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The room of beautiful Huan,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online, quivering voice way:"Child, do you live this at ordinary times?"
The Gu Ren Lu says with smile:"This however is the building Yi that lives at the time.Tomorrow I want to be male with the lord go to Xiang sun, you return first Chang-an arrive I that kennel see and promise to make you shocked, ha ha!"
Madam Wu did lifetime villagers and entered into city on the first day inside, certainly what don't understand as well, ask a way:"Just appreciated you that lord of the quite a few thing male, exactly is what person?"
The Gu Ren Lu smile way:"He would is main Liu Huang Shu of present benefit state."
Madam Wu gets a shock, Nu way:"What!He is Liu Bei, my son be be advertised for by him to harm dead of ……"make reference to this tears billowing and next.
The Gu Ren Lu way:"Beat a war and then will have been already sacrificed, this is also unavoidable, wait until world peace good."
Madam Wu appears lost in thought very long and sighed tone, way:"Kid, you now follow Liu fully can have to be more careful, I see your dropping down last time overhanging cliff is most likely also what he harms."
The Gu Ren Lu bursts out laughing, way:"Trust!My life's great blessing is big, love affairs together sky, which can so easily die?You are old to return first Chang-an, I this writes a letter to explain why and how and let your those daughters-in-law shows filial obedience you wells."
Madam Wu to his lo one eye, smile don't smile, ask a way:"How many daughters-in-law do you have?"
Gu Ren Lu old face a red, way:"Having is so 34 ……"
Next day early in the morning, Liu fully stirs 500 close Wei convoy madam Wus go to Chang-an, Gu Ren Lu in person send out city behind then and together with Liu fully go to Xiang sun.There is the greatly aggrieved career in the side of Yangtze River last time, the Gu Ren Lu says this time what doesn't take ship as well.Liu Bei although it is said promise an absolute safety again and again, Gu Ren the head of the Lu still shakes and stir the wave drum general, dictum this ship's killing doesn't sit as well.Public Ao he however, have to change to walk route on land, Gu Ren Lu this just returns to Chen to make pleased, the spirit greatly flaps, again beginning up flee next jump, talk nonsense Yi.
En route not only on the first, public Anne arrives Xiang sun.Liu has at present of influence and Cao hold more or less equal, identity from also not greatly same.Liu Biao hears Liu Bei Yu to come to Xiang sun to consult important event, mood concussion, strong support the body of disease, sweep away building Yi in person, city 30 in connect, mutually treat by the gift of great king, Liu Bei Qian lets to can not just receive repeatedly.The state herds big banquet piece in the official bureau on that night, mountain sea miscellaneous Chen, the good dinner is full case in the lap of luxury of ability matter.Gu Ren Lu these year footprint all over big river south north, outside inside the Great Wall, drink together food together already can be regarded as experience abundant, each fasten a vegetables him to also generally taste.Now then bend over to look below, there is unexpectedly a greater half not to know, can not help staring eyes tongue-tied, startled on the spot.
The at table is feast is over while leading not much, public spread a cup to send, Yi interest horizontal fly.On connecting the third, every day such, Liu fully wait a person have been extremely troublesome.Although Cai Mei has heart to add to harm Liu Bei,see he is as closely as Liu Biao, add of Zhao Yun and huge virtuous these two big insects wait upon or so, anxious can not start, have to long urge short sigh, the Tu calls what then.
Liu Biao accidentally dyes cold this day, can not accompany Liu again to fully loiter about.Liu's hasing has been tired of to this kind of boring social parties and hear Liu Biao to get sick, on the noodles although have a sorrow color, in the heart but is an exultation.Then call to Gu Ren while signing Lu and Zhao Yun take to take a gift with several close soldiers to go to Long in.Liu has to depend on Gu Ren Lu to point out, the hurl of Yi Li lies Long Gang since then.Arrive Chuang before dismount, come forward to lightly button up a firewood door.In a little moment that once greeted the boy of Gu Ren Lu to walk out, a saw Gu Ren the Lu get a shock, horizontal his one eye, immediately did a grimace to him.
Liu fully follows his vision to turn head to hope to go to, but see Gu Ren Lu to also make faces to scare that boy over there, can not help shaking head a wry smile way:"Ren Lu you are much big, how return and child?"Turn head to ask that:"Can the bore clear Sir be on the Chuang?"
That boy asks a way:"You BE?"
Liu Bei Qing settles throat and shakes head to sway a brain way:"The man greatly takes charge of a horse and proper city station Hou, get a department, Yong, cool, benefit four state herding uncle Huang, Liu Bei, come to visit a bore clear Sir especially."
The Gu Ren Lu heart way:"Liu has under Lao Tze's astute instruction of head ratio originally of again grow, this bottom sees that little kid will can't frighten dizzy dead past?When Lao Tze came last time, this boy loved to take disregard to Lao Tze, this soup of closed door Lao Tze how also wanted to let Liu consumedly tasted well, Hey Hey."
That boy lo lo Liu Bei, again lo the lo Gu Ren Lu, way:"You how all similar?I can can not remember this many names."
The Gu Ren Lu Nu way:"Du, really don't know you is how heel the various Ge consumedly mixs.So a few words all record not to live and return hereafter how to test prescribed-form do a form of dollar!"
That boy obviously doesn't understand him at say what, hard put to reply, humed 1, turn head around, no longer manage him.Liu Bei Wei is tiny on smiling, way:"He is consistent to is like this crazy, and don't manage him, says that Liu fully came to visit then."
That:"Sir this morning the little is not on the Chuang."
The Gu Ren Lu way:"Get, is such an again, that several ten letters was regarded as white to write before ……"
Liu Bei's long eyebrows is one Xuan, turn head to say to the Gu Ren Lu:"You like this talk nonsense again to then and first return to."
The Gu Ren Lu favour keeps mouth shut speech not, followed to do a hand that sews a mouth to show to no longer readily spray muck Yi by showing oneself.
Liu fully shook to shake head, no longer managed him and asked a way:"Bore did the clear Sir where go to?"
That boy sees Gu Ren Lu very funny and roars with laughter and separated a long time, square way:"The trace didn't know where to go to uncertain."
Liu fully sighed tone, way:"Hates me late come to one step, unexpectedly with big wise lose it hand over arm.So Sir when square time?"
That:"Date of return as well uncertain, or on the 35th, or ten few days."
Liu Bei is again one to give a deep sigh, Zhao Yun Dao:"Since is a clear bore Sir not at, can turn round first, choose another lucky day again."
Liu has one hand way of putting:"And need a slice."
The Gu Ren Lu heart way:"Alas, open widely big Zha have no heel come,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, if he is here, that has jollification can lo."Say:"Please respectfullly big wise good is a sincerity, I see is to could not see a clear Sir of bore and still keep returning to first, then making people come a muckraker today."
Liu fully ordered to nod and said to that boy:"If the Sir returns, can talk Liu to fully visit."Finish saying to fly a body a top horse, the Yang whip far goes.
The Gu Ren Lu taste become several to turn on the grass hut, one gave a deep sigh a way:"At thousand Ren Xis, the Feng hover's non- Wu doesn't stay;Private Fu is placed in one square the Xi non- lord don't depend on.You are getting its lord at present, again it, what then not?"Disappear to have action inside the house while need a slice, shook to shake head, leap onto horseback, tightly make track for Liu to have go to.
Is public to press the Pei to walk slowly, appreciate whole sceneries, go a number inside, see suddenly one person, the facial appearance Xuan is proud, the plentiful Zi is handsome great, wear a free and unfettered towel, wear soap cloth tunic, the Zhang Li is from the mountain Pi the path is since then.
Liu Bei Mang's way:"This necessarily lies Mr. Long!"Quickly dismount to salute forward, ask a way:"Sir but lie a dragon?"
That person asks a way:"Who is the general ?"
Liu Bei Dao:"Liu Bei."
That humality:"I the non- bore is clear, a clear bore friend, the Bo Ling Cui state is even."
Liu Bei Dao:"It is long to smell name, must meet luckily.The Qi on-the-spot right to land sits and asks one speech."2 people sit opposite on Lin Jian Shi, Gu Zhao Er Ren's waiting on is signed to a side.Cui state even way:"Why does the general desire see bore clear?"
Liu Bei Dao:"The now world is greatly disorderly, everywhere cloud Rao, my desire sees bore clearly, beg to bring peace and stability to the country of plan."
The Cui state is even to say with smile:"Mr. with settle disorderly is lord, though kind-heartedness,http://www.headphonest.com, but cure from time immemorial in disorder impermanent.Start revolution and put~to death to have no way Qin from Gao Zu Zhan's snake, from disorderly but go into cure;Go to Ai and even life time for 200 years, peace the day is long, Wang Mang Cuan negative, again from cure but go into in disorder;Light Wu Zhong Xing , regroup a property, reply from disorderly but go into cure;Up to now 200 years, people Anne already a long time, the past weapons of war again rises everywhere:This just from cure to go into disorderly of, don't be able to Cu settle also.The general desire makes the bore mediate world clearly and mends the universe, perhaps not easy BE, the Tu gives a lot of care dint ear.Not'smell agreeable sky of Yi, negative sky of Lao';'The place of number, reason not get but Duo it;The place of life, the person doesn't get but strong of' Related articles:

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