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Under, Li Qiang drinks a way:The "is cold to work properly huge Zhang!" true dollar apace flows out toward the palm, the whole hand rises to greatly get up, the purple light gleams, and a palm of wash basin size takes off wrist but.
Hou Pi cleanly and only the door extremely learn really extraordinary, cold the shadow for working properly huge Zhang on taking off wrist, touching sword send out the frailty of "wave wave" to ring, the pressure is abrupt however loosens down, but red Yan Long Dun already arrive can not stand, that purple dragon the dissipation is in the unreal in the sad cry voice.
Li Qiang cans not consider of red Yan Long Dun, all minds are attentive at cold work properly a huge palm, the frailty of "wave wave" rings gradually become a voice huge ring, the thunder sky smiles dark surprised, he already use 5 F strength dint, haven't won, then and in addition 1 F strength the dint press pass by.
"Depend, go to your mama of!" Li Qiang puts together to the utmost a true dollar the dint went crazy all over in addition one Zhang.
The winds and clouds changes countenance, the sky shakes ground to move, for a while this the thunder accident for smiling in the sky that is hard to put together a big, 2 people unexpectedly put together into draw.In fact Li Qiang still kept eating big Kui, opponent one sword, he has already arrived to can not stand, now connect fly of capability all have no, return how the Mo beat.
"Is quite good, quite good, incredibly ability crest the 6 F that live old man capability." sees a big slice of stone wood who tumbles down on all sides, the thunder sky smiles to know that Li Qiang hasn't resisted of dint.He uses the tone persiflage that the cat catches a rat way:"The old man still thinks that the green jade of Fu Chong taught Gao Di of Shi Mo, originally also this Mo two times son, that can don't the strange old man was Don't mention it."
The sky of the thunder's smiling now is very a cow spirit and seem to care nothing about Fu mountain, in fact if the Fu mountain is here, perhaps he even none of fart dares to put.He humiliates Li Qiang alone, no man knows his circumstances, but knows what happened of Fen sky five make have already been lent machine by him to kill.
Li Qiang Shen's regrets have no self-discipline dollar start a door of most once the Hou recruit a line of Zi, that is exclusively using is rapid ambulatory.He asks a way:"Are you the person of beautiful Tang Guo oblation hall?" wishes:"Drag along delay first, think way instauration to order a true dollar dint, this Huo is absolutely a superior, he even the Fu mountain none of eldest brother puts in the eye." showed self-discipline to lead a dollar to start an advantage of sitting posture at this time, Li Qiang secretly urged a dollar baby and started high speed instauration.
The sky of the thunder smiles obviously and hasn't had fun enough and says:"Hum, beautiful Tang Guo's oblation hall calculates the thing of Shi Mo, the old man didn't°yet is mean to arrive that kind of situation." tone extremely despises.
Lee is strong to say with smile:"Ha ha, originally you are to work oneslf to the bone for mean beautiful Tang Guo, interesting!" tone a turn to say:"That you tightly make track for Zhao Lao Tze don't put why, see Lao Tze beautiful, my Pei!"
The fog spirit of "died to happen, the mouth returned this Mo hard, let the old man pick your skin open happy." one regiment green flows out toward Li Qiang, this is the thunder is a mean weapon for smiling in the sky, if let it is stained with a body, but again didn't good protection, that be really than pick skin still terrible, it can drop the person's skin corrosion.
Li Qiang urgently backs to the Hou and tees off ice to explode to play at the same time and jumps up to fly up air, for this small meeting son, he has already resumed many true dollars dint, return a sarcasm way in:"You stay Zhao to pick your own skin, Lao Tze didn't play." side says side distressly to confuses direction wood to fly.
The sky of the thunder smiles in a thundering rage and scolds a way:"Little bastard, crafty and slippery, the old man wants ……" how all too late say and then jump up to make track for to go, in the mind strange this boy how Mo ability so quick slowly lead strength.
Once 2 people make track for a to escape, Li Qiang knows that the straight line escapes affirmation to run however he, he in the sky and momentarily the east is or soly momentarily western, up and down fly a to annoy indiscriminately, ever and anon fling out ice explodes to play and says two cool criticisms, thunder the sky smile spirit eyes are all red, make track for not enough dispassion, always make him drill empty the son escape pass by.
The sky of the thunder smiles suddenly and stops in the sky, he is exactly a superior, detection not to, immediately change strategy.He takes out a small gold box and presents the monster of inside, that is a green monster that is like bat, and the chirping Zhao flew.Li Qiang Bian flies a side to turn head to see and discover to make track for to a green bat and still binds Zhao green fog on the body, the foot contains big eightses and frighten he scares to death acceleration to wildly fly.
From a distance operating Zhao is green strange, the thunder sky smiles satisfiedly a cachinnation way:"I make you run,Beats By Dre In Ear, ha ha, run again hurry."
That is green strange to more make track for more near, Li Qiang has no idea, the ice explodes to play to have already used up, the gold eagle doesn't dare to shoot and leave of true dollar dint enough fly of, he has to stick ground to fly Lue and make use of the tree stone of geography to decelerate green strangely make track for shot.The sky of the thunder's smiling has already seen be missing, only green strange follow close behind in the Hou.
Is continuous to cross a few huge rocks, Li Qiang seems to catch sight of one silk powder color, not added deliberation then to fly pass by.
The big regiment powder color smoke floats to spread in a piece of valley bottom, Li Qiang feels this powder color be seemed where once see, also too late think carefully, a head of firm enter smoke to go.On entering powder fog inside to feel to there is a kind getting fed up with a slippery felling, not there is a piece of huge rock in distance, he a shrunk a body to keep on hiding.
Powder color smoke suddenly and rapidly constringency, the valley bottom shows a person, Li Qiang gets a shock, is to spend Mei Niang, no wonder that and just has already grown a very familiar felling and wishes:"The darling is impending, another enemy house." took advantage o her and didn't discover to resume a true dollar at once.
"Alas!, this is the whose' fly Fu to melt', nobody should, that miss will accept it." one big regiment powder fog cover to fly Fu to melt, listens to a burst of Zhi Zhi scream madly, the far Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd comes to one long drink:"Live …… hand!"
Green sword Hong flash across,beats by dre cheap, the thunder sky smiles to fall in the valley bottom and every where looks about a Yi way:"Person? run where went to?"
Spend the in the mind of Mei Niang, this spirit, this Mo a big beauty stands in front of him, he incredibly pack don't see, still is looking for person everywhere.She not the Jiao of dew voice color say with smile:"This not is the thunder that mixs in the Qian hero's star sky smile? how the Mo is free to run to the forehead of star to amuse, see an elder sister also not beat hello, whether had the powerful supporter of Shi Mo, eyes are sum Cape up."
The "I make you hide, seeing your this little bastard can hide where go!" together green light shoots on the huge rock, the huge rock immediately bursts to open, and a figure is blunt sky of but rises, jump valley bottom.At the right moment 3 people present triangle confrontation.
Spend a Mei Niang astonished way:The "is not this the brothers of Fu master son?" Luo Luo a burst of Jiao smiles:"Originally spread to the forehead star to you to come." again way:"Small thunder thunder, you like power and prestige now, dare to make track for the brothers of Fu master son to beat, the elder sister admires so much."
The sky of the thunder smiles an in the mind to lambaste, how the Mo will meet to spend Mei Niang, this comet, more darned is she how the Mo will know Li Qiang, and know that he is the person of Fu mountain, if when Zhao her noodles grasped to walk Li Qiang, spread words for her to go to, the heavy Xuan of the Fu mountain parties still at enmity with I try very hard.The sky of the thunder smiles not to know that Li Qiang Hui comes to forehead star,Beats by Dre BMW, but is spend the ghost that the Mei Niang makes.
Li Qiang Yi's language doesn't deliver, the opportunity to hold firmly silently kneaded a piece of fairy stone in the hand and apace resumed a true dollar.
That flies Fu to melt still just the Zhi Zhi Be strange to call, the thunder sky smiles careful on doing not already see heartache, fly Fu to melt body up put full smallly absorb Jing needle, already air Wei Mi, the body narrows only original 1/3 is big.
Gleam Zhao in the thunder smiling glance in the sky green of fierce light, say:"Spend Mei Niang, you are knowing, setting against with our Qian hero's star will have the end of Shi Mo, don't act the fool all day long, also didn't accept to fly Fu to melt the needle on the body!"
"Ah, the small thunder thunder is more and more severe, doesn't elder sister's accepting still is all right?" flower Mei Niang Yin smiles a , once the hand recruit, that flies Fu to melt loudly bellow, innumerable of absorb the Jing needle starts to jump from its body, in a twinkling will fly Fu to melt to absorb into Gan corpse.Spend the Mei Niang Luo Luo to say with smile:"Elder sister but accepted."
The sky of the thunder smiles a grieved crazy Hao way:"Spend Mei Niang you are this dissolute woman, the old man is as endless as you!"
Spend the behavior of Mei Niang at fix true boundary absolutely famous, it may be said see who ask for who, have never seen her afraid to lead who, strong such as Fu mountain it flow her to dare to ask for, don't even say that the thunder smiled for sky.
The sky of the thunder smiles to send out to fly sword and keep taking the skull of spending the Mei Niang.
Spend Mei Niang to say with smile:"The courage is more and more big, incredibly dare fight with weapons to fight with weapons with elder sister of!" a short moment the peach blossom is full sky of.

The second gathers a stars temple ·cold field ice chapter 5
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Li Qiang knew this time spend Mei Niang of severe, last time at Mars Fu when the mountain squared off with her from the real strenght of the mountain of Wu Fu too strong, could not show the strength of the Niang of flower Mei, Li Qiang has already had a little taste now and distinguished quality.
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