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The wife hurry yin and yang tempers for a while, province the wife ascend fire all day long, at you that small face that is beautiful up suppress a pimple to come to your man and love!"
Trail arms a horse",
"Oh,google!You, you do what!Wu and Wu Wu"your loafer!, Don't go!Don't go there, "E, ah!The yous, you lightly order
One room beauties of spring connects down harmony.
Do*love to do*love, did to just have love.
It isn't well-known to is being above a certain"Gao Ren.Leave of"teach."
The week easily feels"BE troubled at heart at my heart how not letter?See red at the moment the small face darling nestle at him nearby of the imperial concubine then knew.Cough.Is exaggerated
Heng, bad thing!You see you make"wrinkly Ba expects of, this calls how the somebody else wear" to my clothes.
Imperial concubine tightly the Wan wear a week easily of an arm, another small hand is continuously to pull have some wrinkly dress Cape.See an easy corner of mouth of week and pin up smiling face, she not the delicate meat of the twisted an easy waist of week by ashamed and resentful malicious.
"Is painful!"
The week easily and hurriedly makes change a facial expression that pitiful Ba expects and begs for mercy a way:"Wife, your adult has in great quantities and show leniency a small life of Rao!You see a company an inside so many people, descend so again to go "my this board director knows" ha ha
Imperial concubine's side fixed attention on Cape to throw 1.The sweet and charming look in the eyes is past.Hum a way:"That how again?Don't think that I don't know, your this president presses a root at ordinary times ignore matter, you threw face and dignity how again?Anyway is always all elder sister Zheng taking care of!"
Though to say like this.Can the imperial concubine's small hand but silently release.The week is easy mouth what he like an imperial concubine most is such a, enough good and wise!No matter how in the mind is angry, can in front of outsider, the imperial concubines will notice to stay a face for him.
Being silly smile is two, the week easily looking at to seem to has pistil two wear he wants a point small place of Mang imperial concubine the good life ask a way!"Imperial concubine imperial concubine, you note to curse a point where?"
The imperial concubine didn't turn head, the foot didn't stop to take a stroll of say at the same time:"Certainly is seek elder sister Zheng!You this bad thing a walk is so long, knew elder sister Zheng to expend for your company how many ideas?Is conscienceless"
Seek elder sister Zheng?The week easily frightens almost call to make a noise.Open what fun?With difficulty coax an imperial concubine well, this.The time sees elder sister Zheng together with her, who know meeting can't again what the son of Yao E,cnn?He immediately the forehead emit sweat, the corner of mouth is a bit tiny have muscular spasms of say:"E and imperial concubine imperial concubine!Did I returned to companies to once thank elder sister Zheng?Isn't "ha ha, you see now also till time of having the supper, " equal to us to seek a place to have a meal?"
The imperial concubine stops descend step, the week easily is breathing a sigh of relief, thinks to move her"but didn't expect the girl return overdo come to give him an abnormality brilliant but be suffused with the smiling face of a certain and difficult to express meaning unclearly:"Have a meal?That isn't hasty"your one person thank not to calculate!How to wear also get our 2 people go the just sufficient sincerity of thankful elder sister Zheng together!You say"is several?.
Is four prolong intentionally of monosyllabic, immediately came out cold sweat the easy empress back of week, he immediately and without thinking says:"BE!Listen to the designation of wife's adult!Wife's adult is correct forever". Play trick!Follow the imperial concubine sees Liu Zheng, that perhaps will back all over;But if the Wu went against her meaning this time"that says not to get will immediately"depart from this life to die"!
"Elder sister Zheng!"
Liu Zheng peeped out a small good-looking smiling face small" easy, imperial concubine imperial concubine, you came."
The imperial concubine released tightly the Geng wears of week easy arm,Facebook, like squab hurl wood the general dogtrot a head of rushed toward into Liu Zheng's bosom and generally and tightly embraced like the little girl her to get fed up with a voice to smile.
Week easy double of eyes more stare more big, what's going on here?Elder sister Zheng unexpectedly spoils touching of Ni the imperial concubine's head?E", are these two feelings so good?
Completely, , before anticipate with him of circumstance inconformity!
In the week think easily come, the imperial concubine pulls he sees Liu Zheng, that most likely be make a showdown, keeping the speech"week Mo" is a so-and-so husband, hereafter don't must be continuing to approach and so forth"can now?Two female the Jiao smile to embrace each other together, two facial expressions of small faces are so of earnestness"if say all of this is at performance of words, those 2 people affirmation is "movie queen" Class of!
Nao Nao head, the week easily decides to temporary don't open mouth and calm down first view it changes.The truth that the speech much and necessarily loses he still knows of, especially currently under this just a little some uncanny circumstances, if he speaks carelessly an attention that carelessly asks for to two females, that not is do which only causes trouble?
Hence the week is easy will"silent was the gold this sentence to develop extreme achievement, sit on the sofa previous not.If isn't that the posture is inconsistent, side person the still true meeting takes him as that famous of"thinking.!Certainly, the week easily can't be like it so the "thinking" go out and wear today what clothes"but is contemplating should how should to his few various problems that may appear among the girlses.
However having been having no answer be.
, Feed!"
The week is easily fond of the look in the eyes of Mang a pure, just a little some startledly looking at the imperial concubine whom the at present Wan wears Liu Zheng's arm, "how?"
The imperial concubine is wrinkly wrinkly cleverly made nose, "think again what you!Get up at once, I measure with elder sister Zheng's company.Want to together go out to have a meal now
"?Oh oh"week easy head of Nao Nao, " have a meal good!Ha ha, that we hurriedly set out".He says the station is started and then wants to leave.Have no a way.The week easily sees now the girl get together some hair Maos, or hurriedly leave them far some is wonderful.Province they come together a target on him.
"Mistake?Etc.".The imperial concubine's voice rings out from the back, the week easy heart palpitates immediately leaked a to clap.The body involuntarily stopped down.The girl says:"Why the hurry?And didn't someone notify?.
The week easily feels his/her own voice being some to tremble:"Return and still have who?"
The imperial concubine peeped out a , very sweet smiling face, as if nothing has occurredly vomited the name that the week easily and most doesn't want to hear at the moment:"Was a clouds of many colors at that time?Everyone is at the right moment so long to be missing, get together together today!"
The week is easy:.
Hence the 3 people team just became a 5 people team five minutes later.E, don't calculate wrong, really is five people.Three while seeking clouds of many colors the people discover that Xue Xiao's drinking is present, naturally again many a person adds widely"
Clouds of many colors and Xue Xiaos' drinking has never given the week easily good facial expression to see.
The nature of clouds of many colors because take place strong kissed affairs lately, but Xue Xiao drink but because the imperial concubine's cause, week easy disappearance was to disappear for two months, had the imperial concubine's emotion in the this period of time been all very not good, was an imperial concubine Xue Xiao of the good sister to drink to remember very clearly!
Listen to four, girl the Ji Ji Zha Zha's talking smiles, the week easily no longer wants to vomit slot"
Beg to order to recommend a ticket.
ECHO is placed in to close status.
Chapter 3152 company condition
Is six inside.Lived apart two months of long guest benefit have already manily had to accumulate I, hanging the bodywork is a silver grey color, the dust of top's arriving isn't very attractive either.Liu Zheng and imperial concubines ascended the rear row of guest benefit, week easy honesty of act as cheese machine.
Clouds of many colors then drives they's A, Xue Xiao drinks to follow her.
From beat to leave company easily and then don't see Zhang Hai and Lin Wu's figure for week, however he is inattentive.With those two occupation characters of"inner palace superior", want to come to can't thus and easily and then drop a brigade, estimate to is awake oneself is the this place in a certain small unattractive place!
The week easily notices, that set specially refits of the Audi still stop in the parking lot.At the time that motoring left, he passed to see a mirror to see one eye behind again, fruit not it however of discovered that set car to also launch at the same time.
Have no words all the way. The business of"grandmother's house" today is very good, usually have a meal here at Liu Zheng so much, mixed a face with owner familiar, early and early and then 1.The telephone lets there and specially leave a reserved box, week easy 5 people arrive rear just don't meet the embarrassing situation of "have no can sit".
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