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, Even if is them,want to praise highly a such form same people's tacit understanding and match?
Then, pound at of, arrive-
The first knight regiment member, Japanese dagger pull out, and what road card uses reside to unite as one kind, after spewing out a great deal of air backward, bumped face to face at cocoon on.
However, the knights of behind, don't pull out knife-they just use right hand to one by one in order press down anterior war ally shoulder and raise all of the Japanese daggers with the left hand to a direction of left side, button up next trigger-
Like the rocket accelerate generally-resist huge G dint, black knight's regiment, abruptly of will radicate at"cocoon" of ground, the rear of the facing pushed pass by!!!
There-not is the Zhu Ji entrance for them to come in …but is a presents 75 degrees or so don't know to lead to upward where of slope …in the slope under, also is similar in ascend and descend steps of platform …
When the cocoon bumps shot at the slope ascend almost at the same time-the road card pressed and the card rice is particularly.Admire the Luo place's control room to connect of infinite lead dint communication of machine-
"The card Sa gives mulberry!!(Young lady in the card!!!)"
"Who is a card inside!?Who is a young lady!!!"
Although mouth up don't depend on Rao not- the card Miao still has no a silk hesitation of, pressed to move a certain start of button-
Hence, be three performances from bump to shoot to set free moment-
Appear in front of them of, Be not metal and piece of stone any more keep both of fortress inner part.
But is the night sky that spreads densely stars.
"Da … Da …"
The close drop of water that comes from a night sky soon overalied to add to pull the Er whole citieses.
Not that kind of of raindrop, beat medium eyes etc. human body the soft place will feel to living painful rain-storm …only can calculate the soft but again milli- of the rain power of making"medium rain" uncompromisingly moistens the earth of city and delineate the neon in one and other rain of Huan colourful painting book.
"Shout … admire … seem to have no pursuing troops …"
The man who is covered with Mo color cape, from under the cape of dark inside,Beats by Dre Electroplating, secretly to after death the Chou go-regardless station in his position, "have no pursuing troops" this actually has much influence, but doesn't hinder him as this as well long long the ground is comfortable tone.
However, at least have 1:00 is beyond all doubt-
"Ha …however even if there is pursuing troops, want to track me under this visual field condition …don't even think."
Raise head, looking at to become adding of faintness to pull an Er city night scene because of this rain, corner of mouth Pie's hasing not to know is is self-confident or sneer at of smile an idea, the man is soliloquizing and slowing down a step-since have already made sure to have no pursuing troops, so flurried appearance only afraid on the contrary will arouse side the person's attention.
Particularly BE-the man run of the action is very unsteady, and cape right shoulder position each one steps will sway leisurely and give people a kind of empty felling.
One was covered up his/her own outward appearance with the cape, and one-armed, return the person of rushing of Wu life, and an although with the cape covered up his/her own outward appearance and body is disable and sick,in no hurrily and slowly runs about of person-simpleton's also knowing is that the former is more suspicious and ho?Besides the rainy day cape can also explain for the function of raincoat.
【Although it is said don't feel to worry …the quantity of the sense of vision poison surplus also not much, still little create unexpected complications well, the urgent matter of the moment in nowadays is the arm that cures me …】
Took a look everywhere-although the purpose in the beginning be go to prosperous district in city, let the crowd cover up his/her own figure, but since have already rained, crowd also naturally sparse a lot of-many people aren't to go home, be get into the store/bar/restaurant of the side of street to stop and rest+seek shelter from rain, even if still at outside of, is not in the hand either to hold an umbrella,Beats by Dre BMW, would be to wear and oneself's body ascend this different, positive son eight through of gum quality raincoat.
Hence the man made sure-very good, no one to he or she expressed to be more than usually of concern.
Ordered to nod, keep on the track of marching forward of on foot man, go short cut from the person of prosperous business street, slowly be partial to move-kept to till the last turn to go into the dark lane of one side.
Walk to the under the eaves of an alley one corner, sit is piling up on the wood box of corner, the man draws back cape and dismantle to hang at it under of white metal grow a box, then use only left left hand and opened it.
In the box, in addition to lining up to fullly reduce the heat on all sides, only an is alone and helpless to lie on positive center of, belong to the adulthood male's better arm-those is several minutes ago, also radicate"body parts" on man.
"… Is very good, the cross section is very tidy, that youth's sword method is really excellent … luckily such, this arm still calculate have no bad- after returning to let professor to see to have again plant of may- hand used in oneself, always want than the artificial limb come of acquaint with with dependable get many … to our apothecary is also such …"
Certainly,cheap beats by dre, if so the Chang put Be getting longer, even if include the opportunity will be also made own arm to the bad dead by oneself-realize this of man, after quickly checking a time of arm, close box.
"Damn, in addition to arm, use' blood blue sky' also consumed me equal blood of one part … haven't the medicine increasing the blood developed effect …"
Will relax because of escaping from to fight, as a result become tired body tiny behind Yang, depend on the stone wall, man-performance NO.IX"mental doctor" Ti Na.Especially the Si Di is second mumbling to say:
"…The youth of that silver hair …listen to him with'the tooth of utter darkness'of dialogue, seem to be called'thin Er' …actually use what way got rid of mine'sense of vision poison'?"
If is a combat of of words …the man is very certain, at that time the look in the eyes of thin Er, equally have already been influenced by own poison, because have already appeared sense of vision in its look in the eyes poison special"Huan light" of poisoned person …
Make reference to bottom, what is "sense of vision poison" actually?Why with the differentiation of usually so-called"magic" actually?The means of audio-visual that similarly confuses the other party …however"sense of vision poison" and"magic" is after all as different as chalk and cheese two kinds of existence.
The magic is Shi Shu Zhe passes various means, is subjected to sense of vision, sense of hearing, sense of taste of the Shu, the sense of smell, touch outside, make a kind of vain"appearance", the one who hoodwink to be subjected to Shu, even injury be subjected to Shu of the Shu type;
However sense of vision poison, but is to make a kind of special light wave segment with the medicine, pass the sense of vision interference poisoned person's brain, let make an appearance(make what kind of appearance is then decided by light wave segment) that user wants by oneself in its brain, turn over again to project in his sense of vision, sense of hearing, sense of taste, the sense of smell, touch on.
This be why, ever once accepted in the middle of forming society to train around to fix to the magic second, completely could not tell the reason of the flaw in the sense of vision poison;This is also why, just fix the moxa Si Di Er that the second in front appears around, although voice and warmth are so of reality, the touch is very vain reason …
Because make reference to bottom in one word-the magic is Shi Shu Zhe to repair towards being acted in a play by Shu, and sense of vision poison then poisoned person by himself[herself] of brain …please ask always have never embraced around fixing of the naked moxa Si Di Er(in fact his a naked female kid has never embraced as well, an unique opportunity of many year agos returns drive Lai Wei to compete first) as well second how the brain repair a young girl of reality fine?
Magic and sense of vision poison-have no the cent of the superiority of real meaning, only apply the last position differentiation …although the former can make to cover the whole overall situation mirages, and can need not to consider sense of vision sense of hearing, directly display magic to a scope,need long-term preparation;The latter although the appearance that can make to relatively have "aim at sex", and under the yoke of want to let "sense of vision" that the other party sees-but also need to show the other party one eye sense of vision the poison go;
Come up to say from this meaning, "mental doctor" is had a clear conscience to his of performance.
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