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, He is probably a Da son of thin make?"
"The boon is mutually distrustful,dr dre cheap, Sung city also heel boon mutually 20 next years, mutually and twice emit life for the sake of the boon dangerous arrive a big camp argument of Da son with, how may be that the Da son is thin to make?"Smiled in Liao Ying, very politely answered a way.He Kang is half believe and half doubt to the words in Liao Ying, however He Kang to the south Sung history understand not much, really can not judge Gu worthless scoundrel under charge this helping confident is loyalty is crafty, also can walk one step to see one-step, temporarily lay aside the doubt to Sung city and transfer the attention to the improvement weapon to come up.
Taking charge of the military officer of weapon database and firearms database to be called Weng for the Gu worthless scoundrel battalion in response to the dragon is also one of the old confidents of Gu worthless scoundrel, there is this relation, He Kang very smoothly and then saw all weapons of Sung soldier, in addition to various each kind is rare strange peculiar don't know as well whether in addition to practical cold weapon, south Sung really owns some firearmses of originalities, regrettable category and amounts in the troops all very many, however nitric stone, sulphur and charcoal these three kinds of explosives the original material pours very ample, pour to also let an immature person university student, how much knew some He Kang You of chemistry knowledge to use violence of ground.
"Boon mutually, this is power's biggest firearms-Tu fire gun in our land battle."Under He Kang's request, Weng makes two soldiers play to show in response to the dragon south Sung in the middle of the troops power's strongest land battle firearms, the thick tube-shaped container that see two soldiers lifting to one to grow about two meters is the black explosive that packs many coarsenesses first, and then fill piece of stone and put the paper Nian son of a Tu Guo Xiao's powder into tube-shaped container of eyelet inside, spark paper Nian with the fire, the paper Nian ignites into tube-shaped container inner part.One of "bang" is huge to ring, the nitric smoke fills the air, tube-shaped container the piece of stone that spew out one regiment flame and in advance pack to fill, regrettable that not arrive a catty of heavy piece of stone fly not arrive 100 then namely fall to the ground, even the dusts didn't start to splash how much.
"Boon mutually, if this piece of stone beat on the enemy's face, he is deathless to also get severely wounded.Even if don't beat medium they, can also frighten half dead to them."Weng walks on air in response to the dragon of to He Kang introduction way.He Kang then stares big eyes-be frightenned by super low power, extremely high risk and terrible depletion ratio of that Tu fire gun of, shocked a long time, He Kang this just stammerly says:"Weng in response to the dragon, is this the firearms of biggest our power?Pack explosive blast-off with the bamboo pipe, not easy deep-fried Tang?This shoots a piece of 1 catty comes to weigh of piece of stone, how want to pack 45 catties of explosives?We consume rise?"
"Boon mutually, isn't the Tu fire gun one to use to threaten an enemy?Beat on the battlefield ascend one gun the riding of enemy soldier have already hurtled to the in front, we can not also use how many explosives, also afraid of consume?"Weng in response to Long Bi He Kang more careless, counter-questioning of doubt way.Greatly disappointed He Kang Pai claps forehead, heart's knowing has already canned not hope this kind of super original fire gun can produce result in own sneak attack war.Weng comforts in response to the dragon what Kang way:"The boon is mutually not hasty, this kind of Tu fire gun just uses to threaten enemy and war horse, but we still have a few kinds firearms by hand thrown, on the battlefield although power not big, use to tent and war ship of burning the enemy what of, effect's pouring is very quite good."
Say on the mouth, Weng orderanies a person to go fetch a heap of to take the black ball of having the fuse again in response to the dragon, these black ball outward appearances all spread have already separated water combustion-supporting resin, in the center have to contain amount of nitric low, combustion function good black explosive regiment, there are some things and poisons that still have to deliver smoke, throw after sparking, can make a blaze and thick smoke, use to fixed camp dishes and war ship of burning down the enemy what really actually some effect, as for burn to burn irreconcilable enemy a person-still pray the god is battered to death enemy's effect with the meteorite a little larger.See this scene, He Kang not from shake head to sigh, heart says to calculate, still let I to do 12 kinds of new weapons,Beats By Dre Diamond.Thought of here, He Kang order way:"Prepare a tent, chase again to make firearms in troops of well-trained craftsman call come to 1210 people, originally mutually want to receive them in person."
"Boon mutually, work door is descend nine flow of the mean people be not as the same kind as man, boon blind date from receive them, whether the identity for having Sun boon mutually?"Weng didn't press in response to the dragon what the order of Kang arrange hand, on the contrary and very carefully put forward an objection opinion to He Kang.He Kang also knows that He Kang whom the craftsman isn't high in the ancient position, but was born in under the red flag since the childhood can't realize so many, a wave hand to drink a way:"Little useless talk, how originally and mutually arrange, you how do."
This words of He Kang Shuo take last Nu idea, but be an officer in the Gu worthless scoundrel under charge the first request would be to ascertain intent through word and expres, so Weng in response to dragon again don't dare to say what, dash away descend arrange to the order of pressing He Kang.Is different to engrave, 20 firearms craftsmans with best troops are invoked He Kang's in front, the craftsman of these facial expression dark handful old cocoons still sees Gu for the first time the way is this first-degree Gao Guan, all is meticulous double of knees to kneel down to kowtow for He Kang, "grass the people once saw prime minister."
"All start to please, all sit down."He Kang still not and habitually lets these ages compare old he 100% craftsmans kneel down to kowtow for he, wave hand to make the soldier move to wooden bench and let these craftsmans sit down to talk.Can those are in the craftsman of society position that dare at be dynasty prime minister's in front sit down, is an all very careful station don't dare to talk nor dare to move indiscriminately over there, until what Kang repeatedly request after force to sit down, can also is all bottom to lightly get wooden bench, work well the preparation of uprising at any time.He Kang also sees the nervous mood of one these craftsmans, the then soft voice says:"You need not panic, also need not afraid, originally mutually seek you today, just want to ask you a few questions, hope your ability if actually answer."
"Mutually the Ye pleases ask, grass the people definitely such as solid answer."A craftsman with biggest age answers a way.He Kang Wen's way:"Originally and mutually ask you, you make the explosive that the firearms uses, is use what formula, formula of again each use how much?"
"Time mutually Ye, the mean persons make the formula of explosive is burn later birthwort with the nitric stone, sulphur and Ya."The old craftsman of that biggest age answers a way:"Usually is the birthwort Tan burned behind with a catty of Ya to add a catty of sulphur, add two catties of nitric stones again and grind into a powder mixture to make into-but absolutely not ability 3 kinds mix to together grind and otherwise walk water or explosion."Make reference to this, that old craftsman discovers He Kang being kind, courage unavoidably big some, then again point at a young craftsman to say:"Mutually Ye, my this son discovers to change to a catty of Tan of explosive formulae recently, a catty of sulphur and three catties of nitric stones prepare and chase explosive again over the Shai and pack in the firearms with the explosive of grain just about size, the effect wants compare good before, the explosive remnant was also little many, grass people just thinking to arms of the masters reported to report this matter and saw hereafter can change all explosives into formula like this."
"Tan one ratio sulphur one ratio nitric three?Isn't the proportion that has already approached black explosive very much!See to the south Sung folks still have an ability a person."He Kang endorses in the heart bottom, because use regularly the reason that the explosive deep-fries fish, have opportunity can from the chemistry laboratory'borrow'walk material of He Kang ever under lead bitterness achievement research explosive formula, to formula understand of the black explosive get clear.He Kang then order way:"Need not change so and directly give to change into a catty of Tan of explosive formulae originally and mutually, a catty of half sulphur and seven catties of half nitrics stone, later explosive so give originally match each other to make."
"Does a catty of Tan add a catty of half sulphur,Beats By Dre Justbeats?Add seven catties of half nitrics again stone?Is the nitric stone getting tooer many?"Many craftsman a burst of Hua however, that old craftsman nervous of to He Kang Wen's way:"Mutually Ye, is the nitric stone price amount of Gaos little, prepare so whether cost was too high?"
"Need not tube cost, as long as the formula pressing the origin mutually prepares explosive, your military expenseses want how much have how much!" He Kang's eyelids all don't blink and then decide arbitrarily of on waving hand, with one action changed ancient China have never studied the history of a black explosive the best proportion of original material.Those craftsmans see what Kang inattentive to military expenses milli-, be in the light of a silver copper money the reason of need not their Tao, didn't say again as well what, just secretly stick down the explosive formula that He Kang says.He Kang takes out a just- drawn hand thunder to oneself rough grass diagram again and says to many craftsmans:"You see this diagram, the thick pipe of this top is used made of iron, in pack a catty of explosive-must be origin mutually say that kind of the explosive of the formula, this thin pipe below can be used wood or bamboo manufacturing and in the center pack fuse, fuse Related articles: