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Offend with each other, these six ninjas who leave didn't shrink back, although their real strenght not equal to these altar warriors, loyalty with stand in no fear of propping up of dead prison in the conviction prison their behavior, they want to do now of be drag along these possibly altar warrior a little time.even if is run out them of life.
Battlefields that the whole top of hill was basic to become three now.rove around in on inside Si in second Europe of summit of hill, summit of hill side ascend three altar warrior and ninja fights into one regiment. and at halfway up a hill last Lin Tian also just waked up with that of the Azraels fights at originally all beat fisherman to make profit the persons of idea all book to enter combat and completely have been already disrupted together.
Halfway up a hill of the combat be still continuing. the body of Azrael quickly revolve, Lin Tian's two fists can not shoot Azrael at all. contrary but is let oneself often of expose he or she under the attack of Azrael.but only the short sword of the night son and the gun of the Long radicle Nu Si of Wu Qi Meng can just a little exert some pressure for Azrael.
The body form of Azrael is too quick. move position quick, unpredictable.All through the night son in a sudden move also can just a little catch Azrael of is a position, the Long radicle Nu Si in the Wu Qi Meng's hand it robs dances be like an aureate little dragon, continuously of receive to the vital part on the Azrael body.But night son is also a not darned dozen method.on staying short sword to appear and disappear mysteriously, plus a left hand often hit a dark black light ball.although there is no function.But total ability at key of time drag along the attack speed of Azrael, ease Azrael right ahead Lin Tian's pressure.
4 people confused conflict along while, both parties didn't have true Yao cheapness, Azrael's angries oneself, the the body just found out is thus of unbearable, in order to just waking up, just again be split along while by thunder and lightning flash, at this time he also didn't make a show of more for the great power, besides what he faces is an absolute being Hui the saint of the night son and absolute being clan after becoming female, two most for approach the person of absolute being real strenght.
Lin Tian now learned cleverness and knew own opponent that the real strenght isn't at present this monster, hence changed strategy, carried on visiting Dou, the dozen of a rascal method, what monkey steal peach and black tiger Tao heart, exclusively take advantage o the time of the son and Wu Qi Meng that the Azrael copes with a night start,cheap beats by dre, waited until Azrael back divine of time, the hurried Shan arrives a part, didn't attackstone on one's own initiative.Although his real strenght also not equal to night son and Wu Qi Meng, the strength of the survival dark black devil king in pure dark black strength and body is to let the Azrael has to be careful.
Although got away from Azrael and cut the tie of absolute being sword.however Lin Tian Shen's dark black strength still keeps making the Azrael some to be afraid of and once eats many suffering in dark black devil king's under charge. now the Azrael is to don't dare the gist.
"Breeze adult.that Vatican warrior's body best great power."The breeze etc. persons all stand under the blood cell. lean against black fog in of concealment.let near the Si basically can't see these people in very short distance second Europe, one side of small wild also is more surprised than inside in second Europe Si of real strenght.light tone of side say between the breeze.
"Boon, really very strong.Under small wild etc. two of you match with my ten thousand ghosts to love a fairy, we Shi Fa.must kill this person's shot here.there still have three Vatican warriors.I fear that those ninjas can not prop up how long.We have to be quick."The breeze nods to say, he also saw inside in second Europe Si of strong.not from let the flank two yin and yang teacher match with himself/herself.
Just talked between the breeze.Appeared in the eyes of inside in second Europe Si the innumerable corpse flows out to him. even if the Si real strenght in second Europe was strong to also feel a skin a burst of hair is cool.
"Show you the strongest warrior of severe."Although the inside Si in second Europe doesn't know these thing where come of, although the strength breathing could not felt to have the slightest, he doesn't dare to let these things close to their himself/herselfs as well, ten word swords in hand a horizontal.The aureate ray of light in a twinkling hits, the small ray of light sends out from the sword body.BE escaping from the moment of sword body to become a huge sword to copy, facing oneself is right ahead of the corpses split.
All of the whole top of hills are repeatedly of the voice sent out by collision.the night of original utter darkness is often risen by the Shan of the dazzling white only illuminate.

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The Si in second Europe sends out of the strong sword spirit be like one sharp scissors of chasing, the corpses of front abruptly of the all cut ground.Leave a profound Xun Huo on the ground, the great power also draw two persons' attentions that is just other in the confused conflict.
"Inside Si adult in second Europe."Summit of hill three influence that altar warrior is also annoyed by inside Si sword in second Europe of the side, although they can't see Si in second Europe within,the sacred battle armor on their body aroused sympathy and stired up a great power at the same time on three Human bodies, three aureate ray of lights form three aureate light the pillar dash forward cloudy regions.
The three altar what warrior sent out strong vehemence resulted in to their those six ninjas of in front tremendous pressure.6 people not from tight the Japanese dagger in the tight hand, all tiny peeped out some idea of fearing tos in the look in the eyes.
"Kill."Stand to finally can not hold out against this kind of pressure at a most anterior ninja.Japanese dagger in hand a horizontal, lead off blunt go up.
"Kill."Five ninjas who tightly follow behind also follow blunt go up, at this time their heart in have already completely embraced the mindset being certain to die to hurtle to the in the moment strong enemy.In the name of absolute being."
"In the name of absolute being."Three ninjas whom altar warrior sees hurtle, 3 people stand into one row, in the hand of three cross ten word swords together.Mouth inside loudly of call way.
Three send out strong sword spirit ten word swords crossing, and the Si in just second Europe send out of the sword annoy similar, three small ray of lights at three ten word sword the boudoir move, gradual slippery to sword point, will stir up but.
Right against the face of six ninja's instincts felt dangerous. six person's forms quickly spread out toward both sides, the morrow splits to three altar warriors who are putting a shape from two sides.
"China in the sky gathers a light sting."Seeing six ninjas bushido is proper near, three altar warriors shout loudly a .three dazzling gold color the ray of light hit from the sword point.
The aureate sword long grass rushes out the appearance of sword sharp quick transformation. formed an aureate circle to surround three altar warriors, the aureate ray of light became white. from that circle spout closely of pinprick-like in shape sword sharp similar sword spirit, at nearby blasting open of three altar warriorses.
"Burst, burst."Is blunt to come forward of six ninjas too late accept body form and ambulation. the light sting being all come all of a sudden by this pierced through body.Six bodies hang at that light stab up, the deep red blood follows light the sting stayed down.
Six ninja Zheng your book eyes, don't know to is a violent ache to still keep daring not believing at present fact,cheap dr dre beats, seem to want to call in a throat what, hold the hand of Japanese dagger also tiny moved to move, finally still nerveless keep on hanging.
'Pa Ta'three altar warriors take back ten word swords, that light sting immediately disappear, six ninjas corpse fallen off at ground up, stare big eyes to refuse to close eyes in death.Three altar warriors didn't do to excessively stop over and together and together rushed ten thousand ghosts of spouting the summit of hill to love a fairy in.
"Breeze adult.our ninja finished. moreover three Vatican warriors also intrude into.how do?"Breeze the wood of one side a see the figure of three altar warriors climbing mountain, being not said by the windward of strain.
"The town is quiet."The breeze stared wood 11 eyes, that sharp vision to two seem and stab the similar point knife deeply the wood is one elder brother's chest. let wood a not from lowly head.shut last mouth.do not dare to see a look in the eyes between breezes.
"Start."The breeze is tiny tiny on sighing, this also no wonder that wood a frightened, these Vatican warriors make a show of of the real strenght isn't a past those three red dress archbishops can match in excellence.Flank just farmland although they didn't speak,also saw panic and frightened air from their look in the eyeses,Artist Series, these Vatican warriors were also too strong.
The inside Si in second Europe still continuously brandishes sword spirit, he the corpseses at the side of body Related articles:

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