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Of the form the type is a bit lax, a few empty knights fly off the handle of keep on wanting to orderany the lion Jiu of between the legs swoop.Can but was added an inside by the Du to easily realize, the at that moment scathing Nu drank a , "you have to do what!?"
"Captain!"Type though along with the Du add the Nu of inside to drink instauration as before, can but call person a bit unwilling, an empty knight turned head to have a liking for one eye, injustice disaffection of say, " we will pass him not become?Did George's enemy calculate like this!!"
George also once is 13 win one member of brigade, but lost a body by the third at tide hunter benefit Wei the hand of the Tan in.The sea giant that loiters in white water river is undoubtedly ten word encampments currently and once exceeds white water river toward the biggest bar of north shore military advance.So by the third, the tallest commanding officer Kai Ni of ten word encampments silk.The Wei Nai once started out all hands to launch an unprecedented attack to this monster especially.
"Reprimand an angel" the silk of Kai Ni.Wei Nai especially, moonlit night sentinel of the tallest commanding officer Mo Rui is virtuous before.Copy song, the commander-in-chief cloth of blood-red color crusaders is beautiful unusual.Ratio Di Si, silvery dawn commanding officer Anne reaches a wood.Bright blade, boar person the leader Rui space tile Er.Steel back, and exactly three inside brigade 27 empty knights!
Appearance like this, even if is a sorcery demon Wang Nai Ao Zu to have to carefully reply, either in person and perhaps?
The result of it happened that end, but is to fail when success is within reach, let people listen to and then feel that touching eyes is shocking.
The Mo Rui is virtuous.Copying song, cloth is beautiful unusual.The ratio Di Si severely wounded, Anne reaches a wood.The bright blade dies in battle, "deep blue" sky knight's regiment well-known empty knights, unexpectedly have five to be located on to die in battle in that service!
Although it is said also is to inflict a heavy losses on this giant, with one action cut next its double arm and more wounds.
But ……
The Du adds in lowered the head to conjecture benefit Wei well Tan one eye:The sea giant in nowadays, again where use where fear that a D orders, get hurt of appearance!?
……Not the Kui is thou absolute being the ages has been already existed of half absolute being Zhi, the real strenght indeed as expected and strongly makes people unimaginable!
The colonel sighs, at the same time heart in also some grudges.
This tide hunter though the real strenght is arrogant, can on the time in that day, they still have much of an opportunity to kill its shot.Is it happened that but be suddenly got up by that, until the rain-storm that stop just last night disrupted all feet!After all in the lion Jiu can not still just rain in satisfied fly, but this sea giant is again then the existence that can not kill in the water!
At that time the present owner is helplessly almost a lo before wearing a benefit Wei that still is lingering on Tan, next then suddenly bloomed in rain strong divine power.Can not help flounced for a while the silk of Kai Ni with meticulous care prepares for him of trap, also complied with the surrounding to result in unacceptable dead and injured!
But have that of career.No matter is a benefit Wei the Tan still keep still needing the natural calamity Wu that the tide giant exists to work properly in front, can't be easily falling into trap.
In ten word encampments now, the silk of Kai Ni even if is to engage in mental drudgery, afraid could not seek any further as well can the shot killed the opportunity and idea of sea giant ……
Is all in now, also can first benefit Wei Tan's throwing in the part didn't do to realize.
The Du adds in bite a tooth, under the opponent of empty knights say, "he isn't our targets now!The height that immediately pulls to rise you don't attackstone your opportunities for him!"
Though dissatisfied, but empty knights still then shone on to do right away.
Throw down river in to these empty knights are also cut up rough very, very anxious to hold tight its one mouthful to swallow into benefit Wei within belly Tan.Very soon, empty knights came right away currently from white water shore in Hebei guarded for working properly natural calamity Wu.
The Luo uncle simultaneously adds an inside for the Du to in a soft voice pacify many empty knights especially, "I think that you also all listenned to clear, this enemy we is affirmation want something to report,cnn!However not just now, you who all forbid to have furtive caution to think."Part again return overdo come to ask him, " captain, where should we go now?"
The Du adds in pondered for a while, soon answer a way, "we once discovered while investigating four days ago, the natural calamity Wu works properly not far encampment to halt to set up a new method works in the neighborhood, is unfortunately killed the activity of the Tan of benefit Wei with this rain-storm by the shot to interrupt.Until still don't know the purpose and use of that works now.We go first to there see and confirm for a while again do an another plan!"
Empty knights call together"is".
That then maintains two rhombuses type, face the first light of day in morning, the north of the facing was partial to an eastern direction to quickly dance in the wind past.
Wu, Be lead a field, this chapter ratio anticipates of long Be many to come to shout.
However the individual feels to still have much of a necessity of, one is in brief give an account for a while ten word encampment there of pure empty.Two, everyone wants to necessarily also notice, this chapter of time is occurrence to soar to break the last transmission door in the breeze, the shot killed after a gram of 45 days that Er Su adds a virtuous and second Ba Dun Deng person.
The circumstance that he meets certainly also has variety, will make use of this chapter derivation.
Two chapter leading roles didn't appear and asked classmate not to have to be anxious, the next chapter would like ……
Sigh, if not that this fever of very not the that time wait.
This leads a field to have been already passed by ……
However I also about like, tomorrow's words would fight for replying a double more.
This month always the affair isn't too smooth, also ask the classmates to forgive to forgive.
Continuing to support by voting is just good, thank.
If the S: set according to me, the benefit Wei Tan is in white water river with lending the stone of tides can attain rank of C class of degree, so that ambuscades to have a result like this to combine never thought that an outside.And kill his enemy to also early get ready, before have to announce to public.
These several days inside, everyone might as well guess,Facebook.
The participants all have a huge essence to offer up.

34, the epic poetry of the sky(next)
Since is to arrive at from the district captured for working properly natural calamity Wu, so which afraid is at empty the knights three days ago that in a row under several days of stroke, here clearly have already not remained under what air power.Natural calamity Wu's working properly is also unwilling, empty knights so heartily of dance in the wind on their head.
So haven't waited empty knights to fly to the Du to add the inside says of that up, the natural calamity Wu works properly of the passionate accolade was anti- to pour to come first.
Take rain-storm first for these several days, getting empty the knights can not attack but a few Wus urgently rushing to repair work properly tower Shao to start bellowing.Shoot line or blue cold ice ray of light of the death in black to continuously shot into the sky.The interest that just gets empty the knights isn't here, the flight level also remains very high.Words of speaking of, attack like this, most, at most can also be regarded as a kind"you don't want to come over!"Of awe.
The Du of leader of a group adds inside and Luo uncle to connect to say a voice to the member of team especially and even"caution!"Of the ideas all have some to owe to receive.
Can the member of team in the brigade but is unwilling to continue so boring next go, at there excited of proposal way, "head, since they all said "hello".So let's always also want to a little bit mean?Let us also descend to send greetings to 1!"
The Du adds in smiled to smile, shook head to obstruct their eager to have a try, "not just time."
BE saying, the natural calamity Wu works properly of encampment, again the flying of sparse sparse Shu has ten stone statue ghosts, facing they continuously approached to come over.Condition immediately for instance just of time a little bit serious so at 1:00, can get empty the knights but how also not nervous.Equiped the member of team of sorcery war hammer, only remind especially at the Luo uncle under again took side 1:00.As for the Du adds an inside and Luo uncle especially, but still not and tightly and not and slowly follow behind, have no what attack on one's own initiative of meaning.
For empty the knights come to speak, the stone statue ghost is most easily that they meet in the last few years of the natural calamity Wu work properly of air power.Early have already known that the root knew bottom,google, was a familiar net very much to the ability of these monsters.Know this kind of monster that lies between the Wu and the weapon, the intelligence quotient isn't not only very high, in addition to personal hand to hand fight outside Related articles:

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