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Fully lead four hours after, give Er uncle especially their research just be over, Chen Han has never seen to give Er uncle especially, as an investor, he as long as heel week rain Han one person contact all right already, he is taking pastoral, let her carry on understand to here, look for person to do here later on now overall information supervision equipments, can understand at in home on each and every moves of island when the time comes, there is flowing supervision equipments, small scaled robot, plus to establish more some fixed monitors to order, because Chen Han decides to hit the heavy fee for writing gold goes in.
With lend Chen Han the core theories of these days of rain Hans that hand over to a week, week rain Han was used a few hours, became Na Lu the graduate school's most authoritative person is especially.Chen Han declares later on the rain Han in week is oneself in the Na Lu especially the spokesperson of graduate school, will be taken by him
The whole research process, oneself will carry on pumping capital into.
The affair of leaving has no toll-gate to fasten too much with Chen Han, this islet environment isn't bad, Chen Han seldom puts and take the pastoral, Lung-chuan and week rain poem finds out everywhere on the islet and see past those neglected of small village, also have the top in the island lived at first the residents once lived of place, and some buildings that had much of a special feature, various plants of tropical group of islands, plused some materials of recreations, the in a flash passed by for five days, the whole individual is all matchless to relax.
Certainly, in the pastoral, week rain poem at the time that they took a rest, a person of Chen Han him/herself also in the middle of continuously getting into sea self-discipline.
This day morning, Chen Han is in the bottom of sea self-discipline a night, slowly walk toward the sandy beach from the bottom of sea stroll to, haven't gone out to sea noodles at him, also in the sea of time, from a distance see stand in the sandy beach one personal shadow through the sea water, the wave undulates and see arrive coast of person also not is very clear, however these people's characteristics of island all more obvious, Chen Han still an eye recognizes out, that is Lung-chuan.
Although Lung-chuan also does sword, however hardly rise early so to come of, after particularly arriving at here, play games together with pastoral in the evening, usually have fun to arrive very late.The appearance that visits Lung-chuan, seem is answering the phone, lead probably several minutes, Lung-chuan just leave, Chen Han slowly walks to go ashore, the in the mind is like to occupy and feels a bit not right unclearly.
After two hours, the benefit Sen takes a person to deliver breakfast, Lung-chuan and pastoral heel week the rain poem all come out to have breakfast together, as for week the rain Han early have already got into to study status, basic insulate with the external world.
"Lung-chuan, we get up self-discipline, is all very big to help each other so in the morning hereafter."Is especially these days of in the Na Lu, Chen Han had a competition with Lung-chuan several times as well, although had the first-time experience, Lung-chuan still keeps having never had to arrive too big cheapness, Chen Han can always thought of some surprisingly ways to him in the combat each time, his head quarter feels in the after the event, and oneself how can commits a mistake like that.
Can once fighting, the ability of Chen Han Zong ushers in he goes and then acquires the biggest advantage, although swordsmanship in Lung-chuan get,cnn, also have no clean neatly once won once, particularly after having a competition each time, the evaluation of pastoral, make Lung-chuan depressed more.
Lung-chuan a listen to Chen Han saying so and putting a hand:"Calculated, we aren't a set road, did time to grow with you, will fight my self-confident heart of, now not the ability life and death mutually fight, words just have a competition, Be getting more unlike."
"Ha ha ……" Chen Han smiled to drink one mouthful juice, although the flavor doesn't have what that kind of processed to drink so much, but is natural, the similar coconut is general, directly insert straw to take among them:"That you also not the ability always play games with pastoral, the his body doesn't go, you have fun again today what time?"
Chen Han looking at pastoral concern's saying, Lung-chuan is in 1:"Have no much and late of, all of pastorals press some sleeping on time, your words she receives if Imperial decree, only I have fun late somely and just gotted up and then ran to have a meal, however you trust, my body is absolutely all right."
", That good" Chen Han ordered to nod and started having a meal.
After an hour, Chen Han made the pastoral go out, on the sandy beach, the surrounding one is open spaces.
Chen Han Dao:"Park park, do you have a way to listen to a telephone for Lung-chuan?"
Pastoral eye pupil a turn:"Elder brother, how?There is problem in Lung-chuan?"
"The problem talks not up" Chen Han hopes an ocean way:"I saw Lung-chuan at will chat severals while answering the phone in the sandy beach, but having a meal this morning,he had intention to avert from this, and I was thinking an affair, Lung-chuan was an inner palace superior, protect I was surely his task, but he could come here along with us, must be notified superior.From his leisurely and carefree facial expression, let me thought of an affair, the target of the other party perhaps isn't me now, but-Yao Ren."
Chen Han before didn't think the affair of this aspect too cautiously,google, because he is also very busy, Be quiet to cultivate on the islet for these several days now, Na Lu especially of the affair completely hand over to the rain Han in week, he starts thoughting of other some affairs.If Xie Jia's person really needs to make reprisals, or runs Chang sea to make reprisals, be give to thank second fly to revenge, thank second fly is what oneself kills, but this affair in addition to Yao Ren, have no others to know.
In the their eyes, afraid of oneself this once held tight Xie Xie, they employed the doctor whom the cutthroat didn't kill and had been of no account.The background of the Yao Ren very survey, once the background that investigates Yao Ren, they will also button up the affair that Xie Jia perish to in the head of Yao Ren, thus ……the Yao Ren is dangerous.
Chen Han Dao:"You see, can supervise and control the telephone of Lung-chuan and also have and contact Sun Xiao Yue."
"H'm" the pastoral nod, immediately beginning, led in a short while, the pastoral is tiny to knit the brows:"The elder brother perhaps doesn't go, the cellular phone of this Lung-chuan is has been encrypted specially, the simplicity wants to depend a network to invade his cellular phone inside, will be advanced go into especially frequently the internal network of place just go, otherwise be from the hardware up and down hand, however this is perhaps also not easy."

Volume 2 chapter 115 Yao Ren is grasped
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"H'm" Chen Han combine in addition to never thought that, early have preparation:"This is very normal, contact Sun Xiao Yue, I beat for her to conduct electricity words and shut down, you see you to contact top?"
Because Sun Xiao Yue's work is more dangerous, particularly after being the affairs that thanks scorpion, Chen Han lets the pastoral to her to install a thing of similar she's watch also, however heel oneself this is different BE, she that is more hidden, and pastoral not the start or Sun Xiao Yue doesn't start of time, is the watch of a cake of commonness, contact is also depend Mo Si password contact, after all Sun Xiao Yue is a criminal police captain, Chen Han doesn't think that the pastoral usually contacts and knows too many affairs of inner parts, this to she also not good, the secret knew much, sometimes isn't a good matter.
Led for more than 10 minutes, pastoral pleased way:"Contact last, the little month elder sister says they are gathered to carry on a training, cut off the whole and the external world of contact."
Chen Han Dao:"Ask her, what does the Yao Ren do now?"
Again lead in a short while, pastoral way:"Elder brother, the little month elder sister says that she doesn't know, however the Yao Ren was gathered a training to before once lift 1, said to match with at her what inner palace the superior does what."
Indeed as expected is so,Facebook, Chen Han didn't guess wrong and matched with an inner palace superior, should be match in Lung-chuan in of that, basically contact not last Yao Ren at this time, Chen Han wanted to think and felt that oneself could not stay again here.
"Park park, I rush through first to return to, Yao Ren there afraid of in danger, you heel Lung-chuan and week rain poem you return to together."After the affair of Anne Tony Chris, week rain poem's honesty many, and the pastoral has Lung-chuan here at, can't have a too heavy affair, either.
The pastoral understands the elder brother's meaning, there is Lung-chuan at, before many affairs are inconvenient, because Chen Han is all right, he wants to act and wants to jilt to open Lung-chuan naturally now.
The pastoral nods a way:"The elder brother stops worrying, I trail him."
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