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. At that time, eligible to sit on the throne of the king only Deng ,I see this matter have a brilliant future ! , relationresultOpticaldiffraction ha-ha laughs: brother, I am not saying no credit check Deng king ,but see him talk ,like virtual service ,exaggerate and .
It asserted that he is hard to become successful . The youtan mouth airway : I actually looked at the Zhao ,also mostly ,are hard to become successful people . , relationresultChiair big Jing ,fibrillation track: brother, don think .
.. ... You want to ... ... Rebel two words still did not say exports .relationresultOpticaldiffraction is light laugh : so what ,Taizu emperor did not take the throne is such ?Go today also has more than two hundred years .
But this world is a German person ,without virtue is lost .To blame, also can blame Zhao children do not live up to expectations, not a brilliance and ambition characters, but the blame who won ? , relationresultWitheight changes 4 , relationresultAlong with the GoldenArmy troops from Dingyuan ,the song the border situation was gradually calmed down .
Song court also gradually restored to its gas like .relationresultZhang,Zhang brother also petitioned the court home ,bereavement of parents ,Zhao stay over and over again ,eventually decided ,by Zhang Dingyou ,Zhang was won the love started ,continue to serve .
Zhang served as the Ling government position ,is recommended by Zhu Xi as .relationresultZhu XiYuan-hui ,Zhong Hui after the change ,the ancestral home Huizhou people in Wuyuan .His father, Zhu Song ,song propaganda and years for Fujian government and county Wei after ,live in Fujian .
Zhu Xi was educated at father ,smart .At the age of four, his father said: is the day the day . Zhu Xi then asked : what is the sky ? His father was surprised ,Beats Solo HD.He is diligent in thinking ,learning and progress ,eight years old can read book of filial piety ,in a Book inscription Zimian said: so ,nonhuman also .
After his father passed away from his father ,Zhu Xi Liu Zican ,Liu Zimian ,Hu good constitution et al ,thirty years in Shaoxing and Cheng Yi three disciples of Li Dong teacher, concentrate on Confucianism ,now is the world famous Neo-Confucianism confucianist .
relationresultZhao GangChan ,who was to see Zhu Xi ,Zhu Jia ,Shi time after school ,know Nankang army .Just now he catastrophe, Zhu Xi was just as lifting two Zhejiang Road Changping tea salt business, processing results in disaster relief matters ,Zhu Xi created the social storehouse ,Xu Min province Fu, with light duty ,Yumegumi to the people ,some achievements .
relationresultLingsong China is emperor feet ,so the position of the prefect of Ling natural self-evident importance .Only Bao Zheng was a Kaifeng government make everyone love to ,and whether Zhu Xi can do ,to which Zhao Ye some shilly-shally ,chase asked about Yu Yunwen .
relationresultYu Yunwenalways advocates for the academic unbiased and leaning ,make no exception .Think that Zhu Xi is some pedantic ,but it is still a gentleman .But sometimes too principle ,and is lack of flexibility .
But China since ancient times is the most difficult to manage ,is the need for a more able to adhere to the principle of people to governance ,so he is agree with Zhu Xi as prefect of Ling .
relationresultWhilethe Confederates finally came the news of the revolt of manicheism .Now the Manichaean in Guangdong and Guangxi area great in strength and impetus ,Manichaeism leader Zhong Ziang independence for the bright king .
The hundreds of thousands, chief hang Wen Zheng, Chen Jin and others ,even following the conquered state .And came two days to make the palace moni .In order to make Zhao bate ,ordered in the song banned all territory of Manichaeism rob alive ,and presided over by Cao father-in-law ,called royal duty in front of the guards, Hwangki Ji and Ji take Ling hidden manichee .
But they clearly have preparation early, Ling in several positions have been evacuated ,only to catch some irrelevant people ,have gained nothing .relationresultWhileseveral governing ministers also decided ,by Wei to be Bujun douzhihuishi division ,Baokang army Jiedushi Wu arch rate all infantry division people towards to Guangnan ,put down the rebellion of manicheism .
It was demoted to Deputy state militia training Tan Qi do Wu arch lieutenant .relationresultWu Gong was born inthe door ,is the famous Wu price ,Beats by Dre Just Beats,Wu .In the sweet ,and min ,Li Xianzhong and known as the three commander in chief .
Is a considerable military ability general .But because of Qi is abandoned before being relegated to the tan state militia assistant trainer ,but this number also is found, so take this down a rebellion ,but also to the Qi side a meritorious service opportunities .
relationresultNowYa ban song of three army, Ma Ji all in Jianghuai line at .Now Song Junnai and the army in the antagonistic ,therefore cannot be transferred back from the .Because division are directing Yang Yizhong is healthy to assist Han Yanzhi ,temporarily by the Deputy commanding the escrow .
Because company Rong Wei capital ,protect the Palace Street liability ,so don call ,this time to Guangnan in a rebellion only sent the infantry division .relationresultWei to beBujun division have a total of twenty-five thousand people ,before and after the army ,army ,left the army ,right ,left the five army .
Though it is called the infantry division ,but also step on mixture preparation, the army has a total of two thousand eight hundred cavalry .Although the three army called the fewest number of a ban ,but the Turkish army training ,quality ,operational experience is one of the highest level of the army song .
Manichaeism rebellion although known several one hundred thousand to the public ,but it also completed the exit is composed of ordinary people ,fighting capacity is not enough and the regular army is compared .
And there are many troops and local .So the emperor Zhao Yu Yun-wen ,the prime minister and the minister felt that this arrangement can smooth out the rebellion .relationresultAlthough still afternoon,but dark clouds covered the sky ,see no sun ,it was cloudy ,Artist Series,as if in the evening .
relationresultYu Yunwen returned topolitics hall ,the table has lit the candle at .Since this period of time, the great song inside outside care though ,a crushing burden is almost pressure in Yu Yunwen a person .
In the Yu Yunwen government affairs at the same time ,also always beware of dove minister will have what new move ,also must from time to time to Zhao Zhao open ,make the emperor not to repeat .
It is pure heart force ,demanding waste force .Imperceptibly ,Yu Yun-wen are black and white lot .relationresultTodayis his turn on duty ,Yu Yun-wen chair ,slightly relieved .Autumn song is really an eventful year !But now the situation has been gradually stable under Zhu ,as the rebellion in the South Yu Yunwen is not in your heart .
After all, just a motley crew ,refugee grass crown ilk cannot become what big for waiting .Every dynasty not rebel hair loss, song is no exception ,the great song since its founding ,occurred one after another season in Sichuan Shun ,Wang Xiaobao ,Fang La in Jiangnan, clock phase ,Yang Yao in Taihu and the rebellion ,but also all without exception is Song Ping die down .
Yu Yunwen believe this time is no exception .relationresultButthe infantry division troops south ,now Lings three government soldiers only :a defense of the capital division .Power is thin ,if you suddenly have other things to happen ,but some difficult .
relationresultApart from the South and the north ,but what happens ? Yu Yunwen secretly thinking ,half lying in the chair ,rubbed his temples ,and wiped his brow ,so August the beginning of autumn, but the weather was so hot, but today and sultry many , is it right? There is a thunder storm is coming ,if there is a thunderstorm ,the evening will cool many ,to be a good sleep .
, relationresultAt the same time,an officer entered politics hall ,in Yu Yunwen low said a few words ,Yu Yunwen immediately sit straight body ,said: him in to see me . , relationresultReachingout ,and soon led to a person .
The Tsing Yi cap, a common people dress ,see Yu Yun-wen immediately fell prostrate in worship : king Zhiyou ,see you . Then handed his yaopai .relationresultYu Yunwen took theYaopai look, is it really true ,waved and said: don bother, up to speak .
, relationresultWang Zhiyoustood up from the body ,immediately pulled a sealing wax letter ,give Yu Yun-wen said: this is a healthy government Han Du called villain to Messire ,please . Related articles: