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The ground put to put a hand and signaled hint a black soldier bearing arms soldier to give° the dead body to drag along to go ou.This south city gate also wins this time is rise matter's most decisive part, get generally south the city gate protect a city soldier of, but not is to belong to the influence on an any emperor's son hand, but in those early years follow behind behind emperor Qin win a strict and former incumbent great commander soldier the cold east of Luo advertise for west to beg for of a dry old department.These people always didn't participate in the fighting of of emperor's son in the middle, at ordinary times behave conducting is also extremely low-key,beats by dre cheap, even if is win is also can not understand these will get is exactly how to intend in the heart.
According to winning to plan yes in times before, these are to win this time is rise the key to matter, win is don't hope these can help oneself's a helping hand, he hope these people can be like similar before, two not and mutually help.Win like this is in the next combat, occupied to cut off great advantage, even if is the imperial guard that garrisons an imperial palace, win is also need not worried.
But up to now, the Yuan breaks to still have no any intelligence report to can find out concerning south city gate, this makes him don't know how to win to is to make collective report, so would blame on a third party in that subordinate body.But surroundings of the subordinates see the Yuan break so Chien the simple list give°ed he or she's an associate to kill, a doesn't even dare atmospheres, fearing the fury that the Yuan breaks will lead long to pull oneself in the body.See Yuan's breaking don't talk again, the owner all doesn't dare to speak again as well and immediately sank into inside the whole room extremely depressed silent.
Led very long, the Yuan broke on the whole is grow comfortable tone, the openings says:"Forget it!We only spend more some troopses at the city south when the time comes be!The current time has already been getting more late as well!We prepare to start acting right away!Remember!This time activity relation is important, you must be careful again carefully, ten thousand ten thousand can not appear what error!Know?"
"Re!"The Yuan breaks to drink after asking, the whole persons in the houses all broke to keep on kowtowing toward the Yuan at the same time, together the voice drinks a way, only for concealmently needing, the voices of their owner all especially the idea depress.But even if is such, the slightest didn't influence the decision expressed by them from the voice as well, tonight this war was a dragon is an insect will in the tonight definitely the right and wrong come out!
But meanwhile, in big emperor's sub- your home, although can not tell from the outside what variety, at the moment in the mansion, is already become turn everything upside down.Win is and a stem supports his to get officials and all wears military dress, even if is He Ye of the body emaciation, also light whole body AN in the body at this time.And big emperor the bodyguards in the son mansionses are also the insides 3 Fs outside 3 Fs of big emperor son mansion to rounded ram-jam full, even those family servant and maidservant, also all honestly hide at the moment at a yard of grounds in, is sternly put in the custody of by a group of bodyguardses.
All of these are He Ye's ideas, although not approve to win is to rise in revolt a rebellious plan,since win is an idea have been already settled, He Ye can not also advise and win is to change idea, that only spares no effort to promise to win with all strength to plan success yes, this is also that he is honest end expression method towards winning.
And although win is obstruct he or she to rise a matter to previous He Ye very dissatisfied, also know what leaf just wear to want for he or she just, after He Ye decided to try to find solution for he or she continuing win is a time again resume to what leaf of trust, handed over to He Ye the in command of power of the whole plan.He Ye has never been ungrateful to win the great and earnest hope not only have no yes again obstruct to win yes since the matter plan, on the contrary the whole plan all arrangement clear and convincing presentation, let to win is double to this matter confidence.

The Feng smoke rises the Xiao wall chapter 272 Bian city winds and clouds(two)
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The point together will get, He Ye says towards winning being an arch hand with solemn and peaceful look:"His highness!The everybody general has been already arrived now, the news that waits Yuan general spreads, can start acting at any time!"
It is obviously some excitements to win, after all so many wishes of in the last yearses, the tonight can carry out, this but win is the opportune moment that waited for for several years.At that moment win is nod to say to He Ye:"Good!Everythings are all handed over to Sir to manage!This kingliness believes the Sir's means!"
For win trust yes, on He Ye Lian how much show unintentionally a silk touched, but soon give°ed the emotion to keep on covering up.It is to have already thoroughly handed over to himself/herself the conductor right to since win, that connects down send out of whichever order all is relate to tonight to act success or failure or not, He Ye doesn't dare the gist.Right away would be toward winning is on doing obeisance, turn round to the hall inside have already sat on the both sides respectively of will get officials to say:"Is various male!I wait collusion important event today!Become!Then various Mr. green cloud is straight up in the future!Hurt!Is family ruined then!Hope various male must be careful careful, slice can not the gist!"
To the activity this time, He Ye obviously still keeps lacking confidence, but rushes through duck now on-the-shelf, don't do nor go.Luckily present and public all win iron pole supporter yes, although He Ye says terribly, He Ye still is unlikely to make them lose will to fight.He Ye inwardly sighed tone, it was strong to take heart to have to, started releasing an order:"General money!You and take together the horse of 8,000 people to go to the north city army camp and slice to record, not and till the last turning point, never protect a city soldier to open hostilities with north city!You want to do of, be block north the city protect a city soldier, don't make them go into the city a support!"
Qian Lu right away woulds be to embrace a boxing to echo toward He Ye and immediately and then comes forward a tiger sign that once connected He Ye's throw out, respectively toward winning is with once the He Ye Liang people do obeisance and turn round to carry out what leaf's order go.There are more than 14,000 troops and horseses in the north city army camp, although the number had advantage,only Qian Lu is careful caution, the words living to defend so much, the attack holding up the other party for a night should have no problem.
Is close behind, He Ye and then drew out a piece of tiger sign from the table's top, swept one eye public in ,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, once the sudden eyebrows pick, the clear voice shouts a way:"Six feel where go to?"
He Ye so on asking, public and or so on seeing, this just discovers, before have been promoting to win is rise a matter of six feel, at the moment but have no at public in the middle.Is public all not from must have some oddness, from at the beginning six felt stir up to win is the appearance for rising in revolt to be seen, public all think six to feel may be support to win most is rise in revolt of one person, why rise in revolt now forthcoming, six feel but is disappear a trace and shadow.
However six feel although not at, six feel father's six rivers to pour is at, see He Ye Zhou the eyebrows inquire six whereabouts of feelings, six rivers jitterily row, embrace a boxing to say to He Ye:"Sir!Six feel him, the his body is unwell, to not influence the plan of his highness, so, so didn't come, took a rest at in home!Still invite a Sir to forgive offense!"After last time meeting ascended six felt blame what leaf, six rivers livinged to be afraid to He Ye Xin and feared what leaf when and suddenly sought to lend, seek the trouble of their father and son.
He Ye listens to the explanation of finishing six rivers, the eyebrows is wrinkly must be more and more tight, when not disease, it happened that pick to get sick in this time?However the eye sees of six rivers are in front of oneself at the moment Zhan unsteady shape, He Ye seemed to be some to understand, probably because last time six felt offense oneself, fear today since matter oneself take advantage of an opportunity revenge, so just don't dare to appear?Thought of here, in He Ye Xin not from must sneer at, only a yellow boy, oneself wants to deal with him and not necessary want to borrow so important of time to fight revenge?
At that moment He Ye also has no to think more, anyway six rivers also here, measure that yellow hair boy also can't leave his father regardless of, make what pattern.He Ye originally wants to let six to feel carry out next plan of, now six feel not at, He Ye is simply to chase this work press on the body of six rivers, drink a way:"Six adults!I divide the horse of your 5,cheap beats by dre,000 people and block up the east city army camp, same needs to guard defense line, and as far as possible need not open hostilities with the other party!As long as drag along for a night, would be great achievement!"
Six rivers are long to loosen tone, he but worry what leaf the fury Sa is on he or she and see now, He Ye pours the meaning that didn't use official power to settle a score, this task compares with Qian Lu's task to still have to be easily some.Qian Lu is there want to face of, is more than 14,000 crack troopses, all is three emperor the Di trained by son fasten troops.But he wants to face of, be just Related articles:

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