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And sometimes, greatly strong with distance, the business experienced person like this of Li Yuan Hang, ask through
Although this period of time, he feels that he's growing up has been enough quick, experience also backlog many.But he still feels that he has a not enough place, he still feel that he should strengthen study.He feels that he was self-educated before of the thing, have already not too gone around, his demand was further of advanced study.
The this Lee ambition Yang sits upright in his office.Lookinging at the wealth will department the sea for delivering the sky take orally a liquid, in April the earnings report of , looking at the number of that top.Li Zhi Yang suddenly feels very empty, don't know why, very empty!
He was a little bit fond of Mang, oneself put together so to fight to the death to live for the sake of what?
Want the older generation son, he is a grass root, ant clan, for the sake of living but rush about everywhere.Most as beginning is arriving at a capital city, he also once once had ideal, also ever wanted want lean against own effort worked hard an oneself's one for sky,cnn, whenever television ex- put the billionaires of those self-made mans to relate, he sweet successful career of time, he was always continuously seeing.He believed that opportunity would give those persons who have preparation at that time, but he the time before the opportunity arrives, strengthening oneself was made-up, worked well preparation.
But when he is in the capital city Piao several years behind, is experiencing helpless feeling to change, and life of hardships behind, he enchanted.Ideal after the ruthlessness realistic in front is smashed by the shot, but be afterwards roved around to a social grey area at him, he changes of any further don't believe before the television those what the baloney of successful billionaires, all of those are the tool that gives the beginning go into social youths brainwash.
Perfectly right the society has some successful men.They self-made man, but how many does the person like this have again?A become ten thousand bones: achievement withered, other those faileds?Why to all choose to turn a blind eye?Inside in the school why can not hand over to the students some practically make a living technique?But isn't that those are useless strong
Those majority of backs of successful men;Cover with how much deep background?But these thing, why haven't those news medium reported?
At that time while publishing to know those scandalous stories he.He once cut up rough as well and even became an exasperation youth, canned be listenned to rock'n roll to vent dissatisfied emotion, but afterwards his numbness, at so put together a dad and put together the age of background, above-mentioned thing you are were it not for, that you can recognize a life!He recognized a life and enchanted and ordered money just for the sake of the ability Zan at that time, then had a building in the capital city and had an oneself's house him be getting more fully satisfied.
But in his most disappointed time, old sky of gave him an opportunity, let him re- returned to four years ago, he grasps the skirt Cape of destiny, the Duo cringes buying of Suo a few lottery tickets.Then he is getting richer.His mindset started variety and wanted but hadn't before to of, he hard of have been already pursued.He had building, there is car, even have opportunity oneself who pursues a past even want all don't dare to think of woman, although the end remains is have no fruit.
But he also got the repair of an accident, a foreign girl appeared in his life, she brought his life wit and humour, and love of impulse.Then he has already borrowed once to the future prophet and mercilessly earns some money again, very big some money.
So his life can say Be getting more satisfactory.What all enough, speak with the mindset of one of his original grass root, he had everything now,Facebook.House.Car, woman, ticket, he wanted before of, he had now!
But today at lookinging at a wealth will department the statement for delivering of time, he was once again fond of Mang, he looking at a top that to speak to the common run of people.Can be treated as the number of astronomy.But have no some felling!
He doesn't know he how was this ?
Come up to speak from money, he enough money, his Qian Gou eight generation sons all spend not over!The woman has very quite good one now of, and he also the nothing important pursue, have never thought what world of wine and women, night after night do the bridegroom's type of absurd.House he has a villa, also has the 1 F the floor and there is also a shops front.These all have been all right already.
Car he has three, he isn't the fever friend of the Chi fan machine too, can't therefore go, either to wildly make track for those new style of cars, does he all just drive that car but have a headache for the sake of everyday now?
To him money nothing important was used, that he is the sky lively and still just dead tired tired reasonable to work hard what?The number of those statements, all perhaps cannot comparing with him the Sen is beautiful at the Ai gram and flower ensign, give bonus annually of odd change,google.That he still just what do here do?
Before opening this factory son, he is to seek some affair to do, in case is too carefree at home.Exploded to earn again in the rice country afterwards a behind, he intends to do this business enterprise greatly and do strong, come to is the root that oneself settles down, but today somehow or other he suddenly feels ridiculous and go to foreign Anne safe steadily be Zha.Isn't the retired gentleman good?Put together to die tired lively for the sake of what?Money is again many, to he so a lie"be not specially pursue the person whom the material enjoys to speak, and then have what use?Only is the number for turning over!
Now that money already not the ability is stimulating his nerve, that what does he still pursue?See like this and really have some to be fond of Mang!
He starts to walk to the front of the French window of his office.Outwardly hope to go, mansion in the development area stands up like a forest, three wreaths of the distance up is also a car to come to car to go toward.From:More than ten high Fu lo bottoms of layer go, the person of taking a stroll of underneath is as boundless as a mole cricket and ant but the vehicle of distance.Is as funny as a wooden blocks box then!Looking at down stairs those are everywhere for the sake of life but rush about of people, Li Du Yang suddenly had a silk to realize suddenly.
He after beat rebirth to win a prize, the life experienced a few stages, from have building to contain car, to have a woman.Past have no but hope earnestly to own of, he all suddenly had.He starts facing he's life.Starts enjoying a life, but he still keeps caring a grass root, the mindset and thinking of the common run of people
But front segment time is in the rice country of sudden wealth, and then arrived these several days' success in sea sky, saw those again at the down stairs three meals are for the sake of the first but rush about of people, suddenly make him understand some what.
He suddenly understood a distance greatly strong already so successful, so rich, but he pursues money still and just and hard.Isn't that he how liked money, but in fact he is pursuing that kind of successful pleasant sensation, that kind of can make him feel he still on the hoof pleasant sensation.
Oneself in nowadays perhaps also same like this, wealth speaks to is no longer to pursue to him, he likes that success bring of pleasant sensation, explode to earn in the rice country.The success in sea sky, the whole of everything's being like is playing the game that a name is called life!
The wealth can represent success, but after their wealths come to an a certain stage, what they pursue was no longer wealth, but success!Didn't do a successful affair, will make them feel realistic existence feeling!
Speak to them, the wealth can change your life, but the life still keeps wanting oneself's confidence.You only become strong hard, continuously of service difficulty, just can you and destiny to definitely of time of success.But this is the biggest pleasant sensation, you can defeat destiny and cross over him as the obstacle that you establish!
Who all there is dream, who all want to enjoy a better life, the wealth aren't the target that people pursue, but enjoys living are the ultimate end eyes that people pursue to originally live
Wealth however is people to want to enjoy more fine life, the tool that weighs a target most is just.The cluster are rich now his Li Zhi Yang Be getting richer, and meant him and then haded no dream.
He is true just going to, is an arbitrary life, let oneself, lover and friends all ability happy life, don't want to be subjected to oppression and tie of money!
But the world in the reality inside, always have various rule system of each kind, you can not exceed of rule.The life is everyone at is the rule of kind in play games, the person who have has fun have well of have fun not goodly.
If his Li Zhi Yang wants to follow one's inclinations of having fun and turning this game, only make oneself change stronger!Ambition continuously of success in.Is oneself to become more Related articles: