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When 3 people come out teaching building, the prosperous wave hurtled out, "the week Wei is pure, did you forget our engagements?"
The week Wei is pure to stop a step, "I now this circumstance, you would like to also with me?"
The prosperous wave is made an effort of ordered to nod, way:"I would like to.I believe you."
At the beginning, after week Wei is pure to arrive at college, time used in less than a month, even if civilian's 1 class had so of coagulate dint, other all civilian's students all see in the eye.
Week Wei empty talk however on smiling, "have how many portraits are you similar?"
Thief wave way:"Ascend me to totally there are 16 people on the whole, I can affirm them would like to with you."
"Is so many?My future day can be not and easily."The week Wei pure vision is calm of looking at him.
Jump about flame in the prosperous wave eyes"to those future not definitely and your classmate you can make this, we still have what lesson distrust?I would like to do your for life epigone.Follow you always compare follow those nobilities to be good friends with, I hope to fascinatingly spend whole life, not the Lu Lu have no for.
The week Wei is a little bit pure to nod, "good, know where I live.Take them to come to seek me.I wait until your tonight.Tomorrow early in the morning, I will leave Fei beautiful city."
The prosperous wave is made an effort of ordered bottom, turned round but go to.
Cloud leaves to looking at the direction that the prosperous wave leaves, way:"Their day sheep not lead, your civilian 1 class is to be getting more pre-eminent, they civilian's student of these other classes but more not lead.Probably, this is also that they decide to want and your reason."
Week Wei pure way:"In spite of proceed from what purpose, is also the strength that strengthened us at least.Cloud leaves, have you already promoted master class?"
Cloud leaves Ao however way:"That is certainly.Hereafter please make my cloud leave a master."
The week Wei is pure ha ha on smiling, way:"Like, cloud leaves a master, please stay first in the college, Lin Tian Ao still remembers.After a while he will take several individuals to come over to seek me, they after coming, you take them to us of abode."
Cloud leaves a way:"Bow empire in sky matter like this, how do you intend to do?Return to?"
The week Wei is pure to shake to shake head, way:"Can not return to now not, is also a far non-arrival, we should return to of time .I think that I return to Fei beautiful city this time, perhaps many people all stared at to ascend me, we want to to the utmost leave at once, and disappear quietly.100 reach fight brigade and gram the thunder west war brigade also took part in a bead big match in sky, they really knew my existence, I come back of the news is very quick and then will spread to go, they can't pass me."
Cloud left to order to nod, "the whole caution."
At the beginning arrive at the beautiful city of Fei rents of small hospital and compared to have no variety before, was week Wei pure re- returned to here, time walked into yard, he stopped descend step, but his vision, then stayed around the last officer Jing L to once live of room.
Too many matters happened for short few months, the ice son left, son in the sky also left, and bow empire in the sky was put out.This all everythings stimulate pure growth of week Wei.
The herd of horses curious aboutly looking at everywhere"eldest brother, do I remember that you have ever said and introduced a teacher to me?When!Where do we connect down and go?"
Week Wei pure way:"Is very quick you meet me the teacher whom you say, follow him to learn well, promise that you can become a strong defense day in the future bead teacher.As for go where, temporarily don't tell you first.You as long as follow me to go.Bean bean, you arrive that room to take a break first.Herd of horses, you follow me.""."The bean bean promises 1 and walked into the originally last officer ice son lives of room, anyway went heaven's will to once give an account her before leaving from the bead island in sky, as long as listen to a pure order of the Wei of week to go.
The week Wei is pure to take herd of horses to arrive at his/her own room"you also take a break and work well the evening leaves of preparation.Probably, we couldn't wait until tomorrow."
The herd of horses looking at the Wei in week pure, don't know why, suddenly produce a kind of oppression feeling in his heart.Though week Wei's being pure at the beginning is very pre-eminent, at that time, he didn't°yet this kind of feels.
Chapter 112 three and half years' engagement(next)
The week Wei in nowadays is pure compared with that time, obviously want cool-headed many, occasionally eye bottom flash across of together cold only, can make him a burst of heart palpitates.
The original herd of horses thinks oneself also broke two beads and fixed for should be drew near with pure week Wei, but he now discover, fact really not so, the Wei from the week the pure body uploaded of the oppression dint see, the margin of oneself and he's not only didn't draw near, exactly the opposite BE, the half drew back more far.This also makes him feel from the heart bottom that the Wei to the week fears to an idea for much more pure several cents.
The week Wei pure station looking at the small hospital of outside in the door, the hands carry on the back at after death, quietly over there, station's double the eye Be tiny to shut.
16 heavy sky of dint, the 16 greatest deads cave cyclone quietly revolves, the world vitality in the air continuously to his body inside remit to gather but go to, the week Wei is pure at this time oneself's body suddenly having already grown a felling, imitating a Buddha have already completely integrated into an of this world, oneself is this a part of the dint.
This is to fix for attain class the felling that appear by oneself after?Is just a little some interrogative in the week Wei pure heart, but when his thoughts and feelings appears motion, just that kind of the nature and man matched a general felling to immediately disappear.
Suddenly, week Wei pure eyes a bright, the vision sees go toward a direction, chilly way:"Since have been already come, why the need for hide a dew tail again?"
Accompany with a chain of voice of Sou Sous, totally six people, successively from jump to go into a small hospital on all sides, unclear surround by half of power face a pure direction of week Wei.
All of these people are black whole bodies dresses, the black cloth receives noodles, and the Wei that looking at a week pure eye midstream exposes Sen however intention to murder.
The voice that hears row noodles, herd of horses also at once hurtled out, was him pure from the Wei in week back explore successful in career come, can not help pouring to take a suck at cool spirit, because he clearly sees, appear these six people in the yard all incredibly are bead teachers in a sky.And, all own six fixing of bead classeses for.On the everybody's right hand wrist, all have the body bead ray of light of pure color to gleam.
Six place of honor in the skies, this put in the whichever nation, was all equal great power, can at this time they but appear at here, the target is obviously a week Wei pure.
The previous herd of horses also feels pure words of the Wei in week some startling statement creates a sensations, but sees now,his judgment is matchless exactitude, the enemy comes stiller than in the Wei pure judgment in week to have to be quick.They just just on coming in, they have been already appeared.
Six black dress persons are plentiful, a chilly way of one person of the head:"You are a sky, bow leftover evil, is the week Wei pure?"
The Pie of week Wei pure despise Pie mouth, rebuke with sarcastic remarks a way:"You be 100 reach imperial garbage, six shameful rats?"
That cold track of black dress person:"Die to happen the benefit of showing off the argument is still."
The week Wei is pure ha ha on smiling, " are these garbages with you?"
"Begin."That realizes long dream of night for the black dress person of head many, is after all a beautiful Fei empire here, one makes next, six black dress persons have already rushed toward to come over toward pure the Wei in week at the same time.
Week Wei purely the first action isn't to offend an enemy,beats by dre studio, but anti- kick, one feet Chuai's chest in herd of horses, kick him to return to room.Face so many six beads to fix for of strong, if herd of horses three fight, also can walk into death.
Those six black dress persons match with extremely tacit understanding, the Wei that deals with a week is pure to start out so several place of honors of in the sky, they already very are regarded as can see a week small Be getting fatter.
Two black dress persons of the center at the same time front blunt, the Wei that goes straight to a week pure near body forces and goes to, another have 2 people of Teng body and rise, make a pounce upon Wei from the air together is pure, respectively many in two hands of end one handle method Zhang, one among those persons once the method Zhang lift, together green light go straight to the Wei in week pure and go to, this technical ability week Wei is pure but again acquaint with however, is exactly the tie technical ability of breeze that he also owns.But the method Zhang light of fire in another hand spray to vomit and a chain ofly burst the Wei that the fireball goes straight to a week pure bombard but go to.
Near distance, long range and air, three directions started offensive to pure the Wei in week at the same time.
If is that the week Wei in past is pure, faces thus numerous strong enemies, his first viewpoint must be how to escape.But the week Wei in nowadays is pure but totally different, don't say first his real strenght has already included quality of leap, the list is these days of heart in to gram thunder west empire with 100 reach imperial old grudge have already attained top, he can't easily draw off.
The body form is one Shan, the week Wei is pure don't back anti- enter, the whole individual just like shell general, go straight to those two persons who want the near body launch an attack toward oneself to bump.
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