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, Although the Cang has already resumed 5% bewitching emperors month now demon dint, thunder cloud son just that skill, is have already outstripped red and evil divine in those early years, mainland's all saint area superiorses longed for day and night nowadays of absolute being area strength!The month of the Cang is understand, thunder cloud son is warning him, although can let his greed reach, same she also has ability he puts on from this world in addition to.Even if she not at, outstrip the natural beauty of thunder cloud son by thunder emperor, also absolutely have ability to remove the Cang is for month.
Is much less, absolute being area superior basically even if get the first half absolute being, can own deathless body and very endless life span of approach, live piece for a hundred years absolutely not a problem,beats by dre cheap.
The month of the Cang thoughts of again that second orchid thou the Si mainland myth is legendary, in addition to the world is early moment from the born natural absolute being in various natural chemical element, future generations all absolute being Zhis are those concentrate self-discipline, the strength arrived extreme achievement, or believed in special godliness of mankind, thunder cloud son is already a half God-man at present thing, will can't one day self-discipline become absolute being?If really is that so words-Cang to can not help a head greatly getting up for month, and absolute being set against and afraid of oneself have no so long of the life wait until for a day that the strength catches up thunder cloud son!
The Cang month in nowadays, haven't realized his bewitching emperor the demon dint is a kind of what kind of terrible strength, that but be good enough to butcher the absolute being put~to death evil, almost invincible strength!
Thunder cloud son stays for a Cang month after 1 shake walk, until come out very far, her aery voice just imitate a Buddha to come from to generally spread into the Cang month ear for nine days:"These two days well take a stroll for a while, mansion inside greatly of the gold and silver allow you to use and pull over the persons that can pull over all, even if don't think with us ascend in the same boat, can not let, either they are in the turning point to us add in disorder …… you remembered for me and had now who don't understand how to stand a brigade, wait an affair an over, take them to have operation ……"
Cang month the whole body is a cold Zhan, "be eager to do well in everything of murderous look, the woman of good poison!No wonder that could annihilate a city with the red and evil absolute being in those early years ……this New Year night, how perhaps not peace.However, this is falsely me desirable of?The real strenght of thunder cloud son is more strong, thunder surname household the another person die more quickly ……"
Thunder cloud son walked, but the thunder emperor stayed down.Just he at an audited thunder cloud son and dialogue of Cang month, showed on the small face a kind of and some time Ji completely didn't agree with of inhospitality with serious.Until the thunder cloud son leaves very far, thunder emperor just once the exhibition Yan smile and say to the Cang month:"Teacher, you need not worry, mother be so, talk always not beat around the bush."
The Cang month point nods, "I know, princess' his highness is usually the strange woman that I only see.Emperor his highness, and you?Have to me what advice?"
The thunder emperor is tiny tiny on smiling, "temporarily have no, however I think, if teacher the commitment that can keep to the mother, regardless and when, you are my good teacher."
In the Cang month heart Lin however, say beautifully on the thunder emperor mouth, in fact Qian stage dialogue but is "if you dared be promise and then deny, the small life not protected",Beats by Dre BMW, the Cang month looking at a thunder emperor full is the small face of innocent smiling face, dark sigh in the heart, is this still a 7-year-old kid?Although month of Cang of original meaning be guide the thunder emperor become an adventurer, scheme house, however the thunder emperor develops of power head, also too quick 1:00!
"Emperor his highness, " Cang month list knee kneels ground, facial expression solemn and peacefully to thunder emperor way:"The Ni promise-Si takes an oath here, eventually my whole life, is loyal to princess' his highness and emperor his highness, if have disloyalty, the world allows of no!"In the mind but think:"Grandpa calls blue Cang month, the Ni promise-Si violates agreement not to close my matter!"
Thunder emperor which know the viewpoint in his heart?The small hand claps the shoulder in month of Cang, tiny say with smile:"Teacher, you later need not knelt down to me, even if I in the future really did emperor, you need not kneel down to me, either, H'm, you are this in the world in addition to mother, the person whom I trust most , you are also me up to now the best friend.Like like, you get up quickly, if show mother you like this, and then want to say that I am too insolent.After all now I not just emperor, must just a little refrain from rash action.The mother makes me accompany you the activity is some kind of, call everywhere angel elder sister, let's set out now!"
The room inside one utter darkness, lies to tie up all over at the light hair man on the big bed full bandage, the facial expression is matchless pale.He groaned a , unclear not and purely call:"Is very thirsty …… water …… give me water ……"
Guard in the room, now already lie prone on the table asleep of 16-year-old and beautiful maid moxa Wei the son hear noise awake come over, flurried ordered the candle on the table, used pure silver water cup prosperous full everywhere one cup pure spring, give the light hair the man to carry pass by:"Young master, water came, you didn't move indiscriminately, let maidservant to take Ci you ……" words haven't finished saying, that light hair man then jumped from the bed, fiercely a Duo led water cup and wildly infused.
Moxa Wei son surprised way:"Young master, your wound didn't°yet be good, how can so?You lie down quickly, I make the doctor come to see for you."
"Mao Dang" one Be pure to ring, light hair man the facial expression Yin feel the ground toss water cup to the ground up, jump down from the bed, spread all over the double of thrombus the eye tightly stare at moxa Wei son, step by step approach to her.He peeps out a snow-white tooth and hazily says:"Is you what for what I drank?Gan water in the pig bucket?Do you dare to cheat me like this?"
Moxa Wei the son is struck with panic, the part retreats to simultaneously and without intermission explain:"Not, young master, maidservant swears, just gave your is the coldest and crystal-clear spring, you had been liking to drink of' jade snow spring' of spring, maidservant how dare …………" explains to suddenly become surprised to shout, only because she sees, two dog teeth of at present young master, suddenly became two sharp Liao teeth that the foot has 3 cms to grow, suddenly explores a lips outside, go together with gloomy facial expressions and blood-red eyes of young master, it turns pale the young girl, frightened desire unique.
"As a punishment, I want to suck dry your blood ……" light hair man says, a hold tight girlish double of shoulders, the Liao tooth stabbed toward her neck aorta past.
The Liao tooth sting breaks a skin, the young girl very hot blood flows out into the light hair man's, light hair man big the big ground drink a fresh sweet tasty virgin blood and excitedly all shiver all over.
Young girl beginning the point voice exclaim, "Help …… quick bearer ah ……" but room don't know when already drive 1 F the soundproof sorcery knot the boundary cover with, young girl of noise of shouting the basic nobody can hear.Slowly, along with the running off of blood, the young girl feels that his/her own body and souls all floated, a burst of unspeakable pleasant sensation pounds at her nerve, she strongly carries tight legs and makes an effort to twist, of two legs the one is wet slippery.Her soul is floating, exclaiming the voice has already become the moan that the wave concusses, she tightly embraces the light hair man's head, the pleasant sensation is more and more strong, she seems to be soon to ascend a happy highest point, but her moan voice is slowly weak, finally send out a burst of cackle in throat, she stretches tight a close fitting body and holds breath, beautiful of the big eyes half Zheng half shut, pale of face ascend full is a contented smiling face ……
The man of the light hair loses a young girl all corpses of bloods have already thrown in the floor and lick the blood stain that the clean corner of mouth remains, is almost a foot floating of point ground not to before the window, push away a window, the moonlight Qing of silver white spreads in his body, he opens a pair of arms, in the lonesome moonlight, bathing's sharp Liao tooth at flickering under the moonlight give out light, he jumps a window outside and turns over a body to fly up house roof and opens a pair of arms to toward the moon of semicircle and send out a breathed battle cry.Numerous bats frightenedly clap wing each corner start to fly and just started to fly a half and crashed in succession and uncannily broke spirit from the city.The light hair man deeply takes a suck at spirit, the light pillar of a pure silver color projects from the moon and shines on into his mouth inside, his the back shoulder bone place suddenly a burst of peristalsis, then violently inflate, in the voice of Chi Chi, the bandage tying up splits in succession, a pair of huge of, black of the Fu wing wore through his skin to emit out and up still hanged blood and body fluid.The light hair man again sends out a battle cry, two Fu wings launch aweather, blood and body fluid evaporate in the moment, and the light hair man lightly claps a Fu wing, suspends in mid air and overlooks the earth of foot,cheap beats by dre.
"Here ……is the mainland of old devil home town?Ha ha ……old devil, even if I died you don't dare to put as well Related articles:

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