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Soon integrated among iron water, then more magazines be pushed out, left of iron water also become density larger.
Is some kind of after tossing about, iron water incredibly narrowed half and the rise physical volume, but its density fully enlarged 400%, and the spiritual influence covers with, Wang Shao Chuan's exultation, hurriedly according to greatly chopping down the shape of knife to meet together iron water to model on the earth, then slowly withdraw go to inside dint, not and in a short while time, a long-handled sword of newness formed.
Wang Shao Chuan bends fingers in counting again fierce play six vein absolute being sword, all was iron ball to knock long-handled sword from beginning to end 1 time.
The gape that the mountain people of underneath early has been already seen, treat Wang Shao Chuan to decline to drop down, the persons of whole clanses all kneel to fall flop come devoutly the Kou do obeisance, the in distress situation tunnel of Wang Shao Chuan:"The inside Mo Er sweat, completed your long-handled sword, take to try quickly."
The inside Mo Er sweat sees surroundings,Beats by Dre BMW, on grinding teeth, incredibly knelt so to move to come over to once connect long-handled sword.
Wang Shao Chuan's chin almost drops on the ground and wish like this can also, isn't a chain pair of long-handled sword, this is to ownly toughen to me, you all looking at so me to do what.
The inside Mo Er sweat looking at a long-handled sword ratio to just want small and thin some, stretch hand and then answer, just commenced and then felt as a result hand ascend on sinking, good at he experienced, hurriedly let go of a time to withdraw.
The hand is to don't harm, but the wrist is a bit unclear take off dint of aching, long-handled sword also"Mao be" is falling on the ground all of a sudden, also hit small pit of a .
Wang Shao Chuan reminds a way:"The inside Mo Er sweat, use inside the dint."
This descends inside Mo Er the sweat don't dare small lo again this long-handled sword, luck since take knife inside the energy, there is indeed as expected no heavy feeling, his term Du two veins have been already broken through, inside the dint want naturally strong leisurely long of many, so at the school field up dance rise knife come, Wang Shao Chuan takes advantage of an opportunity to let the persons that still kowtow to all hurriedly get up countermarch, result these people all Mo Er in the elephant sweat so kneel to hereafter move.
Wang Shao Chuan immediately tumbles eyes.
The inside Mo Er sweat dance is enough, the fascination first, wants to take a shot soldier Feng, hence aim at another on keeping on chopping down knife, listens to Ka Ca a ring,Beats By Dre In Ear, slice bean curd for the elephant similar pour that to chop down two, inside Mo Er the sweat is immediately foolish, he pours to unexpectedly look pretty blunt a have knife incredibly so sharp.
Outside someone runs to come in to report a letter way at this time:"The troops transporting food came back!"
The person who reports letter ran to come in and suddenly saw the person of whole clanses include a clan long all kneel with the elders in the ground, immediately frighten of"plop" also kneel all of a sudden on the ground.
Wang Shao Chuan ha ha on smiling, way:"Everyone greets to transport food with me of troops."
This descended the great virtuous benefit friendship to take the lead to stand, other elders also followed in succession, be not, if don't get up, that can looking at fairy a person greeted, this be not to fairy disrespect.
The hot jollification of a group of person makes ground to face out, can give° the troops transported food to get a fright and even came out a lot of elders that deeply reside Jian Chu, this was the tallest specification of,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, immediately transport food a brigade to shout kneel down a big slice of, the baldheaded single small Pei leaving takes several personal vacant stations over there, also didn't know to take place what matter.
What Wang Shao Chuan saw is funny, hurriedly take advantage of an opportunity to let loose true clan parties the person help to flow people's Anne's camp firm Zhai, these supplieses all send to flow a people to those and loosen a true clan naturally have no an opinion to the request of fairy, the baldheaded single small Pei waits a person touched of embrace Wang Shao Chuan's thigh fierce don't already cry, let Wang Shao Chuan comfort for a long time.
The this group hot jollification makes ground to run to 30 an inside outside of flow a people to gather to reside ground, what to see is a wretched one prospects, about thousand flow people all hustle over there, old young the women and children had half the son is and the rise, like at stay to guard of two leaders don't red county early investigate good surroundings of geography, want to move to go in a valley of neighborhood of, just have been having no ability.
Once Wang Shao Chuan listen to and let right away baldheaded single small Pei and great virtuous benefit a graceful living problem that arranges to flow a people so much, from the warrior of loose true clan with flow a people win of green strong constitute battalion, take upper part for cent to keeping to arrive don't the red county find out of once the valley see, indeed as expected is a good place, there is a spring eye in the valley and also formed a small river, now still force enough ascend 1000 people drink of, but the population increased in the future, that affirmation is burden not of.
Wang Shao Chuan arranges these people to enter upon to build a house, are wellall forests in the surroundingses so much, the tree takes it not exert, in the sweat of Mo Er take the lead and get ten warriors to take long-handled sword to chop down melon to slice a vegetables sort to put trees to all pour, keep single small Pei waiting the person sees of gape, simultaneously rejoice didn't really strike against mountain Zhai at that time, otherwise may could not see Wang Shao Chuan's eldest brother.
Wang Shao Chuan then along the valley flies to side in the big river of upper stream and observes for a while, this distance only 78 insides, should be able to set up a water dike of, then set up a reservoir in the valley.
Say stem and then do, Wang Shao Chuan uses first to open the mountain boxing tees off a big pit on the vacant land in the valley, this opening a mountain boxing is what Wang Shao Chuan from the novel about swordsmen on the earth out of the blue Zhang evolved come and still once experimented at the mountain Zhai doorway once, the dint inside the liquid in his body evolved dint inside the solid now, it is more proficient to use, the one punch drives out and beats on the mire ground to would be big pit of deep cone form of 67 meters, mountain people and flow the noodles that the people frighten unmanned color.
Several ten boxings keep on beating, the big pit of a coarseness then and at last fix good, then Wang Shao Chuan rock a cake of a cake of is used inside the dint and pares well, throws in the slant pit wall, is regarded as protecting of reservoir ascent.
Certainly, he just does a probably of embryo, in the concrete detail of reinforce a processing, also need these residents to begin to come by themselves perfect.But have already made the nether person receive him only and so if celestial spirits.
People dumbstruckly looking at Wang Shao Chuan, even if the magical power that has never seen Wang Shao Chuan before also unanimously think that Wang Shao Chuan is to save a bitterness to save difficult fairy now, is them of protection absolute being.
Immediately after Wang Shao Chuan and then used on the crag of valley to tee off the word"hope village" of three extra large sizes inside the dint, like numerous in his crystal stone, otherwise go so under the depletion, is an iron man to also can not stand.
The village is getting more well-known, home also have embryo, under the call of spirit strength, just more than a days of time, everyone built more than 50 big house, reservoir also in the middle of reinforcing, Wang Shao Chuan took advantage o this time to also pare to like the around ten thousand piece of stone plank, all the heap prepares to spread in water dike underneath in the future among the valley.
Work well prepare work behind, Wang Shao Chuan carry since inside dint flick since fist to ground dozen, always beat to quickly soon arrive the place of river shore, at this time Wang Shao Chuan is already move to expect of fix true, inside dint how pure, all the way fly over there, the embryo of water dike basic give tee off come, wait person slab of stone at river shore spread well protect ascent, again knock finally the last soil wall can immediately lead water go into pond.
The great virtuous benefit is graceful to also take many people to help at this time, but discover that the material like the nail had no, Wang Shao Chuan says with smile:"At the right moment, I also want to walk, you and the single small Pei send some people to follow me to go into the city, buy the thing like some foods, seed, clothes and medicine material again, you carry back by yourselves good, these days of hold firmly time first to spread water dike, build a house."
The great virtuous benefit friendship frighteneds a way:"Fairy, you is this about to walk?"He so one Rang Rang, all people all stopped to start in of work, rise to brush ground to hope him.
Wang Shao Chuan sees the facial expression that everyone don't give up, touched in the heart not already, from suffer cold stare to rise in the Earth, he already too long don't feel this feelings, not from must have already grown the impulse that wants to cry, have to make every effort to endure patiently, say with smile:"The banquet that the world all spreads, I all always want something to walk!You forbid Rang Rang to wear and follow me, the village just established, you all wanted to stay construction and protection your homes."
Some kind of words speak of everyone can not open a mouth, the inside Mo Er sweat immediately had no energy and lay to pour on the ground, Wang Shao Chuan saw roar with laughter, way:"Stop worrying, in the future if there is opportunity, I will come back to see yours, the inside Mo Er sweat, you want to help them more, now here you are the person of tallest fighting skill, but want to remember, the all things wants to think thrice, don't be emotional."
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