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Is whole-crazy-!"The small guy out of the door pants noisily to say, more funny BE, in order to mean the severity of problem, the small guy is in the words, "crazy" speech consumedly prolong, still consumedly aggravated at the same time"crazy" euphonic!
A spool of joke brocade gathers the marriage of chapter 1762 my mama to outside love
Someone fell in love.This isn't rare, can that person is my mama.As long as divorced, fell in love all right, can unfortunately my mama didn't divorce.
Someone probably will think that I should develop like this Q spirit:"Is it the marriage that outside love?All over the floor."Can I but can not say like this, because the marriage of my mama this kind of species outside loves rare, and the price isn't thin.BE which species?Speak to frighten to death you, outside love on marriage of net.
Will someone like my mama?The saying according to my mama still is 1,000,000 rich men.This is true should that sentence in the song:"I have a little to you to show interest, a little shows interest, and a little hesitates.I absolutely dare not believe my eyes-"can I always was like to sing Bang son in Henan while singing the last, the "absolutely" good elephant was fee the very great strength extrudes of hoarse roaring cry.So say the pop song in nowadays ah-, still let the topic that we return to this marriage to outside love up.Extract confession in my strict Xing under, the mother finally gave an account:In "breeze high homicide night, month black flirtation sky", the mother arrived a chat room and had never thought her right here to walk to the crary edge and walked ascend the road of "crime".
Someone answered a chamber with my mama.It is a person who claims to be "brilliant scholar".Mother a see is a male of, hurriedly and awkward and shily say:"I was the person who has a house, you didn't have to me what imagination."That humality:"The imagination carries out very easily."The mother breaks to settle that person with this cultivated, there is sense of humor.The too anxious to somebody else has imagination to her.That person feels that my mama has already taken the bait quickly, make longer line to snare big fish, say to my mama:"I have 10000000-10000."My mama's that young girl sort is purely full of the heart of imagination drive that 10000000 fill with."Brilliant scholar" again way:"My divorce already seven years, only a son."Once my mama listen to is a single, very anxious to go far away with him right away.Predict details of behind according to me BE:"Brilliant scholar" estimates that my mama has already taken the bait, stay a telephone number to walk.Leaves my mama's this big silly wench to toward a screen stunned.
Has someone ever seen the kind of my mama this heart in torment?Presumably have no.I have never seen.I say to my mama:"That person is a liar."My mama says:"The liar also recognized."I say:"You if touching a to break a blood doesn't cry to shout to come to seek me."My mama's bitter in taste old woman nature advises me:"I married'brilliant scholar'also have an advantage to you."I determinedly different idea.Feel I refuse to bribe good great.
Someone is a single, the 18-year-old big miss is still different from the mountain in fierce tiger and kill his completely destroy, must returning the round wear my mama?So I pretty much doubt to this background unidentified"brilliant scholar".Can my mama's that silly wench but be made none of souls by"imagination is carry out very easily, also have that 10000000" at,beats by dr dre pro.Saw me the confused state of mind ground shouting:", Mine'gifted woman'."
Someone will ask my mama:"You is what like'brilliant scholar'?"My mama will look confused and agitated in a short while, then say:"The thing of the soul inside of some people will make you excited!"I sneer way:"Huming is his thing in the purse to make you excited."
Someone starts thoughting political to work to my mama, this is to have astute wisdom and ability of I.In front of me, my mama's pretending Jie has already criticized the false mask of "brilliant scholar".Who know that they are secretly very much in love.Once, two of them make a phone call, my mama knows that there is a word in that personal name word is similar to my mama's name, my mama this always the persons of infidelity letter ghost all feel that they decree by destiny, is a God arrangement.Being pleased must not go."Brilliant scholar" still has a face to come to his photograph for my mama's"younger sister's son".I peeped one eye.Oh!The most confident person all perhaps has no face to deliver this photograph in the world.He stands on a big bridge, a see is an imported goods that the village comes.If eyes again a little bit smaller don't know to still have eyes.See his in that manner, the headgear isn't whole, buy while wearing sale of shirt.There is a button that have no a button.My mama goes together with "brilliant scholar", that is absolutely fresh flowers to put at cow muck up.
Someone so the feelings weak body infirmity love to build castle in the air.That is my mama.On the evening in an in the dead of night, my mama finally picked up the telephone of "crime" and led for several minutes, the telephone bell thought, I guess my mama is excited to almost shiver.At this time, she hears a chemisette voice.That woman introduces myself to say:"I BE'brilliant scholar'of the second wife!"My mama feels the important event is far from good, but still past do a town quiet the ground says:"."That woman is surging hopeless situation don't speak:"Brilliant scholar in our house ah, there is no another trouble, is a lechery."Listen to, doesn't this still call trouble?
Someone guesses this story how coda?My mama acts with due care and respects ground to say:"I the on bed terms brilliant scholar associated any further."This big silly wench finally thinks that I was right, realized mistake.But for meaning my poise, I just slightly""1.However these several days, although my mama is different from a television the top cry to shout to say so"he cheats me ah, he cheats me!"She the stem what still stem what, but sometimes an on every occasion who also ignore, " chases all problems by himself/herself all anti-."
It above is my mama's this old comrade's"crime" record.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 1763 to love you for 10,000 years(dialect version)
Once had is a……put at me of in front ……
Version in Peking
I know that I damned especially, your Ya killed me have no of say, had the love that still didn't depend on to stare blankly before my front of son, I had never taken to manage her and waited a later on silly eye, this ghost place to my best of which personal is your Ya of, your Ya was discarded me with the knife, don't cut and polish, if the god can make me turn head again, my protecting quasi- son will not stop three loquacious words to your Ya:My TMD loves your YA!If don't want me to fall in love with to plus date of at this, become don't become for 10,000 years?KAO!
Version in Shanghai
Old Li eight early, there is feelings that is old to pare off three putting the Lei my eye front of door, run into red guy, I didn't go to Cai Yi and waited until a space segment feelings nest dead empty Lei after, I again know.Nai Yao this records Jiang especially, if speak that the god makes purely and lets me come one more, I not will absolute being it blare it, the foolish Bu falls Du and sees the Yi run especially, I will speak for Yi I am old happy Nong sum, if coming to speak must stir Yi and work out a day stanza, space Yao I think literally where can always need to return 10,000 years.
Northeast version
A thief once pulled son pure love and put An front of, the An had no Zha to be to return to matter, until is whole have no, An just discover, suppress to bend most in the world of matter also so.If the god gives the An one more opportunity, the An would like to say to that man:"The An is rare you!"If don't want to this matter the whole year, the An hopes this year BE-10,000 years!
Version in Sichuan
Mama hey!!Lao Tze absolutely is beg Mo Ming Tang!!Inside in the year(that year) little girl son's sending her don't expect pure love to put many Lao Tzes ex-er, Lao Tze packs melon, the En is to connect reasons(QIO) don't beg one eye(QIO), now comfort and ease three, the melon has!If the words encored, Lao Tze's swear swears that"that fairy plank plank" no longer slices in the reason"village Gu".If that ignore, is son Gui .
Nanking words version
Have a positive son a long while ago and away back eight through of feelings put at me, I the brain inside contain excrement ah and wish many important events.The result Xie gets, one meter regretting now is much Gao, not ability and myself hasty Lao.If the foolish west that is old sky of to take care of my chases my one more opportunity, I am affirmative cheerful head of Huo son, this wants me fat west to speak with me, ah, I to you full interesting ah, we does the Xu Xu still go?If say to don't want to settle a words Nan of day, that 10,000 years depend on on the whole, vexed not
Cantonese version
Once had the Gen feeling put to fasten noodles piano, Kui to roared, Related articles:

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