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.The Mu permits once the thunder Teng grind teeth, satisfied pupil time take hearing the other party for the mire pill temple lord, flood in his brain of only three words! The soil goes!
Probably the person doesn't know beside, his Mu permits thunder Teng expensive believe in a lord for sword, believe in in the sword ancient works in still have jotting down of a speech phrase to the mire pill temple of, the that mire pill temple lord great reputation far sows a moment, even in, connect the sword believe in Zu teacher sword 13 in the middle of fixing true boundary still just unknown existence!
Mire pill temple, too terrible, terrible existence!
"Do not go, believe in a lord, the other party is really too strong, even if is us knot and up, that that also only walk into death!"A red man, he is a heavy sun Ge to annex by force incoming staff to cry to lose a face way.
"Shut up, believe in how the lord handle this matter,believe in a lord not to know?"Mo Chong Bai knows also clearly, when the maintenance's Mu permits the authority of thunder Teng!
That red the staff shriveled mouth a pair next, don't dare speech!
They originally be after being annexed by force by the sword religion, just become a member member whom the sword believes in, say unpleasant to hear is the captive's existence, the position is opposite compare originally is a sword to believe in the staff pupil to originally gather low one rank.Is much less, now authority rather Gao
"A group of idiocies, don't know into back".The plain Zhang makes to make to look on coldly, the corner of mouth sneers at, he originally see the Mu permit thunder Teng not great, happy must see the sword religion bringing shame at the moment.
The sword believes in of person, see not pure situation?
In the strong of fight,can depend an amount and then can win victory?The quantity is again many, in the absolute force in front, although eventually of the result is also only destroyed of,Beats By Dre Free shipping day!
Is much less, the other party back but have may the existence of the fencing Ge! Mire pill temple!
Is it it the sword that only believe in to may compare to how can it possibly be?
"Believe in a lord, the opponent is too strong, in my eyes, at that moment have to to please to fix Luo an elder generation horse, otherwise, my sword believes in Wei Yi!"Mo Chong white although cold Chi that red the staff, can secretly, is originally idea same hearsay Mu to permit thunder Teng!
"Chong white elder, now, he the silver hair fix Luo how probably also make moves!"The Mu permits thunder Teng cold sigh 1, imitate a Buddha to be just moment, original Cang strength emollient face already full is a vicissitudes of life!
The white of Mo Chong helplessly closed lightly purse one's lips!
The He blares to suddenly face Xiao to bathe rain list knee kept on kneeling in the unreal, towering and orthoptic medium, that full face of resolutely air Yuan if the huge rock is generally strong and tough!
"The He blares, you what is this a stem?"The red Xing angries Chi to drink, he the naturally clear He blare this meaning that kneels to contain;"His Mu permits old son of thunder Teng unkind, have never sought that old boy to calculate Zhang, the saint son is already to do all that is humanly possible to help, you this isn't the difficult saint son""
"Is exactly, the saint son has been no object, the He blares you and then don't ask for a favor for Mu permitting that old son".Cai Ya is to interrupt a , permitting thunder Teng to the Mu in the tone also very angrying is recent!
In 3 people, the only desolate autumn vision very has pity for!
The Xiao bathes rain and He to blare, the look in the eyes of a pair in the sky collision at a cake of!
Imitate the years transmigration of soul that the Buddha crossed time and space.In the eyes facial expression that blares from the He, the Xiao bathes only four words that rain can see! If Xin huge rock!
"Let it be".The Xiao bathes rain Tu to sigh 1;"The Mu permits thunder Teng now that is playing with fire, I pour and left for a to see, he whether this fire can cause conflagration!". "Saint.The red Xing just started to talk and had already been interrupted a way by the desolate autumn of one side;"H'm, saint son, we also want and see, that Mu permits thunder Teng to carry on flame to cause conflagration!".
"Thank a teacher!"
The He blares again how can not understand the Xiao bathe rain words to like to think.The body of the concussion tiny Zhan;"Teacher of so meeting so the Yao do, all of everythings are the feelings that has regard for me!Teacher great boon, be unable to repay a kindness!".
"Silver Anne fixs Luo!"
The soil goes lonesome voice of to suddenly ring out!
With the Xiao bathe rain for head, red Xing 3 people's including He to blare all is one Leng in heart, while Mu's permitting thunder Teng is already that the blood stain is motley, smells speech is also a complicated facial expression pole at the moment!
"Not is seek me?Not is to seek sword to believe in, but seek silver hair to fix Luo?"The Mu permits thunder Teng the facial expression is complicated, difficult describe with the pen and ink;"Damn of, is to fix Luo as enemy with that silver hair, and why on earth bad my Mu permits a thunder Teng good matter!"He, the exasperation in the heart, imitating the Buddha is the flame of flaming combustion.
Terrible air pressure, sends out terror of sharp blow up a voice, the mountain stone collapses in, a blue ray almost works properly to know the speed that can not catch to bomb however goes to, even take Mu to permit persons like thunder Teng,etcs to all avoid in succession!
"Very terrible energy!"From a distance, the soil goes and then felts the threat of that taper quickly passing time;"The silver hair fixs Luo, I already wait you for a long time!".
The soil goes the cold Lie jangle contain a spirit idea to read, although just commonness on drinking, fall of in the public ear, is like a roll of thunder lightning flashes general, fix is also a big Hai in the heart for of strong, also being a Hun E a burst of, for being low, the direct head of planting, even if being a Mu to permit thunder Teng etc. to fix!
With a pair way the center that shoot line collision for order, the billowing cloud wave breathing turns over to flow out but, imitating the Buddha is the water wave of ripple, how can it possibly be quantity while rising to apogee, Yuan if the process space compress and bomb however the inflation of explosion type wildly flow out!
That mountain stone collapses of huge sound, completely covered up sword to believe in bellowing of the staff to connect to ring!
" A silver deliver the staff eyes Nu piece in.Imitated a Buddha to see unimaginable one act, but when he still deeply drive this act shocking moment, the whole individual has already turned to make cloud Yan!
"Keng!"The plain bamboo Zhang makes to make although the anti- lived to drain of energy, the whole individual was also thrown to fly to go out, at the same time, in the heart is also complain of hard lot Die not.
"The silver hair fixs Luo, is indeed as expected severe".
The one gold color ray of light is covering with an overlay, the soil goes the sad and shrill voice almost fly at him faintly discernable that moment, together with wear his breathing also and disappeared generally!
"Well quick speed".The Xiao bathes rain sword eyebrow a lift!
Quickly, absolutely quick!
Just, flicker of jump up a point!
Soil's going don't disappear, also be naturally not likely to disappear, just the soil went the speed of too quickly, even in connect the Mu permit thunder Teng that sort of strong, could not catch the remnants shadow that the soil goes as well!Is public in, probably also only the Xiao bathe rain one person, can force and catch soil and go the activity track of!
"Will have so quick speed!"The Xiao bathes rain cold drink a , the body is in a twinkling suffused with white,http://www.headphonest.com, his worked properly to know to more and completely keep on overalying!
"Unexpectedly, the territory of fairy is following, also someone's speed the ability is unlike I slow!". , If the desire knows that how funeral affairs is please land a muscle, the chapter is more, and the point holds to make

Volume 2;Trap Long Sheng Tian's chapter 385;Terror
Renew time:2010-10-1920:59:14 chapter word numbers:4049

It Be getting more shallow.Ten lines ofs' imitating a Buddha don't move.Can Si outside the Xia in the valley be given up a rice to spread all over, refract all to hold a gold color short gun in each Zhu Mang, the point of a spear is sharp, full of to press forward with indomitable will of sharp!
"The silver hair fixs Luo, in the outside, your great reputation's my soil goes to pour to want a to see, you can the anti- live me red gold to sing gun one shot!"The hoarse voice remits to gather from the all directions and imitate a Buddha aery to the side of horizon!
The red gold sings a gun!
The body is golden, the soil goes to hold a gun all alone at the moment, the whole individual's imitating a Buddha is covered with into by the gun long grass, even in even blend breathing at a cake of, only just the gold gun send forth of foul atmosphere, let public scared Dan Zhan!
In the canyon, murderous look of Tao sky as if substantial!
"Escape quickly,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday!,
"That vehemence too terror!"
Several reveal empty benefit to ring, imitate Buddha shower general, that sword believes in to by luck survive down of the staff on all sides fly to flee, this Xuan Mu permitted thunder Teng to seem to be also to forget Chi to drink and just made an effort of pushing open and protecting shield, in the eyes then suppress don't live of fright!
The plain Zhang makes to make the chest suddenly rise and fall, imitating the Buddha is the bellows that is violent to pull, he that a head of is purple long hair is also such as to put a blasting open of fine point sort, stared at soil to go, eye pupil continuously constringency!
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