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Of arched bridge.
"Who know that the behind still has how many arched bridges like this?"The plum Lin raises head and breathes heavily spirit, nerveless ask to nearby fast once walk of ghost, but have no a ghost to answer, even those ghost soldier also the good elephant didn't see plum Lin similar, reason also ignore.
Despair, the plum Lin almost wanted despair!
Is at present but burst upon one fire red other shore flower, each other shore spent to all suddenly become joss-stick Gu that face that is red to rush toward, grow a pair of so melancholy eyes to months elder sisters on each face that is red to rush toward.
I must save to return to joss-stick son and see the elder sister in month again, I the plum Lin can't lose!
The body of plum Lin again one inch 1 inch move to move forward.
Climb to stop, stop to climb, awake climb, climbed and then faint, don't realize mistake how many times as well, finally was again turned over by the plum Lin to pass by an arched bridge.
This time the display is in front of plum Lin of wasn't the same arched bridge any more, but was another big steel bridge.
The big bridge side signs one stone tablet and up engraves the big word of "what then bridge" three utter darknesses!
Forgetting is sometimes not difficult, needs a bowl of Meng old woman soup;
But remember, but courage that need to be cut off all means of retreat and is not any temptation is fond of of the abyss of time of perseverance!

Chapter 5 shows to living a stone

Bridge Gao disappears a crest, breadth only Zhang remaining.
Is a thick iron cable of one person of two blacks most under, more and upwards the iron cable then is more thin, but is more many, upwards see go again, sees iron cable closely and can not distinguish number.
Plum Lin then see go toward bridge bottom, can not help pouring to absorb one mouthful cool spirit, sees bridge a bottom impressively is a blood river, the blood wave in river turns over to flow out and smells a foul smell spirit unclearly.
The plum Lin still needs to scrutinize, the Tu listens to one person shouting Yue:"The Wu is that wild ghost, get here!"
The plum Lin follows reputation to go to, could not help getting a fright, like a devil, but have twos, is like two from in the center split open of the person glue together similar, the small cheek red shoulder, bald and point, left head white wheat flour black beard, the right head black side needs not, two better arms grow in the both sides, skill a Suo life hook.
Four eyes toghter shot to come over to the plum Lin.
The vision of plum Lin quickly hid to open to, but what taste touches is one noodles big stone, the stone enough to spare of Gao Si Zhang, breadth invite Zhang, the lovely Qiao pulls out, its noodles is like mirror.
The side of the stone but station have one male ghost, whole body deep red officer's tunic, wear black yarn, black beard all over the face, the right hand writes, the left hand takes one account book.
A group of ghosts face to face expressionless line up to head for a stone of side, it is one potbellied ghost, walk near to that officer front, judge pen to a before the stone, that ghost obeys of station at before the stone.
Suddenly show a line of word of line on the stone:"White truly A, sun life 87;Is 2 years old, the beginning of in August seven, bad one life of Qu Qu;Is 3 years old, the beginning of in October a, trample ant 5;……;Is 11 years old, the beginning of in May five, hold the knife Tong wound village to border on Zhao Mou;Is 12 years old, the beginning of in August two, steal to eat Li Jia Guo's pear;Is 13 years old, the January appreciates a light and flirts a young girl heart pistil, to it ashamed and resentful suicide;Is 15 years old, May 18, steal to put snake to bite to kill home school teacher Li Yan,Beats by Dr Dre Pro;……;Is 23 years old, La month, go into partnership Zhao Mou, Zhang Mou to hold for ransom merchant prince Wang Mou, from that time on hair house, turning a job the cloth is at the dealer;Is 24 years old, January, make silver 5,000 bribes in know county Zhao Mou, from that time on fit together with Zhao Mou's brothers;……Is 30 years old, in May, donate a silver 500 set up one primary school in the village neighborhood, from that time on win good reputation;……Is 40 years old, rest wife to marry another 16-year-old square surname;Is 41 years old, contend for robbing a son because of the former wife, send person to push his former wife into river and result in the appearance of Ni Wu;……;Is 61 years old, rich AN a square, suspicion square the surname is loquacious, multiply by square surname disease heavy, bribe a town to cure, dark feed poison, harm dead;……;Is 65 years old, in August, take a wife another 20 flower surnames;Is 86 years old, the year old is early afraid the flower surname and son contends for patrimony and rest it is sold to Zhang Jia;……;Is 87 years old old die."
That ghost noodles judge reads ten lines at one glances, after finishing seeing, judge pen at left hand account book on order to paint, the side writes a side clear voice to read a way:"White truly A, harm human life 4, harm a monster life 27 ……, do from cradle to the grave bad, win notoriety success by cheap means, take charge of statutes and be the hellish way of walking according to the Yin!"
After finishing reading, another ghost, together front similar, slightly what to have a dissimilarity is a white wheat flour at right, black noodles at left, each hand is a single iron Ji, by hand on pushing that potbellied person, pushed him to that iron cable on.
That potbellied person, meticulously walk on the iron cable on, the underneath blood wave turns over to flow out and leaves instep however the Chinese foot allows and often have a wave flower to beat at the instep on, even have that copper snake iron dog often peeping out a sharp tooth, start to jump body, facing that potbellied person bites.
That potbellied person walked however is 100, then body a slippery fell off to go into blood pond of in the river, big cluster of of copper snake iron dog rounded in the past and immediately tored of smash, sad and shrillly and miserably shouted in the ear of plum Lin and rang for a long time.
Plum Lin feels a burst of and disgusted, can not help lying prone on the ground to greatly vomit to vomit especially, but is what don't also vomit.
In the second place ghost walks again to that is big before the stone, a line of record of writing of line showed out, and the ghost noodles judge after seeing the clear voice read a way:"Attend to Ci, act charitably from cradle to the grave, help a hard up person and total 371 times, advise and show filial obedience husband's parents with the same neighborhood dispute 57 times, assist husband and bring up children, be walk God's way, can only cherish once to the mutually male bad language mutually to, once tolerated mutually Mr. to go to the person bad but don't know to advise a solution, take charge of statutes according to the Yin, can walk humality."
The ghost noodles judge words sound just fell, that head ghost Ji handed over a skill, once the another skill lifted that female ghost and flew a body but up, along the bridge wall kept rising up, soon became a small black mark and arrived the eminence not seen any further.
Listens to just while leading not much the top spread "must get" clop ring, immediately after, a small black mark fell down, impressively is that head ghost, that female the ghost then have been already disappeared.
"You ……there!"That double head ghost that holds hook is used to hook facing plum Lin a , the plum Lin has to lining up of honesty to the behind of the troops.
Front one after another of station the big stone is previous, or walk humality over there, or walk devil way, or walk hellish way, a disposes of to complete, round to plum Lin.
It wonders in the plum Lin heart:"Ha ha, Lao Tze goes without saying, that must be must walk God's way, at least is also humality."
The plum Lin walks on air of stand to that big stone on, the side is overdo to see big record of writing shown on stone, oddness of is that big stone the good elephant is suddenly out of order similar, unexpectedly a word didn't also show.
The ghost with craped text Zhou in"the strange Zai is strange also, " noodles judge urgently turns over account book in hand and surprisedly asks a way, "be the Ru He Ming?"
"I?I am a plum Lin!You are incognizant I?"
The account book turns over in the ghost in"Hua Hua, " noodles judge handle knob of the Hua Hua keep ringing, it is the name that didn't find out plum Lin to stare blankly.
Finally, he puts this in the waist, and then change a , greatly turn over again a , just stopped down, finally found out the name of plum Lin, a see under, frightened a way:"The strange Zai is strange also, the sun life of the Ru non-arrival, how will come here?The day visits absolute being, the night visits absolute being to take him to return to!"
Two ghosts promise at the same time a , a left a right stretch out two hands to take plum of Lin, plum Lin urgently shouts loudly:"Lao Tze not return to, Lao Tze dies also not return to, Lao Tze comes to look for person!"
Those two ghosts which permit him to distinguish, still keep continuing to grasp, the suddenly a white only flies, air"Weng Weng" greatly rings, an ancient coin became a huge round, facing two ghost brains behind fly into.
Those two ghosts frightened and urgently raise iron Ji steel hook, warding off of hasty life.
That huge round strength biggest, two weapon"be be" in the ghost hands of earthquake makes ring, almost arrive to can not hold up against, two ghosts suddenly the Nu drink a , once the body match and impressively became one person, two four arms, dance moved four sort weapons to arrive a huge round.
The huge round gradually falls in breeze, the Tu listens to "Weng Weng"'s voice and rises, another huge round is from the plum Lin body up flew out, two up and down turn over to fly, the Dou arrives hasty place, air too very the glory is big prosperous.
The double round bumps, clips, blocks, blocks, covers, pares, Xuan, crowded, fierce listen to an of scream, two ghosts impressively separate, is already to respectively get hurt, two ghosts urgently rush to that ghost noodles judge in front, double once the arm clip and take that ghost Related articles: