cnn also explosion come

Little Lin Ge Song shrugs shoulders Bang, in the public security room doorway stop over about 23 minutes, just push door into afresh again.
"Return, I canned be Don't mentioned it!"
Little Lin Ge sees the right foot of the other party from above fiercely split toward he or she's chest, the hurried hands cross, offensive clip tightly the other party relentless, then put out strength to embrace the calf of the other party, rude of call a way:"You are getting more crazy!"
"I am to go crazy, wood ……north ……any, you this mixs Mao egg, you hang up three social public order of taking four, disturbings, and I want to remove evils from the people!"Long Yan Yue today for keeping oneself from appearing again was similar to before of expose affairs, specially changed a close fitting jeans and a blouse for getting Gao, strict what oneself wrapped up actually solid, don't say to see some captivating part, be see a her snow-white Bo neck, also can appreciate front-line white light.She sees the noodles that the other party hold up her own aggression, is also a spirit permit to rise red, raise a left hand, mercilessly clap toward his chest,Facebook.
"Is this to recruit again, you can change some fresh(full text word small 說閱讀 , 盡 at ωар .1 ⑥κ xs.cn (One ⑹κ .С Om.Text.學網 )
Recruit type?"
Little Lin Ge turned over to turn over cold stare very helplessly, the aggression method of the other party how can and so same old things?Seem oneself with she met for the third time of time, he be use this kind of recruit type hello he of, however the oneself nature can't use Long Zhao Shou again, but open two very simply now row pure tooth, bite toward the small hand of the other party.
"……" Long Yan Yue how can thoughts of that the other party is used this kind of strange recruit?Frightenned a to greatly jump, quickly retracted small hand.
Little Lin Ge is satisfied tiny to raise neck, put the right leg of the other party down, said very shamelessly:"This to,google, the woman will have chemisette shape, don't beat to kill all day long of, similar to the virago of, seem also only I dare to want you and change to be other people, who can can be subjected to your this fierce temper!"
"What do you say?"The tooth that Long Yan Yue annoys keeps Yang Yang, does the other party unexpectedly dare to say that oneself is a virago, also say to have no man to dare to want himself/herself?This be not to oneself tremendous indignity?She wields hands and have no composition of rushed toward to come over toward the other party.
"Do you return?, Don't bite me,cnn, Help, bit to kill a person ……"
Little Lin Ge hasn't responded to come over, the other party unexpectedly the hands hold tight their own necks and mercilessly kept on biting, painful get his two hands confused push the other party, but feel to commence is two regiment the thing of the soft plentiful M, square Buddha the just out of the oven big plain wheat roll is similar.
", Your rascal!"The Long Yan Yue hands Wu wears*department, cut up rough of look at him.
Little Lin Ge lowers the head to touch he or she be bitten of place, unexpectedly again two rows unclearly invite invite of tooth, there is also a silk blood exudation, this lets his temper in the body bone also explosion come out:"You were born in the year of the Dog!"
"I was born in the year of the Dog and always compared you the belong to rascal of well!"Long Yan Yue now is an abashed angered pole, why the other party two hands a touch their oneselfs**, will have a kind of impulse of hard control?She discovers that her own current body seems more and more sensitive, oneself and in front the mix Mao egg before take place of affair all one act act the Shan is at present, let her lightly bite shell Chi now, bearing with body the inside is that different felling.
Little Lin Ge takes out a piece of face towel paper and wiped that scar, intentionally the color fan is fond of of stare at her crisp*, way:"I am to belong to rascal, can you chase how I wear?Allow you to kiss me, forbid to make me touch you?"
"I, do I kiss you?"What Long Yan Yue annoyed almost faints, oneself just is that to kiss?
"How?Be not?"Little Lin Ge pointed to point those two lines of teeths to print very shamelessly, called way, " this is the evidence, not I seek tiny son, show her this is what things, probably she will think that you are biting me!"He finishes saying this sentence and then turns round to walk toward the doorway.
"Lin Bei any, you, you this mixs the Mao egg, rascal, rascal, devil, you stop for me, have you already heard?I orderany you to stop!"Long Yan Yue frightenned a to greatly jump, if the other party really seeks Liu Wei, oneself even if has 300 Chu of opening mouth to also can not remember clearlies, she can disregard of blunt past, prepare Ye to live the other party, but Lin Bei how any say is also a big man, how may be what her Ye gets?Finally can the hands carry on the back after embracing the other party of, the whole bodies all stuck up.
Little Lin Ge Zhi feels an empress the back squeeze the thing of harming two full softnesses, also tiny tinily rub, let he just drive Su the fine son seduces of yu fire again coming out of Ceng Ceng, and the young girl subtle fragrance that inebriates a person of the other party body, make his empress carry on the back also tiny tinily urge, feel the friction there.
"You, you, ……" Long Yan Yue feels the appearance of the other party some oddness and seem don't leave of meaning, but do strange action, just when he puzzles to don't understand, she feels that the friction of her own sensitive part seems to be more violent, it lets her body inside of that kind of is different to feel again and gobble up since then, let her open a small mouth, send out 1 if have if have no of*sing a voice.
Little Lin Ge hears her the overwhelm by joy an eclipse bone of*sing a voice, almost will enchant ego.
Although Long Yan Yue feels the indisposition of whole body, also know oneself at do what, her noodles permits the pole of abashed Nan, mercilessly pushes the other party 1 and angried a way:"You, you are this rascal, what did you do to me?"She feels own irritable cheek, the square Buddha fire burns cloud generally, many several cent, the rose is red.
", You ……" little Lin Ge's body originally didn't be so weak, but drive he so on pushing, on the right foot once make an effort greatly, let wound again appear a burst of and violent ache, let him keep on pouring toward the ground.
Long Yan Yue's complexion a surprised, quickly hold tight the wrist of the other party, but she this energy how can pull live the man of more than 100 catties?Accompany with two surprised noise of shouting, their two people all roll on the ground together.
Little Lin Ge Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's desire turns over a body to get up, but sees the fragrant lips of the other party right against the face rushes toward toward oneself, he stares big eyes.
This little girl can't be take advantage of an opportunity to kiss oneself?
His this mind hasn't spread to go, two people's lips already the close collision is together.
Two person's eyes stare more even big than cow eyely, is this the spark that the legendary friction comes out?
If Long Yan Yue almost has a kind of felling that cries out, oneself can swear to the God, oneself at 1:00 want to kiss the viewpoints of the other party to be all have no, just oneself's body can not keep equilibrium, at will fall to come over, but change toward him an angle sees, really is own the lips run into the other party lips first, this be regarded as what heel what?
Little Lin Ge feels the other party of the lips mercilessly kiss their own lips, while the soft breasts of the other party Be malicious to squeeze own chest, that repeatedly of You joss-stick a brains of hurtle into his nostril, let he a burst of faints, originally old sky of not bad to oneselfs, if oneself doesn't order what again, that not sorry oneself handsome face, his tongue the square Buddha squid is similar to drill into the other party of mouth cavity inside, continuously absorb to grant the other party of fragrant Jin, also continuously get in touch with the other party of small joss-stick tongue, and two of his big hands also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, the empress from the other party smooth softness carries on the back always**arrive the plentiful M pretty raises of in the beautiful hip.
Good heavens, I this can't be dream?
Long Yan Yue is again shocked to live, oneself and he and then at kiss?Front how many can be treated as misunderstanding, but this time?Will the other party can't think that oneself is intentionally seducing him, so is just such?She feels the hands of the other party a square the Buddha own magic general, that the felling for getting an electric shock, let own body have a kind of mightiness of need, below seem ……have a little damp.
Long Yan Yue of"Wu Wu ……" is a bit uncomfortable of want to get away from to open kissing of the other party, mumbling 1.
Little Lin Ge hasn't finished tasting this kind of to overwhelm by joy of taste, how how can release her quickly?Two of his big hands used to make an effort spirit again, let two people's have no any further Related articles: