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Luckily elder brother Zhao Heng kill that evil monster, just let your instauration come over."Gao Le Ji ha ha say with smile:"Your light wear the appearance of bottom well lovely."
Zhao Yan finishes listenning to his last words have a little wry smile not get.He this just the dim moonlight think of, oneself suddenly went into action in the ground floor by several days, then didn't remember anything.Did surprisingly oneself really become an evil monster, incredibly is still a big gorilla?His subconscious touched touch a face and detection that wound Ba being missing before.
He twists a head to looking at just and wreathed in smiles of Zhao Heng:"Eldest brother ……"
"How do you feel?"Zhao Heng asks a way.
Zhao Yan originally wants to exercise and look into some kind of, but the public vision makes him shrink together more:"I say that you can give a clothes me.See again I can accept money of."
Coax to smile to rise everywhere inside the room.
The dress Shan that Zhao Yan pressingly once connected to deliver, wear well after, inside see some kind of just way:"Seem nothing important problem, just felling have a little hungry, be not, is specially hungry."
Zhao Heng ha ha say with smile:"Be free good."Looking at to blaze a hard-pressed shape, he feels to is very happy, have no on the whole what accident, for this clansmen, he has matchless deep feelings.
A hear Zhao Yan say it's hungry, Gao Le Ji immediately comes forward to pull his hand:"Walk, I take you to eat.Our board of trade just arrived a few ships and carried a lot of fresh foods, you were affirmative favorite."

The text chapter 225
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See Zhao Heng order bottom, Zhao Yan this just followed Gao Le Ji to come out room.
Rest several people's treatment is getting more simple, they haven't gone into action, so don't arrive a short moment, that very small wound Ba was dropped for clearance by the evil crystal pit.After knowing their nothing important other different feelings, Zhao Heng this just escorts at everyone under walked out.
Outside in the door not Zhao Zheng in the distance is just discussing with red scorpion what, see he come out, malicious turn round to go away after staring his one eye.
Zhao Heng smilingly sees red scorpion nearby and in a soft voice ask a way:"What's the matter with that bond maid?"
Red scorpion ha ha say with smile:"Not just sue in court, say that you think that she is a tigress."
" Be different from?"Zhao Heng smiles a way:"There of how is guest?"
"They are rare easy at this, get drunk a lot, have already been all connected to return to by their subordinateses.I still arranged the old man that the person is on board for that warship to send some fruits and pastries that the cloths Lai cities produce, he is what person?"The red scorpion asks a way.
"The black Si organizes of, he can be not general, this old man temper is peculiar and obstinate, you give an account others, don't provoke him."
"He very importance?"The red scorpion sees Zhao Heng worship to endure to let a person thus very seldom.
Zhao Heng ordered to nod a way:"It is count for much,cheap beats."
"To, and that dragon?Are you how to deal with?"Red scorpion way.
Zhao Heng cleans up way of thinking, will he at Wei everything of situation of Long Cheng, includes a ghostly Pteranodon to send to all tell red scorpion one by one for his pets.
The red scorpion listens to of is a gape.She has never thought Zhao Heng incredibly and a head of S the dragon of the Class incredibly reached a cooperative relation and also owned a head of fog shadow Huan dragon.This makes her absolutely don't dare to imagine.The along while could not say words.
Zhao Heng also thoughts of that son dragons know a middle finger attack order and cannot help but losing once the voice smile and see the taste of red scorpion question, he talked quietly severals in the red scorpion ear, the red scorpion stared greatly eyes, tiny tiny on the face a red, a little bit don't believe of small track:"Is really interesting,this is a head of rascal dragon?"
"I invoke to perform to see for you while waiting nobody."Zhao Heng smiles a way.
"Just don't .You say the Wei of now Long Cheng last nothing important evil monster?That we is not is recover Wei Long Cheng?"The red scorpion asks a way.
"H'm.I decide to call all household sonses and lead to make effort for the soldier for two days Long Cheng."
"Too like, Zhao Zheng wants to know this news, affirmation will happy dead of, you tell her quickly.Stop annoying her, these several days she for the sake of your load many hearts."Red scorpion way.
"You are also hard, all distressed."Zhao Heng loves to pitily looking at red scorpion and stretches hand on her face to lightly daut.
Red scorpion about to cry, she held close Zhao Heng, in this a moment, she feels happy matchless.
Reflect to throw to start to be slow-moving gradually in the artificial sun of northern latitudes city positive sky of the west fall, after loot return journey to turn a department(, the cellular phone stands w-a-p.1<6> kss.c-o_m), this artificial sun hasn't been once landing and always let the northern latitudes city be placed in daytime in.However again big of the hot sun seem to be also and shine on the color of the haze in the not bright sky.
Arouse to fight down for several days, the many people are all exhausted, starting expecting the night that can order a point in the heavy star can take a rest a short moment.Have already resumed actual to northern latitudes city control, occupy absolute advantage of federal troops the commander's headquarters decision start day and night of normal movement.
Although the sky is still a bit deep and low and haze, depend on sparse can see west the sky very thin beautiful clouds.
Zhao Zheng stands before a building ruins for tumbling down, the title looks up at the sky.The outer circle edge that is placed in to halt ground at the time here, seem to be dilapidated on all sides but again shabby, the afar still has many dead bodies wreckages that haven't cleaned up and imitates if one hopeless situation.However only reflect to shoot next Zhao Zheng in the light Xia, made here many an animation and work properly.
She before entwine in the middle of contemplating her the worry anxiously and misgiving have already eliminated to fade to disappear and present on her face at the moment light of joy and a silk vacant.
Zhao Heng at not the distance quietly looking at her, for Zhao Zheng's feelings, he by himself sometimes also not understand, the cordiality of childhood years continues to seem to change till now, in his eyes of the natural affection is mostly.He just knows Zhao Zheng is in mind and count for much, as for whether that importance has something to do with loving, he cans not know, either of distinguish, probably even Zhao Zheng doesn't know as well by himself/herself.
After household takes place huge become, he more and more loves deeply to Zhao Zheng, he knows,Beats Solo HD, for the household, this small beauty has deep matchless feelings, those the elder aring dead once gave too many of her doter and care,cheap dr dre beats.Their pass away, is that one is huge but unbearablely distresses again to her.He ever numerous times saw Zhao Zheng a person alone and secretly weep over, that was helpless but again the sad facial expression made persistence painful thousand times, so for Zhao Zheng of obstinate and intractable, he gave to infinitely forgive.He doesn't want to make this girl be hurt by a little again.
After, the meteorite rain's household takes place huge change, he drive pushed a wave peak head, at gave him a by himself/herself before never want to involve also not the attribute even doesn't wish to participate in of post, he starts to carry on the back a huge responsibility.Need he treat thinking and processing with the previous thinking of different he and angle, but does the person's personality easily can change.Is much less for oneself, he didn't understand clearly, what is a blood Tong, the mysterious seed in the oneself body is again He Wu, the fruit of life again is what, numerous, a riddle regiment waits he to untie, he comes all of a sudden of feel tired.
Zhao Heng lightly exhales an one breath, no longer make oneself sink Be sunk to these unknown thinkings in.
At this time, hear a Zhao Zheng light tone way:"Why don't you come over?Afraid I ……ate you not to become?"Her voice is very sweet, very soft, was like to just eat the next soft very sweet candy floss, let Zhao Heng feel in the mind one Zhan.
Zhao Heng shook to shake head and saw to her still deeply concerned at heart to the words of that fun, Zhao Heng smiled to walk past.
"You know that I wait you here and why not come over earlier.And the red scorpion elder sister talk also just, why want at those civilization guardants to linger there along while, I is in your heart, even are they all not equal to?"The feeling of Zhao Zheng's injustice all reveals but, at the moment Related articles: