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The impact dint of the slice lets river's maple is like to get one stuffy stick, river's maple climbs of time, see the Geng young tiger take a person to rush out, they toward an air fighter jet to open fire, the guided missile flies indiscriminately, 37 playing of cannon act Sas of full skies of all is ……
Not and in a short while the fighter jet seemed to give up this task, they quickly flew to walk!
River's maple greatly treads arriving at of meteor temporary command post, in a heap of steel behind find out the white is plain, she is shrinking to pretend to be dead over there, see river's maple arrive at just climb,Artist Series, the river maple embraces her in the bosom to be like an infant ……
"Mama of, call your along while, how don't you even utter voices for a while?"
"I will die on uttering a word affirmation, probing of devil the instrument will find out and kill mine!I am to have no way!"
"Good!Be free good, we returned to!"
"River's maple didn't thought of that you will save me, is me to calculate this time wrong!Return to compensate you well~!"
"Was tired for a day, only afraid have no energy!"
"You not is say to play a life!That has fun~!"
"The promising Jing's exerting person Wu is regardless the sacrifice!"
"Is mean!"
Feel white the vegetable arrived at an underground, with go a protective Geng young tiger way:"Head!The hero saves beautiful!"
"Take the rose of sting!"The river maple wry smile wears a way:"By this time say, really return to not say!The hero didn't use violence of ground,cheap dr dre beats!"
" Afraid that you were a hero don't use violence of dint!"The white vegetable happily says with smile.
"All together withdraw!Our victory!"
Return this time be truely return in triumph, Yang Hui Nyu and Lin Hai spreads red carpet to welcome the hero that drills out in hole from the ground,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online!
Insulate red flag outside the cave to recruit an exhibition, huge crowd, the male men and women female welcomes with crowd cheering on both sides of street warrior of return!This scene really makes people feel to fig up and unprecedented brilliance, Lin Hai benignity of shake hands with the heros, almost each male heros all concern of way:"Commander, your words still count?"
Lin Hai Dao:"Is certain!Is certain!"
The female soldier who garrisons area also paid respects to this to fight, their pleased mood natures were to surpass description!Yang Hui Nyu's general received them in person, and and their warm handshakes take a picture to keep as memory!
The joy of the victory lets the whole underground one in the world joys Teng, have already steaming hotly worked well to braise in soy sauce meat, hot son fish in dining room, the packing of glistening big rice big dish is over there and put on the table full white spirit and cigarette ……
"Excuse me, , you what is the biggest hope at this moment?"The reporter of television station random covers one well-known scholar soldier.
"Is big bowl of to drink, the big piece eats meat!Still have ……"
By this time a soldier hurriedly pulls him, the Wu wears his mouth to drag along into he dining room ……

The text chapter 30:Sorcery mountain sexual intercourse
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War corresponder and various appearance that shot to be like devices to all reserve a great deal of combat, the television station broadcast these appearances, combat scene and the warriors of vehemence pressed forward with indomitable would of hero bearing, let several myriad people all feel proud for them.
Lin Hai and Yang Hui Nyus attend and managed to celebrate an achievement meeting, an underground social bandit commander, a major general commander of regular army together gives to fight hero to make awards, this condition is naturally historic difficult to see!Team of women and the man of iron wills together drink to celebrate achievement wine and sing 《long-handled sword to the devils head up chop down to go 》 together.
River's maple is the direct commanding officer for fighting, also want to be subjected to reward.He takes to fight hero to arrive at chairman's on the stage to accept fresh flowers and wine, white plain and some garrison the member of team of area are next batch, the white vegetable contains to smile to looking at top river's maple of the spring breeze all over the face, 2 people often cast glances of love ……
A flock of beautifully dressed beauty surges forward a set, all of them is the television station arrangements come to the hero fresh flowers, because of this great beauty surprising beauty.The clothing is also hot sexy, that angel is general of beautiful looks, devil similar shape, happy get those fight hero almost rude in behavior on the spot, a guy unexpectedly hugs the beauty of in front to sexually harass on the spot, was investigated to hurriedly keep on dragging along, broadcast live to break off for several minutes on the scene for this ……
Give the river the beauty of the maple fresh flowers is more beautiful and matchless, river's maple discovers her cherry lips being beautiful, plentiful smooth good-looking;The feminine cheeks is soft beautiful, jade neck tiny song, the shoulders of the bright moon sort the thin circle is smooth, snow Ou the jade arm Ning white the Jiao is soft, spring onion white high Xian Xian ten point soft if have no bone, skin unexpectedly like ice jade generally transparent!Only one yarn dress on the body, make of before the chest towering jade Feng along with walk of the tiny action is faintly discernable.She the bottom take a stroll since then from the set, the bosom embraces fresh flowers and holds a wine in hand, ivory vulture the jade Jie of the sort legs, Wen Ruan is delicate and pure white high, that radiant and extremely keen thigh, perfect calf, be dressed in white sandals white delicate petite lotus foot, the slender waist lightly puts Yuan if lightly dance float in the sky of spirit!
The beauty takes toward the charming aroma, grace of show last fresh flowers, she under the yarn dress of the bra can not cover up her jade Feng of outstanding, the jade Feng in the bra be like from white jade vulture become, radiant and snow-white Jiao soft round and smooth nipple top a rightness of cherry of unsteady and timid Qies 2.2 red cherry Aos of pinks however stand erect in the jade Feng of Dian, red grape be like two beautiful desire drops, the crest wears translucent bra and wait for an observant and conscientious person of pick.
After connecting fresh flowers, she that spring onion white high Xian Xian 10 held ascend wine, river's maple once connected to quaff in one gulp!The beauty towards her tiny tiny on smiling, is really an exceedingly fascinating and charming, cent outside of charming!
The heros hold fresh flowers down, these beauties start performing to dance, lightly moving dance in the floating melody voice ……
River's maple after letting go of the fresh flowers went to a hospital, he wants and sees those brotherses harm of how exactly?Did those pockets for sealing completely all become to stop corpse bag?
Zhang Jian takes a gun to follow river's maple, the surprisingly Li orchid early and early waits river's maple in the doorway of hospital and sees the arrival of river's maple, she smiles of eyes be like two curved crescent moons ……
"Elder brother Feng, you are all right?Today a day, I can worry you!"
"Does not this live thoroughly?Harm a member setting of how?"
"All settle good, please lead an inspection!"
She fore the noodles leads the way, he follows into with Zhang Jian.Inside in the hospital is everywhere at engaged, large numbers of medical personnels push a shelf car to run, quite a few first aid room in all bright red light.The in command of department statistics result came out, this fought down to fall in action more than 1,000 well-known scholars soldier and more than ten military officers and garrisoned the female soldier of area to also die or injure more than 200 persons!An in the sickroom all packs to lack the soldier of arm little leg in big glass jar, they are steeped in the process of putting an oxygen tube to carry on the repair of body rebirth in the nourishment liquid ……
The body rebirth is that the medical science is flourishing behind of outcome, it is to come from the nature animal body repair as foundation.There are some living creatures that own an uncommon repair skill:The earthworm being cut off can re- grow half body, but the Rong Yuan can rebuild damaged arms and legs etc. and compare but talk, the mankind's reborn skill seems and then differed 1:00.If can re- grow to make moves to point at no one in past, the use of bone also from a but eventually.Slightly can make people comfort of is a liver, be canned resume original status by the liver of parts of excisions.Is other of have to depend on transplant operation to carry out!Afterwards the scientist discovered those can let organ reborn animal of genes principle, can pass a medical science technique means the time in necessity re- start the heredities procedures of embryo growth period, grew thus new organ.Hence this technique is applied to battle front rescue ……
These be just drive extrication come of soldier, those have no extrication of and the soldiers, who die on the spot,s have no so lucky!Saw 1 turn these like return to the soldier in the womb amniotic fluid, the taste of his in the mind is very strange while looking at their deep slumber in the glass jaring!River's maple is really thanks them for forgetting to deadly fight to kill, is that they exterminate devil on our territories ……
But our people can't know their hero heroic acts, the motherland can't gives them the honor, either, their sacrifice just behaves Related articles: