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Is the dog's head for that person, but the system provides to really slice an information jackal and wolf the person is then.Cost a carry on surveillance to that monsters, breeze's soaring to aware of self is already to understand its temperament, secretively carried on raid.
Is first alone, again is two together, afterward threes are large groups,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, didn't also to his creation enough threat-soar to see in the breeze, jackal and wolf person though have a little bad, but is also timidity, its small body also hides not under enough strength, as long as he at start simply and neat solution dropping among them a , moreover two almost didn't fight an idea.
If isn't today morning's time, under the fishing circumstance drive a group of jackal and wolves person's arresting is wearing and can't got stripe but bear with pain and sufferings of that"traversing was late", either.
Say a true words, the list is to want to"get stripe" two words now, the breeze soars of calf belly involuntarily of start shivering ……
But the condition of the injury since resumes now, the color of the sky is again it's yet early, the breeze soars and then decides again go out to turn 1 turn, seeing can rush through by night and promote to experience fourth class.
He first from the watch in took a bottle of water, smooth smooth throat-system the watch"was considerate" provided a cubic kept a thing difference of space, can let go of any dead thing-as for water, then the river side beat come of, say not ascend tasty, but also the nothing important badly influences.
The clothes obviation that will immerse blood to send forth sweat flavor again, wash the blood dirt on the body, picked up into a game own of weapon.
Hard speak of, at the beginning choose that this grows one meter, the thin sword of breadth about 1 cm really What an a mistake!Take to ascend it handsome is surely handsome, can exchange blows again where compare of the trifle like the last Kuo sword, axe?
To is to chase the words of hands huge sword again run into in the morning of those three jackal and wolf persons, as early as near before the body be clapped by him to die!
The breeze soars like this Be feeling sorry for and lightly wielding thin sword.Just 7:00 added technical ability well-trained degree just at gradually the embodiment came out:The weapon in the hand seemed to be light and also became clearer to the cognition of the length.
The ground of hole wall of sounding out stabs a several swords and digs a hole, though still the depth is different, the difference foot contains 1, 2 cms, but also compares experimenting of yesterday well ascend some.
The breeze soars and then is satisfied with of order, come out hole.
Along the soil ascent gets down all the way, run about for about ten few minutes and then will get into the territory of forest, afterward to left keep guild to run into a small river, always forward or go toward right will get into to have jackal and wolf the person appears and disappears of district.
Certainly, this conclusion is probably some problems, at least this morning, the breeze soars be thinks that the safe place bumps jackal and wolf at the origin person of.
That is probably an accident ……
No matter how it is, the breeze soared to still choose to rightwards go forward.
On the time in yesterday, he discovered over there the jackal and wolf person of three brigades at least, the sense of smell of those guys is very intelligent, with as for listen to dint become a problem very much, can let the breeze soar to use inferior prison Zhui in the technique prison at them after death, always don't realize.Till the last, just because that several brigade monsters the partition of the mutual be not and far apart from, so just give up.
Now then sky, the breeze soars to decide to touch.
Went forward around and there is half for hour, the breeze soared to find out the pine tree of staying the markedness, the bottom dug from its tree a piece of meat, that is some one part of the forelegs of black bear, he with difficulty makes down with the thin sword.Don't touch, just take with the thin sword it, while walking to the destination put into it edge a tree branch of grove up.
Before looking for meat, the breeze soars and then discovered a group of jackal and wolveses person, totally 3, come together under a certain tree to loudly discuss what-because the cause that listens to dint, their talk voice always very big, across from afar can listen to clearly, can only cherish, how don't understand as well.
That bear meat quietly lies on the ground and sends forth its smell, at this time the weather says not ascend very blazing hot, can also be good enough to call for three days it becomes putrefied, just a small meeting of effort, the putrefied smelly flavor starts filling the air.
The breeze soars and then hides at not distance, Fu meat and jackal and wolf person the leeway of the place position place, listen a voice interest, started quietly waiting for.He hears the distance jackal and wolf person's issue still vigorous, tone's seeming to be also has already ordered variety, again lead meeting son, words source gradual to this place stand into come over.
The step voice of the monsters gradually can hear as well.
They escape smell to come all the way and easily saw bear meat and stopped a step and again communicate each other.The breeze of dark place soars but how don't worry-he personally once saw a jackal and wolf person will send forth mightiness smelly, the bone of only few meat end completely swallows into a belly-a few similar before being like, these three idiots are just the bear meat to the sudden emergence have a little doubt.
The gluttonous guy will not make the doubt like this stop over too long of, also in less than a minute, a certain guy in the jackal and wolf person volunteered to help to arrive at a bear meat side and took it.
Lost the weight of meat piece, under the bear meat of the tree branch quickly start to flip up and mercilessly take out at miscellaneous grass cluster in-for jackal and wolf person come to say, the tree branch like this is completely harmless, it just gets a fright these three monsters and conveniently draws on all attention just.
Can three jackal and wolf persons aren't clear over there in of see toward the grass cluster, breeze's soaring has already quickly run out.
He is tiny to bend the body, step supple, the step voice is several to smell-which afraid again heavy ascend 100%, jackal and wolf people of deaf are also inaudible.He is in two instantly onrushes ten few rices, arrive at two together of jackal and wolf Human body after, and entered thin sword Tong is most the small of the back that closes to that.
The acute pain calls that jackal and wolf person hair not the slightest of voice, until the action falling on the ground just lets its companion surprisedly return overdo, can it didn't°yet see know after death of scenery, be worn a larynx but lead of the thin sword seized life.
The breeze soars to draw out thin sword and faces to see because of blood smell face to face is that monster to his end.Take the jackal and wolf person of bear meat to don't clearly have some for the inside, close behind scream of throw bear meat at ground up.
It the prison prison hold the bayonet in the hand, but chose to escape.It thinks that the breeze that drill into a grass cluster to protect life, but be early had to anticipate soared one feet Chuai to come out.The thin sword,such as electricity, stabs, the jackal and wolf what person did the best holds up two times, drive afterward of three swords finished life.
The breeze that the hunting completes soars tiny pause for breath, in times before of sprint to have a little to waste physical strength with all strength, subsequently again wrinkle up eyebrow-in his brain, just had already synthesized a stereo set to rise,beats by dre cheap, make collective report result, "totally get experience value 180:00",cheap beats by dre.This news is a bit not so good-when he is still second class, can a jackal and wolf person fully provide 100 experiences!But he just rose one class, make this experience shrink several near halfs!
The breeze soared to can not help wry smile getting up and saw now, it weren't too some easily to hope to depend jackal and wolf a person to rise to five classes ……
Probably should I seek to order another trifle?He is pondering, haven't made up decision, heard some voices again.
Is like someone is yelling, he seems to understand that words and just a little bit listens to not big realistically and concentrates again to distinguish in a short while, just and suddenly realize:, Seem someone is yelling to"Help" to shout.

Three, mutually save
Rush to go forward all the way, plea for help of shout a voice more and more clear, and then become more and more hoarse.Again run several meters before going toward, unclearly invite invite of the words floated to come over.
"You are these monsters, give me the aroint thee, get away!"
A voice is childish, should still the kid's woman voice like this and continuously say, still add in miscellaneous weapon collision of gold call, and jackal and wolf person that special Si roars.
Run several steps again, the in front becomes clear suddenly:The tree of surroundings thins out, what to replace is the grass cluster of floret that is a certain to open each color.But soar the vacant land of left hand side in the breeze, four jackal and wolf persons are rounding someone.
Because be held up by the figure of the monsters, the breeze soars some see not realistic.Just depend on sparsely see, that compares short small jackal and wolf people slightly Related articles: