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The Wei Si gives, you would be without equal in strength?Do you unexpectedly have this kind of viewpoint?"The general rice fixs Si to say with smile:" You don't understand of, this in this world is vanquished because of fixing for the margin, that is the normal matter.Can I am calculated, be beaten by Europe from cradle to the grave, drive whole bad, but never because the fixing dies on the other people's hand for the margin, always with weak win strong, fight against odds.Even if the Zeus vanquished me, can not also take advantage of an opportunity to put out I I.Only Wei Si after giving this jinx and having no him, I again the bitter bitterness fix to do some days, only afraid even the Zeus isn't my opponent either, I would am absolute being boundary when the time comes sovereign, weigh to flap my household male breeze."This general rice fixs Si to be from the Hao door of practicing moral teachings the boundary to hope a clan, but endures a various boundary superior to humiliate, the mind then reads to one day want to weigh to flap household prestige sooner or later.The family that formerly have been being pround of extremely learns after being broken, once once disappointed disappointment.Listen to outside the boundary afterwards the person say his/her own jinx is killed, that already dreary under go to of ambition again the time reply Ran and unusually appreciate to the Xin Yue Chan with him.
The dry jade sees him thus on saying, say with smile while signing:"Now that we Yue elder sister Chan helped you, you the thanks be, why make our turn breaking the cage at you this in."The general rice fixs Si to say with smile:"Appreciate to return to appreciate, but matter in Chengkong University is bumbling, I not ability because appreciate Xin female the Xia then forget his/her own important event, I hold tight you to have another purpose."Bodhidharma gram benefit Si strange way:"What purpose do you have?"
The general rice fixs Si to say with smile:"My foul of time, listen to person say, the You temple temple lord in sky met Chinese foot rebirth and changed a parlance and woulded be boundary in the town satisfied Chinese foot of appear.Ha ha,cheap dr dre beats, if do I have satisfied Chinese foot of that town boundary and also fear a Zeus?I always at seek boundary in the town satisfied Chinese foot of, have never thought at fix Luo unexpectedly can run into for a sky for sky, You temple of four mutually, is really that the sky help me also, now that find out four, also fear to can not find a You temple temple in a sky lord?"Ge silks tiny tiny one Zheng, ask a way:"Do you want to pass our four people seeks my house's temple lord?"The general rice fixs Si to nod a way:"To, I want to directly bring over here satisfied Chinese foot of boundary in the town there from he."The Bodhidharma gram benefit Si loses a voice to say with smile:"Fix Si, I really don't know that are you exactly self-confidence, is still arrogant, do you believe your ability to be satisfied Chinese foot of to rob to come over from temple in my house the lord the hand boundary in the town?Do you really have this self-confidence?"
The general rice fixs a Si point to nod and says with smile:"The person has to have full self-confidence, so as to achieve important event,cheap beats by dre.That You temple temple lord rebirth isn't likely to be my opponent in less than several thousand years."Xin Yue the Chan Be cold to say:"You just still say that I killed personal enemy for you and turned over but wanted to rob the treasure thing of temple lord in my house now, but didn't this return kindness with hatred?"The general rice fixs Si one face positive color way:"Xin female Xia, at under appreciate you, that is in personal next intention.But just I once said, matter in Chengkong University is bumbling, that household big industry not my a person's small matter, together at under have no relation to the your appreciating."
The dry jade suddenly says with smile:"Yes, my temple majors in for childish now very, just a common fairy, you want to seek him, I can take you."She knows that Liu Jia fixs in order to is very deep, at that moment and then the desire incites general rice to fix Si to seek Liu Jia and let this arrogant madman do which only causes trouble.The general rice fixs Si to smell speech, pleasantly surprised, ask a way while signing:"Is true?Is temple lord in your house where?"The matter liked by him not lie in dry jade says that Liu Jia childishly fixs for, but lie in dry the jade promise to find out Liu Jia for him.After all he is a veteran warrior, how again arrogant, but also never underestimate enemy.
Dry jade positive desire answer, that light regiment but suddenly stopped down, what things give impede.The general rice fixs Si to concentrate four to see, tiny surprised in the heart, soft-voiced way:"This is what is the row!"Is public is feeling surprised, already feeling top and bottom or so space cloth the sturdy knife be very listenning to one person saying with smile in the distance:"If the general rice fixs Si and take out the ancient absolute being secret of your house quickly, I then put you, otherwise, everyone had to chop you into minced meat,Ha ha ha ha."
These people smell speech a surprised, together the voice shouts low a way:"Wear to reach the root of Huo Hao!"The general rice fixs Si to withdraw to open only regiment, unexpectedly see all directions dense one, tens of thousands of fix Luo to practice moral teachings have already here round ram-jam fullly, public feels that bad to very press urgently, the murderous look rushes toward noodles, and temporarily the breath fears to for of hurriedly getting up, in the everyone heart greatly.
Wear to reach the root of Huo Hao to loudly say with smile in the distance:"My house's eldest brother ignored my business, I would was this eldest brother that fixs Luo for sky now, the general rice fixs Si, you control breath not good, be probed your movements by my under charge, that is that you were unlucky to arrive.Is quick the absolute being secret the thou take out, just a little a little bit late, can not have fun.Yi, severals of You temple in the sky also here, ha ha ha, Lao Tze controls breath too like, round up all at one fell swoop for a sky, the You temple is many superiors, see the person of Presbyterian Church daring to also sneer at Lao Tze."

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The viewpoint that chapter 1 gets oneself into a dead end the time that mishap is abrupt rare

The general rice fixed Si to listen to wear the speech of reaching the root of Huo Hao, the tiny feeling in heart felt suspicious, don't know that he why and so easily and then finds out himself/herself.The Bodhidharma gram benefit Si sees its worry in a side and says with smile:"Fix Si, don't guess blindly, this fixs Luo the site that is him for sky, when the You temple sent a soldier to quell campaign against this boundary those early years sky this wore to reach the root of Huo Hao the Hao Hao have already had, in addition to fixing a Luo king for sky, count him to fix Luo to this the most familiar for sky, and his under charge the persons are much certainly many, find out you aren't a too difficult piece matter."The general rice fixs Si heart in suddenly, but he the skill Gao Ren's brave, face this iron bucket fierce, also have no be afraid.At that moment turn head to say with smile towards wearing to reach the root of Huo Hao loudly:"Hao root, your pouring is to try and guess and see me wishing to hand over to you my house's secret?"
Wear to reach the root of Huo Hao to smell speech one Zheng, lower the head a long time to have no language.Is public to see him slowly don't talk, all the feeling isn't surprised, temporarily do know what plan he makes.Soon afterward, the Ge silks loses a voice to say with smile:"Everyone don't wore to reach the root of Huo Hao to think too cleverness, he was certainly wanting to fix the question that the Si asks at this time, most likely was guessing to fix a Si wish would not like to thou absolute being does the secret hand over to him."Is public to smell speech, all without exception lose language, each shake head wry smile, Bodhidharma gram the benefit Si joy way:"The Ge mutually says right, this boorish didn't think the another, must be guessing this matter."But listen to one side the jade work properly son to in earnest say:"Yes, does the general rice fix Si to exactly wish or not the absolute being secret the thou to hand over to wear to reach the root of Huo Hao?The old way guessed along while, also similar can not guess come, this problem still really has a little a difficulty."His eyebrows tightly locks and seems to guess painfully.
One Leng that is public to smell speech, exert in mind dark sigh a way:"If the jade works properly son this ability on the hoof escape, the blessing report that can explain that his previous incarnation fixs is a lot too big, I wait not equal to from the Kui."The general rice fixs Si to took a look jade to work properly son, wry smile for a while, finally have no speech with rightness,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com.Treat and turn round, and then see jade to work properly son one face to rise to redly say:"Pu Pu ……Luo's rice fix Si, can bother you to give to do a protection turn?This this ……the knife is very too suffered, old way some anti-s don't live."Is public this just knows the painful facial expression on his face and on the other hand and really come from to get oneself into a dead end a ground of words that thinks that the general rice fixs Si went to, on the other hand, then limitless the hand visiting a soul is proven can not resist an outside knife very, but have to speak to ask for help.
If the general rice fixs Si originally don't want to manage him, but thought of a Bodhidharma gram benefit Si, this person together the You temple temple lord in sky is too relevant allied, at that moment the Yang eyebrow says with smile:"Do not you show off skill?"The jade works properly son to very and embarrassedly point at outside not distance of fix Luos, speak hesitatingly the ground say:"This ……everyone separate too far, limitless visit a soul of use not generous then."The general rice fixs a Si joy way:"That I hurl you and separate them nearer how?"The jade works properly a son face now different color, stammer way:"Is too near ……also inconvenient."The general rice fixs Si to shake head to sigh a way:"Is original I don't believe that you are a sky, the senior of the You temple temple lord, but see this, you dead determined to save face fix for, also on the whole someone over of place, hear a sky, You kind Na various strange person difference private, you this shows off skill strength son, also be regarded as a kind of strange of ability.I a little bit believe a Bodhidharma gram now the words of the benefit Si."Say with flick a little Mars open, change into a turn of light scar, work properly jade son to protect.The jade works properly a son pole with comfortable feeling, again in mind dark way:"Sooner or later I want to pull brothers to the front of this human face, let him prove me toward everyone Related articles:

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