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Stage magic ,these mostly lost .While people witches because no Malay his body ,so they don witchcraft tradition, that in all the North Luchou hegemony battle eventually suffer a big !But ,to say a little witchcraft witch didn it is not possible ,which inherited the best is the offering .
relationresultBecause ofthe sacrifice on the physical requirements are very small ,can also to negligible proportions .It is also because of this ,most of the people have not been Wicca Witch to Malay ritual of the clinical research on like a raging fire ,even to the point where the students surpass the teacher.
The master .In the demon tribe records ,was the evil ritual of the operation to make hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers die an untimely on overnight !relationresultManWu surrendered, demon clan has banned people witches to sacrifice technique, and will sacrifice all wizards all fight !However ,even if a tight network also has a fish escaped through the seine .
This wizard family ritual of the art is like is not the wild fire in the grass ,with undeniable spark Liaoyuanzhishi in refused to surrender the quickly spread ,and life and growth in nature ,enduring .
Although these a few million years and not what people witches ritual event ,but the Malay evil ritual of the surgery ,but enough to let everyone know of this period of history Yaozu shiver all over though not cold ,with one !relationresultLooking at theMu wind very look nervous, bull run in a comfortable ,on Mu wind said: since the family ritual ,then we have to empty mulberry hill to see a look .
, relationresultFifth of the indomitable fighting spirit the eighteenth chapter witchery - one hundred thousand virgin blood , relationresultEmptymulberry hill, green hill is located in the north ,Yamadaka Chi ,day of clouds ,cnn,although the volley ,not light .
In the dead of night ,is jittery, gloomy a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves ,the sound can be heard without end hundreds of miles ,a scene of a hell on earth .relationresultWithin thousands of miles,a red ,some quality advanced monster picked up the empty mulberry hill red will shudder .
The red is not a natural phenomenon ,but when people blood soaking into the army .Although nowadays the battlefield no longer ,nor was called kill war ,but once the foot of laterite ,but clearly saw blood light radiant cruel and tragic, and like the smell of the bloody breath ,the shiver all over though not cold feeling even if the heart like the rock monsters will be overcome by one of tremble with fear in one !relationresultIn addition toSuspiria ,ghosts, sound ,with empty mulberry Hill ten thousand demon army is as blood red .
For this kind of purgatory in general life ,stand empty mulberry Hill demon soldiers was a tough life ,a number of days with three the day before .However ,now they see as in the past the previous dull and gloomy days ,has become a luxury to a !relationresultLook at arow after row of companions in their own side of the fell one after another ,looking at the old days alive and kicking people instantly between body two ,the smell of death around them rapidly diffuse and spread, and more and more thicker .
Demon soldiers while desperately Yu various objects lobby hard resistance ,but uneven work or let them do everything becomes useless .relationresultThe fireprairie ,gasification of a fresh life ;ice arrow like clouds ,even under a few people can run to ?Roaring lightning .
Piece of the air knife ... ... , mercilessly swallowed a life .This is like a hell of empty mulberry Hill also added land of terror !relationresultDemonsoldiers will have not thought to escape evil .
But they found just to escape no way out .Locked in to burn all the inferno ,overwhelming air knife ice arrow .As real as general ,constantly criticizing under lightning ,stagnant space time ,pause ,a moment of time .
This piece of forged into a mortal horrible place !relationresultThere have beendemon soldiers died out across the sky the kraken will ,in most of the demon soldiers will be sacrificed to the hell ,an arrogant voice from the sky news, listen to it like a crow call general sound wanton roared: ha ha ha ha !So good !It is what this cheers the people greatly !Early look at the the sorcerer not pleasing to the eye ,this let them taste our ten witch brother seriously, also must cut their arrogance ! , relationresultNice.
This will let them see our enchanter witch is not easy to bully !Whoever audacious in the extreme to bully us people witches .Let them take life to pay ! Just the sound of hard enough to ,this is just that was superior to the strident .
relationresultIn two peoplearrogant to laugh ,dissatisfied with a voice from the mist comes out .The voice was whispering as a lark ,let a person be intoxicated among them .Listen to the man said: the Luo ,Wu Xie ,won come on .
Here say anything nonsense ,if let the day pool bird fish perceive our sacrifice .It would be in trouble ! , relationresultListen to themusic to sound and condemned ,first opening that the Luo people Wu said: the truth, you don have to entertain imaginary or groundless fears !We are days twelve shen-sha large array has been completed ,the bird fish wants to stop him too late .
I called the twelve ancestor witch between heaven and earth God consciousness into the body, it has broken through the quasi holy level we also fear what bird fish ! , relationresultThewitch is really listened to Wu of words, not reconciled to argue ,Facebook,at this moment ,listen to the void was commanding said: demon soldiers have died out ,now is the day we start all twelve very large array when god !The true ,the Luo ,Wu Xie is not ready to sacrifice .
, relationresultListen tothe voice of authority .Three people not to quarrel .Although their work in the way is also the top figures .But in this awesome voice ,google.As the kitten is generally timid .
Said that the really big cuff of a pendulum .A pair of opposite color delicate and pretty girls on this purgatory .relationresultLooking at the pictureof human misery .Most girls couldn weeping .
These girls though born in the north are lo chau .The blood is it is quite common for the scene .But like this miserable place face is never seen .Be at a loss what to do when they are in .
The witch is really said : you are my people the family of elite .There should be a to I the clan revival sacrifice self spirit .Although you see our people the family will have the good day in Shangdi .
But you have to pay all .My family will go to history of witch .Be handed down from age to age. Will always bear in mind. , relationresultHere it comes.No matter whether those girls .The sleeves .
A blue air knife is a put to death in sickle harvesting the flower of life !Blade too .Blood ground .A blossoming like a plum blossom as things appear in the empty mulberry hill it lifeless land !Appear so dazzling ,so dazzling .
relationresultThe rowsgirl fell to the increasingly strange red land .It was even more mysterious lost .The black clouds more heavy up .A vigorous and emitting a smell terrible means from red land out .
In a black cloud. The more strange !Worship and the witch is Luo Xie et al at more intense dark clouds .Very excited !And then .Will be more hard to execute an innocent girl .relationresultIn thefirst place belongs to the vast and increasing of breath .
Niu Ben Shu and Mu wind with a team of demon soldiers arrived here .Just a station body shape .Mu wind will spread knowledge of God for the letter to the demon will .But where is also looking for the goblin will do .
He was devoid of poor in this strange large array !relationresultForthe more and more strong vast breath .Regardless of is the demon soldiers or Mu wind feels very uncomfortable .Although they are adhered to .
But Niu Ben Shu can still perceive from them to upload and deep fear .relationresultForthe full flavor ,Niu Ben Shu and no demon soldiers and Mu wind that kind of fear .On the contrary Related articles: