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Take hold of a hold to take advantage of an opportunity to coerce, the moxa method has to the unwilling feeling of heart doesn't wish of took part in this, wrapped up a blackmail to collect wealth the party of jacket.
Just such as admire especially say, is focused attention most on the party of be the method Man province generation governor of province method boon.Around at he nearby of 3 F outside the 3 F in the nobility, is strict what he wrapped actually solid.Method boon from be this timid vice- governor of province,beats by dre cheap, ever have so scene to lead.In more than two hours, he smiles of the mouths are all stiff, ambiguously he has already foreseen to he's this"generation" word puts on of a day.
As for another leading role, imperial envoy side virtuous Er,Beats by Dre BMW, the party starts front, the nobilities at first wanted round Long go up a set establish friendship, can still walk to near front, bedcover color surly Reagan blocks.See Reagan that facial expression that disgust, dark sigh in the nobilities heart, gradually also ashamed at ask to be rebuffed.
See nearby and gradually pipe down, Reagan arrives at virtuous Er of side nearby and depresses voice to whisper a way:
"Adult!I have already found out clear, that guy lives in a small building of west, fee Liu Si should already the Qian go in to search.His artistic skill not at I under, but that is also that the power is endless, believes the bewitching knife that the commander-in-chief adult grant in person can't what surprised."
Side virtuous Er sneer way:
"Hum!Don't with the light heart!"
The words sound just fell, the side virtuous Er wrinkled up eyebrows again, doubt of asked a way:
"H'm?Admire that guy especially?"
On the lord guest, admire and indeed as expected no longer know a Zong especially.
Reagan Pie Pie mouth, disdain of say:
"His wine drinks many, to convenience!That guy a short while effort has already drunk three bottles of wines and really be like 800 generation sons have never seen wine."
"Ha ha!It is very good."
The side virtuous Er applauds of ordered bottom, shut eyes, raise a cup wine carefully article get up, but don't know in the Kua wine within great Reagan still.
Small upstairs, the unique has no heel come of wear beautiful Er to sadly lie prone on the bed, a night behind, her bottom is on the contrary swollen to be getting higher.
On thinking of the then scene, wear beautiful Er face top Fei red one, admired that guy to unexpectedly and really pull out his/her own pants especially, that he be not see everything?Although early there is the plan to dedicate a body,admire time of pulling out oneself's pants especially, she in addition to frightened of shout loudly, brain inside unexpectedly one blank.
Make her surprised more BE, toward the place of the You Mi of oneself's beauty, admire unexpectedly turn a blind eye especially, completely didn't tenderness toward woman at 1:00 of malicious beat own bottom, this deeply fought her proundhearted to beautiful looks.Come to afterwards, that weeping over is completely a quality goods at reasonable prices and have no one silk affected.
Not long since, oneself unexpectedly degenerates such situation and wears beautiful Er to draw a deep sigh, want to cover up head into pillow under.
But at this time, extremely pure thinly and loudly move from admire especially of does the room spread?
"Did the party end?"
Wear beautiful Er to can not help some doubts, she is hard to tackle of supporting and starting body, want to walk out and see, but she just opened a door one was thin to sew, repeatedly the breathing of the improbity iciness rush toward noodles since then.
"This BE?"
That uncanny breathing doesn't come from air, imitate the impact of Buddha soul to keep a mind, wear beautiful Er at heart difficult to express abhorrence feeling to arise spontaneously, imitate a Buddha at ha especially of room in, have this what let oneself's mind not and rather and extremely dislike of the thing exist.
Wear beautiful Er and surprisedly discover, hide to start to be violent oscillating in the Dou spirit in the oneself's body.
Wearing a beautiful Er heart palpitates is abrupt however speeds, she lightly wears a step, seem a robust leopard cat flee into Li oh and moxa Li the room of the Er, turn over drive Li oh capture of sorcery sword.One sword wears the self-confidence of beautiful Er to also gradually upsurge in the hand, she pours to want and see and admire especially of actually took place what in room.
But at the moment, at admire especially of in the room, the doors and windows close tightly and there is no gleam in the room of utter darkness, ambiguously a dark shadow is what things turning over everywhere, seem looking for.
"Mama of!Actually put where?"
The dark shadow is dark to scold a , short short time, he already won't greatly of the room Be whole to seek 1 time.Is a demon clan, he has a pair of take no cognizance dark of sharp-edged eyes, he believes each corner of room, he didn't fall in.The dark shadow shook to shake head and could not help a bit upset, push away a window at him, intend to leave of in a flash, lonesome female voice suddenly from after death spread:
"Mr. petty thief, what are you seeking?"
The lightly thin slow voice takes light iciness of breathing, dark shadow whole body one Zhan, if encounter a thunder with ownly work properly to feel be unexpectedly invaded by the opponent thus near place, if just the other party make moves ……
Dark shadow not dare turn head, he fears back that unknown opponent will take advantage of an opportunity to launch offensive.At this moment, he who lose a first timing has already been placed in an absolute leeway, the dark shadow doesn't wear trace silently to explore the hand to a waist, one silk just like the Qi of nine You hells cold spirit along the palm flows into at heart, this can not help letting him just a little settled down.
He doesn't believe that in addition to sword saint, this someone can block in the world of live the evil knife on his waist.
"How!Why don't talk?Mr. petty thief is too disrespectful."
Deeply wear light You in the voice hatred and Ai Wan, is the complaint of the lover's, but the dark shadow doesn't dare the gist, he has already inwardly adjusted the body to the status of the most suitable proper hair dint.
One step, two, three ……
The dark shadow inwardly counts, at the moment of he spirit height concentration, after death of enemy at the moment just since the right side walked toward himself or herself, the body of dark shadow suddenly moved, as if a fried dough twist of distortion is seething but rise of body the whole Quan shrink at the same time, together red long grass well visit Long Bo to row uncanny curve to inherit to imagine in of target.
But the dark shadow wears a hundred percent knife of the confidence ends up in nothing and wore the station that the beautiful Er smiles at the door.She didn't basically and never once move, just of the step voice is just only the floret that the Dou spirit that she makes use of to highly coagulate makes to recruit.
"Who are you ?"
Extremely hoarse unpleasant to hear voice, imitate the noise that the Buddha saws wood.The dark shadow is tiny tiny a surprised, hole Che dark of in the eye pupil, a wreath chest feels elegant of lance, the whole body servant serves of the beautiful young girl is taking a very shallow smile, staring at he, that double of ambiguously twinkle as eyes of ocean thin if have no the ray of light in blue in the sky of thing.
"This should is the words that I asks you just to!"
Wear a beautiful Er eyes in green only one Shan namely die, imitate a Buddha one is weak have no dint but young girl with sheer curiosity sort, she exceeds an one step and up and down conjectures the dark shadow of in front and very naughtily answers criticism a way.
Dark shadow but inwardly loosen tone, from the young girl body, he didn't feel the slightest the Dou annoys of motion, probably because oneself is too nervous, pay no attention sent out a voice ring, this just lead of the young girl come to probe, as for oneself didn't discover a girlish trace, probably is because worry to have no achievement but return is punished, vexed disorderly of past!
The dark shadow at heart rises Teng to rise one silk weariness, the recent Zong horse runs about wildly 2000 kilometers to arrive at side shell city, how all the way and almost didn't take a rest, these two days, the dark shadow often feels mind faintly.
From just wore beautiful Er not astonished of the one step, the dark shadow figures out, the young girl artistic skill is quite good, however real strenght like this he still doesn't in the eye put.
Since have been already been seen, the dark shadow immediately decides to kill people to kill,cheap beats by dre, the moment inside the room has already turned to make blackness, drive invisible of knot boundary wrap up, connect be pushed away by the dark shadow of in the window, the moonlight reflecting to shoot since then is full of different.The air is thin and diluted to almost make people suffocate, such moonlit night of lucidity, but completely could not feel vital breathing.The dark shadow trembled to tremble to twinkle the long knife of blood-red color ray of light in the hand, cold and crystal-clear month next, the shadow far and far extends, the reflection that grows knife is sharp-edged pressing.
The dark shadow has no suddenly fleeing of the omen to wear beautiful Er, the whole body almost sticks on the ground, good the Zhi in a black is extremely.At the time of willing soon approach the dark shadow again depressed body, the murderous look keeps to wear a beautiful Er high pretty neck, red simply being continuous to become the lightning flash of hell a wave ofly to wear beautiful Er to inherit.
"The lion rushes toward a rabbit, a shot necessarily makes an effort!"
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