,the desert rain was pouring down historic ,ground wooden clansmen to a crawl ,dare not believe this fact ,the only thing they can understand that ,unexpectedly someone to Vulcan challenge .
relationresultIn their eyes,it is a god of war .relationresultWind,rain ,lose the sun, Firebird situation turn under the direct ,but it will be just the fires are absorbed, just change successful it is at the peak period ,even in the face of the harsh environment, terrifying opponent ,it also refused to give up .
relationresultItbegan again and again .relationresultAgolden lightning to Yang Zheng and the purple heart .relationresultImplicationof strong solar fire lightning even Yang Zheng and the purple heart also not hard to defend its front ,against the wind on the sentiment, they to ghostly figure in air Dodge ,dodge dropped the lightning .
relationresultBlownot yell at it ,Firebird ,systemic golden feathers skip open ,like angry cockfighting ,a wave of surging flames with its body as the center to the surrounding radiation from no difference .
relationresultThe scorching hot airor concentrated steaming dry ,Yang and the purple heart feel the strong power of flame .relationresultSeeing theclouds dissipate after the sun will appear again ,Yang Zheng lips a sneer ,google,he can carry spiritual force ,feel the void invisible link ,running from .
relationresultFirebirdsuddenly a miserable one ,in the sky in a roll ,in its large size ,can see a sword shaped object in the left and right process ,because in the Firebird body ,face this kind of situation ,the Firebird fundamental be at a loss what to do ,just once, it will completely collapse .
relationresultAlthoughsuper order magic bestial nature ,still there for the strong fear .relationresultYang Zhengyistopped the spiritual force operation ,the three foot was trembling afraid to fight again .
relationresultFlamebody gradually disappear ,revealing three foot the body ,it is not actually representation is so big, real body is still a crow ,but now all has covered the golden feather ,Yang Zheng beckoned ,spiritual force to his message in the past, three gold and a reluctant but is afraid so move ,fall in Yang Zheng arm .
relationresultYang Zhenglaughed softly, in its head on shot ,cnn.relationresultPurple heartat this time also fly over, and Yang Zheng relatively smile ,if not for the means ,to the three gold black left really is not easy .
relationresultThey areactuated to fire at the beginning of, use Epee cited as a reason, but enough to fire the three gold and difficult to control ,a purple heart and Yang Zheng plan ,the Epee with the spirit of yuan of refining it again, and then explodes the fire will be the beginning of Epee melt in the fire .
The three foot ,the absolute idea ,it sucked into the body of the fire energy contains the spirit of a yuan of epee .relationresultTheseenergy has been wandering in the three foot in vivo ,and its energy mix in a place, usually completely undetectable ,but as long as the Yang spirit force of duty ,in three gold black body that energy will condense into a sword ,to the deadly three foot .
relationresultThe nineteenthepisode of the twelfth chapter Spa , relationresultUpdate: 2009-1-813:36:29 chapter number :3230 , relationresultYang Zhengfell to the ground ,wooden clansman see Yang Zheng hands the golden crow ,relationresultTheyshould think it is just that the Firebird pomp ,in the eyes of their Vulcan ,but now quiet even some disturbed by Yang catch in the hand, do not know how to describe their heart shock ,they certainly do not suspect that only the strong Firebird ,only this time the more care about Yang and purple heart of a male and a female ,they could get in the eyes of their gods .
relationresultYang Zheng said: the fire has been put out ! , relationresultThe woodof a looked still smoke filled the oasis ,the mood is bitter ,do not feel the earth tremor ,but looks like oasis seems to have destroyed almost, the thick smoke contains various toxic substances ,even let a person dare not near .
relationresultYang Zheng alsosaid that not many ,in the purple heart: depend on you . , relationresultPurple heartnods, flying through the air, a double sleeve ,the wind from the ground, those who smoke are by winds aloft ,then dark clouds gather ,it is raining cats and dogs.
,will air in the volcano ash ,saltpeter dust all washed clean, after some hours ,all over the oasis take on an altogether new aspect ,the sky fresh shine clouds ,oasis the grass I splashed drops ,like the spring returns to the good earth .
relationresultWooden clansmancouldn help cheering ,and even forget side and yang .relationresultOasison them is very important ,found their homes without being destroyed, all people have to Related articles:

cnn der the problem of

Is not a standard bronze axe ,because copper Sibi column is configured at the dumb ,deviation, hardness and durability are not bronze axe the best standard of value ,belong to inferior goods bronze axe ---- but is inferior ,still not prevent it becoming a bronze axe .
relationresultThecoppersmith people see bronze axe to attribute ,be frightened and change color .Brilliant ,than the copper axe strong for several times .They have grabbed the bronze axe to chop the wood fires ,and bit smooth and clean ,put the wood into halves .
relationresultGood .Good stuff. , relationresultTake a copper axe to try ! , relationresultAweakly excited the bronze axe to grab a hand, let the coppersmiths take a copper axe .Coppersmiths immediately took a bronze axe ,dumb bronze ax copper axe ,only five or six hits ,copper axe will burst out of a big gap .
Durability dropped to only count .While a bronze axe but no bad .Even the 1 durability no reduction .relationresultAweak excitable hollers ,dance a bronze axe everywhere hack .See what what split ,very easy to use ,even solid copper shields can stop the hack ,a split some of it made a large hole .
relationresultAIis very happy, regardless of a weak random something to hack ,he shouted let such people take more tin tin smelting with him ,gave more tin for bronze .As long as a NPC master tin smelting technology ,bronze technology ,passing through ,very easy to let the other NPC also follow the master these techniques .
Just about every NPC learning and mastering the technology of the time length .relationresultWarehouse of thetens of thousands of units of cassiterite ore was soon the slaves carried out ,to the workshop ,coppersmiths in copper smelting furnace for smelting tin ,refining out of the tin liquid ,and then sent to the casting workshop ,and copper liquid mixed together ,cast bronze axe .
relationresultAll coppertin than are random ,in between 1:2:1 ,so cast bronze attributes are uneven .The best and worst bronze axe ,attribute is many .But dumb and coppersmith too excited ,also did not consider the problem of proportion .
As to the bronze axe cast ,their experience of quickly in ascension .relationresultA moresurprising news soon .relationresultDing Dong,the system prompts : tribe member 100, with bronze 37 .
Bronze penetration rate of over 30% ,the white Horde initial popularity bronze tools ,access to the system time certification ,white tribe officially entered the bronze age ,to become the world upgrade Bronze Age game player tribe .
The population limit to 200 . , relationresultIn ten minutes.relationresultDing Dong,system hint : sheep tribe member 100, with bronze 31 .Bronze penetration rate of over 30% ,sheep tribal initial popularity bronze tools ,access to the system time certification ,sheep tribe officially entered the bronze age ,to become the world second upgrade Bronze Age game player tribe .
The population limit to 200 . , relationresultThe worldgame player tribal Times Ranking ,two mysterious game player tribal jump on top ,from the count to the Bronze Age talent showing itself in the tribe .
In two the tribal name ,all of the information was almost hidden hide ,also let a person cannot know what game player upgraded to bronze age .The only information is revealed ,nationality :china .
relationresultThelist is already very few people to pay attention to ,because most of the game player of the game player in the bronze age, how to see without a pattern .But two Chinese game player tribe suddenly in a short span of ten minutes of each other in the bronze age ,immediately caused a sensation throughout the Empire and of great concern .
relationresultQuiet for a long timeto age of Empires list ,click the browse number ,from every area of Shuwanyi jump first million .All the news of the various states of the game player ,the first time to open the game within the world rankings ,making countless amazing sound .
relationresultChinese game player !Two ,entered the bronze age !Why are they so fast? Too soon ,enters the strategy map it many days ,just less than half a month !It is beyond logic and above reason.
,look ,we will soon enter the bronze age ! , relationresultAt the time,Qin Xiaobai in the week in Shuicheng walled ,suddenly receive a system prompt ,notice that his tribe was officially upgraded to bronze age ,asking if he would open his tribe of all kinds of information .
This can give his tribe in the world brings great fame and reputation ,of course ,also can bring a lot of unpredictable trouble .relationresultHeis stupefied ,system make fun of it, his tribe how suddenly rise to bronze age ?relationresultQin Xiaobaisuddenly thought of a thing ,he let the coppersmith people of tin and bronze has been a period of time ,will not be artisans refining bronze success ?This possibility is very large ,otherwise the system will not run a hint .
relationresultHe thoughtthis might ,rejoicing, immediately return system will he tribe all information hiding ,only to reveal to membership information .Subsequently, he immediately rode ,to the south of ten mile white tribe .
relationresultWhitetribes around for several miles ,nearly is a small white members .On the way to meet the small white army game player ,in succession to greet him .Qin Xiaobai laughed and responded to ,be afire with impatience to small white army camp .
This is a small white army camp ,has more than 200 game player .The fence gate ,responsible for the alert NPC guards put him into the camp .relationresultBack to histribe ,Qin white dismount ,quickly came to the smelting workshop .
Only dumb took big ten coppersmiths and numerous slaves being smelting tin ,they see the patriarch to ,have a respectful .relationresultQin Xiaobaismiled and nodded , you made the bronze ? , relationresultYes ,the chief of the fathers, has created many bronze axe .
Dumb took a property the best bronze axe ,to Qin Xiaobai ,Facebook.relationresultPick up Qin Xiaobai,bronze Axe :hands ,heavy attack ,google,12 ,26 ,51 hardness durability .relationresultHe is notby praising ,cnn, good !Ah good stuff ,thank you for your help ,each artisan award 200 coppers ,slaves to reward 20 coppers !This evening to you all eat ,eat eat much ! , relationresultHenot only created a large number of bronze ,because tribal times upgrades and joy ,is greatly relieved .
relationresultTheseefficient bronze ,will be on the market by the game player who welcome ,he monopoly copper market will greatly rise ,get rid of spending too much ,income shortage embarrassing situation .
Now ,he finally grasp the complete control of the situation ,let her remain invincible .relationresultThe whole campwithin the NPC coppersmith and slaves to get a large amount of reward ,suddenly erupted with cheers !relationresultVolume secondBronze Age 152 wonderful coppers substitute , relationresultUpdate: 2009-2-421:54:10 chapter number :3606 , relationresultThe whitehorde ,sheep tribes ,tribes two bronze penetration rate of over 30% ,upgrading to bronze age tribes .
Sheep soon received system sends his tips ,surprise return to camp .relationresultQin Xiaobai and the sheepwere not so happy for too long ,they soon shifted his attention to how to quickly increase output and then bronze ,bronze sold .
If only the bronze keep their own use case, it is meaningless .relationresultQin Xiaobaiput his main idea with the sheep said .relationresultWe all bronze ,are preferentially used to make bronze axe ,hoe ,bronze bronze drilling several suitable for mining tools ,as soon as possible to increase the yield of mining . Related articles:


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Stage magic ,these mostly lost .While people witches because no Malay his body ,so they don witchcraft tradition, that in all the North Luchou hegemony battle eventually suffer a big !But ,to say a little witchcraft witch didn it is not possible ,which inherited the best is the offering .
relationresultBecause ofthe sacrifice on the physical requirements are very small ,can also to negligible proportions .It is also because of this ,most of the people have not been Wicca Witch to Malay ritual of the clinical research on like a raging fire ,even to the point where the students surpass the teacher.
The master .In the demon tribe records ,was the evil ritual of the operation to make hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers die an untimely on overnight !relationresultManWu surrendered, demon clan has banned people witches to sacrifice technique, and will sacrifice all wizards all fight !However ,even if a tight network also has a fish escaped through the seine .
This wizard family ritual of the art is like is not the wild fire in the grass ,with undeniable spark Liaoyuanzhishi in refused to surrender the quickly spread ,and life and growth in nature ,enduring .
Although these a few million years and not what people witches ritual event ,but the Malay evil ritual of the surgery ,but enough to let everyone know of this period of history Yaozu shiver all over though not cold ,with one !relationresultLooking at theMu wind very look nervous, bull run in a comfortable ,on Mu wind said: since the family ritual ,then we have to empty mulberry hill to see a look .
, relationresultFifth of the indomitable fighting spirit the eighteenth chapter witchery - one hundred thousand virgin blood , relationresultEmptymulberry hill, green hill is located in the north ,Yamadaka Chi ,day of clouds ,cnn,although the volley ,not light .
