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"We go out to eat, don't do."
Farmland Fang Fang's seeing clock of wall has already led 11:00 and also pay no attention a Wan one Wan hair, then unwillingly nod to answer Anne down.
Noon time, down stairs.
After two people take car, farmland Fang seeing of Fang astonishment the luxurious S style speed a cultured decoration style inside the car and finally peep out on the Qiao face reserved smile an idea.
The appearance title that acts with dignity very much asks a way:"Your car ah, get 1,000,000 many."
Is brilliant to pay no attention an easy answer:"The friend borrows there.
The farmland Fang Fang lightly promises an after sitting properly of calmness, looking at an outside momentary of window to pour a bit dejected.Pour apprehensibility her feeling after being brilliant to launch a car, woman which have vainglory not of, may be a beauty to nearby feel the huge margin of two people's very much, in the heart how much some fall Mo.
Just arrived small area doorway, the farmland Fang Fang facial expression was suddenly hard-pressed, the wanting of instinct hid again loose one breath, this car pane from outside saw is black, outside of the person basically can't see inside.Is again funny in the brilliant heart, the the you who holds a rose in small area doorway still keeps raising an in order to wait for and wait very anxiously to return often rub a hand.In the heart a move to intend to help her favour, shook to drive window after opening over car, then gladly beat hello with the other party.
The farmland Fang Fang didn't also expect him will be suddenly such and such, Qiao face one Jiang the empress have to force to peep out to smile an idea:"Luo is total you good ……at wait a person?"
The cultured man moment Jiang about 40 years old lives, is to see brilliant eye and see farmland Fang Fang is one eye first, the end look in the eyes falls to two new style of S classes that person embarks to speed in the carriage.This a car still Liu Feng is numerous collect an article in of a , the price is probably about 1,500,000, talk about imposing style also and calculate very imposing style.Mr. Luo Jiang outside the car a burst of empress facial expression obviously some ashamed, always know to say with his ability, only this car's being good enough to let him is getting more ashamed of own unseemliness.
Is a man brilliant pour some wretchednesses also he, is also polite to send out invitation:"Mr. Luo had a meal to have no, together come?"
Mr. Luo knows an interest very much naturally and force the meat on the face on smiling trembled several bottoms, even the rose in the hand also a little bit canned not held.Is brilliant and politely to shake to get on the car a window after beating hello with him, trample an accelerator the small area after opening the lord trunk highway see that Mr. Luo in the mirror behind Jiang still at first, seem to be a bit dispirited and discouraged.
Nearby the farmland Fang Fang also cannot helped but turning head to see one eye, facial expression one An the very boring tone talk:"Really need to do small three I can't choose him, either ……I greatly can seek one a little bit young all right."
After being brilliant to hear shake head to lose to smile pack don't hear, don't know as well after easily shifting gear from when beginning, pour very is adapt to upscale speed driver's habit of sedan.

Volume 8 chapter 29 mixs vestige crowd
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Had to truely experience extensive person's vein of farmland classmate in the process of lunch, even know the owners of this deluxe restaurant she, just while seeing her with the middle age man that guest talk, a face surprise hurtled to come over, a burst of exchange greeting after please two people to an inside lovers is two human lives.
Is brilliant to face this great misunderstanding also not openings explanation, on the contrary the farmland Fang Fang not stingily opens to take off severals:"This is my current owner, brilliant Mr. Gao."
After restaurant manager peeps out suddenly a facial expression, talking of astonishment:", Originally manager Tian changed to work ……also good, do profession definite too hard in hotel."
The somebody else is presumed to be to be her as Gao the owner's small honey, a few polite remarkses finish saying that pouring in the brilliant heart is a bit embarrassed, also really know an interest at somebody else's restaurant manager so much, and then have already said a few good words to also turn round to walk.Return again overdo come to farmland classmate is generous and reservedly hurtle him to smile.
Then talk with the light tone:"Circle circle heel his husband fought."
Being deelpy ashamed to shout loudly in the brilliant heart is ashamed, the reason for fighting is certainly to relate to him, really having some to regret doesn't should take part in that what alumni association, made very unpleasantness to still influence somebody else's husband and wife's feelings.The farmland Fang Fang after scrutinizing him the embarrassed facial expression finally cannot helps but purse one's lips break into laughter voice.
Immediately again facial expression a whole sincerely remind:"I feel you still should invite her to come out to discuss ……alas, anyway literally you."
Is lightly brilliant on noding to band together in the heart, he at present because own affair have been burned, really in no mind go to and go over the old days with the little lover in senior high school ages.He pours to come out to have a meal alone with this farmland classmate, aught the farmland a classmate is still a single is still a man to mentally a little bit easily accept.
The waiter serves later two people at the same time shutting up of tacit understanding, the flavor of 2 people pours also close by all like to be a little bit light.The time that just ate full head big sweat the telephone rang, brilliant what to answer is still to don't think idea, immediately let go of chopsticks facial expression to turn into serious.
John Mr,benefit makeup. Sen in the telephone slightly shows frightened:"Owner, the supervisor of the technique department moxa Rui gram just drive company the board of directors declared a relief job ……we weren't stared at ascend."
The brilliant big good heart feeling is immediately entirely broken, quickly calculate moxa Rui in the brain gram will by whom come to replace his job after being relieved of post.
Once hesitant empress still easily ask possibly:"Moxa Rui gram where is the person ?"
The embarrassed answer of his oversea employee in the telephone:"Went to his girl friend home."
Is brilliant naturally mutually understand without saying, then easily answer possibly:"I will give him some money and enough make him maintain the life in nowadays."
Telephone that have peace of mind naturally after hearing this words many, a chain of blarneys said out:"Gao, you are the most generous owner whom I have ever seen, the moxa Rui gram after knowing this news will definitely appreciate you very much."
The brilliant nature doesn't think idea, again heart in a move to freely ask a way:"Your viewpoint will by whom come to take over his job?"
John Mr. Sen obviously be not what great talent of person, falter the along while didn't also speak a behind(full text word small 說閱讀 , 盡 at ωар .1 ⑥κ xs.cn (One ⑹κ ,cheap benefit makeup.С Om.Text.學網 )
With however come, brilliant decidedly gave up to ask for the viewpoint of his opinion again.After pacifying him again severals immediately hang a soil telephone, just dare to affirm after quickly calculating, this is just an accidental affairs, who come to take over a job isn't problem, this no one will can not pass with money in the world.Until he is from own emotion in wide awake, just the suddenly opposite beauty has already been been unfrequented for a long time by him, this engraving is just staring at with charmingly feminine big eyes him to see,benefit Cosmetics.
Is deelpy ashamed to embarrassedly take out money to wrap the check in the heart, the farmland Fang Fang just curiously asks after deeply seeing his one eye again:"Do you also have business in Europe?"
Stand to start after being brilliant to unwillingly nod, farmland classmate also the very reserved small voice talk:"Favour yours, I went to a hospital and went by myself."
Is brilliant to feel heart after her intention in a warm, tiny on shaking head to refrain from rash action mind, still insist driving to send her to reply to diagnose at the hospital in person.But farmland Fang Fang performance of elephant lovely little girl, darling of with nearby dided not talk again at him.Until brilliant mind not and rather mistake rush red light, she just the Jiao shout 1 then deliver a look in the eyes for worrying.There has been police beating when calling in the brilliant heart is bad certainly make him accept a check by side.It is helpless to handle affairs according to the signal of the other party, is handed over a driver's certificate after stopping the bottom by wayside.
The police sees he after the troops of local use drives to shine on a light repast a surprised, the obeisance empress of Pa connects to punish a list to also never mind, return the hatchet man certainly let flank of the car come to a stop to make him walk first.Is brilliant crustily the skin of head re- set out, nearby the farmland classmate has already seen eyes hair keep, don't understand why connect road top literally one hand over Jings to all want to do him the honor.Is brilliant not intentional to explain with her, arrived a white cloud hospital to park the car all the way, two people respectively get off farmland Fang Fang behind again the Wan is one Wan hair.
Just sincerely and again talk:"You go to favour, I by myself really can."
On smiling, the brilliant apology says that the voice is sorry, looking at her enter mansion in the hospital just hurried get on the car, arrive a quiet and out-of-the-way place to start to grasp Related articles: