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Lisa in sky sees Liu Yan Ni, on the face immediately the heap is full smile, say:"Can also have who, scold your cooperation colleague, damn of Hao Qi.The engineering style of workplace the close book, I make a phone call for him, but he makes me go up to seek him to the workplace.Really turned over a sky, the old Niang was it happened that to wait him here, saw him daring not to come back today."
"The outside has no ground to sit and comes in."Liu Yan Ni invites Lisa to say.
Lisa Don't mention it comes in, not etc. Liu Yan Ni mutually lets, sat down.She wrap and dismantle to put a bottom one side, looked around to ask a way behind on all sides:"What about ice Ying?"
", Went to hospital to go to, with Lee is the people just in imposing array."
"The somebody elses are all in imposing array, and you.House I but give treasure mountain, ten thousand matters have, owes east breeze.Doing not blame me to talk isn't good to listen, since is two marriages, went together with to reply a marriage at first, sought a day to ascend to record, once the firecrackers put, go toward bedding inside on drilling, small day ability red fire fire ground lead spirit come, why the need for a drag along to delay any more."
Liu Yan Ni doesn't want to discuss this topic and opens words to say for the branch:"Does the Hao Qi promise back?"
Talk to see and then hear the door of next door to ring, Lisa knows to is a Hao Qi back, stand up go toward outside walk.Liu Yan Ni fed a , then walk to the ex- table to start to grasp a telephone, stir the telephone of beating the next door."Occupy here, you come over for a while."Liu Yan Ni towards a words tube to say.
"Is really a descendants of royal families, none of one-step roads wants to walk."Lisa says.Liu Yan Ni smiles again and says:"Let him come over, have what you directly say him, if he dares to argue, I also burn for you."
2 people are talking, unauthorized biography in the door comes to step voice.Just Yi in the door opened to together sew and hadn't seen the figure of Hao Qi, hear him saying:"This old Niangses son, greatly spray a ground to scold me for the dog blood in the morning-"
Liu Yan Ni listens to come out, Hao Qi this is scolding Lisa.Lisa certainly more knows that the Hao Qi is scolding himself/herself.
Waited Hao Qi to come in to see Lisa, the facial expression immediately became a liver of pig color.He sees Liu Yan Ni, Liu Yan Ni Wu wears a mouth to want to smile and doesn't dare break into laughter;He sees Lisa, Lisa's eyes stare be like a copper bell, wrinkly the eyebrows hate an ability one mouthful not to swallow this.
The Hao Qi stands on the doorway and knows that oneself made trouble and anxious and fearfully said:"Just on the workplace, a worker's mistake, haven't I spoken a few lines, she unexpectedly dare bicker with me and also scolded me, so I-"
"That worker is a female of?"Lisa asks a way.
"Is is is, not Kui is-" tremble with fear of Hao Qi scaredly says.
"Does she have much big age?"
"And your mama's age is look like, you will can't admit mistake a person, she is your mama."
The face of Hao Qi from red become green, from green arrive red, the lips Zhang He Ji's time, end what don't also speak.With his identity and the position, he still you does me too much honor noodles and Lisa to compete.
The handle knob of Liu Yan Ni puts down from the mouth, pulls a face to be all seriousness and in a serious manner says:"Be not I say you and see your statures, the Shu writes so high, place levelly so long, squat down so a lot of, talk to always say whatever comes to mind.If you want to call names, which can not scold, don't want to scold elder sister, if she became angry and saw not to take out your Jin, shelled your skin and became you a hairless whole body dog.Still not quick to elder sister acknowledgement mistake."
Liu Yan Ni moves for Hao Qi come ladder, Hao Qi just come over here, put right hand before chest, toward Lisa profoundly Ju one Gong, say:"Execuse me, you scolded me, my in the mind contains hatred, so want to deliver a grievance, I know Be getting wronger, please forgive me.I pay to compensate offense to you here this noon, please definitely come."
"This is just like personal appearance and sit down.I still think that you ate big muck in the morning, the mouth is so smelly.I ask you, the engineering style soon settled accounts, and you intended how to assign."Lisa again sarcasm the Hao Qi is 2, come straight to the point ground to start to ask the business of engineering style.
Hao Qi knows that Lisa comes to want money.Want in the day that they fond of each other, the business regardless loses money to still keep earning money, want ~only the openings of Lisa, Hao Qi the meeting satisfy her request possibly.Now dissimilarity, the Hao Qi knew Lisa produced to envy for the sake of the red plum and passed Wang Xun with whole once cured him.In addition last Liu Yan Ni's emergence, the Hao Qi had a new powerful supporter again, Lisa is in his eyes not essential.See an of Lisa speaking of giving bonus, the Hao Qi says with helpless look:"Do not say that the engineering style didn't settle accounts, be settled accounts Zheng don't arrive how much as well.Is another of you don't know, workplace one opening killed three people, you were clear, light this accompanied nearly 2,000,000.Your kid's going abroad you has already taken away 300,000, I say that you have already taken a head-"
Lisa sees Hao Qi don't put he or she at all in the eye, start to raise cross-legged to turn head sideways Xun to scold a way:"Do not pack a garlic, construct the profits of profession I than you clear, invest several must, Qian He of the Zheng 351,000,000.I can tell you, if you could not say ugly Yin Mao of statures, I participated, don't say that you earn money when the time comes, be want the mat that take to return you's supporting is all problem, don't believe we touch to try and see."
Hao Qi knows that the Lisa's cruel hand is hot, suits the action to the word, didn't also do to bicker more.Lisa sees Hao Qi a Zhi voice no longer, continue sarcasm he says:"Do not think that you had a new powerful supporter to dare to cheat me now,you didn't see out, I and Yan Ni now but good sister, you gave offense to me, equaled to give offense to her,fake oakleys, don't believe you to ask Yan Ni.".
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Chapter 723 a leg ascend long two feet
Lisa says the words have been lookinging at Hao Qi, sees Hao Qi shake with fright.The Hao Qi once accepts Lisa of malicious recruit, if gave offense to her, she absolutely couldn't pass himself/herself.He lifts to see to see Liu Yan Ni, Liu Yan Ni made an expression of eyes for him.He doesn't understand the deep idea of Liu Yan Ni's expression of eyes, piece a few mouths didn't speak words.Liu Yan Ni sees the at a loss what to do of Hao Qi, clear say:"The elder sister says right, we are one family now, you be once still not quick to admit a mistake for elder sister, make her forgive you."
Hao Qi this just understands to come over and moves a step, again to Lisa Ju one Gong, say:"Your hand the eye is all-powerful, to my teach me have been keeping firmly in mind.I cooperate with you fore, cooperate with Yan Ni at after.You trust and wait engineering style to arrive Zhang, you should take how much I to you how much, in no case will be little you penny money.Huang Shan is the cashier of company, Qian Chu Chu of the Zhang's entering into her is the clearest.You at the beginning arrange her on the finance, I am to want to control my financial standing-"
BE admitting a mistake on the mouth of Hao Qi, but a words of the end still keep divulging secret unintentionally and obviously reveal the disaffection is to Lisa.Lisa is wrinkly eyebrows to see him and say:"The complete nonsense that puts you, you were in need of hand at that time I just recommended Huang Shan to you, you not only didn't appreciate favors given now, anti- pour strange rise me.Yan Ni you see, and can the person like this make contact with?If I want to control you, absolutely as easy as turning over hand, use wear to find job for Huang Shan in the company?Anotherly don't say, the engineering style is one matter, if I make Gao Han Gei take charge of small Qian of Tu to beat hello and literally seek some trouble on the engineering, only afraid you even penny money also takes not to come to hand."
Liu Yan Ni early thinks the branch opens a topic, hope Lisa doesn't chase attention concentration on Hao Qi and listen to now Lisa mention tall cold, ask a way:"How, this engineering return and Gao Han You's relation."
"Hum, not only relevant fasten, take charge of Tu the small Qian come to northern original city to invest, originally was high cold to have to pass important function."Lisa proud ofly says.From started last night, Lisa started for the tall cold promoted but proud of.She has already adjusted to like own mindset and continuously and in mind once warns oneself, in the later private life, her feelings Related articles:

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