In the dead of night ,is jittery, gloomy a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves ,the sound can be heard without end hundreds of miles ,a scene of a hell on earth .relationresultWithin thousands of miles,a red ,some quality advanced monster picked up the empty mulberry hill red will shudder .
The red is not a natural phenomenon ,but when people blood soaking into the army .Although nowadays the battlefield no longer ,nor was called kill war ,but once the foot of laterite ,but clearly saw blood light radiant cruel and tragic, and like the smell of the bloody breath ,the shiver all over though not cold feeling even if the heart like the rock monsters will be overcome by one of tremble with fear in one !relationresultIn addition toSuspiria ,ghosts, sound ,with empty mulberry Hill ten thousand demon army is as blood red .
For this kind of purgatory in general life ,stand empty mulberry Hill demon soldiers was a tough life ,a number of days with three the day before .However ,now they see as in the past the previous dull and gloomy days ,has become a luxury to a !relationresultLook at arow after row of companions in their own side of the fell one after another ,looking at the old days alive and kicking people instantly between body two ,the smell of death around them rapidly diffuse and spread, and more and more thicker .
Demon soldiers while desperately Yu various objects lobby hard resistance ,but uneven work or let them do everything becomes useless .relationresultThe fireprairie ,gasification of a fresh life ;ice arrow like clouds ,even under a few people can run to ?Roaring lightning .
Piece of the air knife ... ... , mercilessly swallowed a life .This is like a hell of empty mulberry Hill also added land of terror !relationresultDemonsoldiers will have not thought to escape evil .
But they found just to escape no way out .Locked in to burn all the inferno ,overwhelming air knife ice arrow .As real as general ,constantly criticizing under lightning ,stagnant space time ,pause ,a moment of time .
This piece of forged into a mortal horrible place !relationresultThere have beendemon soldiers died out across the sky the kraken will ,in most of the demon soldiers will be sacrificed to the hell ,an arrogant voice from the sky news, listen to it like a crow call general sound wanton roared: ha ha ha ha !So good !It is what this cheers the people greatly !Early look at the the sorcerer not pleasing to the eye ,this let them taste our ten witch brother seriously, also must cut their arrogance ! , relationresultNice.
This will let them see our enchanter witch is not easy to bully !Whoever audacious in the extreme to bully us people witches .Let them take life to pay ! Just the sound of hard enough to ,this is just that was superior to the strident .
relationresultIn two peoplearrogant to laugh ,dissatisfied with a voice from the mist comes out .The voice was whispering as a lark ,let a person be intoxicated among them .Listen to the man said: the Luo ,Wu Xie ,won come on .
Here say anything nonsense ,if let the day pool bird fish perceive our sacrifice .It would be in trouble ! , relationresultListen to themusic to sound and condemned ,first opening that the Luo people Wu said: the truth, you don have to entertain imaginary or groundless fears !We are days twelve shen-sha large array has been completed ,the bird fish wants to stop him too late .
I called the twelve ancestor witch between heaven and earth God consciousness into the body, it has broken through the quasi holy level we also fear what bird fish ! , relationresultThewitch is really listened to Wu of words, not reconciled to argue ,Facebook,at this moment ,listen to the void was commanding said: demon soldiers have died out ,now is the day we start all twelve very large array when god !The true ,the Luo ,Wu Xie is not ready to sacrifice .
, relationresultListen tothe voice of authority .Three people not to quarrel .Although their work in the way is also the top figures .But in this awesome voice ,google.As the kitten is generally timid .
Said that the really big cuff of a pendulum .A pair of opposite color delicate and pretty girls on this purgatory .relationresultLooking at the pictureof human misery .Most girls couldn weeping .
These girls though born in the north are lo chau .The blood is it is quite common for the scene .But like this miserable place face is never seen .Be at a loss what to do when they are in .
The witch is really said : you are my people the family of elite .There should be a to I the clan revival sacrifice self spirit .Although you see our people the family will have the good day in Shangdi .
But you have to pay all .My family will go to history of witch .Be handed down from age to age. Will always bear in mind. , relationresultHere it comes.No matter whether those girls .The sleeves .
A blue air knife is a put to death in sickle harvesting the flower of life !Blade too .Blood ground .A blossoming like a plum blossom as things appear in the empty mulberry hill it lifeless land !Appear so dazzling ,so dazzling .
relationresultThe rowsgirl fell to the increasingly strange red land .It was even more mysterious lost .The black clouds more heavy up .A vigorous and emitting a smell terrible means from red land out .
In a black cloud. The more strange !Worship and the witch is Luo Xie et al at more intense dark clouds .Very excited !And then .Will be more hard to execute an innocent girl .relationresultIn thefirst place belongs to the vast and increasing of breath .
Niu Ben Shu and Mu wind with a team of demon soldiers arrived here .Just a station body shape .Mu wind will spread knowledge of God for the letter to the demon will .But where is also looking for the goblin will do .
He was devoid of poor in this strange large array !relationresultForthe more and more strong vast breath .Regardless of is the demon soldiers or Mu wind feels very uncomfortable .Although they are adhered to .
But Niu Ben Shu can still perceive from them to upload and deep fear .relationresultForthe full flavor ,Niu Ben Shu and no demon soldiers and Mu wind that kind of fear .On the contrary Related articles:

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, You ... ... Did you sleep well? When Feng Liuzi says this word ,don !relationresultWell ,well ,what about you ,did not sleep a night ? the Yellow Yaling stopped in behind Feng Liuzi .
relationresultThe subtleshook his head ,von Rokuko chuckled: I sleep do not know how many years ,really do not want to sleep ,the sleep , relationresultFeeling makes mefeel suffocated, I would rather stand in the sky, waiting for the sun to rise ! , relationresultHuang Yaling did not speak,she looked at the von Rokuko that strong back, looked at the overbearing ,said to be her previous husbands , relationresultI have athrobbing ,: is this man to be her second husband ?But I have feelings for him ? , relationresultHe is just his herd out of the abyss of misery, he is just a herd their residual tuberculosis ,he is only a commitment to help , relationresultHe hadtwo siblings avenge vengenance and others ! , relationresultBut the threepoint is the ordinary people can do it ?If not his appearance ,all of the above will achieve ?relationresultThe answer is no,yellow Jia-zheng chamber clan where ordinary people can handle ?Her two siblings even become high, also eventually , relationresultItis not God ?relationresultBy virtue of thevon Rokuko help her two siblings of these three points ,he can become his wife has still not satisfied ?relationresultTherewill be second men to help her out ?There will be second men in seconds between cure brother , relationresultBrotherof residual tuberculosis ?There will be second men can promise in ten years to let her siblings got their revenge ?relationresultThe answer isno ,there is not a man will have such a commitment ,but that Feng Liuzi had ,so to marry him , relationresult,she contented !relationresultI do not know when,Roku Ko has turned to I grin hey laughed ,perhaps intentionally ,perhaps unintentionally, von , relationresultSix childrenwith a little frivolous scratching Huang Yaling : silly girl ,don much like, I promise you will , relationresultCome true,you can circle yellow home not ?They would for everything they do and pay the price ,be my woman ,is never , relationresultCan! , relationresultVolume three:Chapter 365th :Hades sector , relationresultUpdate: 2009-4-2415:03:12 chapter number :2888 , relationresultThedark circles ,the town hall clock company !relationresultBell,as you master the moth community penalty among the big three ,they are the quiet dark circles real executioner ,a bell family members ,is a red-handed executioner ,the spirits of the dead mortals sector must pass he bell penalty ,can enter the loop road ,Beats By Dre Red Sox!relationresultWangclan still run in basilica median ,he was not on the Royal Village of arrogance, not the kind of elegant and refined SAGE-like type ,some are just like a dog crawl !relationresultFive Qi ,and together you ! The upper end of a hall sat forty middle-aged men ,the middle-aged man forehead is left a little beard ,he was wearing a simple and clean robes ,and he was smiling looking at Wang patriarch !relationresultWang Qiwas taken aback ,hurriedly bowed: its not ,its just .
.. ... Just think something might be wrong ,but that person lost Hades ,and get the baby ! , relationresultHa ha ,love don ,the Qi Mangshan Mountain deep strong unparalleled demon ,and that Hades now are not opened when, you and go back first ,stay at the foot of Qi is ,as long as one hundred thousand years to protect it as to cashew ! , relationresultunderstand ,the snake cashew position except under a man know ,other people don .
, relationresultWell ,go now ,I am tired ! Bell God waved ,Wang Qi bowed out of the hall !relationresultBellGod witnessing Wang Qitui out, he did not hurry to leave ,but alone smiling to himself: as long as not to steal my snake cashew ,I Wutian tube clock do you want to be there? What Hades ?To go or die early ,unripe ! .
.. ... , relationresultFeng Liuzi with ayellow siblings ,with the ghost in a line of four way stop-go ,Beats By Dre Transformers,although a few rare midway encounters a beast, but also became the von Rokuko their dishes !Until eight days later ,they finally came to the legend of the demon out of the mountains !relationresultMay besomebody special .
To create an air of mystery and gloom ,seems like a door ,when von Rokuko just four entered the mountains of the first step ,a chilly cold wind on the sepulchral four cheek !relationresultObviously,Roku Ko felt ,they enter an independent space ,with the outside completely different space even he felt the body gas than the outside heavy hundred times over !relationresultHuang Yaling was the firstbody trembling hid behind Feng Liuzi ,and Huang Hongfei and the ghost is the same, will jump to send two screaming ,Qi Shuashua hide behind Feng Liuzi ,only dare to bare head !relationresultVonRokuko opened his mouth ,he suddenly realized that ,three of them was a ghost ?I don they of what ?relationresultThe three of you are afraid of what ?Is not a few cool ?As far as the scared to hide ? , relationresultGod .
.. ... God ,here in ghosts ! The ghost replied hesitating in speaking :relationresultWe are not a ghost ?Is the ghost is afraid of ghosts ? Von Rokuko quips .relationresultHuang Yalingthe three of them turned up her eyes ,the where and where ,ghosts and ghosts of course different, in other words they fear was not a ghost ,but they were afraid of people !relationresultBut ,in the legend of Qi Mangshan depths of demons ,the devil but eat our kids ,or we don Hades into ? Huang Hongfei Craven asks :relationresultYes ,Grandpa ,I won into it? The ghost is afraid of playing the drums retreat !The arrangement was released in W �ئ�.
One is k.cn , relationresultVonRokuko glance mouth : fart ,fart demon ,six master I as evil demons ,the two of you were afraid, I take you in ! , relationresultHuang Hongfei andthe ghost to von Rokuko take their time ,almost weeping : Grandpa ah ,we do not follow you follow ,the devil is a fart ,as long as there is a grandfather you in ,what the devil do not have to stand aside ? , relationresultYes ,my brother-in-law invincible ,is not afraid of the devil ,go ,brother-in-law, lead the way! then Huang Hongfei ,also push von Rokuko !relationresultVonRokuko can ,the pair also his mother sail with the wind ,good ah novel finishing released in W �ئ�.
One is k.cn , relationresultMay be due tovon Rokuko also feel here strange reason ,he did not have before the god hand idea ,but fully alert release trance element to four encased therein ,even with his great knowledge of God in the area into a million times! But very strange, Fang Yuanwan .
Where there is a breath of ?Even those uncivilized Xiongshou not only half .relationresultStrange ,very strange, why so quiet here ?Is there really a demon devil ?What ?What her ? Feng Rokuko automatic speaking ahead, about to moving forward in the Hades few should have ? , relationresultHades ? Feng Rokuko face appeared a bitter ,there seems to have a little taste of Hades ,at least the gloom and cadaveric gas too !Are four forward about hundred paces, suddenly the sky out of several acoustic woman cry !relationresultMmmm mmmm !.
Although the sound is as thin as a pin mosquito ,but four is heard clearly ,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com,at the same time they hair at the first time of upright, even Feng Rokuko feel god hand into my heart cold !,relationresultMmmm mmmm . Related articles:


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Right."Huang Shi is also helpless, who can thought of 300 year agos to by chance be of a small matter that almost all forgets by himself/herself, will lead long to pull to arrive too ascend old gentleman.This is an ultimate end BOSS!Don't know as well when he knows his own Tu compete first drive to turns to run, will be what respond.
The ice Ning turns a head to looking at still a face daze of little lotus, suddenly some funnily say:"Little lotus ah, but you are to blunder away a big chance and opportunity, the fairy but Taoist seen by your in a dream three pure of an of too ascend the Tu of old gentleman.If you in those early years if the doing obeisance him were getting more similar for teacher, that you aring Tu that ascended an old gentleman too much, so reckoning your status of a generation canning with two Lang absolute being Yang Jian, three altar sea willing greatly Oh, God! Zha they.But I am again your teacher, shine on to say so my status of a generation be not still at they on?Want excitement!"
Huang Shi lightly knocked her forehead and pretended a Nu way:"Is the status of a generation to line up so?Don't want as well you still behind soil the empress' sister-in-law.How to have time to think this, you are to give° Tu of old gentleman to rob."
The little lotus was thoroughly had a conversation a medium information by them to the lane Meng.Is ascending an old gentleman too much one to fix the person of way, how can don't know the meaning that these four words represents again.Oneself unexpectedly and ever and unexpectedly can become his Tu, regrettable but drive oneself to refuse.Ah!All strange that Lee's fairy is long to grow too cold Chen, and then is a lame feet, how see all feel not dependable, if the fairy of in a dream is like teacher dad so, perhaps did I agree.Proper little lotus the gloomy absolute being harm of time, suddenly again heard her teacher still behind soil the empress' sister-in-law, so say come, the have a liking for to the very serious teacher dad is not empress soil empress of younger brother?
Ice Ning this just thinks of to still have this Chi matter, didn't also take care of the little lotus of facial expression a burst of green a burst of white, the depressed ground said:"This should the problem isn't big?I think iron turns Li Da Dun Xian to just see a little lotus more diligent, would rise to accept Tu, it reads of, he should can't living Xi with us because of this!"
Huang Shi doesn't dare to think so, last hole eight fairies are a skies, life return, is Xuans all one vein, how may say to change and then change,dr dre beats pro.See come hereafter have to seek an opportunity to let the little lotus get away from the influence of butterfly effect, afresh back again track up.Oneself body top mutually this big trouble haven't solved, can not have got again too ascend old gentleman.And if the little lotus can re- do obeisance in iron to turn Li Men under, that yellow lion he not can with ascend an old gentleman set too much last relation, if again can get him the mix the gold fairy of big Luo of a dollar sage of look after, that is more wonderful.
The little lotus is infirmly weak to ask 1 in one side at this time:"The dad of the teacher!You are an empress soil the empress' younger brother?"
BE floating to want the yellow lion that unite Pian right away drive yelling of little lotus pullout reality, looking at this beautiful and slender beautiful young girl, how see how to be like a time bomb.Now that she is a hot to the touch potato, what that still send out is wonderful.The in the mind beat to settle idea, must make her re- do obeisance to turn Li Men in iron under, just oneself and iron turn Lee can nothing important friendship, recklessly look for to come to go, make not and very be also been into the devil for causing disturbance by him.
Or beat for little lotus first to prevent°from needle, hence Huang Shi openings way:"Empress soil the empress is my master's elder sister, not close younger brother Jie.Little lotus!According to my predict, you in the clout to destine the disciple that should become iron to turn Lee and just unexpectedly poured in those early years is let we to horizontal put one feet.So, if you later if meet iron again to turn Lee, greatly can do obeisance him as teacher.Also have no person stipulate a person can own a teacher, so you also need not taboo what."
The little lotus listenned to the words of yellow lion naturally is noodles and expose happy expression, she just in hearing that iron turns Lee being too the disciple of old gentleman after, original because refused that iron turns accepting of Lee Tu but don't already regret, have never thought the teacher dad in nowadays and unexpectedly agree that she can do obeisance in iron and turn Li Men under, and her this teacher dad be still empress soil the empress' younger brother Shi.If she can re- do obeisance under the Li Xian's long door, while the relation of this side didn't break again, she is after death standing too ascend old gentleman and empress soil empress?Want excitement!
"Elder brother Shi, does the little lotus really need to turn to throw other groups?"The ice Ning is some to depressedly say.
"Ha ha!Don't be sad, although the later ice Ning did obeisance iron to turn Lee as teacher, on the first is teacher, life long is father, you this teacher is who can not also deny."Huang Shi La over the small hand of ice Ning, light tone consolation way.
"Teacher!"The little lotus feels that Xie Bing Ning's emotion falls low and give°ed the pleased feeling for being overflowed to speech form to living to inhibit down right away.
"Good Tu son!Is the teacher all right."The ice Ning soon after asks a way again:"How many a hundred years has it been since that iron's turning Lee had have never soughted a little lotus again, he can't be give up?"
In the little lotus heart is also a tight, worry very much to the question of ice Ning.
Just Huang Shi but say:"This is to in the clout a predestined affair, iron turns Lee, and he is to want to give up to is also impossible.Probably is he just figuring now that the way leads a little lotus to take the bait."
"E!"The ice Ning immediately after says to the little lotus:"Now that you walk now of is Buddha way the double fix of road son, the achievement method of that Buddhism canned not break, either.I really is unexpectedly you was so quickly a voice to smell state, I pass you the deluxe method Jue leaving that now."Finish saying a golden light beats into a little lotus of know sea in.
The little lotus after accepting the achievement of the induction of ice Ning the method hurriedly knelt down, the frailty voice said:"Thank teacher for spreading the boon of achievement!"
"Ha ha!You since is my disciple, I spread you achievement the method is an ordained in nature affair, have what good with gratitude."The ice Ning mood just a little had an amendment, this disciple even if is to turn to throw him to send, but oneself still is her don't can recognize of teacher.
"Ice Ning, the affair of little lotus gives an account know, that we should also re- set out."Huang Shi interrupted their dialogue between the teacher and pupils.
"Teacher, teacher dad!Don't you arrive the hole mansion of pupil to visit?"Little lotus hasty way.
"Little lotus, your hole mansion?"The ice Ning in astonishment looking at a little lotus, does she originally have been thinking that the little lotus is to live in the customs.
The little lotus says:"Yes, after teacher passed me a set of Buddhism achievement method, I then always at self-discipline in the home wear, but have been canning not have breakthrough because of the interference of everyday business.Hence I made a firm decision to run to go to deep Shan-li, the result discovered a very beautiful hole mansion over there, although someone once lives of trace,cheap beats by dre, however these several a hundred years come have no again once saw original host of this hole mansion."
Huang Shi slightly has to think ground to say:"Little lotus, what you say can't be a poison enemy mountain pipa hole?"
The little lotus astonishedly called:"Is the teacher dad how can anyone know?The mountain fanlight of that hole mansion indeed wrote poison enemy mountain pipa hole six big words!"
Huang Shi and ice Ning mutually sees but smiles, the ice Ning says:"Imperceptibly but inexorably from have heaven's will,beats by dre australia!That poisonous enemy mountain pipa the hole is originally your teacher my hole mansion, just these several a hundred years come I have been living in after soil temple, have never come back.Unexpectedly but drive disciple to inherit, ha ha!"
"-That is the official residence of teacher!"The little lotus is a bit ashamed.
"Now that you are my disciple, that this hole mansion sends to you.Anyway I didn't live as well over there now."
"The that teacher, teacher dad wants to return to pipa holes to see."The little lotus look in the eyes expects ground to say.
Just Huang Shi but don't accept the invitation of little lotus:"I and your teacher still need to do other affairs, the pipa hole doesn't go first.The time is also getting more late, I and your teacher in advance one step, later if iron turn Lee to hash up the matter of accepting the Tu, the tube promises good."
"Pupil sincerely teacher life!However is the teacher teacher dad about to walk so quickly?"The little lotus sees Huang Shi coming out door and then also making track for up.
Huang Shi turns head to took a look a little lotus, dark sigh in the heart:If ascending an old gentleman too much can't the Yan calculate the secrets of heaven, I absolutely give° this little lotus to adjust to teach have no byroad!

The text chapter 80 two enter Cui cloud mountain
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Huang Shi and ice Ning after taking leave mother-in-law Si and little lotus then took piano insect and Zhi Zhi to leave to meet fairy to gather, however they connect down fix to go a Cui cloud mountain.Originally Related articles: