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An hour, that pastor should be frightened to escape!"A another complexion dark square the man of the face is thick voice to doubt.
Feng it invokes wrinkly eyebrows, seem to be also to measure this possibility in the Dian, but immediately shook to shake head.
"We all once saw that DEMO, do you feel that the pastor that is so a will be the person who escapes?Wait for an hour, wait more again how many hours again how?"His air is unexpectedly surprising cool, imitate a Buddha in the world of 1 slice can not let he is of move.
The man of complexion quiet man and square face at the same time one Zhi, imitate a Buddha to mean to say what, but finally still didn't open mouth.
The players that wait for in the hall at this time are also the lateness to leaf's maples to feel dissatisfied..cN
"Is that breeze wild to do tortoise?All led for an hour, we leave, that fellow affirmation escaped."A guy point that is dressed in robber clothing wears a voice to roar.
"Niang of, what pastor VS the 1st invoke, Lao Tze was cheated.Pastor of Gou day flees before the battle starts!"This is the companion of that robber, one looks to say for the very rough ax warrior.Then 2 guys Be simply to neatly withdraw room, don't know to go to favour some what.
"Oh, hit, tahiyigenuokul."This is a foreigner says, finish saying this words, the foreigner still fears surroundings to have the leaf the friend of the maple, hence the vision avoids being seen of 4 times Pie Pie, just trust of continue to stand at first.
But the most people still keeps embracing a kind of mindset of Ping-ho, there is no excessive complaint of leaf's maple to the lateness or insult and humiliate.
The front row of hall, a knight tooks a look the interface in time, then has some to helplessly say to own companion:"Ah, we leave and wait again is also a wave to take a lot of time!"
His companion is a pastor, compare others of anxious, but this pastor seem to be many quiet.But his face if be seen by the person of crary regiment during ever overbearing 1:00 of greenery city, 1 can certainly recognize out, he destroyed while being ever that in the penknife and leaf's maple and the crary regiment PK of little pastor-very small breeze.
"Then etc., I believe that breeze it's wild, he can't escape."Is very small***spirit firmness' saying, not only is tone, his vision also same Chong Ying wear the vision of trust.The breeze is wild in his eyes is exactly the pride that is 《bright 》 to win a 1 pastor that is despised by,cnn, the one pastor like this in no case will do to flee before the battle starts this kind of shameless of behavior, and he by himself is also with leaf maple for the target and the model is continuously making great effort.
"Brothers, you know that breeze wild?"If the flank of a very fat master hear very small breeze, hence once twisted very fatty head to ask.Although this master grows the face of a black hair yellow skin, but this master stays disgusted beard of Dan Ren, look and then seem the bread of a piece of mildew the top be played booger.
"It is incognizant, just once saw him."Very small breeze the truth actually says that since didn't promote oneself as well as say whatever comes to mind.
", So, young man, in my eyes, you are to don't be so self-confident, this breeze is wild the afraid of meeting throw a person for your pastor."The fat master hears very small breeze incognizant leaf's maple, hence carriage immediately Gao several cents, despise the person's flavor very a little bit.
"Ha ha."The very small breeze is just tiny tiny 1 smile, then don't realize that master.
"Young man, smile what, do we want to beat a wager?"The master sees very small breeze one body overbearing pride, can not help having a little to annoy and lent remaining to only sweep 1 eye time interface, distance Feng it invoke challenge time to have already led more than 70 minutes.
Hum, this breeze is wild in no case will come!If this little pastor dare make a bet with me, that takes advantage of an opportunity to knock his 1!The master is in mind affirmative of estimate, then figured out bad idea.
"Beat what wager?"Very small breeze Pie master's one eye, this person and very fat head oil only can Jian, very abominable.
" Wager this breeze is wild exactly will can't come!How?"The round and smooth small eyes drop of fat master slips away to keep turning, a deceitful shape.
"Hum!You take this and somebody else's wager?It has been an hour since time leadsesed, doesn't your this fatty want to eat to settle a somebody else!"A knight of flank could not got use to and made a noise Rang Rang at this time.
"Hey!Your tube wear?I and the brothers wager of this pastor, close you what matter?Whether see here not to fight, want to go out to open with I a house list picks?"The master was revealed idea by the knight, immediately became angry from embarrassment, an appearance that wants to try very hard to tore a face.
" Of, open and then open, does Lao Tze still fear you?"That knight also not is save an oily light and see the master's overbearing kind, the immediately fierce temper deep-fried to open and pulled out a gun on the spot will PK.
The fatty is very cunning, see the knight pull out a gun, immediately hid other players of after death, a wildfire ball is failed past at the same time.But have never thought a knight to respond very and quickly, stuck out shield to hold up wildfire ball.But the spark of wildfire ball immediately 4 splash, let 4 weeks of other playerses all meet with calamity.
"Day, this fatty is really shameless!"
" Of, beat him!"
Surroundings other players immediately cut up rough, an old boxing honesty Don't mention it of hit to the fierce fatty, not 1 meeting the son beat fatty satisfied.
"Niang of, which beat me!I am a prince!You beat me, be responsible for!"Fatty still hard spirit very, on the mouth wildly emollient spirit, not clear so of shout what.
" Of, beat of is you dog!"A robber's fighting doesn't forget PK rule as well, is a concealed body first, run to the fatty after death, just mercilessly Chuai one feet.Although this one feet aren't heavy,this one feet also lets the fatty painfully keep turning over cold stare.
"Stop!"Fatty one side avoids being seen, a side embraces a head, finally unbearable added a very hot fire absolute being shield for oneself.This 1 come down to earth is the person who gets in touch with him and then will suffer from injury, hence the player of surroundings finally stop next the cluster beat.
"Ah!Forget it!Forget it!Here but the Feng eldest brother open of building, you beat here, not is do Feng eldest brother the honor?"A robber's crumpling to crumple has already beaten a swollen hand, the felling has a little tired, hence stand to one side, make a pretense of have no the matter person's appearance say.
"Boon, this brothers says of to, we must do Feng eldest brother the honor and pass this fatty today!"A ax warrior one side says, a side's returning an idea still don't exert of looking at a fatty very fatty bottom.
"Niang of, this fatty's bottom is true he vigorous!"One 6 K novel net.The cellular phone stands wap.one 6 ks.Cn
"Cao!Who beat again, Lao Tze put together with him!Lao Tze is the infinite prince of the occupation seniority 132th of 《bright 》 master!"The fatty obviously ate big Kui, the method tunic was in great disorder and matchless, some on the head hurt to settle of several rub hair also untidy.This distress shape but don't want to pack hard spirit, funnily let circumferential players all the joke get up.
"Niang of!Smile what to smile!Lao Tze is a prince, infinite prince, Lao Tze's blood relationship is very noble!"Fatty's crumpling to crumple is teed off the nose of blood,google, immediately a blood scar wipes a trace that is difficult to see on his fat face and goes together with a serious facial expression of fatty, prince's pouring is to be different from, be beaten a close soldier to pour to have much of kind.
This farce come of quick,Facebook, accept also quickly.1 keep a boring waiting player have already adjusted as well for a time, originally a lot of have already intended to walk the person's player starts continuing to hesitate again.
Only very small breeze 1 keep to quietly looking at that fat master.
The suddenly very small breeze walked past.
"The bet just said, return calculate?I and your wager!However the wager wants to say first like!"
If the fat master is tidying up to deliver wrinkly full-length gown, hear very small breeze, immediately green lentil the small eye is shining matchless, don't know at think what bad idea.
"Wager?Good!You say wager how much !The elder brother keeps company with!"Crumpled to crumple a very swollen nose, the fat master in the mind joy bloomed-the pastor is all indeed as expected silly to compare, obvious that breeze is wild don't come, this is small Related articles: