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The emergence of the dragon is some to appreciate.
After Qin Xiong sees a Hao dragon so the skill Wu lived bottom of the heart, oh, the master son was annoyed an angina pectoris to come.

Chapter 285 Hao Long Qiang kisses 2
"Hiss" the Hao dragon lightly spewed out an one mouthful smoke, "hum, this cigar is quite good, etc. will come to 2 boxes for me!"
Qin Yu Zhe's facial expression is to become and change, son-of-a-bitch, time betroth you come to cause disturbance even if, today is a conjugal exultation day also coming to cause disturbance of your Ya really and too don't do one the honor.Qin Yu Zhe's lungs all quickly give spirit deep-fried, "teacher Hao!You and I are the colleague's relation, you today if come to congratulate ours, I will thoroughly invite you, but if you come to cause disturbance, I will even thoroughly invite you!"
"Oh!Eldest brother, sorry!Is that I Be getting wronger!Surprisingly this boy unexpectedly rode lion to come in!"The city that is strong to take a to intrude into for younger brother to is south big guy there apologized for wrong doing.
South city the big guy put a hand and signal hint not how strange is strong.Is strong to make it already very like, Hao dragon the emergence today and his appear a way is the idea that comes from owner to anticipate.South city the big guy station start and toward foreign devil father to say:"Father continues to manage a wedding!"
A clear and crisp wine bottle of"Pa" broken up voice, the Hao longan light get married towards ascending south city big guy, " today no one willing!"
"Ha ha ha ha……There is again a jollification seeing today!"Big abnormal Li Bing Nan seems to be already and forgets of himself/herself and Hao dragon of observe a festival, this engraving is a world only and perhaps isn't disorderly.
"Good boy!I am optimistic about you!"This sentence is a west city poison Niang son flower the snake say, her after death stand of is that to spend to cold gorgeous sisters.
The Hao dragon towards the west city poison Niang son first to smile, then towards a day line to recruit to beckon with the hand, then stares Li Bing Nan's one eye.The end just settles vision space at south the body of the city big guy up, "I last time not bird you, this time as usual not bird you!"
Is overbearing!This sentence of Hao dragon is really overbearing!The Hao dragon unexpectedly and deserving wears so many people's noodles throws city big guy of south of face!The facial expression of the south city big guy has already changed metal graily, really.Don't know already have much long-term, finally appearing 1 again can let his/her own truely angry person!
"Good!Good!Good!!!"South city the big guy connect to say threes good, then point at a Hao dragon, " I today definitely tell you!You don't want to go out today!"
"Niang of!Don't go out or not!Make Lao Tze go in first!"Jia the door unauthorized biography of the agreeable hotel comes to one to bawl out a voice this time, then is the voice that the glass of "Mao Lang" falls in pieces.Gold monkey, the ox took some people to ride motor to intrude into to come.
"!Ying Ying!"
"!Ting Ting!"Almost is at the same time, mayor Liu and term day lines all saw his/her own daughter, unexpectedly also drive Hao dragon this boy to turned to come over, is very angry in the heart.
The term day went to take wine bottle to go to a Hao dragon nearby in the hand, "Niang of!Hao dragon, you how my daughter also to turn to take to come over!You give my explaination clear!"
"E ……" Hao dragon to this problem is also have difficult a people to argue, "this, the matter that doesn't close me, be not I make them come of!"
"Father makes ourselves come!"Allow snow Qi to say, " you need not worried."
Mayor Liu fears his/her own daughter wrong, also went Liu Ying Ying nearby, say so much bad say of advise Liu Ying Ying to return to, but always obey of Liu Ying Ying is in this affair is very is stubborn, is dead dead of shake cerebellum bag, say not to return to anything.
South city big guy this bottom but make heart, if only is a Hao dragon and his too year old party come to that leave them and then can't have what problem!But the circumstance in nowadays is the term of the north city the day go of the daughter is here, the mayor's daughter also here!There is also a familiar looking young girl, be dressed in the Chinese costumes of whole body, is small and soft on thinking in the brain, this isn't the summer the young girl of river house!Unexpectedly also come!
Then a burst of Ji Ji of after, interjection's a group of monkeys ran to come in and followed behind of still have quick gold and Shao the soldier.Take her that black whip son in the gold monkey hand, the Shao soldier then carries his***.This***have already poured quite a few in the outside anaesthesia individual, really is that the achievement isn't small.
A group of monkeys most like of is what?Eat!The wedding banquet of now up is an all rare delicacies from land and sea, a help a monkey unmoved just strange!The aureate monkey king shouts loudly a , oneself's body first the private soldier jumped up a table of he or she recent table for leaving up.Sit in the top of reach officer's magnate a see have a beast jump up to frighten of is roaring to repeatedly retreat.
Momentary, the whole hall became the paradise of the monkeys, although have scold of voice, have no a magnates silly arrive go to and a group of monkeys contend for a food,www.headphones-fashion.com.The monkeys Ji the Ji eat, does the aureate monkey return Diao to wear a cigar with thick thumb to take out with relish in mouth king, oh, Hao dragon really is monkey also to taught . wrong things
"Ha ha, the surprisingly Hao dragon unexpectedly brought a group of monkeys to be assistant this time, really is very special."What the poisonous Niang son flower snake of west city smiles is to bend forward and backward and how see how to have the flavor for reversing myriad living things.Even stand she what always discreet in speech and manner cold gorgeous sisters this time is also facial expression be suppressed of is red, all over tie up indiscriminately.
Because always gold silk monkey after drinking a bottle of red wine stand the bottom toward on the table public peep out his that very red monkey bottom!
"Beast, beast!"Qin Xiong was really quickly dizzy this time, today's scene again destroyed to with difficulty re- pulled a good relation.
The south city is in the big guy hand pickeds up a wine bottle to toward that Jue since the monkey of bottom throw pass by.Monkey momentary have fun to make of happy, doing not notice will have a wine bottle to fly to own bottom.
"Pa" of a , the bottom of gold silk monkey is actually knotted to beat in, gold silk monkey"" of a wore monkey bottom to jump for the Wu, then privately go around and inspect actually is who beat oneself.The aureate monkey king also could not bore, own younger brother was beaten, can oneself sit!The monkeys beginning greatly made!
"Ya Ya of!You return the Leng wear stem what!Give° those beasts first for me to live to pick!"Is strong to roar loud a way.
Had no to develop in this time own ability, in the hand of fly knife don't appear once, will have a gold silk monkey to bellow to pour in the pool of blood, the originally fine matrimony condition became bloody for an instant here.
"Being wonderful can!I once promised you!Wanting you to come chooses yourself real happiness!I came now!"Hao Long Hou Dao.
"What!Unexpectedly dare to kill my monkey!I killed you!"The gold is quick to is very angry this time, because she saw the woman whom the Hao dragon come to save in person, there is also Hao dragon just that words.Don't know how of is a little bit uneasiness in the heart, is seeing have no in the monkey that over kills her, in the heart Nu, in the hand of grow a whip several"Pa Pa" run blunt past.The Shao soldier fears a quick of gold dangerous tightly heel in the gold quickly and after death.
Qin Yu Zhe gold silk the glasses pick to tightly hold at in the hand, "Ka Ca" is a , the glasses are all kneaded ground, in Qin Yu Zhe's hand also drop blood, "Hao dragon!You why the teacher set against with me!"Qin Yu Zhe cuts up rough of roar a way.
"Hum, why don't you give the others right that can choose!"The Hao dragon is a give tit for tat.
"The right of the choice?The right of"Qin Yu Zhe's low voice says, then smiled, " choice!Do you say the right of choice with me?You have what qualifications say me!Do I have the right of choice?"
"Ah" talk in the Hao dragon and Qin Yu Zhe of moment, the Sen Tai has already held a big iron boxing blunt come over, the courage of Sen Tai is really big, don't fear to the Hao between the legs dragon's lion.
The Hao dragon is fructified for knot by the Sen Tai in the diverted moment solid of beat an one punch on the face, the great power let Hao dragon direct from kept on dropping on the lion back.
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