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《Is evil to all condescend to come 》
Author:Put out a life time big snake
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[Is evil to all condescend to come/ put out a life time big snake Zhao]

The book introduces:
A pit trouble of accident causes the difference of time and space's changing, numerous different space monsters condescend to come the Earth and let the political power collapse everywhere.Face uncanny arrogant different boundary monster, the mankind fell into exhaustive disorder.
Luckily, difference in the time and space becomes in, parts of persons are shot by cosmos line radiation, be aroused special ability.This part of number quantity are rarely seen, ability also rare strange peculiar, match with normal regulations troops, finally held up the step that the monster invades.Pass the dissection to the monster corpse soon, and the difference changes the match of under, the mankind developed strong knot boundary system.Can big parts of monsters, obstruct boundary at the energy knot outside.Around huge knot boundary city, the mankind start to set up a s all city.The mankind finally can pause for breath, is all starting to build up new civilization order in the city.All city outside, then become the world of monster.
Make what people satirized BE, maintain to knot the energy that the boundary tower circulates, the pit that comes from monster is crystal.And the mankind's soul and flesh and blood is also the best dint source of monster evolution.
So, change along with time, the mankind and monster start to build up weak of the double living balance, all the city civilization also gradually prospers ……

------The chapter contents starts-------

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The northern latitudes knots boundary city east the suburb have an one manufacturing the artificial soil the factory area of the Pi.Ever since after constructing the first knot boundary city of in the space, Ji mankind from dollar in sky's this kind of artificial soil Pi becomes the primary industry that concludes boundary city indispensability, the machine bellow a voice not to stop everyday here in early days.Afterwards because of northern latitudes knot boundary city of area already approach protection knot boundary of the biggest scope, don't need a great deal of artificial soil Pi, this district just gradual depressed, wither.And knot boundary city of other regions compare, here seem to be desolate and matchless.A factory area with open spaces has no piling of preface to in great quantities discard each kind of artificial gold of old breakage everywhere plank just, horizontal seven Shuses were eight flickering stars in the direction space, seemed at tell the busyness in the past days with quarrel.
67 man with fierce young tigers take one to dress up bewitchingly beautiful woman and wear a line the building steel material is at a heap of heap in.A Jing-like in shape man walking on the woman nearby cannot help but grasping a chest with outstanding woman, one face is evil to smile:"Have never touched a so good girl of shape for a long time, still follow eldest brother of lucky, want to be not, we first here come once?"
The front smiles back to scold 1 for a man of black face Tang of head:" Your his mama of impatient, waited until a place, you wanted to die great you all no one's tube."He finishes saying to turn head to took a look that drive their Lue come of woman, could not see the panic of one silk on her beautiful face, on the contrary facial expression some boring woods however, probably be frightenned some be scared out of wits.To isn't a brain to contain problem otherwise a woman of single how can flaps about in this district, most is regrettable of is she is incredibly a dummy, want to wait will little call bed voice, he feels very is regret.
A group of persons walk to the one spacious place, the front is a broken-down several-storied building,cheap beats by dre.They sped their own sons and suddenly discovered at present one flower,Artist Series, several-storied building front of place the center don't know to when appear a whole body is dressed in a black man, he wears the mask of half month shape and peep out the double eyes out of the mask gleam red light, red of hair, in the sky float in the sky, is like the flaming Yan fire that a regiment burns.
Is public don't aware of self ground to stop a step, the lookinging at of vigilance is that man, the man of black face Tang to or so saw one eye, openings ask a way:"What person are you ?"
"Leave her, you roll."The black dress man used to wear the finger of black gloves to point that bewitchingly beautiful woman, the tone was icy cold.
Jing-like in shape man that be willing to would like to, inclined across an one step, Zhang Kou scolds a way:"You are what things, it is a whose site to don't see this as well, dare to call …… Alas! ……" his words haven't finished saying, a put on quickly passing time suddenly flash across, the left calf suddenly decides to open from the knee, a great deal of blood splashes but, his a head of is fallen down ground up, painful of choke have been already split of limb place, without intermission Ai writes.
The public facial expression immediately mutates, they basically have never seen to know is what let Jing strong the man get hurt and adjust to turn a head, discover to have a silvery product Shan light around the black dress man up and down dances in the wind, that man double eyes flicker of red light more uncanny.
A group of persons held firmly weapon, the lookinging at of panic led the way of black face Tang man.They didn't realize originally wood always however of the woman also uneasily moved to move and sent out difficult to express fizzle in mouth.
The man of black face Tang suddenly thoughted of what,cheap dr dre beats, the facial expression becomes one grey, he is immediately lowly head, don't dare to say towards seeing that silvery man to hide that blood-red eyes in the mask, his low voice any further:"He is the one who hunt to kill, we walk."
The others that hear this words, at heart also not from get a tight(, the cellular phone stands w-a-p.1<6> kss.c-o_m), quickly the Chan starts to hand still just ground up yell of Jing strong man, that dares to also realize foolish bewitchingly beautiful woman in one side, quickly the disappearance is in the middle of discarding an old steel material heap.
Along with voice Ai of far disappear, beautiful woman more and more uneasy, the fizzle is more multifarious.Her subconscious retreated several steps, but hesitate and stopped a step.
The black dress man is an as if deep in thought of facial expression:"The unexpectatively low rank evil monster intelligence evolved so quickly and all to start knowing to use consciousness that the sex guided to kill people a type, and divided a body to also start having to escape.Is quite good, I come to help you."He forward and slowly walked two, chilly murderous look is from proliferation inside the body but, if Ning substantial vehemence, force beautiful woman subconscious the ground retreated several steps again.
Black dress man face up start to be suffused with smiling face, light tone way:"Escape and escape you the evil monster is maternal there, I sought it for a long time."
Beautiful woman sudden side head, the facial expression is cautiously like listenning what, become again overdo come, her face distorts unusually ferocious, she brandishes to begin arm, Zi tooth Si call hurtled to come over to the black dress man.
The black dress man is tiny to sigh tone, wrist lightly on flicking, the silver light is suddenly bright, around he revolves of the silvery foreign body in a twinkling speed up and shoot to that woman.This shot is extremely fast, that woman hasn't come yet and reaction, be only broken into between the eyebrows by the silver, once wore behind from the brain.Sturdy strength, take woman Yang the noodles dash to the ground.Uncanny BE, the woman didn't die and still struggled to twist.
The silvery foreign body is roaring and shouting to fly to return to man's hand of black dress, but is the song type of one handle silver system Liu Ye Ren, up still take to allow some white brainses.The black dress man's gloves slowly redden, a regiment falsely copies a dim moonlight and seem to have no substantial flame the Teng jump but rise on the gloves, the cleaned out that the dirty vestige of blade evaporate.
Meanwhile, twist along with the flounder, the bewitchingly beautiful chemisette belly starts a weird inflation and becomes more and more big, more and more drum.Until bang when the belly pays to can not hold up any further of a , since the navel explosion opened, one stand utter darkness the matchless liquid-like in shape thing matter is from run off in the belly, didn't live to transform into various appearance, it rolled to fall to the back of top in the ground, suddenly whole twist into one regiment, play to shoot to the black dress man but go to.
"Petty skill."
The black dress man lightly hums a , once the left hand tremble, the Wu comfortable Teng jumps of the flame suddenly explode to rise(the hand machine read 16 K χS . C ò m), right against the face the cover lived that liquid monster and burned it the Si Si don't already scream madly.This flame looks falsely if have no quality, have some the shape of dim moonlight unreal image, but the power is very extraordinary.The liquid monster quickly atrophies by the speed canning see without the aid of instruments, at almost the strategic area arrive a black dress man the time before the body, be burned bright become one regiment ashes, scatter in the man's feet side.
A burst of breeze once blows, the ashes spread to go with the breeze, the black crystal that leaves a longan size.
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