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The thing of originally very thick book kind, "notebook?"
"H'm."Little Long Fan opens,cnn, the blue Sa Qi puzzled more, " new notebook?"
"Be not!"Little Long Shuo finishes to run to the wall side to turn off a light and raises notebook, " you see."Be full of to closely give out light a word on each page of notebook.
"Is a luminous pen!"The blue Sa Qi is surprised, Lin 竫 also feels to amaze.
The blue Sa Qi came forward to once connect the notebook in little Long Shou, "write so hiddenly, will can't be a secret research record?"He has some concussion, " we have a scanning pen here, the luminous word can also identify, very quick can the simultaneous interpretation come out on the computer."He is saying and turning over to open a few page back, sudden Leng Leng.
"This is ……"
Lin 竫 on ex- hoped the above word of several eyes, wrinkle up eyebrow later on, and the blue Sa Qi once connected notebook towards hoping one eye, he and re- passed to the little dragon.
"Give me?"The little dragon is interrogative.
"I miss my noodles to have no contents that we need."Lin 竫 finishes saying, turn round from the shoulder bag in take out a scanning pen, " I suggest that you translate and see by yourself."
Little dragon some Lengs, she incognizant English, but she the understand blue Sa Qi and Lin 竫 is to understand English, why did they see this notebook will choose to hand over to her?
"Today tidies up first for a while, we chase a data classification, little dragon you can return to house first to play games."The blue Sa Qi says.
Little Long Dian nods, her understand she is here is help not up what busy, hence asked Lin 竫 it to lend a cellular phone to call a stone together and have already told stone to is together peaceful by himself/herself back.
The little dragon gave the week prosperous Yu to hang a telephone again and said in a short while words, she was some oddness why week the prosperous Yu shut up not to talk to her current"disappearance", but she didn't think carefully.
After hanging a telephone, the little dragon chooses to be online first, although got hold of a woman without pubic hair sign, she feels she still not the ability leaves like this, the affair of at least positive celestial spirits still makes her worry.
A few words that is purple to put out have already provided the direction of thinking for little dragon, the little dragon arrives at thunder to show off the cave of place, want to think, walk into.
Only the cave inside thunder shows off a person sit over there and lower the head and discover that the little dragon comes in, the thunder shows off to lift a face and raise idiomatic of that kind of is the very friendly smiling face.
"China soul you."He nods regards,google, Yang hand, signaling hint the little dragon can sit down first, the pair of of a chair is still last time.
The little dragon smiled to smile and once rounded a chair and arrived at thunder to show off in front, the half squats down down, the title hopes thunder to show off aureate eye, a hands hold thunder to show off.
The light glory of gold powder color along the surroundings of little dragon slowly spreads, there is spreading of a kind of warm strength a little coming to a the heart that the thunder shows off in, hoping of his consternation the little dragon take the smiling face of warm, the latter smiled to smile again.
"Is original I should leave, but I feel that I can not also walk, besides sky night, I don't need rush through time thus."Little voice dragon softly says, " and I am just missing Vinaceous Rosefinch clan and Xuan Wu Zu, visit first which better, if the words that don't mind give me some suggestions, good?"
Voice and tone of little dragon imitate a Buddha to be like common chat, the thunder shows off Zheng Zheng.
"China soul you, you ……"
"I call a little dragon."Little Long Mi Yan smiles, " in fact and originally I didn't become divine of time, I call to postpone a Ling soul, the our household real strenght is very weak, always discriminated against by the clansmen, live in Long Dao's edge district, and at living a world be exterminated entire."The little dragon made reference to sigh an one breath here, " my companion calls I little dragon, my autonym is usually Long Po, canned hear at Long Dao before the somebody else use that the impatient tone said'postpone a Ling soul, how is you again'or'like your to postpone a Ling soul'of type.I still once rushed the south temple island, and the person of eastern household beats and tosses about a Yu text clan to grow up to tidy up a mess for me at the midnight and even still almost annoy a dizzy elder,Facebook.He takes index finger to point at me, the along while could not say a words."
"Is annoying dizzy?"The thunder shows off some captivations, " why?"
"I scold him to can not see clearly."Little Long Tu sticks out tongue, " clearly isn't my wrong, don't want strong add in my body, don't say that he is an elder, even if is Long Wang, I as usual defy.Am young one member at Long Zu, I not understand what ways of the world, I know should my wrong I recognize, should not my wrong, kill also not lower the head, so Yu text the clan Be long to see me each time, all of eyebrows are a Ning."Little dragon ashamed Hey Hey a smile.
The thunder showed off to also smile.
"Unexpectedly and China soul you still has things of the past like this."
"I call little dragon, never always call me China soul you."Little Long Yi Lian exaggeratedly beat 1 to cringe, " became absolute being afterwards and absolutely wanted my life, I entered Long Cheng before can also with swagger into pass in and out, can I want to hide a person to walk now."
"?"Thunder's showing off tone is curious.
"Is original those see I can also scold me of person, also have ever and my Xi made to joke of person, even once rose with me the person of the conflict and the dispute, include cognitive of incognizant of owner, saw my will lower the head to salute now, or an appearance that sees ghost stares a big eye and called me China soul adult, you.That the felling is really disappointed, imitate a Buddha for an instant, everyone leaves me good far, I still like drive somebody else call postpone the day of Ling soul."The little dragon sighed an one breath, " however I am understand to be getting more different now, because I have my own the affair that have to complete, that be along'China soul'of the road walk well.Sometimes one personal body negative very important task, everyone is following you closely.Your words and actions become the clansmen eyes of direction, the honor adds a body, gorgeous and high of back, but have never dared to keep the person of shouting the name any further, this is the eminence extremely cold."
Flash across difference in the look in the eyes that the thunder shows off color, the little dragon lowered the head to smile to smile.
"I still calculate good luck, because have many deathless clan friends, the pregnant side is a lot of children, they all call me little dragon, even if they which the day call I China soul, my husband causes of the arrows will have been calling me as well little dragon of.He has never felt what absolute being I am, I am me."Is little as dragon is making reference to here the Mi eye smiles, the lo wears thunder to show off, " shouts, I tell thunder to show off you, in fact I feel that using to respect language is very awkward, or say that I haven't learned.For example I see other a few absolute being Long Wang, particularly the west Ling bead China you in fact the outward appearance have a liking for go to and I about big, let me call her adult, I have been feeling very difficult.I esteem highly them very much, they each other will keep shouting as well name.I feel to be kept shouting that the name is always also a kind of very happy affair, have to don't due to the your position, identity have several individuals in the world, sincerely treat you by the somebody else.This is difficult ability valuable affair, because of become absolute being after, any further have no several individuals can keep shouting your name."
The little dragon felt that the finger tip that the thunder shows off has for an instant light Zhan.Unavoidably change countenance in her heart.
Six bit vegetable absolute being Long Wang can keep shouting each other name, negative didn't fasten Long Wang to also have a white wife quiet the sky keep company with, purple put out oneself completely independent, be also been called every day in the night boundary purple put out, have no person to know that he is absolute being Long Wang.
Can woman without pubic hair clan leave positive celestial spirits thunder to show off, in this endless time in, he looking at the clansmen of woman without pubic hair clan, a person quietly exists that lonely place.The little dragon cans not help thinking if oneself with purple put out don't come black just, will thunder's showing off can't stay by the side the secret of woman without pubic hair clan to continue to keep on existing?Have been doing "legendary absolute being" to arrive forever?
Is purple to put out to say, woman without pubic hair six god rest the thunder show off a , his brothers not at.
The thunder is should be cold the thunder show off minimum of brothers of name.
Thunder's showing off has been a person.
"China soul you ……"
"Please call me little dragon."Once little Long Wei Wei smile, " although the race is different,we are the same as an absolute being class, if you can not call, either my name, have so again how many persons can also keep shouting my name?"
The soft light of gold powder color illuminated the whole mountain cave, the thunder showed off to hope little vision dragon's soft double of eyes.
Finally, the thunder showed off to smile.
"Thank you, little dragon."
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