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 He gingerly starts to wrap "a long distance mirror" and sweeps the cabinet wife of one eye attention and return overdo, the small voice says:"Your dad be for would not° until money seek me.If I don't promise, he would not like to ah?!" Thank small Wan heart in a hot, connect track:"You idiot.Give you well said okay, you cry poor, cry poor, he knows you are poor, extort can't extort, either this degree is till now!"
Di bird a think is also, let Xie Dao face to feel that oneself takes 2, 302 silvers all difficult, he can't definitely open 50,002 exorbitant prices, oneself can't returns to 100,002 silvers, either.But press this kind of match reason very much of calculate, oneself also has no 100,002 silvers ah, does he really prepare to make track for Zang?!Since give not, Huang wedding become, why and simultaneously marry a female.
Simultaneously make track for Zang?!It is peculiar.There is no some logic, these Gao Lai Gao go to ground is the person all not normal?!"
He also forgot he to want dish beef and drank some wine of and crumple a nose to say:" Wan.You say when the time comes, I could not give 100,002 silvers, he is really willing to marry you.Married you.Still make track for Zang, let me finish giving offense to own kin friend.Do nine a life times turn over not to get a body?!" Thank small Wan to say:"I don't know as well, looking him is to want to really want, I feel, he wants to make track for you poor, the honesty follows us and climbs mountain together, in the future leave the flower mountain to you"
Di the bird body is one earthquake, take off a people's way:"Say so to come, he begs for to walk 100,002, in the future still want to me, be for the sake of, for the sake of?!"
He has no upwards mountain to cut and polish and thought of to make track for Zang ground bad result, stretched tight a face, two eyes visited to leave and said:"He thinks that the ground is probably not is to make me climb mountain, this wants a soldier blood blade not ah, if Lao Tze takes not to come out this 100,002, once the authorities make track for Zang, result, be be stained with to take in person with me whole past be searched to pare off an empty, after, the brotherses walk walk, spread spread, I have to take top past wharf stem coolie, go home to all take a big fellow ground nest nest head each time, bye several petal sons, divide you to eat." Thanked small Wan to use small arm Lei him, Shen way:"Your blah what ah?!"
Di the bird more and more feel that oneself isn't blah, can not consider of one more flavor disappointed and loudly say:"Do not have a meal.I want to return to and get money for him, I see, these 100,002 silvers, if I the lane comes out, how does he do?!" Thanking the small Wan but again is a burst of and flustered and frustrated, the powder boxing embroiders a leg a burst of hit, say:"I also want to go."
Di the bird has a look her.
She hurriedly says:"My Niang hears that the Wen Wen son wants her mother to live here now, it lets I to see her, I didn't go, go to you are there, not very good?!"
Di the bird didn't think more and tooked topped and then walked.The back raised a burst of son head and waited he to order shopkeeper"ah", "ah" of vegetables to shout loudly:"Guest officer.You don't walk."
Di the bird pull up his/her own horse and take to up thank small Wan and dash away for a while and returned to building in the line, sees the front of oneself door and is a car traffic horse, outside tree next brothers, feel weak lichen clothes dither, but it happened that seem to enjoy the cool air in summer similar, hurriedly dismount, ask:"The person of the visitor?!"
Once he stretch hand and come down a , the brotherses of flank all have a little Qie and hurriedly lend an one step to talk and needed to be trampled two feet and walked to one side, once the atmosphere breathe heavily and say:"Is a person first to call that he or she is your big Jiu son, get your daughter-in-law back, to, also take a cry a ground of male child's son, immediately after is long enjoy Wang Jia's person, say to is to appreciate you for the long joy king, but is a female of, also very strange, again connect down, is Ms. Chu to take an officer wife and children elder sister, we still too late order piece, Tung spoilt daughter of a rich family again take a miss that comes and then quarrels noisily ……"
Di the bird haven't thought is who the kid of house, it is a natal home person of Huang Jia to want could not wait he or she to come to pick up daughter-in-law, send to the yellow shiningly bright comes back and kneads finger to calculate a to count and scares to death, on twisting a son, at him lend an one step to talk recently, thanking the small Wan has already been missing a person and probably catches up jollification to go to.
Di bird center of the chest a burst of Chu, hurriedly ask:"They didn't begin?!"
The road is thriving to say:"Only fight,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre, haven't come yet and have been already begun."
Di the bird hurriedly ask:"What about old.What about old?!"
The road is thriving to say:"Avoided to disappear a person."
Di bird 1 arouse to work properly and turn head to see a front door, the or so Chou wears, Ye Ma Yao slips away, and the hand is 1, point one, say:"If they come out to ask, you say lead to occupy to seek me with old, I in a great hurry go."
He walks 2 and turn head to hark after to ground road Be thriving to say:"You looking at a point and speak up can, begin absolutely can not."

The second shot Rang courageously the song chapter 3195 of Jian throne, the soldier certainly defeats to send Jiang minister(53)
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The Fan English flower has a meal to eat there half son, a listen to Di the voice of bird, remember this person see rice very heavy, the Ceng eats for rice the words are many, hurriedly say with 19 younger sisters:"The somebody else definitely says that we see him and hurriedly pull out rice ……stop eating, it lets the bottom add two smooth dry soup vegetableses!"19 younger sisters start into an outside to walk, and shake head to sigh of Di the bird rush through successively and got to doorway, listens to he where says:"Have a meal?!Do I still eat ……have mine?!Want to be not, do you remain little bit for me?!"Once she turn head and see him to once the Fan English flank in the flower sit down, horizontal from son head, stare at a Fan English to spend tight Chou slow Chou, inebriate an idea of Weng but is on rice, cannot help but whispering:"Do not know as well is a what person, the little bit doesn't know that what Qian is, see not to get other people's house to have a meal!"She knows Di the bird want to answer criticism and walk quickly, just the break out of comes, heard shout at behind of voice:"You this wench not tunnel, is all shriveled belly to visit other people's house having a meal?!"
Di the bird return overdo, is one Chou toward the table Chou, the appetite greatly moves, soon after discovering two green bamboo chopstickses the son is horizontal at at hand, on getting but rising, the Dian Ke Dian engraves and explores toward the vegetables of table.
Eye underneath one dish son ground mutton, a dish son sprinkles big tail fish of green belly, a dish son once rolls chopped onion of yellowish brown color bean curd, a dish son floated a ground garlic of green vegetables, a dish son concusses blob of oil soup of big cabbage, one dish son powder bud son radish silk, all of his attention puts at present vegetables up, spot be pulled a fish body of white shredded meat Chuo, talk become absent-minded, "sorrow", how listen to, all give people little bit complain without cause of felling.
He stretched chopsticks Dao the Teng is that fish, don't guard against the chopsticks of Fan English flower for a while the son knock and beat on the hand and raise head and look, the Fan English flower stares at oneself, startled way:"Do not let to eat."
Fan Ying Hua says:"Old Chuo that dried fish what?!Eating to order more is another.Mutton, fishes all deliver a thing, you how some don't know to hate as well?!"
Di the bird is careless.Rang way:"Last time came, not give meat, you edible, why ain't I edible?!"
The Fan English spends the way of Leng Leng:"Does not your body still ascend to have wound?!"
Di the bird don't know what call"hair thing", just make a mess of to pretty tie up:"There is wound on my body, just need to eat meat to gather flesh, you have to want to let to eat and then say Bai and why the need for assume air of importance, eldest brother, I have already enough worried.Let me eat meat, I let you see one good thing."Fan English flower not give compromise.Say:"Ran me to eat mutton here last time, I is Zheng eye, shut an eye, will never go this time, let your wound to be infected and die.Your mother doesn't seek me to arrive a life just strange?!You have to eat and go to another place to eat."
Di the bird swallowed one mouthful saliva, acrossed the clothes Zuan a long distance mirror and lured to say:"I really have one baby!Fully spend 100,002 silvers ah, you see or not, if don't see, can since departure regrets?!"
Fan English's spending basically doesn't believe and say with smile:"All became a stray dog, you which come to 100,002 silvers?!"
Di bird absolute being the mysterious Mi ground ask:"Do not you know that I am doing business?!"Make reference to here, immediately worry tip of brow.Think of these 100,002 silvers of difficult, not from Da draw down head, say:"Be getting tooer costly, return She now Zhang, three months Related articles: