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Doing not believe you can ask two uncles, there is also easy aunt An, if their someone agrees with you to do so and state that Tu Xi Kan kowtows for you to compensate offense right away!(The not yet finished treats continuously and knows that how funeral affairs is such as the desire, please land www., The chapter is more, support author, support original reading!)
The finger tip that states a Tu has already touched cotton Lian, words say very determinedly, but he still turns body once and sits to the opposite of the Yue earthquake.
Looking at he draws tight of corner of mouth, the Yue shook to rise a silk to crave for in the heart.The stating Tu is a person who very weighs feelings, if can have an ample reason, can definitely persuade him to support himself/herself.
The Yue earthquake cannots help but nervous, quickly search in brain.Should say what?The current circumstances states that the place being clear, spending money butchering is a lot of, the money income didn't think continuously.But this isn't all reason that can be able to stand on one's feet, he is 32 and then can refute one injured all over the body, would not° until from the another direction look for to break go.
Face the truth of intimate friend's at heart, the Yue shakes as if fore go medium situation huge rock, or so go back and forth, deliberate before or after, once in a very long while can not tell speech phrase.
See in remaining light the Yue earthquake tighten forehead and state that Tu Dun feels pretty much cant not bear to, the tone mollifies a lot naturally."How, the worsted in argument phrase is getting poorer?The means that the proper way makes money 10,0<0,000, shake little and why the need for Ting but walk insurance?I from has no objection to with a time nation of the person do business, but the premise has to be polite, Li tax should give to a nation, a text also not ability little.You I am understand, but after the Li tax, the goods of a time nation is still worth striving for, why the need for Mei wear conscience Sun Mr. fatty private?"
The words that state a Tu, give Yue earthquake just some little inspiration, he immediately once connected a words head to ask a way:"Rare Kan you come to teach me, what male, again is private?"
The thus immature problem immediately recruits to the cold stare of stating the Tu, he uses nasal cavity cold hum a , don't lead a face to go, put a pay'lazy regain to answer you'of appearance.
"The younger brother thinks that the male private boundary can not generalize my action, I just money that the private way up earns again return in Mr., with state diagram you however is a different roads lead to the same goal, only is 1 kind to helplessly improvise.The Xiang sun is post-war, the condition of soldier in the Yue house puts over there, you let my penny one going to of Li is slowly?You I can etc., martyr family members, who die for country, can also etc., is the helmet damaged but want to prepare the big ensign camp officers and men that meets the enemy at any time to wait?Become angry from embarrassment and take back Xiang, all the gold person of two states would like to etc.?"
"Argue irrationally!"The words that state a Tu are still very tough, but he is full of to struggle with the look in the eyes of conflict, still kept reflecting the gravamen of his heart deep place to calm down.
"That doesn't go to shout as well."Shen Tu Xi Kan's tone inside deeply infatuates Mang, probably is he also not understand to is to mean to say a Yue earthquake, still needs to persuade oneself?"The person who waits money to help isn't only you are a , if the everyones all want that shaking is little so, see national laws such as have no thing, isn't that the world is greatly disorderly?The Yue is handsome and the officers and mens at put together dead to defend national common people be not bullied, if our these businessmen, without restraint trample nation of dignity, and then how can be strong to must rise those loyalties for dying for the country?!"
The Yue shakes one Zhan in heart, can not deny the words sentence sentence of stating the Tu is managing.But is 1,100 in the last yearses, feeling and method's which and lightly and which weighing to have several people an ability amount of Dian clear?.
The Yue earthquake has no language, because he clear, the weighing scales in the oneself heart has been already tilted to one sided.He think, whenever oneselfs earn one more money, soldier officers and men in the Yue house then can eat like 1:00, wear a little bit thickly, can add and place some materials, Xiang sun city then many 1s promise, father, elder brother and their soldier, then little be subjected to injury.
Shen Tu is also silent, he doesn't believe that the Yue earthquake doesn't understand these truths.But he is more understand,cnn, the natural affection in front in blood circulates, the binding force of the key link convention method small wretchedness.Have how much have no one to turn to of man, for feeding an old and the young homicide more goods, and then have how much artificial can make the family living of like 1:00, throw national laws after brain.
If oneself and shake little is the bath of blood battlefield of full brother, father and elder brother, oneself returns an ability so righteousness just strict phrase?Return ability so the right and wrong is clear, is the brains clear?.
Examine one's conscience in, state Tu Xi Kan's fan Mang.The part is the method of country, another part is a blood relationship connect with each other, now in addition last brothers friendship, the market drifts along so many in the last yearses, Shen Tu has never felt thus difficult.
Is two person's imitating Buddhas all has already lost to talk**, the room inside one dead Ji.
Coming in to call the Lu uncle whom they have a meal is got a fright first, then is one belly of suspicious.Is two this is how?Facial expression 1 compares a **sink.Wait until everyone to gather by the side of the table, the Yue shakes soul departed from its abode strong make joys Yan,Facebook, state that Tu Xi Kan's absence of mind answers not ask, can three old man's houses also can not see clearly?.
Needed Yue to shake to confusedly pick after a few rice leave, a few old men then blocked to borrow past want to walk of Shen Tu.
Is helpless under, state to butcher 15110 of gave an account 2 people's antinomy, he also wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to listen to, old man how do the houses treat this affair.Who know his elongation neck, don't also wait until three old men evaluation, old man the houses seem the company once measured similar, all is as if deep in thought wear,google, leave one after another.
Is dignified of suppress to cover with in the whole courtyard, a the candle light of the room inside drills a window and shine upon small hospital very bright, but overwhelming victory empress of pleased celebrate have been all gone.
The tonight is a night that has no sleep.Zhe in Fujian province resides people of back yard in the thoughts and feelings 100001000 medium, don't discover hazy moonlight have already gradually drawn off, gray and eastern bright the first put on a first sun rays in the morning.
The Yue that lies on* with dress shakes in the evil-foreboding dream to wake up with a start and wipes the cold sweat of forehead and remember to make him terrible thousand times of dream world.In a dream, milli- impromptu of Xiang sun the city be drowned at dimensionless ride a soldier of war in, as if nasty sea roaring waves inside of one leaf Gu boat, momentarily, fragmented and disorganized trend blindly.
The gold soldier in the dream, unexpectedly imitate Middle Ages the east advertises for of crusaders.Knight and war horse the all concealed body is in the armor of utter darkness and gleam to bite the double of blood Tong on the shape ferocious noodles A.
The Yue shakes a jilting of malicious strength the head jump down*, the oppression in the adverse circumstances arose his will to fight, let he blood inside gifted obstinate burn.
It is quite good, state that the Tu is a best friend for oneself and colleague.But is even if close if father and son, brothers or husband and wife, who also there is no reason forcing other people and force a somebody else to give up the ideal in the heart and force a somebody else to throw the Zhen guard of principle.Have found these, the Yue earthquake feels to become clear suddenly, the difficulties of the in front is all difficult to cross already shortage for fear to.
I am a wealth by myself, I have leading military knowledge of this age 800 years.Greatly not leave a company from the Rong, and old daddy's eldest brother toghter fights shoulder to shoulder!.
In mind encourage own Yue earthquake, walk into take meal of dining room, but can not help stunned speechless.
Zhang Fei Qing, Li Qing shines on, Lu uncle, have already very neatly sat over there, three pairs of eyes that see come over in, climb full red silk.The Yue earthquake livings mournful and sorry and ashamedly so much and difficultly extrudes one smiling face of paying.
", The aunt and the uncleses rise really early.Whether also hear that someone is West Lake making what'wish Jie poem meeting', how many is going to gather together?"The Yue earthquake has no the words seek laughing merrily of words.Three old man's houses but nobody take a chamber and just quietly looking at him, female poet, Li Qing, shines on of the look in the eyes is the most complicated.
Trick nothing important effect of consistently using, the Yue earthquake has to the Nao wear skin of head, Tian write the face Be silly smile to say:"Hey Hey ···everyone know.Didn't relate to of, this is no wonder that Shen Tu ···"
"We severals didn't blame and scold Shen Tu shopkeeper meaning."Li Qing shines on to make his a person sing only Cape drama, once connected a positive color way of words Chi:"Person each the unwillingness with ambition not get, I wait although is old, is not careless either.So, we three old guys also want to chase own life ambition, and shake an elder brother, you say."
The Yue shakes guess, in a mess, three old men affirm and want to he or she's one lesson.See come because smuggle this mind, oneself really wants opposed by the masses and deserted by fo.
"BE is BE, you three old Ji Fu Li ambition save Gao Yuan, who say that a quasi- young person has his/her own dream?Hey Hey Hey ···but, I have some a very important matter, not the boy changes Related articles:

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