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The power has been clear and distinct, big Liao and big Sung can be a friend, can't become opponent.Even if become opponent,was the affair of the next generation!The next generation, that is the affair for a long time for a long time, be not?"
The big stone ponders very long and look up at sky cachinnation, way:"Like, we do the brothers of one a life time, don't do opponent!Wish two country generation amity, always is the nation of brothers!"
Zhao Huan raises wine cup, way:"Two country generation the amity is always the nation of brothers!Is dry!"
"Is dry,cnn!"
Doing brothers is bier long odds than to do opponent, so harmonious but warmly of atmosphere, much good!
"If I decide in this rouge mountain pass, choose a mountain stone, contract Dan and sweat is two clan writings, engrave' two country generation amity, always is the nation of brothers' so, also let the future generations descendant remember today's affair."The wine spirit that Zhao Huan overcomes to up flow out, say as far as possible of know some.
"The tomorrow does and would not° until see with own eyes leaves for elder brother!"The face of big stone is more and more red and gorgeous.
"Tiger head, slowly run!Oh, where is also what you can enter?"Elder brother Yan 's voice floats to come over, a head of small tiger drills into a big debt, elder brother Yan also Shan body but go into.
The tiger head sees arrive so many people, isn't frightened either, also faces upward to roar two, just the voice was too small, completely covered up by people's laughter.
The big stone points at a daughter, way:"Elder brother Yan , arrives father the emperor is nearby!"
Elder brother Yan embraces a tiger head, the darling ground sits to the father nearby and silently feeds to eat for tiger head a sheep leg since the table took down.The tiger head didn't make, elder brother Yan also sweetly smiled.
Zhao Huan Qiao wears elder brother Yan and more sees more like, way:"Elder brother Yan can once marry?"
The big stone shakes head a way:"Have no, eyes wased born in here after his mother, didn't like of somebody else!"Say words, point at their oneself barren crown of heads, said to know highly critical's meaning at the crest on the whole.
If elder brother Yan hears big Sung emperor and sink a head Be getting more lower.
Zhao Huan Dao:"I son be Zhao Chen still single to go together with, don't know that elder brother Yan wishes to be my imperial concubine of big Sung?"
What, the imperial concubine of big Sung?Is this proposing?This also too rudely?Lyu big stone if refuse, facial He Cun of big Sung?
The human face colors like Qin Kuai,etc greatly changes and nervously look at Lyu the facial expression of the big stone.
Xiao sting not also within sight emperor, as a prime minister, he hopes that elder brother Yan marries over there;As a father, thoughting of the son is sad to shed tears of appearance, how endure again in the heart?The Yi row and Pu soon finishes brother and sister to pour to hope that elder brother Yan marries to go out, particularly that the Pu is soon over, jealous must not go, elder brother Yan if get married, the eye disappears heart quiet, is the best result.
Once Zhao Huan's words export, the big stone almost and immediately thoughted of tower not the foetus dream of smoke, Zhao Chen is big Sung Di emperor's eldest son, empress, Zhu Yun Luo, still have to also spoil, in the future probably inherit the person of big most .If elder brother Yan marries Zhao Chen, be not can be an empress?And, a marriage cans promise two country several decades of peaces, isn't a humiliation either of and close, seem to have no reason brush-off!
Elder brother Yan leans on a father nearby at this time and also can not distinguish heart in is what taste.
The big stone lightly once fondles the daughter's long hair and slightly said:"Elder brother Yan , you is would like to?"
Elder brother Yan doesn't talk, elder brother Yan wants really go big Sung has a look and lead long her heart there, but definitely go with this way,Facebook?
Elder brother Yan faces upward and looking at the father emperor's faces, way:"Elder brother Yan loathes to give up a father emperor, mother behind!"
The big stone wipes off tears and says with smile for the daughter:"Silly kid, the daughter is big to always need to leave parents, the parents chase daughter Long again at nearby, that is selfish, breached a big way!Use your heart answer father emperor, you would like to?"
Yan Ge knows the mother's idea, the lo father's appearance is also would like to, big Sung emperor, not the elephant is a bad person, and his son?Elder brother Yan sweeps one eye Zhu Xiao Zhuang, see bachelor's degree is smiling to him, not from get face a red, don't dare to see again.If, that person ability elephant bachelor's degree good.
Elder brother Yan stilled didn't think and then so with ease promised, way:"He how a person,google?"
Zhao Huan Yi smiles and points at Zhu Xiao Zhuang, way:"That is the mother Jiu of Chen son, let him come to say!"
The filial piety Chuang also likes elder brother Yan , woman like this, who don't the meeting like?But, always fluent of speech, the Zhi accounts 100 Zhu Xiao Zhuang and is elder brother Yan 's noodles, but could not says words, very is suppress in a short while, just say:"Rather his highness king, be like minister to send the painting of the his highness is to the princess and need to be tasted slowly!"
In the elder brother Yan heart a pleased, way:"Really?"
Elder brother Yan bashfully says:"Elder brother Yan would like to!"
, The owners are waiting this answer, owner all at happy!
The song being fast rings out and carries song to carry a dance inside the big debt and celebrate a thousand years beautiful matter.
The Zhao Huan, big stone had been drinking till bagged, just be handed to return to debt rest.
The rouge mountain pass makes use of a cake of smooth mountain body, all through the night begins to work and uses to agree Dan, man two kinds of writings write of"two country generation amity, always is the nation of brothers" is a few big words, jump into an eyelid.
Lyu the big stone hope the big word of distance, lightly on smiling, way:"The daughter wants get married, don't know what kind of trousseau just can let relatives by marriage Mr. satisfaction!"
Zhao Huan Dao:"The brothers mutually knows what speech the man replies!"
Big stone momentary meat pain, eat the meat in the mouth to vomit again, the taste isn't pleasurable!The end still keeps making a firm decision, way:"The brothers mutually knows what speech the man replies!Brothers is this the bitterness bitterness to mutually force?"
Zhao Huan innocently says:"Do I have?"
Big stone one punch the hammer is past, way:"Like, is three states the Su, melon and sand, as elder brother Yan 's trousseau, send to the brothers like?This trousseau, can the brothers still be satisfied with?"
The fist of big stone is very heavy, obviously heart in very painful.Zhao Huan Shen ascends a pain, on the face but is smiling, still that sentence:"The brothers mutually knows what speech the man replies!"
2 people cachinnation, say to each other to take good care, now don't lead.
Lyu the big stone walked, Zhao Huan didn't know and use one pole fire gun, change a daughter-in-law, plus the ground of three states again, whether is worth?
Chapter 13 struggles hard(a)

Here matter, Zhao Huan day and night and travel at double speed, the east returns a western even mansion, but western even mansion this place the gunfire connect a sky and kill just noisily.
Issue order to always offend at Wu Jie of the this day is also December for 16 this days, the quiet state spreads news, Lee is purely bright to lead 30 battalions, declare 500,000, celebrate a mansion to set out from the interest, vastly and mightily opened to come over.Is slow west the enemy's task of the noodles handed over to Yue to fly and grow not hurt these two good war members, Wu Jie's order grows not hurt listen to the Yue fly forbearance, in fact said and didn't say basic and similar, the Yue flies to say of to, grow not hurt nature will listen to, say not to, growing not hurt affirmation will by oneself it BE.
The west temporarily lets go of, Wu Jie stares at all energies in the western even your home noodles.On the 16th Mao whole, always offend a beginning.Wu 璘 leads to accumulate stone army corps to serve as the south lord to offend and settle a side army corps at heel enter;The Long Ji army corps lord that the northern side Xiao matches to reach offends, Rong army corps in the town supports.Long Wei puts army corps city at the east, Liu Xi Liang's absolute being Wei army corps offends west city.Allow astute rate male brave army corps for always prepare a brigade.Allowed astutely to originally beg a war** not strong, and then hear purely bright east of Lee come of news, more didn't want to waste energy here.If beat Li Liang to assist, the brotherses affirmation of the male brave army corps doesn't wish, the fighting strength will also greatly give discount;If purely bright to last Lee a person can be two people to make, affirmation can't compare big Sung trump card to accumulate army corpses, such as stone and Long Wei...etc. to differ where go!
The Xiao matched to reach to rob the lord offends of task, very proud and satisfied;Having the Wei great general cannon to help is plusing to gather a bunch of explosive to wrap, bomb for a sky, sharp weapons like thunder,etc, blast open city gate, kill to go into the city go to very easy, the progress for fighting also well corroborated this, but, go into the city be unequal to victory, vehemence of combat just just started!
Wu Jie's order, three day inside have to match with the accumulating of south line stone army corps to round the general mansion that Li Liang assists, look not short for three days, but the Xiao matches to reach after going into the city just understand, time strain Related articles:

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