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Talk, he knew, need not how long, he will go out from this office, as for arrive where, that mood that wants to see him.He still works hard a ground of each part that wipes a computer, only and perhaps left out a certain place.Before walking, he wants to believe a loan department to leave fine impression,cnn.
Liu Yan Ni walks to didn't fall in own seat, stretched hand to start to grasp one Luo newspaper to tore smash.This also doesn't understand spirit, she throws the newspaper tearing to pieces toward the air.The slip is satisfied in succession,Facebook.Gao Han Kan one eye, say with smile:"You this is a sky, female spreads a flower."Was high cold to finally talk, Liu Yan Ni found out to lately vent object again, have never liked spirit ground Xun to scold a way:"Wipe your table, don't talk, the nobody chases you when the dummy sold."
The department that is ever since that time high cold to arrive at to believe a loan hasn't seen Liu Yan Ni once delivering a temper and having already intentionally bickered to say:"Am not I talking, how can be a dummy?"Being by this time high cold in Liu Yan Ni's eyes is absolutely a heinous ferocious and damned bad egg, bad ruthlessly say:"Do you still wipe table clean, you think that you can wipe clean?Even if wiped the table clean,google, and your body?What about your soul?"Gao Han Jian, Liu Yan Ni, more says it's more too ridiculous, throw the dish cloth to the table, turn head sideways to query Liu Yan Ni's way:"I how not clean, only are you clean?It is clean or not to lie in soul, but don't lie in a form.I examine one's conscience, I am very clean.But you?Do you dare to clap chest to say that you are clean?Only the soul dirty talented person will insult and humiliate other people thus."
The high cold words incensed Liu Yan Ni, she suddenly think of the video frequency that she goes toward to deliver in tall cold computer and changed a face right away, and the soft voice ground says:"We didn't dispute this problem, I forgot to tell you and recorded in your mailbox you whether clean evidence, you want to open to see now.After once seeing you if dare also talk by this attitude and me, even if you have a kind."Gao Han Yi Leng sees Liu Yan Ni, from the light that she shows unintentionally in eyes, very self-confident.He wiped to do a hand and immediately started a computer.Owed to tear to pieces, Liu Yan Ni could not played fresh pattern any further.
Video frequency not only the picture is clear, also take voice.Is a **of the man press at a **of chemisette body up is done with various posture unbearable go into a purpose to act.He tightly hugs a woman pretty thin waist limb, the body constantly rises and falls on chemisette, and the mouth also keeps chewing to bite a chemisette mouth.The man makes no noise, the reckless behavior is his best language.The woman continuously distorts body, the Jiao sending out repeatedly breathes heavily and groans, this moan, a string of string water voice of small river be like night mountain brook to roll to fall, the rhythm is clear, continues.The man occasionally raises head, high cold discover, this man is to so acquaint with, absolutely look exactly alike with oneself.But chemisette from the beginning go to tails all have been concealing in the man's underneath, sees the Tong body disappearing face.
But high cold clear, this woman is Liu Yan Ni.
Was high cold to delete a video frequency, balloon was like to lose power, the Tan sits on the chair, an on every occasion.Is silent in a short while, he just looking at Liu Yan Ni, the little spirit feebly says:"You, exactly want to do what?You do like this, along with ruin us 2."
At this time, Liu Yan Ni expressed an image of fair lady.She the smile of one face, exceed cat to tread, slightly walk the behind raise to hand a depending of chair a back to high cold chair, pair of head anteversion, kissed an one mouthful on the high cold face, say:"Is dear, you how have no a temper, just you aren't a man very spirit?I like your man like this.Saw a like this good lens, moved.I know that you will move of, you see you much successful, each action was full of.You are absolutely writing poem, the poem of bold and unconstrained parties.The surprised big wave claps shore and curls up thousand heaps of snow.Is romantic be always beaten breeze by rain to blow to go, take young, like good romantic, otherwise, arrive advanced in age, can want not to can make."Gao Han Niu is overdo, return to hope Liu Yan Ni to say:"You come in for not afraid someone.""I am afraid of, I am the woman who once got married, but you be not."Being high cold has to stand up dynasty doorway to walk.He is anti- to lock up a door, slowly come back, separate a table to stand with Liu Yan Ni.
Liu Yan Ni's victory, at and high cold carry on the process that the mental state contests in, high coldly close the door on one's own initiative, explain that he had guilty conscience and had already been placed in a leeway.
Liu Yan Ni once rounded table to come over here, high cold the Ye arrive in the chair afresh and still hand a depending of chair back.Then the false smile ground is to Gao Han Shuo:"If the yellow secretary and director piece saw this video frequency, doing not know would make what feeling.My guess has a few possibilities as follows:The first, you fuck off from here.The second unwillingly leaves you, but you and the wedding of their baby's daughter will become the beam of modern version to wish.3 ……"Liu Yan Ni haven't finished saying, high cold once turned round for suddenly an uprising, the hands take on Liu Yan Ni's shoulder and entreat a way:"Yan elder sister Ni, you aren't saying again.I know you can't the video frequency let anyone see of, you can't cut off feeling so.You have what request a tube, I definitely promise you.Just is similar, I have to get married with Xian Xian."
Liu Yan Ni saw to Gao Han Fu soft, small voice thin spirit ground high cold re- press in the seat, say:"If must I hamper?"Is another high cold time of suddenly the station rise and looking at Liu Yan Ni's eyes and resolutely say:"This is the premise, you have to promise.If there is no this premise, I sign Ma Zou Ren and leave this city, didn't play this game."Liu Yan Ni again tall cold press, blunt once he smile and say:"The boy is enough spoony, good, I help you.As for I need you to do what, I will notify yours when the time comes."Gao Han Zhi can nod.He has already not lost to nod of qualifications.He sounded out sex ground to ask 1 and said:"What about that video frequency?"Liu Yan Ni ha ha on smiling, squint a Jing way:"So beautiful art work, I how willing to give up destroy.I ain't rest assured, even if I hand over to the other people the preservation."
Volume 3
Chapter 125 formally assigns duties(1)
Liu Yan Ni's video frequency after fighting down high cold re- put on character mask.She returns to her own seat, the bottom hasn't sat steady, order Gao Han Shuo him/herself thirsty want to drink water.Is high cold to see Liu Yan Ni, Liu Yan Ni is opening a computer.Gao Han Zuo don't move.Liu Yan Ni's seeing tall cold don't appreciate his/her own meaning, said 1 again:"Is high cold, my thirst."Is high cold to twist face toward her, Liu Yan Ni makes a signal by pursing to the fountain machine Nu, high cold this just understands, she is she to want to pour water.Gao's trembling with fear an inside is that 1,000s aren't happy.10,000s aren't glad, but at the thought of Liu Yan Ni holds his/her own not only colourful evidence and has to to stand up to pour a glass water for Liu Yan Ni to put on her table.He can discommode himself/herself to keep off himself/herself by expecting otiose trouble.
Is high cold to turn round is about to leave, Liu Yan Ni Hey Hey once the ground smile and say:"This to.The man of expression of eyes begs for a person most happy."Gao Han Wu talks with to, "hum"ed 1 just with the nose.Is high cold to as much as ever suppress oneself, "hum" this medium of despising and being as low as lowest limit, but Liu Yan Ni still kept listenning to high cold disaffection, hence to Gao Han Shuo:"The emotion that has to not resist, hereafter very long day in, you I will the morning and night get along with.I hope our match flawless and be full of delectation."Gao Han Xiang Wu lives ear, but he always don't raise a hand.Wait Liu Yan Ni's precept to complete, he just slowly returns to his own seat.
Close by year end, is the peak season that the reputation agency returns funds, is also the season that the letter loan members become rich.Liu Yan Ni opens a computer, beat a list of loan to send to high cold in front and said:"The please beats 1 time for each customer and reminds that they don't forget to return a style according to the telephone of this top."When she return to her own seat, and then add a way:"The every loans all want to pay an interest of and is a person also thus, once obtained, will pay for it, sometimes of the price may be very expensive."Finish saying that returning behind is overdo, dynasty Gao Han Yi smiles and asks a way:"You say BE?"Gao Han Hei face, pack don't hear, the tube pickeds up a telephone and gets to stir a dozen.
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