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The sort completely stretches tight tight!
Second bodhi eye pupil constringency, the breathing of the whole body in vain become astringent matchless, body tiny bow, Yuan if a head of hibernate already a long time,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, desire Xu power but hair of the fierce beasts of Hong Huang!Icy cold of the look in the eyes refract from the eyes but, dead dead of stare at stone Fan empress!"
Close on the heels of that that fire red like the attack of dragon, rant but, and then of but is a second bodhi the voice of food and drink that is full of an idea of vexation!
"Stone Fan empress, you this, incredibly dare be dark to descend a black hand, kill my elder in door, I necessarily put~to death you!"
"Put~to death me?"Stone Fan empress cold Ji!
"Joke, second bodhi, the words don't want to say too elegant and stately, department Ma Zhao's heart stranger all knows, if say that you don't slaver that ivory juice liquid, this words speak, perhaps, even you by yourself is also a letter not!"
"The female is evil, you pour is still have been already managed!"The second bodhi is cutting up rough, his facial expression is completely black deeply at the moment, as if overalied the 1 F Mo cloud, basically lo not his guilty!
Say of is also the truth!
Jiang Jing's dead!That again how?
Next six elder in the door, in this fairies cave historic relic, surplus just his one person just, although an elder of empty middle is also very valuable, however!In this fairies abode, all lost so many person's horses, he the second bodhi can't went to again to deplore greatly to lose one more person, either!
Fairy treasure!The ivory works properly a liquid!
This is heavy medium of heavy!Don't say much, as long as is to take its one Piao, fix to the oneself for break bottleneck is also greatly have a Bai benefit, is also accomplish a numerous disciple with violent real strenghts!
If, those several hundred even Yi rices work properly a liquid, can all jump a claim, so?
Stone Fan empress and second bodhi a pair person lips gun heated dispute, each other Nu scolds, be like want to cover up oneself, the the idea that has already entirely exposed with this!
"Bathe rain, we!"If orchid body place the Xiao bathe rain one side, can feel his body temperature, can feel the sense of security produced by that the Xiao bathes rain as the sacred mountain but signs, but!She, but is mentally taxingly swallow to vomit!
Want to say to be unmoved, this words speak, the Xiao bathes rain by himself/herself also not letter!
Several hundred square meters work properly a liquid!!
The Xiao bathes rain nature is also know that work properly a liquid of not vulgar!If is own only according to, that meeting how scene necessarily, own so one big help, help virtuous Si hand blade blood of shell enemy, plus Mu Wang Fu controls of a pair big trump card army corps, and the wealth of the hat world of patrimony, willing be no man can block!
"Occupy?"The Xiao bathes rain to turn a head and sees if the look in the eyes lo of orchid not the tender feeling of the one silk.
If one Zhi in the orchid felling heart,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online!Was died to deadly stop neck Bo, hard breath, heart, as if be mercilessly trampled on the ground, crumple to go against.
The heart is getting grounder, very ground!
"Ha ha, trust, I still have a number, can't like some person general, drive benefits blunt fainted brains!"The Xiao bathes rain corner of mouth tiny up, crumple negative, say this words moment, but his eyes is at pursue reddenning of Song!
Is also a flash across a put on harsh countenance!
"I!I!Can"if orchid basically have no speech with to, just dead dead of the Ye tightly wear own dress Cape and attain a head to hang low, in the eye socket but being fond of fog is full!
She, listen to naturally, the Xiao bathes rain words in point!
That drive the despair for cheating!
That is such as the hair of the fish line sort pallor!
That red and red eyes, the corner of mouth starts to be suffused with of smile, but be full of bitter and astringent!
If the orchid is clear.She also knows that the all these is all that she personally results in by herself, can the all these also turn head?
Still return of go to?
"The time didn't go if is just thinking in the orchid heart!Jiao Qu not from of shiver, is like a loading don't live her sorrow!That is a kind of breathed miserable!
"Is alas
The Xiao bathes rain to see a form, E Chang not already, the Zhi pain in the heart finally turns to make to together and deeply sink of sigh.
Is willing to give up!Chien is simple list 19 painting, again is have how much person can take things calmly, can go unconcerned!
"The other people smile me too the Chi is crazy, I smile others to see not to wear!"
The one who leave I goes, the days of yesterday can not stay!
In disorder I heart, days of today much vexed sorrow!
The life isn't satisfactory in a life time, the Ming Dynasty sends forth to make skiff!
I from lift a pen to be like a sky crazy, the going or staying liver and gall a pair Kun Lun!
The Xiao bathes the continuous response in the brain of rain the sword wall thou on that gold color the words of the Zhuan!He that wants to go to deeply hide of distress, seem to be just to fade away gradually!
Become cool!
"Crazy scholar fairy emperor crazy scholar fairy emperor!You actually is what person, this be you say of a
Often!"The Xiao bathes rain mood a , that originally flicks the evil Zhang feeling that it doesn't go and would is to shout that the tidal wave sort continuously eliminates bait such as the mountain!
"Bomb as if the ground move mountain to shake, the whole cave seems to be all to accept to cannot bear how can it possibly be draining of quantity, but becomes to flutter!
"Walk the Xiao bathe rain without extra trouble on pulling, time dollar space formation, will he together with if the orchids all wrapped uped into, just severals turn an interest and would be have already been placed in an in open an outside!
This fairies abode in, have to strongly adsorb dint, is like a Xiao to bathe rain like this to turn an interest at severals, attain an in open an outside of, is already very rare!The perhaps second bodhi is also hard to attain!
After all!The Xiao bathes rain to attain that sort rapid, that cause that took a stroll to use true spirit!
This fairies abode in, for work properly to know the speed that the idea reads is very big, only Wu Dao's true spirit can't have restriction!
The city gate accidental fire brings disaster to fish in the moat, the Xiao bathes rain nature not silly must get involved stone Fan at this moment empress fighting of together second bodhi in!
The Xiao bathes rain to hope to go toward the stone Fan empress' direction,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift, what to hear is together bomb a sort such as the roll of thunder of fight a voice!The voice voice lingers in the ears and face those several hundred working properly of square meters liquid, stone Fan the empress and second bodhi completely tore open to win "the nobody will hide Zhuo, many Xuans, all of a pair persons are the wanting of gnash teeth in hatredses Cha states"!
Because this fairies abode in, for work properly to know an idea to read to have restriction, therefore, the Xiao bathes rain if is use to work properly to know an idea to read to look into of words, the also not enough pair is 100 meters, pour is that he uses naked eye lo to know!
Obviously is very crary!
Even if is a body place an in open outside Xiao to bathe rain, or can feel the felling that that ground vibrates, and bomb Long such as the muffled thunder of huge ring!
"Bathe!Wait until them to be worth to hurt to accompany wound, so!"If the orchid swallows to vomit, the Chi hopes Xiao to bathe rain.
She wants to call to bathe rain, the words arrive a mouth side, but that word is to speak not and very again!
"Does a pair hurt to accompany wound?"The Xiao bathes rain sword eyebrow a lift!
"Because should be not so simple, is to make us get some advantages in the words of just crazy scholar fairy emperor, just some just, as a crazy scholar fairy emperor, those several hundred working properly of square meters liquid to him, settle however of no consequence is what heavy treasure!"The Xiao bathes rain to say.
"You are to say, those several hundred working properly of square meters liquid, Be just petty profits?"If the orchid shockedly blurts out!
The Xiao bathes rain pretty much affirmative of nod, the look in the eyes is completely astringent!
"This is certainly however, those several hundred square meters work properly although the liquid is valuable, , the most can be accomplish what one large numbers of emperors who fix for the not vulgar disciple just, how can make to go into crazy scholar fairy again says to maneuver fairy evil boundary!".
If the orchid smells speech is also tiny to get a head, obviously is the words that approved Xiao to bathe rain!
Work properly although the liquid is valuable, , at most and only be limited by is develop a large numbers of fix for the not vulgar sons just!Want to maneuver the evil boundary the most important a nature still an individual in fairy to fix for the real strenght!
If think, look sideways mankind creation!
The individual fixs for not reach the peak, and then how can become?
Hears noise to blare repeatedly, pound the energy of the Bo is draining everywhere, but, that cave is still safe and sound, intact have no the slightest as before of breakage!
"Not the Kui is a fairy official residence, a see have no surprising place of cave, can resist the attack of second bodhi, stone Fan empress et al, but the slightest have no Sun!"The Xiao bathes rain shocked!
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